College Athlete vs. Coach’s Wife


Collaborative work with a partner. Warning: Interracial pair (WM/BF), OTT and unrealistic, marathon sex, lots and lots of bodily fluids.


“And here is my star, Jack!” Jack’s coach said as he arrived at the table with his girlfriend wrapped around his big, strong arm. Jack was a 19 year old white American alpha stud with the body of a God and a cock meant to breed. His coach, a fit and cheery black man who has become a second father of his over the years, is congratulating him on practically winning the championship by himself and already receiving offers to play professionally from scouts. He invited them out to dinner at a rather upscale italian place with his girlfriend to celebrate. Jack’s girlfriend, a busty blonde bombshell cheerleader who always kisses him after every game, looks proudly at him, hoping they can have celebratory sex later.

However, as he gripped his coach’s smaller hand, Jack laid his eyes on his real reward as he saw the coach’s wife, her eyes meeting him. It was only for a second, but in that single second, he saw her: The chocolate fertility Goddess that the coach was lucky to have as a wife.

Jack shifted his girlfriend in front of him so his growing bulge didn’t attract unnecessary attention. When his cock got hard, there was no hiding it. He adjusted his shirt as he felt it climb above his waistband and up into his abs. Any thoughts of his boring white girlfriend left his mind, only desiring the coach’s wife’s face, her lips, her massive tits, her ass, and… fuck, he swear he could smell her pussy from here.

She came with the best intention. She really did. Monique’s husband and her came to this restaurant with the intention to celebrate his team’s latest major win as well as to reward the young promising athlete on his team that had been the star of the field, dominating the game and almost single handedly gave them the win. Monique had heard about how great he was on the field. His talent and ability surpassed many in the years before him. He was set for a really promising career trajectory. She was dressed formally in her classy silky gold dress. She had no other intention than to celebrate her husband’s and this kid’s achievement but the moment she laid her eyes on him, everything changed…

10 seconds. Only 10 seconds after her eyes met him for the first time, she felt a jolt in her 40 years old body that went straight between her legs. Her body shook violently as she felt an orgasm coming. He didn’t even have to do anything and he already made Monique cum in 10 seconds. Her panties were practically useless, drenched in her juice. She had never had a wandering eye ever since she fell in love with her husband but this kid… god damn him. A 100% grade a hunk. Even through his clothes she could see how defined he was and how thick and powerful his muscles were. He had a chiselled jaw that framed his handsome face perfectly. His monstrous strong arms straining to his shirt sleeves. His chest bulging out the front of his buttoned-up shirt. His legs and thighs looked powerful in those slacks. And she saw… a thick long pipe forming in his crotch area. On the tenth second, she saw it pulsate under his torso area, and that’s when she lost control of herself.

“Jack, here’s my wife Monique and Monique this is my student Jack,” she could barely hear what her husband was saying as she eyed up this prime hunk of white meat in front of her. “Nice to meet you, Jack,” she offered a hand for him to shake which he accepted quite forcefully.

That was the first contact they make with one another tonight. But from that one innocent contact alone, they both already knew where this was heading. A jolt of electricity ran through both of their bodies, the connection was strong, and they looked into each other’s eyes with so much fire and passion in their eyes. They both knew right then there would be no other outcome other than them both fucking by the end of the night. Jack’s cock was readying itself to get buried inside black tight mature cunt, Monique’s cunt was preparing itself to get impaled by huge thick white meat. Her nipples were hardening, she could practically feel his lips on them already, and he could practically feel her hands touching his abs already. Their bodies were readying themselves for some rough interracial fucking, because for two people like them, there would be no other outcome.

Once her ebony hands squeezed against his strong alabaster hand, Jack knew they were meant to meet. Even as her husband sat them down on their seat, Monique couldn’t take her eyes off from how jawdroppingly hot Jack was. He saw her eyes look him over, clearly noticing his bulge as his girlfriend and him took their seats. Coach was talking but Jack couldn’t hear anything over the throbbing, pulsing beat of his cock hungry to claim his coach’s cougar wife.

His girlfriend, Jennifer, nudged him and broke their trance. Jack cleared his throat and apologized. He was sweating, body so hot from their natural magnetism. He was distracted, unable to focus on his girlfriend or coach. Monique was the only thing on his mind now. He needed Örnekköy Escort to fuck her. He needed to fuck her hard.

