Changed my opinion of dogging


Well hi, my name is Lynne, I have just had my 50th birthday and I am now on my own. I am not after any sympathy I merely setting the scene. I was originally married at 17. That lasted just short of two years. Then I lived with Alan for many years, getting married in 2008 and then catching him out a few years later leading to another divorce. With Alan I had one child who has lived in Canada since 2011.
Because I had been with Alan so long I thought that was it, so discovering he had got a girlfriend was initially devastating and it all turned a bit nasty. Anyway he did do the slightly honourable thing and moved out, allowing me time to buy him out of the house. I have a good job but I’m not prepared to share what it is that I actually do for a living.
Soon after Alan moved out I happened to have a particularly bad evening with some alcohol fuelled self pity. The TV was crap and I ended up on google but not really wanting to watch video clips of stupid cats. For some reason I was getting even more morose thinking that it was Alan that mainly used the computer and that he probably used email on it to converse with his tart!
After I had yet again imagined how both Alan and his tart should meet their deaths, I suddenly thought about browsing history. I knew someone as careful as Alan would not have left any tracks but it was worth a try. I found that he had not deleted any history at all. There was the predictable run of porn sites but what was obvious was that he liked to look at dogging tubes and to read dogging stories.
Now I will be the first to admit that I thought people who engaged in dogging were very sad individuals and somewhat perverse but that didn’t stop me looking at the same video clips and reading the stories. I was more intrigued than turned on at the time and then I wondered if that bastard of an ex had ever been a participant.
Now I do not claim to be the guru of all things sexual and I admit I am probably fairly reserved when it comes to sex. I have had Alan’s cock up my arse and I have sucked on it but he has never shot his load in my mouth. I just don’t like the taste, or maybe I just didn’t like the taste of him. At this point I shall describe myself. Yes I know I am now 50+ but I have always looked after myself. I am on the lesser side of a UK12 but with problem tits. I have always had very large breasts. I am a 32H. I hate the bloody things and should I win that lotto they will escort be gone. I am 5’5’’ and manufactured blond hair. Even at my age I do get the looks from men but I know it is just my chest.
Back to my story, I found myself getting quite angry that Alan had been on those dogging sites and in the end talked myself into finding out what went on first hand. I am not proud to say that I drove my car while probably over the limit and I went to a spot not too far from my home which according to the internet was a known dogging site.
Unlike some of the stories I had seen I didn’t bother to get all made up or to consider what I was wearing, I just used the bravery provided by the alcohol and took myself off to the car park at the edge of the woods. Once in this car park I locked my doors and just sat there. It was quite weird but after only a short time I noticed a man approach my car. He looked in at me and was possibly disappointed that I was wearing all my clothes but despite that I can only guess that I gave off some form of green light because he took his cock out and started to play with it. It was very average in size and in general he was nothing to shout about but I couldn’t take my eyes off of him and I just can’t explain how erotic I found it and indeed how turned on I became. I have no idea what came over me but I wanted to play with myself as a show for this guy. I did the most unsexy and undignified sliding down of my jeans and then pulled my unflattering knickers to the side to expose my somewhat stubbly pussy. I really didn’t care how I looked. I slipped a finger inside myself and I played with my clit. Why this scenario should make me so wet I had no idea but without doubt I was sopping. All the time I played with myself I was staring at the stranger’s cock that was being stroked just outside my car window. At some point I think the owner of that cock tried my car door but it was locked and i wasn’t brave enough to unlock it. It didn’t seem to bother him and he kept wanking his cock. Then it happened, I saw his cock start to shoot his cum and that was enough to push me over the edge. Sadly reality dawned all too soon and in disbelief of myself I quickly started my car and drove home.
During the next working week I don’t think I went more than two minutes without thinking about that strangers cock cumming, mainly due to the show I had put on for him. I decided I was going back sober and more appropriately dressed izmit escort bayan for the occasion.
Now don’t get me wrong I was still as nervous as hell but for some reason I so wanted to repeat the incident. Saturday night came and I was going back to my dogging spot. I had prepared myself in that my pussy was shaven not a single spiky bristle had escaped my attention. I dressed in a short skirt and let the knickers off. The top was tight but then ever top is tight with my tits. I had one drink only and was legal to drive and I set off to the same car park. Once there I parked up and waited. It was a dry and reasonably warm night, if there is such a thing in this country. There was a couple of cars already in situ but again I didn’t want to get out, I just made sure my doors were locked and I was safe inside. There can’t be many lone females that go to these sorts of places.
After a while a guy came up to my car. I think he tried the door straight away but then just stared in the window. My heart was trying so hard to break free from my chest but I ignored it and pulled up my skirt to show my bald pussy. I spread my legs as wide as you can in the driving seat of a car and began to play with my throbbing clit. I knew how wet my pussy was and my fingers slipped inside it with virtually no resistance. The guy staring in my window took out his cock and began rubbing it. I think I was actually surprised at how hard and fast he went at it. I wanted to open my window or my door to get a better look or to touch him but I was still too scared. For some reason I just didn’t want the situation to end. I could have watched him stroking his cock for hours.
Vaguely I became aware there were other people outside my car but I just watched the one guy rubbing his cock. I guess he thought that I would never unlock my doors so he clearly just wanted to cum. His actions told me he was about to cum. I got close to my window and he held his cock against the window as he shot loads up my window. I had stopped playing with myself as I found it so wonderful to just watch this guy cum on my car. He moved away as soon as he was done and then I just can’t put into words how I felt and how horny I had become. All care had vanished and I virtually leapt out of my car. I closed the driver door and looked closely at the cum that was still clinging to my window. As I said I don’t like the taste of cum but for some izmit sınırsız escort reason I started licking the residue from my window and I loved it.
Then I was aware at least one person was close to me and I felt hands touching me. My skirt was pulled up over the small of my back and I responded by bending over further and sagging on my legs. I could feel a cock between my legs sort of knocking against me. I reached down between my legs and took hold of the cock I found there. Again it was fairly average in all proportions and thankfully it was sheathed in a condom. I guided it to my hole with one hand while spreading my pussy lips with the other hand. This guy didn’t want to wait and he was up me in one thrust. Obviously I felt it but due to being so wet there was no pain only pleasure. This guy rammed himself up me like a thing possessed and it was clear he wasn’t going to last long.
This is when I became a different and unrecognisable person. I lurched upwards and forwards, and, much to the guy’s displeasure took myself off his cock. Given the circumstances he would have had good cause to complain but before he could protest I turned to look straight into his face. I then grabbed his cock and removed the condom from it. At the same time I said to him “now fuck me properly and shoot your load deep in my cunt”. I turned back to my car and felt his naked cock slip back inside me. There was only a very few thrusts before he started cumming. To his credit he was a heavy cummer. I could feel him pulsing several jets of his spunk up inside me. As soon as he had finished and pulled out another guy took his place. I didn’t look round and I can honestly say that all I know of this guy is the feel of his cock inside me. I didn’t look round because another guy appeared next to me with his cock in hand. I turned slightly and bent over more so I could get this one in my mouth. I sucked and slid my mouth up and down his cock. I briefly came off his cock to look up at him. I used my hands to squeeze and massage his balls while saying to him “I want you to empty these in my mouth”. I went back to sucking his cock and without too much delay he came in my mouth. There may well have been the odd drop that escaped but I swallowed all I could and I loved it.
The guy fucking me doggie shot his load and he was replace by one more before it was all over for the night. What I really wanted was for there to be an endless queue of guys waiting to give me their cum and for my ex to be watching all of it and seeing what he was now missing.
I have become a seasoned and willing member of the dogging fraternity.

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