Charlene , Ryan


A few years ago, they had been lovers, when they had met on one of Ryan’s leaves.

Ryan had been in the Armed Forces for 15 years and had just come back to town for a longer than usual leave. He had been overseas and had earned some extra leave.

He was a tall guy, 35 years old about 6′ 2″, with a short black military hair cut and deep brown eyes, which had shots of gold through them, depending on his mood. He had a very sharp face with a cleft in his chin. He was a very fit man, being very big on work-outs in the Forces. His shoulders were broad and his hips tapered down to very muscular thighs and legs.

When he was 18 he had married his school sweetheart but it never worked out. She didn’t want to have children in case it ruined her figure. They stayed together for about 3 years but eventually divorced, the year after he joined the Forces.

When he arrived in town he booked into the Hotel, had a shower and a nap, as he had been traveling for so long. He then decided that he would call a couple of friends and try and get together and catch up on all the gossip.

Charlene was 29 years and had not been out of town, except for the occasional work project. She stood about 5′ 8″ and had platinum blonde hair which she wore at shoulder length. She had emerald green eyes and a very curvy, voluptuous body. Her measurements were about 38CC — 26 — 40. Her skin was like porcelain, it was so pale.

When he met his friends in the Lounge Bar of the Hotel, he immediately saw the Charlene was amongst them. He once again found that he couldn’t keep his eyes off her, she became the focus of his attention.

They all ended up having dinner and went out to a Club for some dancing. Ryan started to feel tired as he hadn’t had a lot of sleep in the last 24 hours. He said goodnight to everyone and noticed that Charlene wasn’t there. He looked around and just thought she may have gone to the rest room. One of his friends remarked that she had already left.

He didn’t think anymore about it and proceeded to his room. As he stepped off the elevator, he saw Escort her standing outside his door. He didn’t question her as to why she was there, he was sure he knew.

He unlocked the door to the suite and ushered her inside. As he closed the door, he paused to modify the lighting and air-conditioning. He then took her into his arms and wrapped them tightly around her.

His mouth found hers and hungrily devoured her. She strained to get closer to him, as their tongues tangled together in a battle for supremacy. They both dragged at the others jackets and attempted to tear them off. She could feel the rapid beat of his heart as she touched his chest, and she knew his desire was as strong as hers.

He lifted her sweater over her head and then pushed her skirt over her hips. In the meantime, she was attacking his shirt buttons; it suddenly occurred to her that what they were doing had to be what was best. She knew what she had felt all those years ago, were the same emotions that she was feeling now.

They were now both half naked.

“Don’t stop,” he said, as he kissed her ear and her neck, and his hands ran riot over her sensitive body.

She knew that it was impossible to stop now, but she didn’t want him to get the wrong idea.

“Ryan, don’t let us rush this,” she whispered.

“Don’t think about it any more,” he advised, as he eased her out of her camisole and bra.

He still had his pants on and she was frustrated by this, so she slid down his zipper and encouraged them to fall to the floor, followed by her hand as she grasped his man meat.

“I want you, I have wanted you so long, Ryan.”

“And I want you, my darling.”

As their flesh met and he trailed kissed down her throat, grazing her sensitive breast buds, and on down to that hot, burning center, that had been waiting so long for him to return.

She stopped him then and drew him up to eye level. He could see she had something to say, and even though he was impatient to love her, he acknowledged her need to speak.

“What is it my love?” he Escort Bayan asked.

“Ryan , it was an accident, it was never meant to happen. Can you ever forgive me.”

“What in the world are you talking about?” he questioned.

“Well, Rose told me that she couldn’t have a baby with you.”

He looked at her, trying to work out what she was on about.

“The truth is, darling, is that she couldn’t have a child, Charlene. She was infertile. She was quite happy about that, as having a child may have ruined her precious figure.”

“But she told me that she is pregnant to Hugh.”

Ryan realized that his ex-wife was trying to make Charlene jealous. He had seen her medical records and knew for a fact that such a thing was impossible.

“Ryan, when we made love before ………” she whispered.

“It was perfect, he answered. It was the best night of my life.”

“I don’t know how it happened, Ryan.”

“It happened because we were so right for each other,” he insisted. And he buried his head into the heat of her neck, intent on establishing their rapport once again.

“Ryan, I did a pregnancy test a couple of weeks after our meeting, and it was positive,” she said as she took a deep breath and spoke in a rush.

“We have a son, who will be 10 years old in a couple of months,” Charlene remarked.


He absorbed the words as his eyes focused on her and he tried to gauge her feelings. So many emotions ran through his mind.

“I should have been with you, he said finally. Are you happy about it? Charlene.”

“That depends on you, Ryan. What do you want?”

“I want to marry you this minute and shout it to the world that you are the mother of my child, and many more to come.”

“You mean that marriage to Rose hasn’t put you off that institution.”

“That was a travesty. What we have is something so much more. It is the real thing, surely you can feel that, Charlene.”

“Is it settled then? We get married and work things out together as partners and parents.”

“I Bayan Escort think we should work things out first, but I love the togetherness part,” retorted Charlene. After that Ryan gently fondled her and touched her all over. He couldn’t seem to get enough of her. He started to kiss her hair, her forehead, her earlobes, and down into the valley between her breasts.

His fingers found the hot, moist center of her, and he inserted first one and then a second finger into her wet hole. He slowly worked her up to a climax and she let it all go. She flooded his hand as her climax flowed from her pussy.

Ryan then breathed a sigh of relief and went on to lower his head to her mound. He gently kissed and laved her and then stuck his tongue into the folds of that wondrous valley of molten lava. He lapped and licked and sucked at her as though he would never get another chance.

Charlene knew that she wouldn’t be able to hold on much longer. She slipped her hands under his armpits and pulled him up so that his mouth was level with hers. She kissed him greedily on the lips. “Put yourself in me, my darling. I have waited so long for this day.”

Ryan also knew he wouldn’t last too much longer and he slowly inserted his rigid pole into her hot, steaming valley of love. After a couple of more grunts and pushes, both of them came to an outstanding climax, together.

“Well, my darling, now that is over, for the time, at least. Tell me about our son? What is his name and when can I meet him? What have you told him about his Dad? I want to know everything. The sooner we can meet, the better. There are so many years to make up.

“Ryan, I have only told him that he has a wonderful father, who has been stationed overseas for many years.” He knows your name and nearly everything about you, except one thing.”

“And what is that, my love?

“The truth about us. That we are brother and sister.”

“Well my love, that is something we will have to work out, but I think he is too young to know that yet, don’t you?

“Will you marry me, Charlene, and have more babies.”

“Yes, yes, yes. As soon as possible,” replied Charlene.

Ryan met his son and after a while started to get along very well with him. Charlene and Ryan married and ended up having another baby, a girl this time.

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