Cindy’s White Wedding Ch. 01


This is the first chapter to a series.


My wife and I had just gotten a divorce, after being married for twenty years. We married young, and she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl that we named, Cindy.

As time gone by, my wife and I grew sick of each other. We would argue over everything, seems like that’s all we ever did. If not for having my daughter, I would have thought this was the biggest mistake of my life.

My daughter Cindy is a wonderful girl. Nothing at all like her mother. She had grown to become a very beautiful young woman, now at the ripe young age of eighteen. She is 5’9″ tall, with long blonde hair, big blue eyes and perky softball size tits.

I was looking at some porn on the computer one day, when I found a picture of a girl that looked so much like Cindy. She was on a bed with her legs spread wide. I began to think about my own daughter, how she has grown. My cock began to get extremely hard.

I couldn’t stand it anymore. I knew Cindy was outside tanning, so I unzipped and pulled out my cock. I was stroking so hard and fast. I fantasizing about fucking my daughter’s sweet little pussy, when I began to moan. My cock erupted, shooting long white spurts of cum all over me.

I stroked myself lightly, still thinking about my daughter, as the last drop of cum dripped from my cock.

“Oh Cindy. You’re such a good little girl, for Daddy.”

Then I heard a gasp. When I turned to look toward the doorway, Cindy was turning away with a surprised look on her face.

Later that night we didn’t say much, until after dinner. I figured it might be a good idea to try and explain.

“Cindy, I’m sorry about what happened earlier. I thought you were still outside.”

“Daddy,… it’s okay, I understand. I mean with mom being gone and everything. I was just,… surprised. Especially when I heard you say my name.”

I looked at my daughter,in front of me, standing in the kitchen. Her hair tied back in a ponytail, a mid cut T-shirt and bikini style panties. She would always dress like that while in the house. I just really started paying more attention to it now.

“Baby, It wasn’t meant for you to hear. I was just looking through some photos and I found one that reminded me of you, and,… well,… you are very attractive.”

I continued to look up & down at her young body.

Cindy smiled and blushed a little, as she turned to pour herself a glass of diet soda.

That’s when I enjoyed the view of her long, sexy tanned legs. And what a beautiful ass that she Escort has.

“It looks like those aerobics classes that you’ve been going to are really working. No wonder all the guys look at you, you’re one sweet little honey.”

My cock was so fucking hard right now. I just wanted to rip her panties off and fuck her right there,… even if she is my own daughter.

Cindy giggled a little.

“Thank you Daddy. I was worried that they weren’t working. After all of those classes, I’m happy if I’m able to turn just one person on,…. even if it is my own Daddy.”

“I’m going to bed Daddy. I have to get up early, I’m going to pick up my wedding gown tomorrow. Sweet dreams, Daddy.”

“Fucking little slut,” I thought to myself.

Cindy is getting married in two days. It’ll just be a small wedding, I can’t afford a big one. Money is tight since the divorce, and her mother won’t help pay for it.

Later that night, I went to bed thinking about Cindy. My cock was throbbing for release, when I got an idea. I found Cindy’s graduation picture, and jerked off to it. It didn’t take long before I shot out a load of cum.

The next day was a blur. I was busy going over reservations and what time the limo will arrive. Cindy picked up her gown, and was off doing last minute things. We didn’t talk much.

The wedding was scheduled to take place at a little church about thirty minutes away, at 11:00 AM. Everyone is set to meet there. Cindy and I will arrive together in the limo.

The next morning I heard Cindy getting ready. I also hurried up getting dressed in my tux. When finished, I went down stairs to have a cup of coffee, since it was only 9:00 AM.

Cindy came down about fifteen minutes later. She looked so beautiful. Dressed in her white wedding gown & veil.

“Daddy, how do I look?”

“You’re beautiful baby, but you don’t need to have your veil down now.”

“Daddy, I’ve been thinking about something. About what happened the other day, and, I over heard you last night in your room. I also thought about how much you’re paying for my wedding, and everything you’re doing for me. Please Daddy, let me thank you? Let me thank you, the way that I know you’ll appreciate.”

While kneeling down in front of me and flipping the veil back over her head, I noticed all of the makeup she had on. Bright red lipstick, eye liner and heavy eye shadow. She looked like a girl that should be in a porno! I was shocked at what she said, as she unzipped my slacks.

“Daddy, don’t be so surprised at what I’m Escort Bayan doing. I’ve been working as an escort since my eighteenth birthday. I kept it a secret from the family, but the truth is, I love sex.”

When she finished telling me that, she slid her sweet young mouth down over the shaft of my cock.

