Cleo’s Milkshake


I’m the Dairy manager at Gylactis, Inc. – an underground hucow dairy loosely affiliated with Titlab Mammary Research Facility. Don’t get me wrong, there’s no human rights abuses here, all our hucows are here voluntarily and are well compensated with full benefits. We offer some of the best rates and highest quality in the field, as our rates get us the best cows in the business. We have our pick of ladies who seek us out to have their breast milk harvested.

The cows are paid off the record, of course, and we offer them access to our in house money laundering services to keep the IRS off everyone’s tits. While we feel we are doing nothing unethical, it is, in fact, quite illegal in most jurisdictions, so we do our business on the black market and the dark web, and the nature of this, does, unfortunately, have us in touch with crime syndicates as a matter of course. So, it must remain clandestine.

We love to keep our hucows sexually satisfied here. We have found that they produce more and yield their milk more readily if they are sexually stimulated during milking, and they typically enjoy the process more. None of them have to do anything they don’t want to. It’s more fun for the staff, too. We love what we do and enjoy getting out the door to go to work.

Today, we had a special project at the dairy. Occasionally, wealthy perverts would take us up on a unique service that we provide, and pay exorbitant sums for hucow milk mixed with semen in a particular way. It’s simple, of course, to add and mix in men’s sperm after the fact, but at Gylactis, we can source elite hucows who have undergone modifications by Titlab for high volume milk production and nipple penetration, and arrange for the semen to be ejaculated directly into their breasts immediately prior to milking. We produce a video recording of the whole process, and supply it to the client to demonstrate the provenance of their special milkshake, and for them to view as they enjoy the lewd cocktail in whatever way they choose.

And, today, we had just such an order to fulfill. We are discreet with our clients’ information here, and anonymity is paramount, but I won’t be giving away too much to state that this client is a well known politician, whose public positions are seemingly at odds with their depraved proclivities.

Enter lovely Cleo, the star of this situation. She walked into the milking studio in a green bathrobe hiding her curvy frame and huge chest. To prepare, she had foregone milking for the entire day prior. With her enhanced lactation rate, this was as much as her massive breasts could bear, and she was full to the point of bursting.

Cleo was ready for the camera, as this was to be a performance as much as it was milking and lovemaking. Her curly brown hair was beautifully styled, and she was cutely made up and bedecked in jewelry, as she would not be wearing much else. With everything ready to go, and our camerawoman Haley starting up her tool, Cleo sat in a chair and smiled sweetly at the camera, expertly bearing the pressure in her sorely overfilled breasts, upon which the ropy blue veins stood out proudly on smooth, tight skin. As deliciously soft as her breasts normally were, right now they stood plump and firm, tightly pressurized with their own liquid cargo.

Her large, prominent, meaty teats were stretched around bright green, smooth plastic plugs, inserted into her distended nipples to keep their high pressure secretions, overdue for harvest, from leaking prematurely. The wide flanges of the plugs rested outside of her broad, capacious teat orifices to prevent them from being lost within the deep mammary portals, with a looped pull cord dangling from each. The seal was not entirely effective — streams of opaque white fluid oozed out slowly around the plugs, dripped down the bulbous bulk of each breast, seeking the lowest point on the globe, from which point it dripped to the floor.

The camera looked into Cleo’s pretty gray eyes, barely hiding her discomfort at the volume of milk straining the capacity of her powerful udders, needing desperately to be pumped out… but not quite yet.

“Hello,” she said, “I’m Cleo. I’m proud to be your hucow today. But I’m not just any hucow. I’m a nipplewhore too! My boobs are so full, but they’re not going to milk me just yet…” the camera panned down to her massive, taut, overburdened breasts with their dilated and stoppered nipples, which she bobbled playfully in her hands, increasing the milk spillage.

“Today, some of the boys here are going to nipplefuck me…” – she waved at the waiting cocksmen on deck, off camera – “that’s right, they’re going to shove their big horny cocks into my teats!” – she gently stroked the stretched, plugged milk nozzles – “Can you believe it? Jam their mean old dicks right up inside of where my milk is supposed to come out, and they are going to fuck the INSIDES of my poor breasts! Slide right up into my milk ducts and fuck them like pussies! Pumping in and out eryaman otele gelen escort of my hot, slutty udders until they cum inside me and mix their sperm into my milk, right inside of me! And I’m going to enjoy every bit of it! I’m going to come sooo hard from getting nipplefucked! And then, do you know what they’re going to do? They’re going to put me on a milking machine and pump all of that hot white stuff out of my big tits and bottle it up! But you already knew that, didn’t you. You paid for it. You picked me out of the catalog! You’re going to drink it, aren’t you, you perv! What else are you going to do with it? With my special milkshake?”

