Close Calls After the Changing Room


The room fell silent and Dean realised he was holding his breath.‘Talulah, I can’t. I can’t come over to your dorm.’‘Oh please, sir,’ Talulah moaned. ‘Just sneak over. It’s getting dark out, no one will see you.’‘Talulah -,’‘Sir! Please. I’m here, naked. And I really want to take you in my mouth.’ She paused, listening to her teacher breathing on the other end of the call. ‘Are you imagining it? My pouty lips sliding over your hard penis. It would be my first time, so you would have to give me pointers.’‘Talulah, this is bad.’‘Sir, you keep saying that, but it never feels bad. If you come over now I promise to still be naked.’Dean closed his eyes, his hand still holding his erection, picturing his beautiful, eighteen-year-old student, naked. ‘Give me ten minutes.’‘Goody,’ Talulah giggled. ‘The front door to the building should be unlocked.’The sun had already set as Dean Chambers stepped from his accommodation. He looked around but the school grounds were deserted as he made his way along the path that lead between two old granite buildings. The imposing structures cast shadows, making the school grounds all the more creepy.Approaching the building he knew to be Talulah’s dormitory Dean could see that the large wooden front door was slightly ajar. Glancing up he checked that no one was looking from the windows, but, not wanting to look suspicious he walked purposefully towards the door, pushed it open, and stepped inside.As the door closed behind him a taxi pulled up on the corner, the rear seat occupant catching the movement of a figure disappearing into the darkness of the building.The wood-panelled corridor into which Dean walked was lit by antique ceiling lights. He stopped in a pool of light, suddenly aware that he didn’t know which room was Talulah’s. Was that a sign that he should turn and leave? He stopped, indecisive, when a sharp ringing from his pocket made him jump. He snatched the phone from his trousers, recognising the number.‘Hello,’ he whispered.‘Are you nearly hear?’ the feminine voice asked.‘Yes, I’m in the corridor, but I don’t know which room is yours.’‘Goody,’ Talulah gushed. ‘First floor, right at the end of the corridor, farthest from the stairs.’•••Stephanie’s eyes fluttered open and she blinked herself awake. Her right hand was still resting between her legs. She lifted her left hand and looked at her watch – she had only been asleep for half an hour but she felt refreshed. She stretched, stood up, and picked up her discarded underwear, stepping into them.From behind her on the bed, Stephanie’s phone rang. She snatched it up and looked at the screen – Lilly.‘Hello?’‘Hi, Steph. Am I disturbing you?’The pretty blonde looked at the crumpled duvet, her mind going back to listening to Talulah’s description of her and Mr. Chambers and the effect it had had on her. You would have been half an hour ago.‘No, of course not,’ she replied.‘Oh good. Do you want to meet at the refectory for a hot chocolate?’ Lilly asked.Stephanie smiled. ‘That sounds nice,’ she replied. ‘About ten minutes?’‘Perfect.’•••Reaching the top of the stairs Dean stopped, listening for signs of one of the other Anadolu Yakası Escort students coming out of their room, but the corridor was quiet except for the muffled sounds of televisions and music from behind the doors.Standing in front of the door he raised his hand to knock, but before he had the chance, the door opened. Standing just inside was Talulah, her thick black hair framing her pretty, smiling face. As promised she was naked, her large breasts partially obscured by her obsidian tresses.Dean paused, but as she stepped aside he walked through the door, hearing it close behind him. His heart raced and he turned to his student, but before he could speak Talulah lifted onto her toes, placing her hands on his shoulders and her lips on his.Dean felt her tongue on his mouth and he parted his lips, allowing her in, his own tongue finding hers. Talulah moaned, pulling him closer, crushing her breasts against his chest and her stomach against the hardness beneath his trousers.‘You really were naked,’ Dean whispered between kisses.‘Of course,’ Talulah replied, lifting his t-shirt and dropping it to the floor. ‘I don’t tell lies. And to prove it to you -.’ She stepped back, put her hands on his chest, and pushed him backwards. Dean shuffled back until his calves hit her bed, his student’s hands working quickly on his belt, pulling his trousers down and off. She eyed the bulge in his boxers before looking up at him.‘I promised to give you my first blowjob,’ she said, pulling the waistband of Dean’s underwear over his erection and pulling them down. She eyed his hard shaft, the tip just visible from under his stretched foreskin – he flexed under her gaze.‘Sit down and lie back.’Dean did as she said, any earlier intentions not to indulge with his student gone. As he lowered himself onto her soft mattress Talulah dropped to her knees in front of him, her plump lips inches from his steel-like penis.She pushed her mass of dark hair from her face. ‘One moment,’ she said, her hand moving to her wrist. When she didn’t feel the hair tie she usually wore she looked around – a smile creased the corners of her mouth. Reaching down she picked up the underwear that lay on the floor and pulled her hair back tying it into a thick ponytail.Dean groaned as he watched Talulah reach up, her large, firm breasts pushed forward.She smiled at his reaction. ‘Is tying my hair back with my dirty knickers sexy?’ she asked.Dean nodded. ‘Everything about you is sexy.’Talulah’s eyes twinkled as she shuffled forward on her knees, lifting her teacher’s erection. Propping himself up in his elbows, Dean watched as she gently released his shiny tip, kissing it. Her tongue slipped from between her lips and slid from the base to the tip. He flexed in her hand and she smiled.‘This is my first time, sir, so feel free to guide me.’‘You’re doing great,’ Dean said, watching as she licked him again.‘No, Mr. Chambers,’ she said, her lips pouting. ‘I want you to tell me what you like. What will feel best for you,’Dean nodded. ‘Concentrate on the tip with your mouth and tongue and the shaft with your Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan hand.’Talulah smiled. ‘Like this?’ she asked, her lips sliding over the tip of his penis, her tongue sliding along the underside. Dean groaned at the sensation as Talulah’s head began to bob slowly, her hand joining in on his hard shaft.‘Fuck, Talulah,’ Dean sighed. ‘That feels amazing.’From between his legs, she looked up, watching his face, holding eye contact. ‘Shall I play with your balls?’ she asked, lifting her mouth off him for a moment.Dean nodded, catching his breath. ‘That might make me cum quicker,’ he said, ’but don’t worry, I’ll warn you so I don’t do it in your mouth.’‘Mr. Chambers,’ the beautiful student said. ‘I want you to cum in my mouth.’•••When Stephanie arrived in the refectory, dressed in a t-shirt, school hoodie, and her little gym shorts, Lilly was already sitting at a table in the window that looked out onto the hockey pitch and the woods beyond. Her pretty friend waved, pointing at the two large mugs on the table. She wore the same hoodie and tight yoga pants which accentuated her slim legs and pert buttocks.‘Well, today was exciting,’ Lilly said as Stephanie sat down. She nodded, sipping at her hot chocolate, the cream sticking to her lip and nose.‘And having a man in the changing rooms,’ Lilly said, flashing her big blue eyes.Stephanie giggled. ‘I know. It was lucky Talulah walked in first.’‘Yes, I just remember her telling you to put your boobs away,’ Lilly giggled, taking a sip.Stephanie shrugged. ‘They’re not very big,’ she replied.‘Maybe not, but they’re cute, and you have a nice bum too.’ her friend said, causing them to both giggle into their drinks.‘But I bet Mr. Chambers would rather have seen Talulah’s,’ Stephanie said. Was she going to mention what she’d heard happen between their friend and their teacher? She didn’t think she should, even though she thought Lilly would keep the secret.Lilly nodded, dipping her finger into the cream. ‘They are big,’ she said.‘And firm,’ Stephanie added.‘I know. I’m not attracted to girls, but whenever she has no top on I want to push my face between them.’‘Shut up!’ Stephanie said, laughing.They both giggled.‘So can I ask you something?’ Stephanie said after a moment.‘Of course,’ Lilly replied, looking up inquisitively.