Cheating wife and her lover discuss her cuckold


Cheating wife and her lover discuss her cuckoldBased on a true story*”Wow! You drain me. Between your mouth and that big guy between your legs, my pussy is so sore. I think I’m going to call you, ‘Bruce the Bull’. Wow!”Bruce: “Oh, I bet you tell all the guys that.””Just the well endowed guys like you.”Bruce: “Have you had many experiences? Oh, maybe that’s not a proper question?””Oh, that’s okay. I’ve had only a couple. All through high school, I went steady with this one boy, Paul. He was a star basketball and football player. God, he was well endowed, just like you. What do you guys eat? His penis would grow so big, I couldn’t wrap my hand around it. He taught me how to jerk him off and I had to use both hands to do it.”He often wanted me to suck him off but my mouth would get so tired trying to get it around the large head of his cock. It was just too big. He had a best friend, Jeff and when we went on double dates, he would let Jeff drive his car so we could sit in the back seat where I would jerk him off.”In our senior year we went to the prom and that night I let him deflower me. He was big like you and it took us a long time to get him all the way in me. It was painful and bloody. Not a very good experience for the first time.”That night when I got home my pussy was all open and gaping and I was staining. It felt and looked like I just had a baby. Five days later he wanted to take me again. I tried to resist but he got his way. The second time it wasn’t as bad and I soon started to get use to it. In fact, that’s where my problem began. He ruined me. I became accustomed to his very large size.Bruce: “Yeah, I know what you mean. Most guys think that being well endowed is a gift but it’s more trouble than they think. So what happened next?””When Paul deflowered me, I didn’t think it mattered because we were going to get married or so I thought. That summer we fucked like newly weds and then he went away to a prestigious college on an athletic scholarship. I tried to keep the relationship alive but he broke up with me.Bruce: Sports takes up a lot of a guy’s time.”No. There were just too many girls waiting to give him their virginity and get ruined. I heard he started dating a girl the moment he got there.Bruce: “You must have been devastated.””I was. My Aunt Betty had warned me, once you give a boy what he wants then he doesn’t want you anymore. All of you guys are the same.Bruce: “So Paul ruined you physically and it looks like he corrupted your feelings about men.””Yes he did. I was so alone and I felt so used. I was damaged goods. What would I ever tell my future husband, if I ever had one.”I went away to a state college and Jeff was going there too. We were both away from home and lonely. Jeff and I became very close and started dating. I told him I didn’t want to have sexual intercourse until I was married and he accepted that. A year later we were married.”I know it was wrong of me but I wanted to be his wife when he discovered that I wasn’t a virgin. On our wedding night he fucked me for the first time but it was the first time he ever had sexual intercourse so I don’t think he ever realized that I wasn’t a virgin. He had an average size penis and compared to Paul, he seemed so small, in fact, when he first pushed it into me, I had to catch myself because I almost asked him if it was in. All the while I was acting like it hurt, trying to make him think that it was my first time.”He climaxed very quickly so I faked an orgasm and I’ve been doing that ever since. Paul could stimulate places in me that my husband could never reach. It left me so unsatisfied. Like there should be more but there wasn’t.Bruce: “So, how did you deal with that?””I just faked my orgasms. I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. He’s so sensitive.”Bruce: “That’s no way to start a marriage. You should’ve had intercourse before you got married. This way you could have called it off.””Oh God no. I would have married him anyway.”Bruce: “Why go through with the wedding when you know that he can’t gratify you?””I would have gone through with it because I love him so much.”Bruce: “You love him so much but you’re having an affair with me?””With you, it’s just sex. I need to be fucked hard and rough by a strong, aggressive guy with a big dick and you’re the guy who fulfills that need.”Bruce: “So when did you start seeing other men?””About two months after we were married. We were looking for an apartment and there was this couple of seniors, Chuck and Lisa, who were graduating in June and they were moving out of state. The apartment was off