Co-Parent Bath Time


Aaron turns up for his usual day to visit for co-parenting, he walks in and sees that Sophie is absolutely drained. Aaron visits 3 times a week. him and his ex are amicable. they are really good friends.

Now they’ve been split up for a while but Aaron has always cared for her. He does his usual activites of co-parenting. But, once his duties are done and they are in bed he heads to the bathroom and runs Sophie a bath. Seeing how tired she is, he gets a bath bomb, some candles and pulls a bottle of wine from his pocket. Only the taster ones you get in gift bags. It’s small, it’s pathetic but it’s the idea.

Sophie heard the bath running and soldiers up the stairs. She asks “Aaron, what are you doing!?”

He replies, shocked “you look tired, I’m just running you a bath”. Trying to be all independent Sophie goes to reply hastily, stating that she doesn’t need him to do that. That she is capable. But she refrains, it’s rare Aaron does something like this, he didn’t even do it when they were together.

Aaron leaves Sophie in peace, letting her relax. He heads downstairs, grabs himself the rum from the cupboard and takes a seat on the sofa. Turning on the tv, his phone buzzes, Sophie, just like she always used to, sends him a picture of the bath bomb. He used to love seeing the colours. However, Sophie accidentally sent a little more than she or he expected. On closer inspection, he saw Sophie’s nipple, in the corner of the screen. This immediately turns him on. He texts back, “looks great” short and sweet, but was he talking about the colours or Sophie’s beautifully pierced nipple?

While he’s downstairs on his own, he finds him self looking over the picture more and more, imagining what it used to be like playing with Sophie’s nipples, sucking on her nipple bars and nibbling at her most sensitive parts. He decides to send Sophie a picture in return, of the tv in background with the caption “comfy” but he’s done the same as Sophie, in the corner of the picture is his bulge.

Upstairs, Sophie finds the gesture from Aaron so sweet and the wine and candles can’t help but make her pussy twinge and get her a little wet. She starts to rub her right pussy, the same pussy that has been craving Aaron for a while now. She’s thinking about the baths Antalya Escort they used to take together, how they used to play with each in the bath. The thought of this is making her wetter and wetter, her pussy is creamy by this point. She’s always wanted to squirt, something Aaron tried so hard to do.

They both knew she could but she couldn’t let go. That feeling of nearing orgasm was just a little too much, but things are different now they’ve split up there’s no need to impress, there’s no need to worry about what Aaron thinks.

She’s getting wetter and wetter at the thought of how wet she is, the wine has gone to her head and the candles have made it all a little steamy. Sophie leans into the cupboard where she finds her suction dildo, a bathroom novelty. It’s the only cock she’s been able to fuck in the shower of recent times.

She sticks it to the edge of the bath, her back facing the door, leaning against the wall. She rides this cock, twerking on it, while rubbing her beautiful little clit. Aaron is downstairs and hears loads of unusual sounds, sounds of banging, unaware what was going on. He goes into the bathroom and sees Sophie fucking this dildo he bought her. He says nothing, excepts comes up behind her, and starts playing with her gorgeous tits. Her nipples are so hard where the air is cold, so he turns his focus to these. Sophie is so horny now that one little touch of her nipples is so sensitive to her.

He leans her back onto him, for support. Kissing her neck, grabbing her thighs he tells her all the things she loves to here. “Rub that little clit for Daddy, my princess”. With her leaning against him, taking the dildo so deep, she’s found the perfect spot for reaching orgasm. He knows she’s dying to cum but in Sophie’s mind, she’s decided, this is when she finally “let’s go”. Aaron continues to whisper all the things in her ear, calling her “Daddy’s little slut”. He can see Sophie moving in a way she never has, he has an thought that she could squirt. He reaches round, and with all 4 fingers, rubs her clit fast, making sure to feel all of her pussy with each stroke. He can feel the dildo is drenched, not with bath water, but with the cream dripping from Sophie’s pussy.