They got drinks, and the coach raised a toast to them. Jack took a drink as Jennifer relaxed into his neck. Once he thought she was the hottest chick in the world, but now she seemed so plain and boring. How naive he was as he gaze in the presence of a Goddess. He began to think more resentful thoughts of his girlfriend as his coach recapped the game to them. Monique wouldn’t say no to giving him a blowjob, he’d bet. Monique wouldn’t ask him to slow down or to not go so rough. Maybe she’d even let him fuck her ass, that massive black booty that looks like she should struggle through doors.

This went on the entire time, they couldn’t control their behavior in front of their partners. Throughout the entire dinner Jack had his eyes locked on Monique’s chest, obviously ogling her hard eraser-shaped nipples poking through her thin dress. She even intentionally squeezed both of her huge knockers together and put them on top of the table once to see his reaction. The way his eyes were glued on wide on them made her clit twitch. She wasn’t any better as she found herself repeatedly checking out his form, especially around his massive biceps. And Jack who were used to this attention definitely noticed, and from time to time intentionally flexed his biceps for Monique, making the older woman tremble.

“You okay, Jack?” The coach asked, seeing how little he was paying attention.

“Actually, coach, I’m going to wash my face. I’ll be just a minute.” He say, getting up as Jennifer frowns in worry.

Monique was almost relieved when he got up from his seat because she didn’t know how long she could get away with checking him out before it started to be too obvious. Except him standing up presented her the view of his monstrous pipe that just straining through his attire.

Her husband broke her out of her trance when Jack left to go the backroom. “You okay, honey? You’re feeling alright? You haven’t been talking much to any of us.” For a moment she panicked that he may had realized his wife and his student had barely paid attention and instead only looked at each other. “Oh! I’m alright! I was just having a relaxing night. Everything’s fine!’

What they didn’t know is once he’s out of sight, he find a pen and paper from the front desk and write down an address to a motel nearby. He fold it until it fits into his palm and return to the table.

“Hey, Jen, is it okay if I go home. I know this dinner is for me, but I’m just not feeling up to it. I appreciate all of this, and it was great to meet you, Monique.” He turn to her and shake her hand once more, slipping her the note.

When Jack come back and announced his early leave, Monique felt a small disappointment in her chest. Has she gone too far with her teasing earlier? She got even more disappointed when he address his girlfriend to go home with him.

She looked at her and she felt disgust. She was a little stick with no tits! Okay she did have some sizeable tits but they’re nothing compared to hers! A stud like Jack deserved an absolutely mammoth pair of boobs, one each bigger than your head. A pair of JJ cups that were soft and firm. Like hers. She’d bet Jennifer couldn’t handle the best of him either. With a body like his, he must be able to fuck for hours. Monique would gladly give herself for hours and hours on end to him. And that cock was definitely made for a tight hot wet mature black cunt, not some loose white bitch pussies.

Jack slipped Monique a paper with an address on it and suddenly her disappointment were gone. She knew exactly where this was going. That’s why when her husband and her were about to leave, she told him, “oh dear, I just heard one of my old friends is in town tonight! Maybe I should take an Uber to her place tonight hon. Is it okay with you?” The jump she let out when her husband said yes was almost childish. He had no idea he had just said ‘yes’ to her meeting up with his hunky muscle boy of a student for some wild rough sex. She ordered an uber to the address only to find a dirty, almost-deserted motel on the far edge of town. People only came to this place for one thing. And Monique, a married woman, was here for the exact same thing.

Jack hoped she got the message. Her wedding ring was apparent and looked expensive. The coach clearly loved her, and Jack had nothing but respect for the coach. However, there was no way he could handle a woman like that. She needed 14 inches of thick white meat. If she didn’t she woudn’t have been eye-fucking him all night just like he was.

He drove in silence, hjs girlfriend thinking he was tired and drained. He arrive at her house and park the car. She kisses him, and he do his best to muster a kiss back. She was just so boring, not a single spark to be had. He pretend, pressing his lips back. He say goodnight, barely remembering her name. The only name on his mind right now was Monique.

He drive off, his cock throbbing with need and hunger as he go to the dirty hotel on the outskirts of town. He Örnekköy Escort Bayan go into the lobby and drop $25 to the barely awake man at the counter, getting the key to room 4 and then waiting by the door for Monique to show up.