campus and it was very cheap if we could rent it.”We met with the landlord, a Mr. Randall Hamilton. He owned the building and he had his office on the first floor. He was some kind of financial consultant. He told us the cost of the rent and it was way more than what Chuck and Lisa had been paying. He said that Chuck and Lisa were good tenets. We told him it was way more than we could afford. Then he said, that if we agreed not to have any loud parties it would be lower.”Then he said that he would lower it even more, if my husband agreed to cut the lawn, shovel the snow and do some light maintenance work for him which Jeff agreed to.”Bruce: “For college students, it sounds like you guys had it made.””We did and Mr. Hamilton lowered the rent even more, if I agreed to do some light clerical and bookkeeping for him. It was just data entry work. His secretary worked half days and he had me come in a couple of afternoons a week.”Bruce: “I’ll bet he saw these beautiful tits and this heart shaped ass of yours and that’s how you got it so cheap.””Jeff said the same thing. That day I wore my short shorts and Mr Hamilton kept looking at my legs. He was in his early fifties, tall, handsome, ankara escort personable with money. He was so interesting to talk to. He traveled the world and he knew so many interesting people. I could listen to his stories all day.Bruce: “Sounds like you were mesmerized by him.””I was and I was in his office for a couple of hours, two or three times a week. He would show me what he wanted me to do and each time he would innocently place his hand on my back and gently rub it like my father would do but with him it was very erotic. He had this deep sexy voice and he was very worldly and knowledgeable about woman.”Bruce: “Yeah and you were not being gratified in bed. I can see where this is going.””Yes and he could get me so aroused. One afternoon, I was sitting at the desk and he was standing next to me rubbing my back. Then I noticed the bulge in his light summer slakes. He didn’t have an erection. It was just an outline of his very large penis hanging there. It was at my eye level and I couldn’t help looking at it. He saw me looking so he turned to me and said, “You can touch it if you’d like. Go ahead feel it.””Jeff was outside cutting the lawn and I could hear the lawn mower running. I ran my hand over the mound in his pants, then I felt it with my fingers, lightly stroking it. In a soft voice he said to me, “Take it out Sharon.””I was newly married and I was anxious to show him what I could do. I slid down his zipper and he unfastened his slakes. They fell to the floor and I pulled down his underwear. It was the first time I ever saw an older man’s genitals. His pubic hair was the color of salt and pepper and all bushy. His balls were large and round like melons hanging in their sacks. His cock was grotesquely sticking out at me. It was large. Not larger than you but larger than my husband’s. It looked aggressive and menacing like it could inflect pain. It had an even larger purple head like it was demanding attention. I thought that maybe I didn’t want to be doing this. How could I get out of it?”I looked up at Mr. Hamilton. He was holding his shirt tails up so he could see me as he was looking down at me. He looked like he was very pleased with me and I didn’t want to disappoint him. I slipped out of the chair and knelt before him. Placing my hands on the sides of his buttocks, I took him in my mouth and began sucking him off. He moaned as I was sucking him and all the while we could hear the lawn mower running. Then he pulled his cock out of my mouth, he stood me up, took me in his arms and kissed me. I kissed him back. He reached down and unclasped the front of my shorts and they fell to the floor.”While he kissed me again, he pushed down my panties and I stepped out of them. He turned me around, bent me over the desk and entered me. He fucked me ferociously to the sound of the running lawn mower. I could feel his cock all the way up in my stomach. He fucked me for the longest time and I would soon learn that unlike the younger men that I had been with, older men take a much longer time to climax and when he did, he flooded my insides with squirt after squirt of his very warm cum.”It was the first time that I had ever had three orgasms before my partner climaxed. We lay there across his desk trying to catch our breath as his beautiful cock deflated inside of me. All the while we could hear the sound of the lawn mower.”After a while he pulled his cock out of me and we straightened ourselves up. Then he said, “Well Sharon, you no longer have a husband, you