Close Cousins


Two cousins continue their affair at a family reunion.

Disclaimer: all depictions of sexual interactions are between consenting adults.

Close Cousins

It was a warm summer evening in the final week of August. The croaking of frogs in the nearby creek was almost deafening as my family drove past with the windows down. We were running late to our family reunion. Car trouble had added hours to our trip. We’d intended to arrive at noon, instead we pulled into the driveway at 7 PM.

Despite the excitement and setbacks we’d experienced on this trip, there had been only one thing on my mind: my cousin Cassandra. Everybody called her “Cassie,” myself included. Remembering her dirty blonde hair, those dark brown eyes, that cute little butt, it all caused quite a stir in my pants.

I barely noticed when the vehicle came to a halt in my grandparent’s driveway. Only my sister shoving me snapped me out of the trance. My folded arms shielded my rapidly deflating erection from view. A moment later I opened the door and hopped out, confident now that I wasn’t bulging out of my shorts.

About three dozen relatives cheered for our arrival. They approached, all of different ages. We smiled and waved and greeted one another. They had held off dinner for us. I was quite thankful for that. My stomach was growling like a motor.

My grandparents and a couple aunts and uncles had started throwing the meal together when we called to tell them we were near. We were just in time, the smell of fresh barbecue flooded the air. I was about to sit down and eat when I realized someone was missing.


I asked her immediate family where she was. They shrugged. She was the adventurous type. Cassie had probably gone out exploring the massive property my grandparents had out in the countryside. I took my best guess and set off for the old barn. The blue sky was beginning to burn and darken.

It was a pleasant walk. About five minutes of trekking through disused fields amid the chirping of insects. Next to the barn and leaning up against a wooden fence, I saw the outline of a figure. Silhouetted against the setting sun and wearing a wide-brimmed hat. I turned and started walking toward the figure.

“You took your time,” a young woman’s voice teased. She was really starting to pick up some kind of Texan accent.

“Car trouble,” I sighed.

“So I’ve heard.”

“Whatcha been up to?” I asked as I finally reached her.

“Just explorin’,” she grinned. A hint of mischief in her voice.

In the light of the setting sun I could finally make out her features. She wore a light brown cowboy (cowgirl?) hat, tilted up in the front to reveal the roots of her dirty blonde hair. Slightly curly, it descended to her shoulders after serving to frame a very womanly face.

Her skin was bronzed from so many months under that hot Texas sun. Her cute little upturned nose was covered in freckles that extended to her cheeks. Still quite visible even in the fading sunlight. Sharp brown eyebrows crowned her youthful and energetic hickory-colored eyes. My own eyes were drawn to her supple lips, currently drawn into a smirk.

“Like what ya see?” she tilted her head up and leaned back against the fence.

“Always,” I shook my head in awe.

Her small but quite perky tits rose upward. Straining against her tight white undershirt, I’m sure. The low-cut tank top left her collarbone exposed along with a small but very welcome bit of cleavage. She was wearing one of those cowboy button-down shirts over the white tank top (flannel? plaid?).

Tucked into her tight jeans and hugging her narrow waist. The top three buttons were undone, leaving it wide open.

Cassie was quite petite but very strong for her size. She always was something of a tomboy and liked to keep up with her brothers. I admired the muscles on her forearms and the teasing glimpse of biceps under her rolled-up sleeves. Her thick but muscular thighs were somehow crammed into the skinniest pair of blue jeans you’d ever seen.

I wasn’t big into muscular women or anything but seeing how toned and in-shape this young woman was is nothing short of exhilarating.

Sensing I’d gotten a good look at her, she lowered her head. Her eyes left the sky and settled on me. They were burning with lust, only accentuated by the slightest bite of her lip. It was her turn to drink in my sight. The little woman looked me up and down as she put one brown cowboy boot forward and then another.

“Now you are a man,” she admired, burying her face in my chest. Cassie wrapped her arms around me in a hug which I returned. After a brief embrace, she removed her arms and stepped back a bit. Her palms went to feel my abs before drifting up in parallel.

“I’ve got competition,” she snickered as she gave my pecs a squeeze through my shirt. I ran my hands up and down her arms as she felt me up. So little yet so strong.