When Monique’s uber pulls up, he saw her perfect hourglass figure stand up as she close the door, ignoring all else now that they are together again. She walk to him, swaying her hips in a mesmerizing way that also causes her massive black tits to jiggle with every step. Jack make no attempt to hide his bulge this time, pulling his tight shirt back to emphasize its size and girth. He unlock the door and head in.

The room was the bare minimum and not glamorous at all. It was a place you’d get when you just wanted to have rough, raunchy sex and didn’t care about the mess. He looked at the bed tables, and nightstands, imagining banging her into them all so hard they break from their orgasms. He looked at the floor, imagining it stained and drenched in cum, squirt, drool, and piss as they go non-stop, too addicted to each other to stop. And most importantly, he imagined her volley ball sized tits jiggling up and down against his rock hard pecs as they sloppily kiss and fuck, his pale white body against her dark ebony curves.

She followed him into the room a few seconds later, admiring his fit body and thick bulge as he moved and step inside. As soon as her two feet step on the floor inside the room he pushed her up against the wall roughly, finally, finally pressing that hard muscular body against her after she had been eyeing it up all night. The feel of his thick bold built made her pussy scream and beg for attention. His handsome modelesque face only inches from her and she without a word, leaped in for a kiss.

Jack parted his mouth instantly parting hers as well in the process and his tongue immediately found its way inside her mouth and she quickly accepted it, and within split second they’re already munching off of each other, erotically swapping spit. They hadn’t exchanged a single word after they got here but yet their bodies do the talking for them.

She arched her back and pressed her chest forwards letting him feel her soft and juicy mammoth breasts against him. She tilted his head to the side, their cheeks hollowed as they shared a deeper kiss. He was practically throat fucking her with his tongue which she accepted gladly.

She rubbed her hand on his huge thick strong arms that were tensing as he groped her voluptuous body, feeling its hardness and strength. When they finally broke the kiss only for him to kiss down her neck and cleavage she could only yelp, “oh fuck jack you’re so strong!” Something that made him smile smugly against her soft skin. They didn’t even realize the door was still wide open as they made out hungrily and greedily with each other, letting any passerbies witness their sinful business.

He traced his tongue down her immense canyon of cleavage with a big smile on his face, his rough lip all over her soft chocolate skin as she responded to his touch in violent throes of passion. He grab her big ass and lift her up, and he felt her wrap those shapely legs around his waist. “Fuck, Monique, you’re so goddamn sexy! Coach is a lucky bastard to come home to this every night!” He blurt out, Jennifer all but forgotten in his mind now. White pussy would never do for him again after tonight.

She was holding on for dear life, her pussy was gushing so much juice as her legs wrapped around him tightly, pressing it against his gargantuan cock and lifting up the skirt of her dress upwards completely. He could feel how soaked she was from it. She felt his gigantic cock throbbing hard and he could also feel her pussy warming and pulsing against him.

“Uhh yess he’s lucky indeed! But he’s not as lucky as that stick ugly bitch Jessica who get to feel all this prime meat!” She let out a yelp.

He feltl her hands wonder, going into his tight shirt and tracing his muscles. She moaned lustfully as her fingers fit easily into the crevices of his abs. She grabbed at his shirt and yanked it over his broad shoulders. Her eyes were wide and gleaming as she looked upon his white chest as if she had seen God himself. And maybe she did. Jack was built like a God, made to fuck long and hard.

Promptly she unwrapped her legs from around him. The feel of his tough muscles directly under her hand was amazing. She let her finger nails dug deep onto his abs and let out a hot whispery moan as she pressed her other hand on his broad shoulders. His body was flexing letting her feel every hard-earned cut muscles, she couldn’t even imagine how hard he’d feel once he start putting them into hard work. She had never seen someone this beautifully muscular.

He let her show him her appreciation, those thick dick sucking lips teasing pecs the size of dinner plates, hands teasing at his massive cock poking out the waistband and throbbing by his abs, too thick for one hand no matter how hard she tried. He could tell Coach wasn’t packing like this, as she seemed to have no idea how to stroke it. Her fingers Escort Örnekköy were digging onto each one of Jack’s thick eight pack abs.

All this time Jack was watching the way Monique’s massive cleavage bounce all over the place. Drool began forming around his mouth literally and he didn’t want to lose that he pushed Monique off and got his mouth busy over her chest. He hungrily slurped on her huge nipples over the thin gold fabric as his hands easily lifted her up.