Now, there was always a lot of interest around the shop when a hucow with fuckable nipples came in, and Cleo, who has been in several times before, was especially popular — when she was bravely giving up her superstar titholes, we had to have a lottery to decide who would get to fuck her, as everyone wanted the opportunity to shove their cocks up inside her heavy, quivering, milk-laden udders, to feel up her mammary glands from the inside and ejaculate deep within.

Four men won out — Steve, Juan, Vlad, and Rashon. All had abstained from sexual release for several days, and had been given a dose of Viagra just to nip any problems in the bud before they happened. They would nipplefuck her, one breast apiece, in two shifts, administering four generous doses of cum in total. We assigned them positions by penis size — the smaller men, Steve and Juan, would have sex with her boobs first, then the two larger men, Vlad and Rashon, would follow once Cleo’s titholes had been loosened up by the first round. Even a big, well trained, fuckable milk duct is still snug, not naturally intended for penile invasion, and must be warmed up!

Cleo now moved to a special low chair, built to seat her comfortably while positioning her breasts at approximately waist height to the men, and two staff hucows fitted her with a specialized kind of open brassiere, custom made for her measurements, that gently bound each massively engorged breast at the base, and provided a shallow shelf underneath, to help support them facing outwards in a forward position, proudly offering up her big fuckable milk tanks for ductal intercourse. On the floor, a big plastic collecting tub was set directly beneath her breasts so the milk that would inevitably be fucked out of them would not be wasted.

Normally, nipple penetration is preceded by extensive foreplay, to gently and gradually open up the breasts for sex, but Cleo was so overloaded that we didn’t want to risk losing too much of her milk. Besides, her nipple canals would likely already be dilated and well lubricated from the pressure and presence of her own milk, as well as the plugs presently occupying them. In addition, she loved being nipplefucked, and the arousal and anticipation was enough to increase her readiness.

Haley maneuvered to a good camera angle and gave the signal. Cleo looked at her and, as seductively as she could, said “Here we go.. come and wreck these udders, boys!” Steve and Juan, rock-hard and eager to insert themselves into her plump and inviting mammary glands, stepped up, seized the cords on the plugs and pulled them from her clenching teats. There was some resistance from the taut sphincters, but with the application of more force, Cleo’s clasping, oozing meat spigots reluctantly disgorged the smooth plastic plugs with a moist kissing sound, and two immediate torrents of high-pressure white boob juice spewed from the wide ruby entryways of her open spouts and splattered into the waiting tub beneath as the plugs were cast aside.

The moment had arrived, and before too much of her precious milk could escape, the men seized her tumescent orbs in their hands and placed their tips against her nipples — Steve on her left breast and Juan on her right. The gushing portals kissed their swollen, ruddy cock heads and admitted them into the receptive vestibules of her open and inviting teats. They stretched around the intruding shafts, the soft milky tissue swallowed them, and they paused for a moment at the thresholds just inside her teats. then Cleo gasped loudly in sudden pleasure, her gray eyes rolling back for a moment as, amply lubricated by her plentiful secretions, the rigid penises slid right up her tight, slippery teat canals into the supple, milk-filled cavities deep inside her swollen organs until they were fully enclosed in her warm wet flesh.

Cleo loved that first feeling of mammary penetration — so unnatural, so wrong, but totally right. Her breast cisterns, already distended by their hot and heavy liquid loads, received the intruding organs, and the men began to move their hips against her luscious lactoids, sliding in and out, in and out, over and over, plunging through her deep juicy milk channels, udderfucking her succulent glandular guts.

Cleo’s tender mammary flesh, so pliable and soft when empty, sincan escort was turgid and firm from the pressure of the milk filling it, and through this swollen flesh plunged similarly swollen rods of manmeat, with her own rich, white, slippery udder butter providing ample lubrication for this freakish and unnatural act of fornication.