I should have stopped her, but like she said, I was in shock. First, she didn’t mind hearing me get off while thinking of her. She didn’t seem to mind any of the comments that I made. Then I find out she is an escort! Now I’m getting a blowjob from my own daughter, just before she is about to go and get married! Hell yeah, I’m a little shocked!

Cindy kept right on sucking my cock, just like a pro. I looked down, her head covered in a wedding veil, bobbing with sucking and slurping sounds coming from under it.

“Oh Cindy, suck it baby girl. Suck Daddy off, princess. You’re such a good girl for Daddy.”

Cindy was starting to tease me a little.

“Yes Daddy, I want to be your good girl. I want to suck My Daddy’s big popsicle. Mmmm Daddy, I like it! It taste so yummy.”

It felt so damn good, but then she stopped and stood up. Turning to walk over to the kitchen table, she looked back at me.

“Come here, Daddy. You spent a lot of money for my wedding. Now let me start paying you back.”

She bent over the table, and pulled up her wedding gown. Showing a set of white thigh high stockings & heels, with pair of white lace panties.

I was to far gone and horny to care that she was my own daughter. I walked over and pulled her lace panties down around her knees and spread her small, cute little ass cheeks apart. I placed my cock at the entrance of her cunt and eased in.

Her pussy was so wet, that my cock slid right in, without any problems. I would have loved to eat her, but I knew we didn’t have time, as I began to fuck my daughter.

She had me so hard that I began ramming my cock into her.

“Ohh,… Daddy! Daddy fuck me! Fuck my little pussy! Bend me over the table, and fuck your little girl!”

“Oh Cindy, your pussy feels so good. Daddy loves fucking you with your little panties around your knees. You look like a little slut when you’re like that, baby.”

I continued fucking my daughter’s cunt as I held her hips, pulling her in to me. What a vision, my eighteen year old daughter bent over the kitchen table. Her wedding gown flipped up over her tiny waist, toned and tanned legs in white thigh highs & heels, and her white lace panties pulled down to her knees.

“Daddy Bayan Escort fuck me! fuck my sweet pussy! Fuck me like a whore! Daddy, make me be your whore. I’ve been such a bad little girl. Punish me, Daddy. Daddy, I’m such a fucking whore! I love cock,I love your cock Daddy! I love having my Daddy’s cock inside of my teenage pussy and mouth. Daddy, am I your good girl? Do you love me, daddy?”

“Yes baby, Daddy loves you. You’re a good girl,… such a good fucking whore. Daddy loves his little whore so much.”

I started to fuck her even harder.

Her body began to shake and spasm, as she was about to reach her orgasm.

“Daddy,…Daddy,…Daddy fuck it. Fuck my cunt. Oh Daddy fuck me. Don’t stop! Don’t stop I’m,… I’m, oh,… oh,… Dad,… Dad,… Daddy!”

I felt it, but it was to late.

“Oh Cindy! Oh baby,…Uhh,…Daddy is cuming!”

Spurt after spurt shot deep inside of her. I was cuming inside of my daughter’s pussy. My hot, sticky white cum,….inside of my eighteen year old daughter’s womb.

I pulled my cock out of her and stood up. I wiped it clean and zipped up my slacks. Cindy continued to lie on the table, exhausted from her orgasm. I noticed my cum starting to appear, from the opening of her cunt. I smirked to myself, as I pulled her panties back up for her. Then I flipped her wedding gown back down

and shook her.

“Cindy, we have to go now, I heard the limo drive up”.

“Okay Daddy, I’m ready but I wish I had time to change my panties.”

As she turned, I kissed her softly and told her how much that I love and appreciate what she had done. Cindy kissed me again, this time she stuck her tongue in my mouth.

We walked out, and got into the limo. As we drove, I fondled her a little, since the privacy glass was up. She told me how her panties were soaked with my cum.

“Daddy, I’ll stop working as an escort, but I don’t want what just happened between us to end. Even though I’m getting married, you’re the one that my heart and body belongs to. Besides, there’s so much we didn’t do to each other yet.”

I would have loved another blowjob from her, but we just drove up to the church.

As the music played, I walked her down the isle. I was looking at Cindy, with a smile on my face. I don’t know if it was because I was happy for her getting married, or because of what she had just whispered to me.

“Daddy, these lace panties are so thin. I can feel all of your fucking cum dripping out and running down my legs.”

I just stood there while they exchanged their vows, thinking to myself.

“There’s my little girl, standing in a church marrying some asshole, and the whole time she has the cum of her own father running down her legs. What a fucking slut, but she’s my slut, and I love her.”

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