Chance Meeting Ch. 04

Big Dicks

Sara had been working and living with Pete and Kate for a little over four months now. Her every free moment was taken up with either Kate making love to her body or both of them, and sometimes just a night of her and Pete fucking till dawn.

That morning Sara was getting ready for work when Kate came over to give Sara a quick pussy eating before she headed to work. Now don’t get her wrong she loved all this sexual attention she was getting from her friends but she also would like to have just a little free time on her own as well.

It was getting cold now and they had the first snowfall two days ago. Sara wanted to go buy her some warm sweats to sit around the house in when she was reading in front of the fire. She also wanted to start her Christmas shopping for her family. She had already told Pete that she would be going home to spend the holidays with her family and would not return till after the first of January.

She had over $10,000.00 in the bank now. She never had to spend any money so it all went right into a savings account each week. She would be able to spend as much as she wanted on some nice gifts for her family this Christmas. Tomorrow would be Saturday and she decided that she would spend the day shopping for Christmas.

That night after dinner and a couple of hours of sexual pleasures with them she told them of her plans for the following day. “That sounds like a great idea Sara, I’ll go along with you and start mine as well. We can have a girls day out shopping,” Kate told her.

That was not exactly what Sara had in mind but could think of no way to tell Kate that she really would like to go alone without hurting her feelings.

They had been shopping for three hours when Kate took Sara over to look at some beautiful sweaters she wanted Sara to try on. Cathy was standing by the sweaters when they got there. Kate and Cathy went into the dressing room with Sara and as soon as Sara had removed her blouse, Kate reached for her bra. She slipped her bra off, lifting a tit to her mouth while Cathy took the other for herself. Both women gave her a wonderfully long sucking that had Sara right at the brink of having an orgasm.

Cathy pulled Sara’s slacks down so her pussy was available to the two women. Both of them sticking their fingers in her pussy and playing with her clit at the same time.

“Sara sit on the edge of the bench and lean back so we can eat your pussy,” Cathy told her. She dove into Sara’s cunt the minute she spread her legs. Cathy loved eating and fucking pussy. She had not been in a relationship with a woman for six months and she was hungry for some more of Sara’s pussy. When Kate had called her that morning and suggested she meet them at the shop she jumped at the chance to have another go at Sara’s pussy.

She and Kate had met through a personal ad two months before they had ran into Sara in Dallas. Kate was looking for a female playmate as was Cathy, the only trouble was that both women would rather play the male part then that of the female. So they had agreed to stay in touch and said if either one found the right playmate they would give the other a call and share her with the other once in awhile.

Cathy was now the one teasing Sara’s nipples and sharing deep wet kisses with her while Kate ate her pussy. They both got her off then let Sara dress so they could go someplace more private.

Kate took them to the company’s condo where Pete had taken her that day. She didn’t mention that to Kate as she knew that Pete had not told her that he had fucked Sara that day.

They undressed Sara quickly as soon as they got inside, pulling her into the bedroom and placing her in the center of the bed. They pounced on her like to thirsty women who just found a watering hole in the desert. Both women had brought their toys with them. Cathy was the first to fuck Sara with her strap on then Kate took her turn.

They fucked Sara’s pussy with a big black dildo taking turns using it on her while the other played and tongue fucked her asshole.

Cathy loved playing with Sara’s body, and she would do anything to have an entire day and night alone with her. By the time she was through with Sara she would know that she had been fucked and eaten well all night long.

The women enjoyed themselves for a couple of hours then they headed to their homes. That night after dinner and their usual playtime Sara spent the night alone. Lately, Kate had not given Pete the ok to spend the rest of the night fucking Sara.

The only real day that Sara had to herself were Sunday’s. Their kids usually came for Sunday dinner so Sara would get to spend the afternoon and early evening alone. She decided to go see a movie after she had eaten her omelet and salad that she had made herself for dinner.

She left for the movie around 6pm. She had decided to go see Terminator 3 as none of the other movies caught her interest.

“Sara what show are you going to see?”