are now married to a cuckold. Jeff is now your cuckold.” I never heard that word used before so I asked him what it meant and he said, “A cuckold is a man who is married to a sexually liberated woman. I’ve just liberated you from the bonds and confines of a traditional marriage. So tonight, I don’t want you to feel guilty, I want you to feel liberated. From now on, we will refer to Jeff as your cuckold. It’s our secret. Do you understand?””Yes Mr. Hamilton. I do.””It was the first time I had cheated on my husband and that night I did feel guilty, especially when we were preparing for bed. I kept myself covered so my husband wouldn’t get any sexual ideas. I knew that if he fucked me or even felt my pussy he would know immediately that I had been fucked earlier.”As he was preparing for bed, I saw him naked and his genitals looked so small in comparison to Mr. Hamilton’s. That made me feel less guilty. It kind of justified my infidelity. I thought of the words Mr. Hamilton said, that my husband was now my cuckold and I was sexually liberated.”From that night on, whenever I see my cuckold’s genitals, they remind me of a small cluster of g****s. Like a sweet delicate fruit, harmlessly hanging there, so gentle, young, innocent, tender and soft. I love him so much. I wish there was a way to keep him permanently soft. Then I wouldn’t have to worry about him going off with some girl.”That night I gave my now cuckold, a kiss goodnight, being very careful not to let my covered breasts touch him. I didn’t want him to become aroused. Lucky that night he was so tired from all the work he did cutting the grass that he went right to sleep.”I would no longer let my husband see me naked or my bare breasts. I know it was wrong of me but I didn’t want him coming at me with his little erection and possibly discovering that I was being fucked by another man. His days were so full that I don’t think he ever realized that I had taken away his ability to initiate sex, replacing it with my needs and pleasure.”During that time my Jeffery worked part time in a super market, plus going to his classes, studying and all of the work that Mr. Hamilton gave him, my Jeffery was often too tired to even think of sex and that’s the way I wanted it. He ankara escort bayan was now my cuckold and as such, he had limited access to my body. I was now in control of my sexuality. When my cuckold did become aroused, I would put him off till he gave up and would then masturbate. After all, that’s what cuckolds do. They masturbate.”Some nights I would wake to the squishy, rhythmic sound of my cuckold masturbating. I would lie there in the darkness, pretending to sleep until I felt the mattress gently shake and then I knew that he was ejaculating into his hand. I’d smile as I drifted back into sleep, grateful that he didn’t disturb me. He is so considerate.”Right from the start my cuckold started getting suspicious of me and Mr. Hamilton and he said something to me about it. I sat next to him on the couch and I took his penis in my hand. I asked him to tell me why he was so suspicious. He gave me his reasons and then I asked him, “Would you be upset if Mr. Hamilton was fucking me? I could feel his cock stiffen up in my hand and he ejaculated at the thought of it.”About two nights later, I was in bed watching him preparing for bed. He was nude and I asked him again saying, “The other night you didn’t answer my question. Would it upset you if Mr. Hamilton fucked me?””This time there was no mistake. Right before my eyes, his penis got hard right away. He tried to hide it by getting into bed very quickly. I lifted the covers up and looked at his erection. He was embarrassed and afraid to answer me. He was afraid of his own emotions.”I asked, “What if Mr. Hamilton felt these tits and sucked these nipples and pushed his cock into my pussy and fucked me? You would like that wouldn’t you?””It was too much for him. He said, “No. No. Please don’t do this to me. Don’t ask me that.” I reached down and grasped his erection and he ejaculated copiously.”One night he came right out and asked me if I was having an affair with Mr. Hamilton. I lied to him saying, “No” and then I asked him, “Why do you masturbate in the middle of the night?””He answered me by saying, “I wake up and I think of you and Mr. Hamilton together and I get angry. I get so angry that my blood boils. Then in my mind, I picture you being fucked by him and I become aroused, I get an erection. Then I masturbate thinking of him fucking you. I can’t help myself.””The next time I was with Mr. Hamilton, I told him of my cuckold’s desires. How it excited him to think of Mr. Hamilton