Christie and her Parents – Part I


“Oh fuck, YES!” screamed Jane as Mike hammered her pussy doggy style while giving her the occasional hard spank. Jane was on the bed on her fours, and Mike was holding on to her waist as he fucked her creamy ass.
At 32, Jane was quite an attractive woman. She was very fair, and had deep, brown hair which fell till her waist. The best things about her were easily her breasts – enormous, by any standards. She often had difficulty in finding a brassiere of the right size. And yet, despite their huge size, they didn’t sag at all – in fact they were as ripe and taut as 20 year olds. Her ass too was shapely, quite round and spank-worthy. By looking at her, it was almost impossible to say that she was the mother of a 16 year old girl, Christie.
Mike, too, was quite fit – he was a professional basketball player. He wasn’t in the NBA or stuff, but he did quite well. He was a trainer in the local school.
Like any other young couple, they were crazy about the sex – and it was pretty wild. Many times they had invited prostitutes and strippers over for more fun.
Right now, they were nearing the end of another steamy session – Jane was energetically slurping and licking all over his penis and balls while jacking him off furiously. In one massive groan, Mike finally shot forth his load – drenching Jane’s face and neck in the white goo. Some of it landed on her beautiful hair too. Satisfied, Mike fell down on his bed – too tired to even clean up. Jane, somehow, gathered the energy to wash herself before she fell down beside him.
Above their room, however, was the room of their daughter – Christie. Now ever since childhood she had heard loud thumping and screaming come from below – it had often scared her. But now, being 16, she knew exactly what was going on – and it aroused her. She almost always played with herself, listening to her parents having sex. Tonight was no different – she had been ploughing her cunt with a marker pen to match the rhythm of her mother’s screams – yes, she fantasised about being pounded by her own dad like a piece of meat. And, although she too drove herself to a fantastic orgasm – she couldn’t scream out loud, she had to muffle it in her pillows.
She got up and staggered towards the bathroom – she washed her face. She looked at herself in the mirror.
She had clearly gone on her mother. Indeed, her tits were quite big already – much bigger than any of the girls in her class. Her accelerated puberty had caused her to become quite the slut in school. She had had sex with the entire basketball team –not all at once, though. But she had gotten laid with many other guys as well – mostly sportsmen, from the soccer, baseball and athletics teams. But it never really satisfied her. She realised she needed her papa, and she needed him bad. She was going to have to do something about it.
Next morning, Christie came down while the couple were in the kitchen – and it looked like they were having more than just breakfast when she walked in. “Geez, they can’t keep their hands off each other”, Christie thought, and smirked.
Wearing a purple t shirt and white hot pants, she slumped down at the table. As she daintily had her breakfast, she was thinking about how to get her dad to fuck her. She would have to make him ask her for sex, she thought. That’s the way it had to be. And for that, she would have to start taunting and teasing him. Quietly, she unbuttoned the first two buttons of her t shirt, and she knew her cleavage was visible.
Mike noticed her cleavage, and she saw him sneaking a look. Then as she was drinking her orange juice, she “accidentally” spilt some on her t shirt.
“Oh, man!” she complained.
“Watch what you’re doing, Christie” said her father, as his little daughter proceeded to wipe the juice off her bosom. It was really hot.
Soon, breakfast was over, and Christie went up to get ready for school. Being the wanton slut, she sexily swayed her hips as she walked up the flight of stairs, hoping her dad would be ogling at her.
“You’re sick” grinned Jane, once Christie was upstairs.
“What do you mean?” asked Mike innocently.
“You’ve got the hots for our daughter! I saw you staring at her!” Jane giggled.
“That’s ridiculous!” Mike argued.
“Oh, please, Mike, I know you. You want to bang her, don’t you? And I can’t Escort blame you, she’s quite a hot little thing.”
After considerable thought, Mike conceded, “She is sexy.”
“Oh, yes. Really nice body. And by the looks of it, I think she was actually trying to seduce you.”
“You’re kidding?”
“Now way. I saw her. Spilling the juice, showing off her cleavage, she knows how to get a man stirring.”
Mike was pretty stumped with all this, and it was then that Christie came down, ready to leave for school.
And she looked like a sex goddess.
She was wearing a black, ripped t shirt which just covered her breasts, leaving her flat tummy open. And below, all she had on were a pair of very short hot pants, pink in colour. Her dirty blonde hair was purposely in a mess, and her black nails and high heels added to her wild attire.
Both husband and wife had their eyes fixed on their daughter’s body, and it was the wife who spoke first, “Christie, are you sure they’ll allow you to dress up like that in school? I mean, don’t you think it’s a little too racy?”
“What, this? No, mom! All the girls go to school like this, and it isn’t all that revealing”, shined Christie, purposely turning around and straightening out her skimpy clothes.
She walked around the table to take her lunch, when she “accidentally” tripped and landed on her father’s lap. She gasped – she could feel the massive bulge on her tummy – and it was pretty big. No wonder mom can’t get enough of him, she thought.