Sara turned to see Mark nişantaşı escort Stipple standing next to her with a bucket of popcorn and a drink in his hands. Mark also worked in Pete’s office, he was the head designer in the office and Sara had talked with him on many occasions when she had to fetch papers from him for Pete.

Mark was a nice looking man, most of the women in the office had a thing for him. Mary had told her that he was in his middle forty’s, divorced, had two kids both now in college and pretty much stayed a loner. She said she didn’t know all the details of his failed marriage only that it had hurt him terribly.

“I’m going to see Terminator 3.”

“Cool, so am I. How about we see it together then?”

They sat near the back and chit chatted until the movie started. They were both surprised by the ending and were talking about it when they left the building.

“Sara would you like to go have a coffee with me,” he asked her rather hesitantly.

“Sure Mark, I would love a cup of coffee right now.”

They walked a couple of blocks to an all night diner and ordered their coffee’s. They talked about the movies and how no one else but Arnold could have ever played the part of the Terminator. They found out that they both had been avid X-Files fans and neither one of them really enjoyed it after Mulder left the show.

They talked for hours enjoying the company of the other and finding that they had many things in common. They were both surprised when they noticed the time. The movie had ended at 8:30 and it was now close to midnight.

Mark walked Sara back to her car and they parted saying they would see each other tomorrow at work. Sara didn’t go right home after Mark left, instead she headed to Walmart. She wanted to shop and she wanted to do it alone.

By the time she got back home it was 2am. She unloaded the car and spent the next hour putting all the packages away before going to bed.

Sara didn’t know that Kate had been waiting up for her after their kids left that day. She had been waiting for Sara since 8pm that evening and as the hours passed she wondered where the hell she was at. The later it got the more Kate wondered if it had anything to do with her setting Sara up with Cathy again. Sara had agreed to be a slut for her and Pete they never said anything about her having to be available for someone else.

Maybe Sara was pissed that Kate had brought someone else into their play. No, that couldn’t be it as she would know if Sara didn’t like the two women pleasuring her if that were the case. Sara came to many times to fake it. She saw Sara finally pull into her drive and watched as she unloaded packages from the car. So she had been shopping, where they hell could she shop till 2 in the morning she was thinking as she silently walked back to her bedroom?

Sara had gotten up very early so that she could leave the house without Kate stopping by for a quickie before she headed to work. She lay in bed a long time trying to decide how to tell Kate that she wanted more time alone. She had decided that she would talk to them both that evening at supper.

Things were in a uproar when she arrived at work. Trish had stopped her as she came in the door telling her that Pete wanted to she her the minute she arrived. She hurried down to his office and knocked on his door before opening it.

“Sara I’m glad you’re here we have a emergency and I need you to get us the first flight out to Portland. Get us reservations at the Hilton and book the suite for three days. No, better make it a week just in case I come up against any snags. Call Kate and tell her that we won’t be home and that I’ll call her tonight. Send Trish to the house to pick up your clothes, you can buy your toiletries when we get there. Tell Mark and Tim I want to see them in the office in fifteen minutes.”

Sara first called the guys telling them the boss wanted them in the office in fifteen minutes. She called the airline and got them first class seats on a flight leaving in three hours. Next she called the hotel and booked the suite, then called Trish into her office to give her the keys to her house and where the things were she would be needing for the trip. Pete kept extra clothes in his office for these kind of emergencies. She called the house to tell Kate they would be leaving in a short time and that Pete would call her later that night giving her all the details.

“Put me through to Pete Sara I want to talk to him before you leave,” Kate told her. She transferred the call to his office as requested and went about her business.

She gathered up her list of phone numbers she would need to take with them, made sure she had Pete’s recorders packed, along with a dozen extra tapes. She headed to Pete’s office to get his suitcases ready for the driver and overhead him talking to Kate when she entered the office.

“I said no Kate and that’s final. This is not going to be a pleasure trip for you to şişli escort come along on. Sara and I will both be busy from dusk till dawn if things are as bad as they say. I’ll call you tonight and let you know what’s going on.”

