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“What a beautiful evening to be out! ” Lynn thought to herself as she cruised through the streets of NYC in her new red BMW convertible. She had looked forward to seeing her old friend from school for quite a while, and now she was on her way. She had chosen her favorite crimson latex pleated cheerleader’s skirt, a white satin tie top, and white platform knee boots to finish off the outfit. “Very hot, indeed…” she thought while getting dressed. She was right. Looking down at her self while driving, she could see that she was completely exposed, as the skirt was so wonderfully short. Knowing that passing drivers could look down and see her engorged she- cock turned her on to the point that she caught herself touching her crotch more than a few times as she drove. The instructions she had been given were not exactly perfect, she had made more than one wrong turn which cost her nearly a half hour already, and she was getting miffed at the crappy directions. Turning down a darkened side street which was supposed to be a highway, she was confronted by a dead end. “Great,” she said out loud, “Just fargin’ great.” As she turned around, she saw a light in a building. The rest of the block was dark, with mostly vacant buildings. She could hear voices coming from the faintly lighted building, and decided to get out and try to get directions, or at least find a phone and call her friend. Getting out of the car, the rustling of her skirt allowed the cooling night air to waft underneath it, sending a chill of excitement through her body. She had forbidden herself from wearing panties under her short skirts. “God, I’m horny,” she said to herself. Her she-cock was rock hard, and dripping drops of sweet pre-cum. The front of the building had large plate glass windows that had been painted over some time ago, as the cracking paint revealed. The front door was open slightly, and a small sign said,”Private Club – No Admittance.” mersin escort No matter, she thought, all I need is some help and I’m gone. Walking in, she saw a very old mahogany bar to her left. The odor of stale beer permeated the building and the rough looking guy behind the bar only shook his head and grunted at her as she entered. “Excuse me, sir, could you tell me if you have a pay phone?” she asked. He just pointed to the rear of the bar and said, “Through that doorway, little lady.” The staccato clicking of her spiked heel boots was unmistakable. The talking in the back room quieted and nearly stopped as she approached the doorway. In the back room, she saw 6 or 7 men, very obviously roughnecks and bikers. They were dressed in tight leather jeans, motorcycle tee shirts, and riding boots. A rather ominous looking guy had on skin tight leathers and a leather body harness made of rings and straps. Seeing him sent a wave of horny through her body. Two of the men were shirtless; all were tall and looked like they could eat nails. The room was dimly lit, with a few bare bulbs hanging from the ceiling by wires with old-fashioned steel shaded coverings on the bulbs. A large pool table sat in the back of the room, and was the center of attention as a heated game of pool was in progress. She could see a pay phone on the rear wall, a very old type with a dial. Next to it was a coil of rope hanging on a hook and a sigh that said “Members only”. Trying to attract as little attention as possible, she waked towards the phone. As she neared it, it was obvious that all eyes were on her. Not surprising, she was very cute, sexy as hell, and dressed to kill. Being the Princess that she is, she said to the man, who was standing in front of the phone, “Excuse me, could you move so that I can use the phone??” “Why?” he laughed. “Because I want to use it” she said. “Fuck off, Bitch.” was his answer. “Members mersin escort bayan only,” he said as he pointed to the sign. Looking pissed off, she said; “Please move so that I can use the phone. I need to call someone and get directions, I am lost”. A voice from across the room spoke up, “Let the Bitch use the phone, Joey.” “I am not a Bitch, sir!” she retorted.” I demand an apology!” “Well, that does it. ” he said as all the other men made cat call noises at him, “Let’s teach the little Bitch some manners.” Her mouth had gotten her into trouble before, she had a tendency to say the wrong thing at the wrong time, and this surely was one of those times. Regardless, she had a propensity for seeking out situations that most would fear, as they were emotional food for her libido. She knew that her ability to antagonize men often lead to dangerous situations that she craved and sought out. The feel of an angry man grabbing her for his own selfish pleasures made her orgasm wildly, maybe this would be such an occasion, she hoped. With that, she felt her wrists being grabbed and her arms pulled roughly behind her back. She felt the rush of endorphin hit her brain as her heart sped up to high gear… The stainless steel ring cuffs that she wore got the attention of her assailant, who pointed them out to his friends. “Look, she is a Bondage Bunny!” ”Maybe she likes it rough!” She said nothing, but squirmed to try and escape, it was fruitless, and as the guy holding her was twice her size and weight. Her inability to remove herself from her situation excited her greatly; she felt her first orgasm building. As he continued to hold her, she saw another man take what looked like a ball gag off a table and approach her. She cried out for help, but no one was to hear her. The gag was jammed into her mouth and buckled behind her head, rendering her mute, except for moans and grunts. She came with escort mersin a thunderous crash in her brain that made her terribly wet and begging silently for more. “That’s better,” her captor said. She heard a loud click as a lock was apparently being attached to her cuffs. Struggling to get her arms free was now out of the question, she thought. The man with the leathers and body harness approached her. He grabbed her by the throat, squeezing it very tightly for a few seconds and laughing as he put his lips to hers and kissed her. She tried to bite him, nipping his tongue, as he pulled away. She was so excited that she could hardly catch a breath as her mind was swirling wildly anticipating what was to come next. “Let’s see if you think this is funny, Bitch!” he said. Turning to the wall, he grabbed the rope and let it unfurl. At the end of the rope was a hand tied noose. The look in his eyes was so frightening; it drove her further into a rush of adrenaline induced eroticism… She knew the look in his eyes. It was one that drove her wild with passion. He then took the noose, pulled the loop open and slid it over her head. He yanked on the rope and the noose tightened around her neck, nearly cutting her air off. She reacted and tried with all her might to get away. Her second orgasm swept over her like a rushing tide. She stamped, kicked and wriggled, but it was not to be. He then took the end of the rope and threw it over one of the roughly hand hewn exposed beams in the ceiling. The building had once been a very impressive place, but time had taken its toll. One of the men grabbed the free end of the rope and took up the slack. She could feel the tug of the noose on her neck as the obvious leader of the gang took the noose and tightened the loop against her exposed neck. “Take up the slack, Jim; let’s make the Bitch dance a while.” That sounded bad, she thought. She was correct; the rope was pulling her upwards, making her gasp and making breathing difficult. She shifted her weight to the balls of her feet to make breathing easier. “Maybe I went a bit too far this time,” she thought to herself as the third orgasm was nearing its peak.

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