Clouded Vision

Big Tits

With construction being slow my boss widened our travel area. Normally this just meant a long drive home at the end of the day, which made Friday’s a nightmare.

This time the job called for us to stay locally as its hours away. Our first day is spent making the drive, checking in and setting up for the following day.

The job we’re working on is a small bar, nothing out of the ordinary just a building that’s seen better days. The salt from the nearby pacific has taken its toll on the old girl.

We start the next day off early, hurrying to set the scaffolding before the bar opens for business. I meant the bar owner slash bar tender that morning, I normal guy by all accounts.

Being the foremen I spent most of my time asking for others to take care when entering and directing the guys from the ground. My mind on my job everything seemed normal at the time, something that soon would become much clearer.

The owner would come out here and there and always with a kind word, looks great or thanks for everything. I chalked it up to a nice guy and or curious at what we’re doing. On one of his trips out he seen we were cleaning up for the day, he invite me to stop by later for a drink on the house and to extend the offer to the boys also.

Later at the motel I weighed the idea of telling the crew about the offer extended but as I didn’t want to deal with a bunch of hungover crybabies the next day I kept mum. Later that night when I couldn’t find sleep in an unfamiliar bed I decided to take him up on the offer myself. I’m not much of a drinker but maybe a beer or a single drink is just what I need to unwind and find slumber.

The bar was dark and a little musty and I found a seat in a corner booth, Sakarya Escort within a minute a tall barmaid came over to take my order. I told her I’m sorry, I’m working on the outside and the owner asked me to stop by for a drink.

She turned and yelled across the packed floor catching the owners attention.

He yells back, yes whatever he wants and just give him a moment.

I told her how about a beer? where she answered back “baby pick something a little stronger”.

Okay then make it a Black Russian. “Now you’re talking, she answers back.”

A minute later it’s not the barmaid but the owner who approaches with my drink in hand. He sets it on the table and take a seat. We strike up a conversation which seems one sided but he’s a good listener so I continue to opine.

Finally with just about my whole life spilt, wife kids etc. etc.. I ask him more about himself, starting with the bar. As I do I finally take my first real look around, what’s the odds every customer would be guys? All guys, San Francisco, guess who found a clue?

Although I have had no experience I’ve never been one to judge, but something must of shown on my face as the “Ben” the owner is now laughing.

He beckons over the barmaid who brings another round, saying I might need it. As she turns and walks away I turn and ask “her?”

Yep he confirms, the only thing bigger than her tits is her cock! He then asks if I’ve ever been in a place like this?

I answered back no, and I didn’t mention anything about my cock that is now as hard as a rock.

He moved in closer placing his hand on my knee, I looked around to see if anyone was watching.

His body leans in as his hand works upward, Adapazarı Escort then he asked me for my thoughts. At the same time his hand reaches my cock fighting to be freed, never mind he whispered as now I know.

He turned his back to the others as he continued to inquire, have you ever? Do you want to?

I told him I’ve been faithful to my vows but admitted the thought has crossed my mind. Then and I still don’t know why I confessed that my wife has used a strap-on with me and I really enjoyed that.

Then you’d love the real thing he stated as he unzipped my pants releasing my prisoner. It felt so good and bad at the same time and it wasn’t long before my hand was returning the favor to him.

Just then the barmaid came around asking if I was ready for another round. I told her no thank you wanting to keep as clear of a head as I can.

Ben tells her to back down that I’m a newbie. She does not heed saying “I love newbies” before disappearing under the table.

Her lips takes the place of Ben’s hand and what lips they were. I guess it makes sense as who knows better on what feels good then another guy.

With the excitement of it all I start to breath and moan loudly, this causes Ben to reach down stopping the barmaid saying not yet.

Ben then tells me to come with him up stairs, the barmaid right behind.

Upstairs was his office which had a large leather sofa against the wall. He told me to wait here then I watched as the two of them undressed each other.

Watching the barmaid I still wasn’t convinced with her standing there in her bra and matching panties. The record was set straight when she pulled out her large cock which must of been tucked Serdivan Escort under.

They move to the couch and get into a 69. I watch them and before I knew it I was also nude and stroking myself as I watched.

Ben looked up finding me in my state, he waves me to draw closer. Inch by inch my feet get me there and when in range Ben turns taking me into his mouth. The barmaid joins and now both are sharing me.

It’s all too much and I blast my seed in their waiting mouths.

The barmaid sighs ah so soon? Ben adds I don’t think so, he’s a bottom.

Ben stands and walks behind me, with the touch of a feather to my shoulder I kneel on the floor.

I jump at the first touch which was cold lube being slapped at my button. Followed by a slow finger invading me, I moan uncontrollably as he works it in and out.

He asks if I’m ready and I can only nod yes, to nervous for words.

I’ve learned how to relax and enjoy the feeling from playing with my wife so there’s no pain as he plunges in balls deep inside me.

Caught up in the moment I shift over taking the barmaids cock in my mouth. It’s like sucking a coke can as I do my best to please her.

I finally giving up and start stroking her with both hands, which must of been fine as within I minute my hands were covered with her seed.

She take my right hand and brings it to her mouth, licking it clean of cream. Now here long fingernail presses down on my chin, taking the hint I begin to clean my other hand of her.

Ben pulls back and on last hard plunge before filling my ass with his cum.

We cleaned ourselves up and went down for a nightcap and setting plans for me to stay the weekend.

After returning home I felt so bad I had to come clean to my wife. What I thought was going to a disaster ended up being something great as now we invite friends over on occasion to be shared by both of us. We’re looking forward to July and a trip back to Frisco is planned, this time with the both of us.

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