Sophie grabs his neck from over Antalya Escort Bayan her shoulder, he latched on to her neck with his teeth. Bites. Then at that moment, Sophie let’s go. She lets out the biggest scream, her body shuddering, squirting up the white tiled wall. Aaron brings his hand round and licks his fingers clean.

He grabs Sophie a towel and lets her sort herself out. Her bath was short lived but she’s not mad about it. She didn’t want the bath anyway.

Aaron heads into what was their old bedroom, he can feel his precum soaking his boxers. The stickiness becomes a little uncomfortable so he strips off and decides to go commando instead. But, just as he is getting undressed, Sophie walks in and sees his big cock, hanging there, in all it’s glory. She’s cummed, but she can’t help but want to play with his cock.

She sits him on the edge of the bed in front of the mirrored wardrobe. Something he loved watching them fuck in. With Sophie on her knees, she takes his cock so deep in her mouth. She misses it filling her mouth up. As she sucks on the tip, knowing it will make his legs shake, he lays back, but rests his feet on the edge. He’s exposed. His arse is out. It’s there for the taking.

Sophie makes his way around his balls, licking them, while wanking off his massive cock. She gets a little lower and gives Aaron’s arsehole the tiniest of licks. It’s makes him groan so loud, letting out “you’re a good girl for me”. He wants more, she wants to taste it more. She continues to lick his tight arse that hasn’t been played with since they last fucked.

She gives it a little rub, making him harder, making the pre cum fall out of his cock. She leans up to lick it clean, while still play with his arsehole. She comes up to Aaron’s face, and shares the taste of his pre cum with him. Just as their tongues touch, she slips a finger into his arse, immediately finding his prostate.

The feeling he’s craved for a long time. She says to him “thank you for making me squirt daddy” knowing that these words would make him tense. And that they did. His arsehole clenched. Her finger inside. Putting just the right amount of pressure on his prostate.

She leans over him and reaches for the toy drawer. In there, is Escort Antalya enough toys to satisfy them both. She climbs off, plugs Aaron’s arse with the anal beads and hands Aaron her pretty blue butt plug. If they fuck tonight, they’ll both be plugged and all their holes filled.

Aaron keeps his index finger in the hole of the anal beads, moving it in and out, while Sophie climbs on top of him.

He finally gets to feel her dripping wet pussy on the tip of his cock. She wastes no time in taking that cock deep. Leaning forward, finding that nice little spot that made her squirt in the bath. Aaron leans his head round and can see his cock filling her pussy and her arse plugged in the mirror of the wardrobes.

She places her hand round his throat making him open his mouth and just then, she lets go the saliva from her mouth into his. They loved spitting on each other, making each other wet in all places.

She fucked him so hard, she takes his cock deep, rubbing her clit again. She wants to cum but knows that her pussy could make him cum quicker. She decides to sit down on the floor, arse still plugged, back against the wardrobe. Aaron leans up to see her legs spread rubbing her little pussy. She’s going to cum, but has another idea for him. He talks to her “please cum for daddy, rub that little clit for me”. With one hand rubbing her clit, the other fingering herself, Sophie lets out the loudest moan, cumming again, her body shuddering again.

She opens her eyes to see Aaron rubbing his cock, he loves watching her. He loves her body. She climbs up, takes the anal beads out of Aaron’s arse and replaces it with her finger. She knows how much he cums when she plays with his arse. She wants that cum face, she wants herself covered in his hot cum.

She’s playing with his arse, rubbing the tip of his cock, his most sensitive part. She doesn’t take long in milking his prostate and making the cream fall from his cock. She keeps rubbing his tip, making his head so wet from his milk and making his arse clench tighter and tighter.

At last, he moans “oh Sophie, daddy’s gonna cum. He’s gonna cum so much for you”. Sophie’s leans over, slamming her tots against his cock, wanking him off, rubbing his cock against her tits. Within seconds Aaron’s cock explodes. Covering her tits in his hot, thick cum. It’s like old times. Both tired, both covered in cum, both happy.

Sophie bends down, licks the tip of Aaron’s cock, looks at him, kisses his lips and ushers him downstairs to get her a drink. She’s tired again.

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