‘Are you still a virgin?’ she said, not making eye contact with her friend.Lilly looked at her, concern on her face. ‘Yes,’ she replied. ‘Not much chance of meeting a boy while I’m in an all-girls school.’ She paused for a moment, looking at her friend. ‘Why? Are you not?’Stephanie looked up, shocked. ‘No! I mean, yes – yes I still am.’‘But are you thinking about changing that?’‘No, of course not. Like you said, not much chance of anything like that while we’re here.’Lilly nodded. ‘Unless you count my shower head,’ she said looking down at her drink, a grin spreading over her pretty face causing Stephanie to laugh into her drink.‘So who on the netball team do you think isn’t a virgin?’ Stephanie asked.Lilly considered her question for a moment. ‘If I had to choose, I’d say Miss. Escort Anadolu Yakası Stokes.’Stephanie looked at her. ‘You’re an idiot,’ she said. ‘I know Miss. Stokes isn’t, I meant us sixth-formers. I mean, what do you think about the fact that we’re all eighteen and none of us has probably even seen a boy’s – you know?’‘I like to think of my shower head as a boy,’ said Lilly, grinning. ‘Does that count?’Stephanie slapped the table. ‘Stop it,’ she said, laughing. ‘I’m being serious.’‘I know,’ replied her friend. ‘If I had to really guess who’d had sex I’d have to say Talulah.’Despite knowing the truth Stephanie nodded. If she hadn’t known better she would have thought the same. ‘Hmm, that’s who I would say, but I think I’d be wrong. I don’t think Talulah’s done it.’‘Okay, so I have a question for you,’ Lilly said. ‘Have you ever been caught masturbating while we’ve been away at another school for a netball game?’Stephanie dropped her gaze, and she could feel her cheeks turn pink. She waited for her friend to erupt into laughter.‘Yep, me too,’ Lilly said quietly, lifting her mug to her lips.Stephanie laughed. ‘Did anyone know it was you?’ she asked.Lilly shook her head. ‘No, I don’t think so. I’d thought everyone was asleep, but I must have got a little carried away and let out a moan and someone started laughing.’ She giggled. ‘I was so embarrassed. I just lay there pretending to be asleep.’‘That’s what I did,’ Stephanie said. ‘I didn’t moan, though. I was caught because the bed was creaking.’Oh my gosh!’ Lilly exclaimed. ‘That was you? I remember that. Someone asked if you were on your own!’‘I nearly died,’ Stephanie said, putting her hand to her forehead. ‘They started asking if Mr. Chambers had come on the trip. I just laid there -.’‘With slippery fingers,’ laughed Lilly, interrupting her friend.‘Yes – hoping they’d shut up. Miss. Stokes had to intervene in the end to stop them. How embarrassing.’Lilly shrugged. ‘I think everyone has been caught at some point. We just don’t always know who it is. Hey, do you think we’ve ever heard Miss Stokes have an orgasm?’Both girls laughed and Stephanie put her hand to her mouth. ‘Oh my gosh! I forgot to ask you. Did you hear that Miss Stokes and Mr. Chambers got stuck in that blizzard at half term and had to spend the night on the floor in a pub?’‘No!’ exclaimed Lilly. ‘Is that true?’‘So Victoria told me,’ Stephanie replied.Lilly’s eyes flashed wide. ‘Do you think they did it?’‘No! Surely not,’ Stephanie said.‘I don’t know,’ Lilly replied in a sing-song voice. ‘You don’t know what these teachers get up to. I mean, Mr. Chambers could be at her dorm room right now.’•••Dean Chambers looked down at the beautiful student between his legs. Talulah, her hair tied back with her underwear, his erection in her hand, looked back at him. She smiled before leaning forward and taking him in her mouth again, her slim fingers encircling his shaft, the nails of her other hand gently scraping over his balls causing a bead of pre-cum to smear on her tongue.•••‘Stop it,’ Stephanie said. ‘I’ll get all hot and bothered.’‘But at least you’ll be on your own tonight so no one will hear you as you bring yourself to a wonderful orgasm.’‘Shhh!’ Stephanie looked around to see if anyone was in earshot.Lilly laughed. ‘You’ll be able to lie there in the throws of ecstasy without worrying that someone is going to ask you if you’ve finished because they want to go to sleep, or asking if they can join in.’

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