fucking me. Mr. Hamilton smiled and said, “Well Sharon, it looks like your cuckold really wants to be a cuckold but we are going to have to make sure. You see a cuckold will sometimes think it’s very exciting to see his wife being taken by another man but when he actually sees it happening, he will suddenly get a change of heart. Then, who knows what he will do? Let me come by your apartment one night when he’s home. We’ll let him get use to seeing us together in a nonsexual way. Then we may be able to see if this is what he really wants.””That night soon came and Mr. Hamilton visited with us. I asked my cuckold to put on some soft music which he did. Mr. Hamilton and I danced to three songs while my cuckold sat on the couch watching us. Mr. Hamilton was holding me so close that I got so aroused. I was lubricating like crazy, I had to go into the bathroom to dry myself. When I did, Mr. Hamilton turned to my cuckold with a very noticeable tent in his trousers. He made no attempt to hide it. Displaying the tent, he said to my cuckold, “You’re a lucky man. You have a very sexy wife and I better be going now.””The next day Mr. Hamilton wanted to know everything that transpired between me and my cuckold. I told him that my cuckold had an erection the whole night. That he was so aroused when we went to bed, that I spread my legs for him and I said, “Come my baby. Come lie on top of me and fuck me. Fuck me before Mr. Hamilton fucks me. You know he wants to fuck me and I’m going to let him. That’s it climb on me. Let me guide your peter into. Oh! Your cumming!””I told Mr. Hamilton that the first time, my cuckold came before he ever penetrated me but then a short time later he fucked me. Then in the middle of the night he fucked me again all the while he was talking about Mr. Hamilton fucking me. Mr. Hamilton smiled and said that my Jeffery was a true willing cuckold.”One night the following week Mr. Hamilton visited us again. This time there was a sexual tension in the air. We all knew why he was here and what was going to happen. Mr. Hamilton started rubbing my back in front of my cuckold. He looked for a reaction from my cuckold but getting none he then started caressing me. Still getting no protest he started kissing me.”The dynamics between the two men began to change. Each time the younger man remained passive the older man became more aggressive, more dominating. He began to fondle my breasts and my cuckold sat on the couch passively and showed no sign of protest. He opened my robe and slipped it off my shoulders. I was now completely nude, facing my cuckold with Mr. Hamilton standing behind me, feeling my breasts and staring at my cuckold.”It was the first time in five weeks that my cuckold was now seeing my nude body and another man, an older more aggressive man was taking it from him. I could see the longing in his eyes. He wanted to take me back, to reclaim me but his own arousal wouldn’t let him.”Mr. Hamilton unzipped his pants and took out his cock. He then turned me around and pushed me to my knees. I started sucking his cock while he undressed. After he was naked, he began to run his fingers threw my hair, telling my cuckold how good a cocksucker I was. His legs began to stiffen up and I knew he was near. He clutched my head in both his escort ankara hands and he said, “Sharon, I’m gonna cum. Get ready. I want you to take it all in your mouth and don’t swallow. Just let me fill your mouth. Oh! Yes! Don’t swallow. That’s it, take it all.””He filled my mouth with his hot juice and there was so much of it, I had all I could do to hold it all in. As he recovered, he lifted me to my feet and he said, “Now I want you to go over and give your husband a French kiss. Will you do that for me?””I nodded my head yes then turned to my cuckold and he looked so pathetic, sitting there with his pants down around his ankles, his hands in his lap, playing with himself. I walked toward him. He hadn’t seen my tits in a long time so his eyes were fixated on them. I couldn’t believe this was all happening. It seemed like a dream and I didn’t think he would accept this.”Standing over him I lowered my face to him so that my tits were alongside of his face. He sadly turned his face up to me and said, “Please don’t do this to me.””I lowered my mouth to his but he did not respond. Then in a stern, commanding voice, Mr. Hamilton said, “Kiss your wife.””He puckered his lips and our lips touched. Then I pressed my lips against his and we opened our mouths. Mr. Hamilton’s warm, slimy semen flowed down out of my mouth, filling Jeff’s mouth.”Then Mr. Hamilton said, “Sharon, you may tell him when to