Her hands finally reached my shoulders and she Escort grabbed on like she was climbing a fence. She jumped and hoisted herself into the air. I caught her in my arms, crossed and with a jean-covered ass cheek in each hand. I gave her a little squeeze and she just giggled.

“Ohh, I want you now, cousin,” she purred, looking me directly in the eyes now that she was on level with me.

“Why not now?” I raised my eyebrow. I was just about to set her down and start tearing off my pants.

“‘Cause I’m fuckin’ starving!” the blonde exclaimed.

“Back to the house then?” I asked, my erection already softening up a bit.

“Yessir, but I promise as soon as we’ve eaten we’ll sneak off and find some place to fuck,” she winked and signalled she was ready to be set down.

We walked side by side, hand in hand and swinging back and forth. It had been a year since we last saw each other so there was quite a bit to catch up on. We kept in contact on social media but it just wasn’t the same. Cassie aired her frustrations about the college she was attending. I related my fishing story from spring break.

“Only old men have fishing stories,” Cassie joked.

“Did you like it or not?” I asked, completely ignoring her jab.

“Oh no, I loved it. Woulda liked to be there with ya. I just think it all seemed a bit embellished is all…”

“Embellished? It’s a fishing story, that’s what you do!” I defended.

“I’m just messin’ with ya,” she chuckled. The little blonde woman broke our hand holding for a second to give my ass a playful squeeze.

A couple more minutes of conversation and we’d arrived back at the house. Everyone was settled down and eating dinner. Talking and laughing as they sipped their beers (or soda). We reluctantly let go of each other’s hands when we stepped into the light of the patio.

“Is there even a spot?” I scanned the various tables.

“Oh, over there by my family!” Cassie pointed to a far table. Sure enough, there were a couple empty seats.

She led and I followed. Around her parents, I felt a bit… guilty? That once a year I fucked their daughter’s brains out. It was an affair that only Cassie and I knew of. I was deathly afraid of getting caught.

“Mom, Dad, it’s cousin Mike!” my companion pointed to me.

“Yeah, we spoke a little while ago,” her father (my uncle) nodded toward me.

I sat down next to Cassie. Our backs were to a bunch of dense shrubs. Cassie’s family had apparently gotten us food already as there were a couple full plates in front of us. Burgers, hot dogs, tri-tip, barbecue chicken, watermelon, beans, salad. It was practically a buffet.

We dug in, both very hungry at this point. Cassie didn’t share my worries about being discovered. She said as long as we were smart, we’d never get caught. It was obvious that she didn’t feel any sort of guilt about running off with her cousin. I was a bit envious.

At times there was the temptation to just go public with it. Let the truth out. Get that weight off our chests. I just couldn’t see that decision ever ending well. A serious relationship between us – it could never work, but this? This was harmless fun.

I was so distracted by my food that I almost leapt from my seat after a quick squeeze on my ass from Cassie. My knees bumped up against the bottom of the table and she let out a giggle. Everyone at the table turned to look at me with a curious look. Dammit, on the spot.

“Sorry, I just thought I saw a scorpion next to my foot,” I lied.

“There are a lot out here,” my aunt nodded. She looked like an older version of Cassie. One that didn’t take as good of care of herself but was still beautiful regardless. There was a bit of small talk between all of us seated around the table.

We went back to eating and were soon stuffed. Other than my hand doing a bit of creeping on her thigh, we hadn’t done any other flirting. My cousin and I walked over to the cooler and we each grabbed a couple beers. Neither of us were quite 21 yet but we were close enough. Besides, it was a family thing.

We strode off in the direction we’d come from. Back to the barn. There weren’t many places on this property we hadn’t fucked or done something in. We found that for the sake of privacy, though, the barn area tended to work best.

It was surprisingly isolated. The farm had not been a functioning one for quite some time. So the barn was empty of animals and just about everything else one might expect to find in one. Fortunately, the sturdy wooden building hadn’t even begun to decay and would last at least another 50 years.

I wondered if we’d still be doing this in 50 years. Then I quickly shook that thought from my head.

By now the sun was almost entirely set. Just the faintest ribbon of red along the horizon gave any indication of the sun’s location. Soon even that disappeared and the stars began to light up. We watched the sky for a bit. Sitting by the wooden fence and pointing out constellations Escort Bayan as we sipped our beer.

