Charlotte Sometimes – chapter 15 – killing an arab


Charlotte felt like shite warmed up. The ferry crossing from Larne to Stranraer had been a lot rougher than last time and while she hadn’t been seasick, there had been a stench of vomit throughout the ship by the time it finally docked. She’d then spent the past eight hours crammed into an uncomfortable seat as the bus trundled its way down the length of England. She unpeeled herself from the seat, stretched and hoped her back would have unseized by the time she hobbled down the steps.Once she’d picked up her overnight bag and portfolio from the cavernous boot at the back of the coach, she glanced around, searching for Fiona.She’d felt apprehensive about meeting Fiona and crashing on her sofa but Emma had persuaded her not to get the bus straight home again and had even contacted Fiona for her. According to Emma, Fiona was delighted she was coming.Charlotte wasn’t so sure. In between orgasms, Charlotte had finally got the story from Chloe of what had happened between Fiona and Chloe in Belfast. It turned out, as Charlotte had suspected, that Fiona and Chloe had gone out together. They’d been flatmates until one drunken night when Chloe had ended up in Fiona’s bed instead of her own.According to Chloe, it had been great to start with but then, Fiona wanted more. She thought a normal relationship was boring. First, it was S&M, then it was taking photographs, then it was threesomes. Fiona always needed to go to extremes. Chloe said she’d had enough when one Sunday night, she came home from her weekend bar job to find the house full of naked boys and girls. Fiona was being fucked by some random guy from behind while she ate out a blonde girl draped across Chloe’s bed. Fiona didn’t even seem to notice as Chloe threw a few things into a bag and left. She’d spent the night on a friend’s sofa before going back the next day when everyone was out and removed all her stuff.Fiona had freaked out, accusing Chloe of stifling her Ankara bayan escort individuality and trying to control her whilst simultaneously begging her to move back in again. When Chloe refused and then when Fiona saw Chloe kissing another girl, Fiona went mental. She’d pulled the girl’s hair in an attempt to get her off Chloe, screaming that Chloe was hers and no one else could have her. Eventually, the bouncers had thrown Fiona out but both the girl and Chloe were shaken.Fiona was advised to take some time out by the university and ended up deferring the rest of the year and moving home again. When she did come back the next year, Chloe said that Fiona made a point of avoiding her if at all possible.“Charlotte!”Charlotte turned and saw Fiona running down the bus station corridor. She was wearing an orange bobble hat, denim jacket and pink dress and Charlotte hardly recognised her.“Look at you, all set for the interview? Have you got time for a coffee first? How was the trip over?”Charlotte could barely keep up with the barrage of questions from Fiona as they walked across the street and headed for the art college.“What’s with the outfit?” Charlotte asked once they were seated with a coffee and cherry scone.Fiona blushed.“Miss Paula told me to wear it.”Charlotte nodded as if to say “I understand.”“Does she often choose your outfit?”“Oh yes. Virtually every day. She even chooses my underwear. Sometimes she makes me go without knickers but not today.”Charlotte stared open-mouthed.“She chooses what you wear? Isn’t that a bit… controlling?”Fiona shook her head vigorously.“Oh no, it’s a sign of how much she loves me. She wants me to look perfect for her.”“Is that why you’ve changed from goth girl to… Um…?”Charlotte raised her hands in exasperation as she tried to think of the right word to describe Fiona’s new outfit. Fiona scowled.“And what’s with the hat?”Charlotte reached Escort bayan Ankara over and pulled the orange bobble hat from her head. She gasped as she saw the bald head.“What the actual fuck? You’re a skinhead?”“Miss Paula did it. I was bold and disrespected her and needed to be punished.”Charlotte could see tears glisten in the corners of Fiona’s eyes before they were quickly wiped away. Charlotte reached her hand across and gripped Fiona’s fingers.“Fiona, that woman is a psycho.”“She is not. She’s MY Mistress and I’ll do anything for her.”Fiona stood up, knocking the chair over in the process.“She said you’d be like this. She said you’d try to undermine our relationship. You’re just like Chloe.”Charlotte saw red.“Don’t be such a stupid bitch, Fiona. Chloe told me what happened. She loved you but she couldn’t cope with what you became.”Fiona’s eyes blazed.“How dare you think you know what went on between me and Chloe.”“Chloe told me all about it. You need to leave Paula. She’s bad for you.”“You… and… Chloe? You’ve spoken to Chloe?”“Not just speaking,” Charlotte retorted.Fiona’s face fell.“Have you been fucking Chloe?”Charlotte bit her lip, cursing inwardly as she saw realisation dawn on Fiona’s face.“Just fuck off, Charlotte. Miss Paula was right. You’re just like all the others. I can’t believe you and her. How could you? You are such a fucking bitch. I hope they don’t let you in. l I don’t want you anywhere near me and Miss Paula.”Charlotte picked up her portfolio case.“Fine,” she snarled. “I’ll go.”Half an hour later, Charlotte finally felt herself calming down. Her portfolio had already been taken away to be viewed in private and she was just waiting to be called for the interview. As she sat there, she hoped there would be a space on the evening bus back to Belfast. Staying at Fiona’s was obviously no longer an option. The memory of skinhead Fiona in a pink dress Bayan escort Ankara made Charlotte smile now that she’d got over the shock. What was Emma going to say? Charlotte was just imagining the reaction when she heard her name being called.The interview went so much better than the one in Belfast. The tutors seemed impressed by her drawings and her passion for the subject shone through. At the end, they told her the official letters would be sent out in a week or so but they looked forward to seeing her in September.She lugged the portfolio case down the road towards the bus station. The dilemma of where she wanted to go was uppermost in her mind. She’d always wanted to go to London and now, just as it seemed she’d got it, she thought maybe she wanted Belfast after all.The bus headed north up the M6. Charlotte gazed out the window as the exit signs started to list towns she knew from her old life. At Junction 21, she saw the signs for Warrington and Liverpool and thought how things would have been so different if she was still heading home to Bootle.When the bus from the ferry terminal pulled into Belfast bus station, Charlotte weighed up her options. Her parents weren’t expecting her back until tomorrow. Maybe she could just call down to Chloe’s and see if she wanted to spend the day together. But then the fear gripped her. What if she called round and there was another girl in Chloe’d bed? It wasn’t like they were going out together. She could hardly expect Chloe to wait around while she made up her mind.Charlotte stood rooted to the spot. She wanted to see Chloe, to hold her, to tell her about Fiona but she didn’t want to appear too needy or desperate. Fiona had called her needy. She had been Fiona’s needy little fucktoy. She didn’t want to appear needy to anyone anymore. Charlotte decided she was too tired to make any decisions. Two nights in a row attempting to sleep on a coach traversing the English countryside, not to mention the interview and the fight with Fiona had drained her. She got onto the bus for Strabane and promptly fell asleep.Fiona was there wearing her pink dress and the orange bobble hat. She was holding the hem of her skirt and lifting it up, flashing her shaved pussy as she rocked from side to side.

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