swallow.” “I lifted my mouth up from my cuckold’s and there was a long string of semen from my lip to my cuckold’s lip. I wiped it off my lip with my finger and then wiped my finger off on my cuckold’s lip as I did, I looked into his eyes. I could see a tear in each eye. He looked at me with love in his eyes but he was so sad. Sad because he didn’t want to share his wife, his beautiful bride. He didn’t want to be a cuckold but he couldn’t help himself. I looked at him for a moment with his mouth so full and then I said, “Swallow” and he did. It was the ultimate humiliation.”Mr. Hamilton came over to us and he put his arm around me. I could see he was getting another erection and he stood in front of my cuckold as if to flaunt his masculinity and dominance. He then said to me, “That was good. My testosterone will be good for him. You’ll notice the improvement the next time I allow him to fuck you. Isn’t that right my Jeffery boy. I taste good, don’t I? Well! Don’t I?””Jeff meekly replied, “Yes.””Yes what?” Shot back Mr. Hamilton.”Yes Mr. Hamilton.” It was not like my Jeff to be so submissive but this night the relationship between the two men had degenerated into a master slave relationship.”By this time Mr. Hamilton had another erection, he put his hand on my ass and asked, “Shall we take this into the bedroom?””We started walking away when Mr. Hamilton stopped and turned back to look at my cuckold. He was still sitting there with his penis in his hands. He looked like he was in a daze. Mr. Hamilton said to him, “I’m going to fuck your wife. Do you want to watch me or would you rather not see that?””My cuckold followed us into the bedroom and passively sat in a chair playing with himself while he watched Mr. Hamilton take me. It was the second time that night that Mr. Hamilton had climaxed so it took him a long time to cum. By that time I don’t know how many orgasms I had but when he flooded me with his warm semen, I had another shuddering orgasm.”When Mr. Hamilton finished, he got up from the bed and with his finger, he beckoned my cuckold to him. He said to him, “Here, I want to show you something. Sharon, lift your knees and spread your legs open for me. That’s it. Now Jeff, do you see this pussy, how open and gaping and red it is? I would say, that it’s well fucked. Don’t you think? Have you ever left it looking like this? No, I didn’t think so. This is why Sharon needs me. Tonight she’s well fucked so she’ll be in a good mood all week.” Then he dressed, thanked Jeff for a wonderful evening and he left.”Jeff was so aroused that he made love to me, first, by licking my pussy clean and then he attempted to fuck me. As soon as he pushed his erection into me, he ejaculated. He said that as soon as his penis felt Mr. Hamilton’s warm semen around it, the sensations were so intense that he ejaculated. We then fell asleep.”I was so grateful that everything was now out in the open. It had been so very stressful trying to keep my affair with Mr. Hamilton a secret, not that my husband didn’t know. He did know, he just didn’t want to acknowledge it. Reluctantly, Jeff accepted the fact, that he was now my cuckold and Mr. Hamilton was my lover.Bruce: “So you were back having sex with your husband. Oh excuse me, having sex with your cuckold.””Kind of. I wanted to always be ready for Mr. Hamilton so we made it a rule and my cuckold agreed that he would only fuck me after Mr. Hamilton had finished. Of course every time my cuckold’s penis came in contact with Mr. Hamilton’s semen, he would ejaculate. So he never really got to fuck me. He would push it into me and ejaculate.”For the next three years, one or two nights a week Mr. Hamilton would visit me. On those nights, I would shower and wait for him. When he arrived, if my cuckold was home, he would show him in and Mr. Hamilton and I would stay in the bedroom for one or two hours while my cuckold would stay in the living room, giving us privacy. After Mr. Hamilton left, my cuckold would be so aroused that he would make love to me. He loves the feel of my pussy when it’s coated with my lover’s warm semen.”This routine went on for three years until we graduated and moved away. When we were getting ready to move out, Mr. Hamilton came by with a couple of newly wedded students to show them the apartment. I heard him say to them, “Jeff and Sharon were good tenets.””The rest is history. We moved here and I met you. Now I have a request! My cuckold wants to watch?”Bruce: “You mean that he wants to have a threesome?”No. No. Cuckolds don’t participate. They just want to watch their wives being serviced.

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