He hung the phone up never looking in Sara’s direction. He asked her what time the flight out was, told her to let him know when the driver returned so they could get to the airport as soon as possible, then asked her to tell the guys he was ready to see them on her way out.

Trish returned with Sara’s clothes neatly packed then she and Pete were on their way to the airport. He spent the entire drive to the airport on the phone talking business with the people in Portland. Sara had figured out that the conversation between Pete and Kate was about her coming along on the trip.

Sara was secretly glad that Kate would not be joining them. She would not deny that she didn’t enjoy her sexual friendship and intimacy with them, but she did want a little free time to herself from time to time. If they had any free time during this trip Sara was going to talk to Pete about it.

As soon as they had registered at the hotel Pete had taken off to have a meeting with his Portland people. He told Sara to do her shopping while he was gone but to keep her cell phone with her. He would call her later to let her know where to make dinner reservations and for how many.

Sara made reservations in the hotels 5 star restaurant for nine at 8pm. She ordered room service for herself and settled in for the night. She was having a wonderful dream. Her clit was being rubbed slowly, very slowly, and she could feel a warm mouth at her breast. You know those kind of dreams where they seem almost real and you just don’t want to wake up kind.

Pete was very slowly bringing Sara awake with his caresses. All through his dinner meeting he was having a hard time concentrating on business thinking of her sleeping in her room. It had been over two weeks since he had alone time with Sara and he had missed that closeness more than he wanted to admit. He took a quick shower then slipped quietly into her room.

He had been surprised to find that Sara slept in the nude, or maybe she had just for tonight thinking that he might join her after his meeting. He didn’t really care as he was aching to fuck her again when he could take as long as he wanted to pleasure her. Her breathing was beginning to change and her body was moving more now as she slowly came awake.

She came awake slowly realizing that it wasn’t a dream she was having after all. “Pete, I thought I was dreaming,” she told him as she reached out to him. She kissed him slowly, letting her tongue tease his into being more aggressive with hers.

“God Sara I’ve missed this.” He took her nipple deeply into his mouth nursing it into hardness. His finger still slowly rubbing her hard clit which was becoming extended with his gentle teasing of it. His rock hard cock was pressing into her thigh letting her know how aroused he was.

Sara’s left hand was sifting through his hair as he aroused her body even more. She let her right hand glide slowly down the side of his body. She found his buttock and squeezed it gently, her nails lightly grazing his ass.

Pete couldn’t wait any longer, there was plenty of time later to take it slow but right now he had to unload his seed into her wet pussy.

He moved around in front lifting her legs up to his shoulders pressing his cock into her opening. He almost came when the head of his cock entered her. He grabbed her ankles and spread her legs further apart so he could see his cock inside her. He loved watching his cock disappear inside of her then reappear with each outward stroke. He came quickly, unloading into her in less than a minute. His cock was still semi hard and he stayed inside Sara’s now drenched cunt.

“Pete let me suck you. I want to taste me on you babe,”she begged him.

“Later honey, I don’t want to leave the pleasure of your pussy just yet. Get on your hands and knees babe.” As soon as she had he slipped his cock back inside her pussy. His hands were planted firmly on her hips pulling her back into his cock with each stroke.

“Stop Pete, don’t move, just let me ride your cock for a bit,” she told him. Sara moved her ass back and forth slowly on his cock, then picked up the tempo a bit. She loved the feel of his cock inside her. She reached between her legs so she could massage her clit as she slid her pussy back and forth on his cock.

“I love the feel of your cock inside my pussy babe. Fuck my ass with your finger. That’s right baby, stick your finger in your sluts ass. Mmmm… that feels so good baby, and I bet I know what you want to do now. Your hungry aren’t you babe? Hungry to eat some pussy and to tongue fuck my ass aren’t you?”

Pete’s cock was throbbing with each word she spoke to him. “That’s right you fucking slut I am hungry!” Pete pulled out of her pussy and flipped her onto her mecidiyeköy escort back none to gently. “Spread those legs slut, tonight I’m going to eat your pussy more than that slut of a wife I have does. Tonight it’s going to be my mouth your craving at your pussy.” Pete wasted no more time talking and buried his face deep into her sloppy snatch. He soaked his face in the mixture of their juices then licked her pussy clean.