Her lovers were fully enveloped in her torrid, pulsating tit meat, and her stretched dairyholes clasped around the bases of their stiff, veiny cocks like fellating lips, hungry to suck them off and claim their cum for her own.

Steve and Juan railed Cleo’s lusty nipples with gusto, thrusting until fully enveloped in the fleshy internals of her heavy glandular sacks, violating the tender ducts designed by nature only to deliver her milk, but altered by perverted artifice to receive and please mens’ throbbing cocks, and to please Cleo as well. She felt aching red waves of pleasure from deep in her tits echo through her body and even down to her hungry, dripping cunt as the studs enthusiastically jackhammered her poor milk-bloated glands, her juicy mammary innards squishing receptively around the intruding poles as they mercilessly fucked the overflowing, jiggling cocksocket cream factories. Her prurient orbs of lactating flesh compressed and leaked hot nipple syrup as the penetrating penises thrust inward, then stretched out on each outstroke, her teat sphincters still clinging tightly to the cocks inside them.

The room echoed with the sounds of Cleo’s copious titty secretions splattering into the tub below, the sloppy wet sounds of penises and breasts interfacing, the slapping of heavy balls against breast skin, and her loud, passionate moans of ecstasy as her modified teats were fucked like a pair of chest mounted cunts, the dicks stroking the sensitive tissue far inside! Her rapture was visible on her face as she felt the penises coring out her milky meatmelons, frolicking in her fleshy paradise, exploring the spongy tissues deep within her breasts.

Haley was now operating one handed, with her other hand stroking her own crotch through her jeans, hot and bothered by the scene before her, but capturing every moan, thrust, and spurt as they plowed through the sensitive flesh of Cleo’s chest, being sucked by her lubricious ducts, retreating into her succulent cisterns with each withdrawal, and impaling a different hapless duct with each thrust.

Cleo threw her head back in ecstasy, squeezing and stroking her udders with her hands as, in exquisite and erotic detail, she felt their gristly members opening up the sensitive inner passageways of her huge, sloppy breasts, roughly reorganizing her milkmaking organs. Waves of thick milk pulsed out of her and spewed into the tub below with every thrust, displaced by the persistently pumping pistons. The camera zoomed in on her face, distorted in carnal bliss, “Fuck me! Yess!! Fuck me where I make my milk!” Juan and Steve obeyed her command, savagely churning her defenseless glands and the valuable fluid within, pumping and pumping away into the supple dungeons of her helplessly quivering hucow tits, spelunking their mysterious meat caverns.

Meanwhile, the camera briefly panned over to Vlad and Rashon, whose cocks were being gently licked and sucked by Lisa and Terry, the two regular staff hucows who had fitted Cleo with the support bra, to ensure that they remain hard and ready in an instant to penetrate Cleo’s nipples when their turn came. Lisa’s and Terry’s tits and pussies dripped milk and cunt juice as they watched the men engaged in intercourse with Cleo’s boobs, seeing on her face how much she loved being nipplefucked, and dreaming of the day they could have their own mammary tracts modified and it could be their turn to know the rare pleasure of being fucked inside of their soft, heavy, milk laden breasts.

Cleo’s deep, wet mammary meat tubes sucked their swollen cocks as the pleasure mounted inside her chest. The sensation of the stiff penises filling her milky passageways, stretching and stroking the sensitive ductal lining as they slid in and out of her body, was exquisite, and she gave herself over to bliss as she built towards climax. She reached around the mens’ hips and pulled them closer to her, as if to pull them further, deeper into her breasts. “Deeper! Faster!” she commanded. “Nipplefuck me until I come! Make me come inside my tits! Squirt your hot jizz up inside me!”

They pounded her fleshy sacks like maniacs, swimming in her white ocean of hot breast secretions, which sprayed out around the pumping meatrods and splattered into the tub below, and she had her first mammary orgasm. The veins stood out prouder than ever upon the smooth round bulk of her lactation stations as they and her whole body shook with delight. “Cum in my tits! Fill me!” she cried as she writhed in orgasm.

Steve grabbed her left breast in both hands and thrust deep, as if to impale her heart, all the way into her soft wet jelly tunnel, gölbaşı otele gelen escort compressing the breastmeat against her chest wall until the flushed beefy ring of her nipple was kissing his scrotum, and then, fully buried in Cleo’s hot pulsating breast tissue, ejaculated into her massively engorged boob, adding his ropy testicular secretions to her white liquid cargo, the powerful stream splattering the cavernous cisterns and ducts of her veiny hucow udder with his own thick fluid. He withdrew his still erect, pink member from her breast, once again stretching the milkbag out lengthwise out as the snug nipple clung to its flared head, until it popped out with a wet sound and a hot squirt of white titty juice from her red and glistening hole.