The moon was beginning to illuminate the landscape. I glanced over and saw the outline of Cassie’s breasts. I’m a self-confessed breast fanatic. I loved all shapes and sizes, but especially little perky ones like Cassie’s. She was in the middle of speaking when I reached over and cupped the tit in my palm.

“So firm,” I drooled. They were perfect handfuls. My cousin rolled her eyes.

“I was in the middle of a story,” she sighed.

“About your friend that got her car stolen? And how it showed up a week later exactly where it had been?”

“Oh, you were listenin,” she perked up.

“Always,” I affirmed. She leaned her head against me and continued to tell her tales. We weren’t just fuck-buddies, we also happened to be pretty good friends. That was a nice bonus.

“Okay, I can’t take that accent seriously anymore,” I finally laughed.

“That’s my voice,” the blonde protested.

“You’re from Seattle and talking like a Texan stereotype after just two years of living there.”

“What can I say, I always try my best to fit in,” she said as she reached over to rub my thigh.

“You think I’ll fit?” I teased.

“You always fit perfect.”

A bit of heavy petting ensued. We weren’t too afraid of being seen out here. We were sitting in the dark a long way from the house. I leaned in to kiss Cassie and we embraced in a tight hug. Our faces were pressed together for so long that I almost worried we were going to pass out.

“Remember that time we were in the van going over that bumpy road?” Cassie asked as she suddenly pulled back. The light from the stars twinkled in her mischievous eyes.

“How could I forget?” I smiled and reminisced.

During one of these family reunions, we’d been packed into a car that was coming back with some much-needed groceries for the barbecue. The small town was about fifteen minutes away from my grandparent’s place. The final stretch of a couple miles was a bumpy dirt road. Well, the car was so loaded up with goods that Cassie had no choice but to sit on my lap.

My parents were in the front, my Dad guiding the vehicle over this treacherous stretch. Cassie bounced up and down in my lap, the tiny woman rubbing up against my crotch with every bump. Cassie was wearing a pair of athletic shorts that day. I remember silently fingering her wet cunt through her shorts.

Afterward she told me just how much she’d wanted to scream. The vibration, the bouncing, the fingering, sitting in my lap, and the danger of getting caught. She came again and again from it. I knew at the time because she’d shudder in my hands and a fresh batch of her juices soaked her poor shorts.

“How about I sit in your lap again?” she caressed my chin in the present day. She swore she’d kill me if I ever grew a beard. Cassie loved my dark stubble the way it was and could rub my jaw for hours.

“By all means,” I invited, spreading my legs out so she could sit comfortably.

The blonde scooted over, her butt rubbing over my leg. She took off her hat and tossed it aside. When the hat came off, she meant business. My trapped erection throbbed against my petite cousin’s ass.

I reached down with my right hand to help her unzip her jeans. We pulled her panties away and I leaned in to smell her hair. Lavender, maybe. I pulled her hair back and planted kisses on her neck as her head tilted back and melted into my chest.

Cassie guided my hand into her open jeans. Right onto her poor suffering pussy. It was so wet that my fingers struggled to even find a bearing. I eventually found the folds of her lips and began to massage them. Parting them, rubbing up and down their length.

My fingers were huge compared to her own. She clutched at her breast with one hand and dug into my leg with the other. I whispered some naughty things into her ear. Her breathing deepened. I could tell the hairs on the back of her neck were standing up when I gently breathed on them. The girl tensed up and moaned.

I began to probe her slit, slipping one finger in and then a second. She was tight, that was as many as I could manage. Her cunt was drenching my fingers as they crept deeper and deeper, stretching Cassie’s walls wider. It wasn’t long before I found her spot. A sharp inhale signaled my success.

My thumb slowly circled her clitoris, rock hard and slick. Her pussy was practically drooling at this point. I began to rub my fingers up and down just as I was pleasuring her clit. One gasp and then another not long after, accompanied by her nails digging painfully into my leg.

“You’re doin’… a damn good job,” she finally panted.

I smiled at the praise but remained silent. I was focused on treating my cousin to the best fingering she’d ever had. She bucked her hips against my fingers to further her stimulation. I told her how hard I was about to fuck her and that put her over the edge Bayan Escort for another orgasm.

“…fuck, you’re exhaustin’ me!” my cousin gasped.