“Oh, I’m so sorry, Daddy, didn’t mean to fall on you like that”, she smiled, getting up and eventually sitting astride him.
“It’s okay, baby, now get up or you’ll miss your bus”, replied a flustered Mike.
“Okay, Daddy, you’re the best!” she gave him a peck on the cheek before standing up in front of him, pausing for a moment and then making her way out.
Once she was out, there was silence.
“What did I tell you? She’s totally playing it for you!” laughed Jane, who found all this incest play rather exciting.
“I suppose so, and believe it or not, I’m actually hard again right now”, confessed Mike.
“Oh well, we can take car of that tonight, can’t we? Now get going, you’ll be late for work.”
All through the day, the only thing on Christie’s mind was sex – and today after school she had actually given blowjobs to three guys at the same time. She insisted on calling each of them Daddy, and of course they didn’t mind in the least. After a lot of bobbing, slurping and pumping, she finally drank all the cum the trio had to offer, imagining that it was her papa who juiced her.
At night, when she came home, she continued her teasing and taunting. She would often brush her big breasts against him, or lay her head on his lap – or hug him tightly, pushing up her melons on him. And both the husband and the wife noticed this very keenly – and it excited them.
After Christie was asleep, Mike finally returned to his bedroom – only to find a voluptuous woman sitting on the bed in a school uniform. It was his wife.
“Hi, Daddy”, she said.
“Hey, Jane, what are you doing?” he asked, already straining his jeans.
“I’m Christie, Daddy, your daughter. Remember?”
Mike’s mind was blown – this was crazy. And incredibly sexy.
“Oh, yes, how could I forget? You’re my beautiful, sexy daughter.”
His “daughter” got off the bed, and came and stood in front of him. She was wearing a white shirt tied in a knot above her waist, and a short, green skirt. Her feet were naked and her brown hair was tied in two pony tails.
“Daddy, how do I look?” she asked in a honey-sweet voice, posing and pouting for him.
“You look very pretty, Christie. You’re hot, in fact.”
“Oh thank you Daddy! You’re so sweet.”
“Yes, but you mustn’t dress like a two-penny hooker, Christie. That’s wrong.”
“But Daddy, I wanted to make you horny.”
“How dare you! That’s outrageous. You deserve a punishment, young woman.”
“Daddy, I’m sorry! I’ve been a bad girl!”
“Yes, you have!”, shouted Mike, stripping himself naked, “and I’m going to teach you a lesson tonight!”
He literally pounced on her, pinning her on the bed, and thrusting his tongue down her neck. He ripped her shirt off and threw it away before mauling at her luscious, bouncy melons. He bit away at them and Escort Bayan squeezed them – tonight was going to be rough. He licked down her chest and navel before yanking off her skirt too – to reveal white schoolgirl cotton panties. Except of course, this schoolgirl’s panties were drenched in girl juice.
He pulled them off as well, and took a long, deep sniff before throwing them away. In no time at all, he was eating away at her cunt like a sex-crazed monster. Jane too was going wild; she had locked his head between her milky thighs and was writhing and bucking on the bed. She had already cum – which was really fast for someone like her.
Soon, Mike spat on the palm of his hand, jerked his cock off a couple of times and began ploughing her tight cunt. that’s what he like best about Jane, he decided – no matter how many times he banged her, her cunt always had that tightness to it, almost like a virgin’s.
He lifted her up and slammed her back against the wall before drilling her. She was suspended in mid-air – held up by his cock and the wall. It was incredible.
Now if they thought all this shouting and slamming would go unnoticed, they were fools. Christie had woken up long back, and was keenly listening to the proceedings, imagining what must be going on downstairs. She recalled how her dad’s bulge felt on her tummy – it made her gulp still. Tonight was really wild, she thought – they’ve never been this loud. The thumping sounds were really arousing, and Christie made her way down – she wanted to hear them from outside their door.
Downstairs, the couple were in their favourite position – doggy style. Mike, pulling at her hair from behind, was hammering way like a mad man, and Jane was bucking and rolling her hips like a porn star. She had already climaxed thrice, and a fourth didn’t look too far away.
Christie quietly descended the stairs in her sleeveless t shirt and hot pants, and softly treaded towards the room. And, to her shock, the door wasn’t locked! It was ajar, and she could just barely see what was happening. And it was crazy.
Mike, now nearing his own, massive orgasm, was furiously slamming against Jane’s hips, continuously spanking her and yelling, “WHO’S YOUR DADDY? WHO’S YOUR DADDY? WHO’S YOUR DADDY?”
Christie gulped; it was too hot, too animal for her to bear. Her cunt almost immediately started dripping, and her mind fogged in the arousal.
She stepped closer and peered through the door – she could see her dad’s ass ploughing away at her mom derriere with a furious pace. The bed was creaking under them.
Christie stepped a little closer, when her foot slipped on the mat, and she uncontrollably tumbled forward into the room.
Mike immediately withdrew his cock and turned around to see his real daughter sitting on the floor, massaging her head.
“Christie?” he gulped.
