Cleaning Lady Brings Her Young Daughter to Work


My wife is a meticulous, OCD level housekeeper, so I was surprised a few months back when she told me she had hired a service.  Every week, these two middle-aged Hispanic ladies show up and do a marvelous job.  So yesterday, they brought a third person, a young, beautiful girl who looked to be 18-20 years old.Magdelena is her name, or Maggie as she said she prefers.  This perky little ball of life is bilingual, where the other two speak broken English.Maggie’s eyes sparkled a seductive innocence.  Her lips were perfectly formed with just the right amount of poutiness.  My gaze clung to every word that rolled off her luscious lips.  The top button on her uniform was undone, showing off the tops of her perky, medium sized breasts, and her skirt was short and fashionable, not bulky like her workmates.Sparks flew as our eyes first met.  We shared a moment of mental seduction as our stare grew uncomfortably long.  She smiled a teethy grin as she extended her hand.  It was firm and soft, obviously not calloused by years of housework.Maggie walked the house with me, asking questions about what services were needed.  Concluding the tour, at şişli escort my office door, I said, “Everything but my office.”She gave me a funny smirk as she panned the area and said, ‘Okay, is that where you hide the bodies, Mister?”I laughed, “Of course.”Normally, I hibernate in my office when they are working, but I wanted to see as much of Maggie as possible, so I closed the office door behind me and went into the living room where she was working.I sat in the chair across the room with newspaper in hand, pretending to read as I studied her hot body from behind.  She was picking up our grandkids’ toys that had made their way under the massive entertainment center.  Poor Maggie had to contort her body to reach the ones in the back.  In doing so, she had her ass in the air and was on one knee as she balanced herself.Her leg lifted high enough for me to catch a glimpse of her butt cheeks and that thin sliver of panties between her legs.  My cock was straining against my shorts.  Her ass wiggled from side to side as she groped in the darkness underneath, recovering one toy at a time.  In the meantime, her ass wiggled, my cock hardened!Finally, mecidiyeköy escort she turned and saw me sitting there, wide legged, peering over the paper.  “Enjoying the show, Mister?”I blushed and mumbled yes.She brushed the hair from her face with the back of her hand, spitting the long strands of black hair from her mouth, then spun to face me as she stood up.  Her skirt was bunched just below her crotch, offering a brief peek at her light pink panties.  She couldn’t help but notice my gaze was on her panties instead of her lips as she spoke to me.  Maggie reached down with both hands and tugged her skirt down as she gave me a naughty look.”Dirty old man!” she grunted.She grabbed a step stool and climbed three steps to dust the top of the entertainment center, which put her waist at my eye level.  With her weight on one leg, she extended the other for balance.  From where I sat, I now had a perfect view up her short skirt.  Her thighs were silky smooth and olive in complexion.  I wasn’t sure how much more of this torture I could take.Her workmates were in the bathrooms and I desperately needed to take a leak, so I went out back and behind the garage.I unzipped and pulled out my semi-erect cock, stroking it a few times as I imagined Maggie’s soft hand doing it for me.  My eyes closed and I jetted out a long, hard stream of relief that arched several feet into the flower bed.  ‘You raised in a barn, Mister?” a voice giggled, startling me.My head snapped hard in the direction of her voice.  There stood Maggie, hands on hips and smiling.  “My boyfriend does the same thing behind his garage, Mister.  What’s wrong with men anyway?”My cock hung limp, dribbling the last drops.  “Well,” I stammered.Maggie walked towards me, repeatedly looking down at my semi-limp cock.  She stopped when her perky tits pressed against my arm.  She smelled fresh and hot, like a woman in heat.  Maggie reached for my cock, taking it in her hand and gently massaging the length.  I quickly grew hard in her hand.”Where are your friends,” I asked nervously as I looked over her shoulder?”Don’t worry Mister.  They’re busy working their asses off, which is what I intend to do too.”My cock quickly grew hard in her hand as she went from massaging to stroking it.  I leaned into her and kissed her soft, open lips.  Her tongue eagerly met mine as she stroked me.  My hand wrapped around her waist, pulling her snuggly against me.  

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