But two huge loads of cum is not enough! Cleo’s udders are to receive four! As soon as the first stud was out of the way, Vlad stepped up and, in one sure, deep stroke that made her cry out with the delicious violation, sunk his long, thick, pale and blue-veined penis into her helpless, gaping milkpipe before the orifice could close again, and before much of the precious cream could escape, and immediately began plowing away into her wobbling left dairy tank.

Juan then cried out in climax and released his essence inside of her right breast, hosing down her slutty tit innards with a copious dose of viscous semen. He pulled out, her breast sucking onto him, until his penis fully exited her distended spigot, left vulnerable and agape in his wake.

Finally, Rashon, biggest of all the men, quickly took Juan’s place and inserted his massive, chocolate-colored cock into Cleo’s open and compliant socket, and with an obscene slurping sound and a low animalistic moan from Cleo, her dilated and defenseless mammary canal hungrily swallowed his huge shaft like quicksand, enveloping it in her milk soaked feminine flesh until he was fully inserted into her silky cisterns and sucking ducts, and began to pump in and out, rearranging her delicate mammary insides.

“Ohh fuck me! Fuck me!” she bid them as more and more of her precious white juice spilled out into the tub. “Udderfuck me! make sure you mix the last guys’ cum in well!” Vlad and Rashon brutally assailed her tender milkpipes, passionately fucking the floppy, sloppy slippery interiors of her quivering cream factories. She was now incoherent, vocalizing wordlessly as she began to come again.

Meanwhile, I watched from my vantage point behind Cleo, looking at her with anticipation and imagining the pool of liquid that must be dripping from her flushed and wet pussy, as her valiant breasts continued to endure the pitiless onslaught of pumping cock. They relentlessly nipplefucked her, on a rampage through her juicy boob tubes, hard masculine meat plowing tender, fluid filled feminine flesh, churning her milk inside her orgasming udder organs.

Vlad and Rashon looked at one another, high fived, and synchronized their ejaculations. Vlad thrust savagely into her abused milksack, his huge white cock twitched forcefully, and its creamy pearlescent juice ejected in pulses into her deep interior, seeping into the most secret recesses of her gland as the sperm content of Cleo’s milk increased yet again. Simultaneously, Rashon emptied his massive balls into her right side, flooding her ducts with his own voluminous deluge of hot cum.

“Aaaah!! I’m so full!” she screamed. “I’m going to explode!” Her round cow tits indeed looked ready to burst, their delicate flesh straining under the high pressure liquid load, glistening with sweat. “Keep thrusting until you go too soft! Mix it in!” They did just that, until their erections had subsided too much for them to continue fucking her.

Lisa and Terry had the milking machine’s high capacity cylinders ready in their hands, drawing only enough suction to adhere to Cleo’s poor, patient, cockbeaten teats. Vlad and Rashon pulled out of her, and the cylinders were quickly applied before much of her cargo could leak out. With the big milkers stuck to her, Cleo rose from the chair and shifted position for milking, getting on all fours om the platform next to the chair, with her round ass in the air exposing her sopping wet vulva, pink and open, surrounded by neatly trimmed, soaked hair, begging to be filled.

Finally, it was my turn. As I said, we have found that hucows yield their milk more fully if they are sexually stimulated during the milking procedure, and as the dairy manager, it was my privilege to be the one to do so this time around and I was going to do it with my own cock. As much as I loved fucking nipples, I have had ample opportunity to probe the tender insides of many fat, milky sacks, and today I was going to fuck Cleo’s pussy until I nutted inside her. I got behind her and positioned the head of my cock, leaking precum, against her juicy pussy lips and slid it around her opening and against her engorged clit.

Just as Lisa and Terry turned on the pump to full power, I simultaneously thrust my hips forward and easily entered Cleo’s ready cunt. She moaned anew as my fat cock head parted her sloppy wet labia and my thick shaft slid inside the slippery muscular canal to fill her, thrusting in and out and finally giving her patient vagina the satisfaction it had been craving.

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