And that’s when he came. Rope after rope of thick, gooey sperm shot forth from his member like a fountain and landed directly on the girl’s face. Finally, the last few shots landed on the ground between them.
Jane hadn’t noticed anything until of course she realized that Mike had stopped fucking her. She turned around, and in a sultry voice, “What happened Daddy?”
And then she saw Christie.
“Holy fuck”, was all she could say.
Christie was feeling confused – she was aroused, embarrassed, scared and her head was still hurting from the fall. She started sobbing.
Jane immediately got up and sat beside her daughter, hugging her and caressing her head.
“It’s alright, baby, it’s okay. Stop crying”, she said.
Mike put his boxers on in the meanwhile and sat on the floor in front of the two girls.
Jane kissed Christie’s forehead to make her stop crying but got some cum in her mouth. She tasted it, it was as delicious as ever. She kissed her forehead again, and ate some more cum. She began licking her daughter’s face now; there was just so much cum on it. She licked it off her chin and from her nose.
“Mom, what are you doing?”
Jane stopped. “I was just cleaning up, baby”, she said, and, after a pause, “Why? Did you want to taste it too?”
Mike marvelled at her, and he was suddenly getting aroused all over again. He waited anxiously for his daughter’s reply, who was meekly looking here and there.
“Yes”, she finally said.
Jane Bayan Escort looked at Mike victoriously, and Mike beamed back. Christie didn’t quite understand their expressions.
“Mom, Dad, what’s going on?” she asked nervously.
“Nothing, baby, come here”, Mike said, getting up from the bed and picking his daughter up.
He carried her and gently placed her soft body on the bed. And before Christie could realise what was happening, he kissed her full on the lips. Christie leaned back, and soon her dad had per pinned on the soft bed, and was licking the insides of her mouth.
Christie was lost I the kiss – it was amazing, so different from the other kisses she had had. It was masculine, it was strong, and it overpowered her. She felt another pair of hands taking her clothes off – her mom.
Soon, she felt something warm prodding her stomach – her dad’s penis. It felt formidable, but she was too shy to open her eyes just yet.
Her dad, broke the kiss, and she opened her eyes. Mike placed his engorged penis at her cunt’s entrance, and simply rubbed her pussy lips along the length of his cock – it was too early to insert anything just yet. And the rubbing was arousing – very much so.
Jane was kissing her daughter now, and playing with her sizeable breasts. She pinched Christie’s nipples and pulled at those melons while giving her tonsils a bath. Mike was loving this show.
He stopped rubbing his daughter’s cunt and walked over to her mouth. He placed his cock on her lips, and Christie opened her mouth wide, welcoming her father’s penis inside.
It was huge. Christie almost gagged when it first went in, and Mike didn’t even dare it push it all the way down. Jane was now kissing and licking all over her daughter’s body – her tits, stomach, navel, thighs and cunt. by the time she was fingering Christie’s vagina, Mike was steadily desecrating her mouth with his penis. A thick goo of semen, saliva and a little bit of sweat formed at Christie’s lips, which dripped down to her cheeks and forehead.
Christie decided to show her dad some skills. So she placed both her hands on his ass, and pulled him in, shoving the cock as far as it would go, and holding it for five seconds and eventually sitting up, coughing and red in the face. Mike and Jane were both impressed, and jane patted her on her back.
“I think our daughter’s old enough to take some up her pussy, don’t you think?” Mike asked rhetorically. “Oh yes, I’d love to see your cock up her hole”, replied Jane.
Christie lay down on the bed. But before mike could take position, jane decided to mix things up. She sat down on chriistie’s face, gently at first, and when she felt her daughter eagerly flicking her tongue across her cunt, she slowly began grinding her butt on Christie’s face while playing with her tits. Mike was blown away.
He placed his cock on his daughter’s pussy lips, which seemed drenched in juice, and began ploughing away. He was gentle at first, but when his daughter started rolling her lips like a porn star, she too began fucking her in frenzy.
It was a remarkable sight – a voluptuous, sexy woman grinding her ass on a younger but incredibly sexy girl, and a virile man pounding the young girl like a machine.
The young girl was closing in on her orgasm – the first of the night, and soon she was bucking and yelping like a mad bull. When she came, it was like never before – she had squirted like a gallon of cum. Mike could feel the wet fluid coursing down his legs. Christie had actually passed out for a moment there, but was woken up when her mom resumed grinding her face.
The mature woman was now nearing her orgasm, and soon she too came –with a loud shriek and squirting a large amount of cum on her daughter’s face. She got off and began licking the juice off Christie’s pretty face and kissing her.
Mike beckoned the girls over, and they knelt before his towering form as he began jerking himself off. the girls watched in awe with the sheer speed and fury with which he jacked himself off, and then, with a twitch and a groan – out poured the semen, and it was a truly massive amount.
He fired his hose across the girls’ tits this time, coating all four breasts with his white juice. When he was finally done, Jane and Christie started massaging and playing with each other’s sloppy breasts. And licking the cum off each other. Mike sat down on the bed, tired. And just before he gave in to sleep, he reckoned – things had changed in this family, forever.

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