Pete was like a madman as he ate her pussy. He loved the times when he got to be with Sara alone, having her all to himself for hours. When they got back home he was going to tell Kate that as she had everyday with Sara, he was going to have every night with her from now on.

It was different having a woman to fuck who really enjoyed you fucking her compared to one who only let you because it was expected of her. That arrangement had worked all these years because they had occasional lovers in-between where he had another woman to fuck. Granted most of them couldn’t take all of him but he still got to fuck them as deep as they could take and it did give him pleasure. Then Sara happened into their lives and he would be damned if Kate was going to be the only one who enjoyed her alone on a daily basis after this trip.

Pete pressed her legs back into her belly, lifting her ass as he did, so he could tongue her hole. He really got off on doing that to her and knew that it turned her on as well. His cock was begging him to get back inside her pussy as he tongued her ass.

“God hon, I need to be fucked I have to come babe. Ram that hard cock in my pussy and fuck my brains out!”

Pete pulled Sara down to the edge of the bed so he could kneel on the floor at the foot of the bed and rammed his cock hard and fast into her waiting pussy. He fucked her hard, each stroke bringing moans of pleasure from her. He rubbed and pressed her clit as his cock pounded away at her pussy. He felt her stiffen, her muscles constrict as her orgasm took her to her special place in pleasure.

Sara was again getting close to having another orgasm as Pete fucked her pussy non stop. She was sore from his pounding but it was that kind of soreness you enjoy getting.

All of a sudden he pulled out of her, standing up he grabbed her arms pulling her up to him. He kissed her hard, grinding his mouth into hers, his tongue fierce in her mouth. He pulled her over to the night stand and turned her around facing the mirror. He took her breath away when he shoved his cock hard and deep inside her.

“Your fucking pussy is begging for this, you love my cock ramming your cunt!” He reached in front of her grabbing a nipple and pinching it rather roughly, tugging on it as his cock pounded her from behind. Her hands were planted firmly on top of the night stand but when he pinched her nipple her hand flew to his. At first he thought she was going to pull his hand away but instead she pressed it hard into her breast.

Pete reached for her other nipple and tugged it as he was doing to the other one. Sara moaned louder and her body twitched as he manipulated her nipples in his fingers. He brought both of his hands to his mouth and wet his fingers before going back to her nipples.

The moisture on his fingers softened the burning she was feeling from him tugging on her nipples. It hurt and yet it felt good at the same time. Sara felt his cock stiffen inside her as Pete poured his load into her pussy. She was so close to coming again. She was disappointed when Pete pulled his cock out of her pussy as soon as he deposited his last squirt into her.

Pete turned Sara around quickly and pressed her back against the stand as he quickly slipped his fingers into her dripping pussy coating them with his cream. He rubbed his cream all over her nipples then wet his fingers again with his cream before tugging on her nipples again with one hand while the other went to her clit.

He pinched and tugged on her left nipple while his finger worked her clit hard. He would press his finger hard into her clit, pressing it back, then rub it fiercely as he pulled on her nipples. He would move from one nipple to the next tugging and pulling as he brought Sara closer to her climax. Just as he felt her body stiffen, he took his finger from her clit and rammed three fingers up her pussy hard while lifting her tit to his mouth. He grabbed her nipple between his teeth and bit down hard enough to cause her to jerk in pain as she exploded in her climax all over his hand.

Sara was shaking, her legs were giving way on her as her climax receded. Pete wrapped his arms around her holding her up while the tremors in her body slowed down. She had never felt anything like that before. He had taken her someplace she had never reached before and she didn’t think she would ever reach that plain of intense pleasure again for as long as she lived.

Pete walked her back to the bed laying down beside her. He kissed her softly as his hands lightly caressed her body. He leaned down and let his tongue lightly lick across her swollen sore nipples. She moaned as he licked very softly on her nipples. He moved down between her legs again burying his face into her pussy. He spent the next half hour pleasuring her pussy with his mouth.

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