She sensed what was next as we both stood up. We were still fully clothed, save for Cassie’s unzipped jeans. That wouldn’t do. I led her into the nearly pitch black barn and set her down on an old haybale.

Our eyes adjusted as we undressed each other. Moonlight poured in through gaps in the walls. The blonde might have actually been drooling when she unzipped my jeans. I unbuttoned her shirt and quickly pulled it off of her along with the undershirt. There they were, those fucking perfect titties. I could just barely make them out in the darkness.

Cassie shook her torso from side to side, her breasts flopping around. She knew how much I loved those damn things. We finished undressing a few seconds later and began to feel each other up. Every inch of her legs screamed “fuck bunny” from her athletic lower legs to her herculean glutes.

My cousin was definitely no stranger to squats.

Her own hands explored my abs once more, this time unclothed. Then she drifted down and cupped my balls. She had a fondness for balls, appreciating that those bulging spheres were where the semen she craved so much originated from. Finally, her fingers grazed my shaft which was already dripping with precum.

“I think you’re ready for me,” the minx purred and closed her fingers around her favorite dick.

Cassie indicated how we were gonna fuck. I dreaded this technique but it was by and far her favorite. I had to pick her up, impale her with my dick, and thrust until I came. Exhausting even for me. At least it made us both cum buckets.

My cousin spread her legs and parted her lips as she laid back on the hay bale. We guided my cock in, half blind in the darkness. She sighed in satisfaction as my head began to penetrate her. This soon turned to winces and whimpers of slight pain as I shoved myself deeper.

She was so fucking tight.

I slowly thrust in and out a bit until I was satisfied that we could begin. Sensing it was time, Cassie leaned forward and grabbed onto my shoulders while I dug my fingers into her supple ass and lifted her up. That thing was so fucking firm. I grunted as I took on Cassie’s weight and adjusted to our new center of gravity.

“Fuck your horny little cousin,” she leaned in to kiss me.

Impaled on my dick. Clutching onto me for dear life. My hands digging into her ass cheeks. Her legs wrapped around my waist. We were ready.

I began to thrust back and forth while doing my best to raise and lower her. She helped, using her strong muscles to lift herself up and down. Together we rubbed my shaft against her wet walls at lightning speed. Confident I could hold her with one hand, I massaged her tits and sensitive nipples with the other.

We were both beginning to sweat. I smelled my cousin’s thick womanly musk and only got harder. She licked and kissed at my shoulder, neck and jaw. Her nipple rubbed against the palm of my hand as I clutched it. She was panting from the friction and I clenched my teeth, loving the feeling of her little eraser-sized nipples grazing my hand.

I was beginning to go weak. I had no idea how long we’d been going at this. It took me forever to cum with even the slightest bit of alcohol in my system. Even two beers was enough to turn me into a marathon man and not in a good way. I began to worry that I wouldn’t cum before I was tired out.

Cassie didn’t have that problem. She almost went limp and collapsed against me as her pussy squirted what little remaining juices she had left. My cousin tried her best but she was becoming exhausted. I felt myself growing weak and decided to speed up and thrust harder.

A half dozen thrusts later and I finally came. I closed my eyes and winced as my balls jerked painfully. I’d been saving up for quite a while. My mind went numb while my dick shot rope after rope deep inside my cousin’s pussy. Despite being as tired as she was, the blonde moaned and dug her fingers into my shoulder blades as my hot cum filled her.

Even with the tight seal my cock made in her pussy, the cum overflowed. It oozed out of her lips and ran back down my dick. It was perhaps the biggest load of my life. All dumped inside of my fuck buddy cousin. Cum and juices dripping, I finally removed my softening dick and set the cowgirl down as gently as I could manage.

I collapsed next to her and landed on my back. We both panted and held hands while we recovered. We absentmindedly fondled her breasts and tickled and pinched her still-erect nipples. I finally stopped seeing stars as Cassie rolled onto her side to face me.

I did the same and we locked eyes. We sat in silence, groping at each other in a tired but playful manner. What we had just done was so wrong. The thought lingered at the back of my mind but was soon extinguished as I remembered one key detail.

My cousin was fucking hot.

“Best family reunion ever,” my cousin smiled, holding my jaw in one hand and semi-hard dick in the other.

“I would have to agree,” I replied as I ran my fingers through her soft hair. We said this every year but it was always the truth.

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