Being so hot and turned on, Monique wanted to feel Jack’s lips on her nipples so badly. She reached up to the thin straps of her dress and pulled them down her shoulder, loosening the dress on her chest which he responded to it by biting on the the top of the dress to pull it down with his teeth, desperate to show her gargantuan breasts to his lusty eyes.

Jack yanked the pretty dress down with his teeth, exposing more and more of Monique’s gorgeous black body. She wasn’t wearing a bra, not that those massive jugs needed the support. They seemed to defy gravity, nipples hard and begging for attention. The dress hangs off her until it clings to her wide hips and massive ass.

“Fuck! Why didn’t I ever know black women looked so fucking good!?” Jack asked out loud as his mouth greedily sucked a nipple as she made sure to let him know how wet and hot her pussy was. Monique’s juices were running down her leg, beginning to make a puddle. Jack’s cock throbbed in response, pre-cum beginning to gurgle out from his massive cuntbreaker.

Monique moaned lewdly, finally closing the door as Jack marveled at her massive ebony breasts, each bigger than his head. They were as big as basketballs! His strong jaw and tongue wasted no time getting a workout, sucking and slurping and absolutely claiming them.

“Mine!” He muffled against her chest as his hands returned to her pussy and ass, rubbing her juicy cunt and smacking her jiggly, ridonkulous ass.

Monique ground her pussy up against his throbbing length while moaning out loud at the sensation he’s sending to her. She pulled Jack’s head tight to her tits, watching him slobber all over it and blabbering himself, obsessed and drunk with tit flesh. “Yes they’re yours baby! Oh fuck!” She couldn’t help but return the passion, feeling his lips on her large black areolas.

Her legs were on his ass, pushing the muscular buns to press even harder. “You whyte boys are so fucking hot and strong! And this cock is fucking MASSIVE!” She responded with an even more desperate hump, forcing the thick meat to mash against her soft flat belly.

She yanked his hair forcefully and forced another lustful tongue kiss with him. His spit covering her bare huge breasts and now transferred to his muscular chest as their superior upper bodies made tight contact again. Spit also began dripping from the corner of their mouths and down to their torsos as they kissed intensely like lovers.

Their messy and sloppy kisses continued as they literally drooled down each other, Jack’s hard slab of fuckmeat gurgling a constant supply of precum onto Monique’s chocolate belly as her pussy leaked like a faucet, her potent juices giving his abs a fine sheen. Tasting and feeling her made it so hard for him to think. He was like a beast, a beast that only knew how to FUCK.

They knew there’d be no holding back today; no retaining themselves. Monique wasn’t a fragile little white cunt that would easily break in two, and Jack wasn’t a limp-dicked old man that probably couldn’t last two minutes in her. Their bodies were waiting for this moment: coming together like a yin and yang.

Jack grunted and yanked on her hair as he broke the kiss, and Monique yielded her soft, elegant neck to him. He wasted no time kissing and nibbling it, his mouth and body desperate for more, an insatiable hunger for chocolate coming over him. His balls were churning, almost growling audibly as they went into overdrive to make enough studly spunk to feed the Goddess in his arms.

Monique was beyond desperate as well at this point. Her hard pointy nipples were pushing against Jack’s tough muscular flesh. She could only moan at his rough treatment on her body, she just knew this was going to be aggressive and they wouldn’t be satisfied with just one round. Or two. Or three, no. And she couldn’t ignore her pussy’s plea for attention any longer.

She swiftly unwrapped her legs one by one and planted them on the floor. Jack was still hungrily slurping on her skin and she had to push him back, causing him to stumble a little bit while looking a little dizzy with lust. She smiled naughtily at him and began pushing him back until they were close to the big cheap bed, and then pushed him down on it.

Jack instantly held himself up with his elbows. In the light, he looked like a sculpted God. His white ripped well-trained muscular body glistened with spit. She went wild thinking about how slicker and more glistening he’d be once he started sweating with the amount of fucking they’d do. She roughly pulled his pants down, to let his giant throbbing monster horse cock freely flop out all the way up to his chest, her mammoth tits jiggling in his face while doing so. Once he was free from them, she stood in front of him and let her dress fall to the floor. Her soft slim body all bared to him, and her huge JJ tits – bigger than the size of literal watermelons – jutting out from her chest.

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