Big Tits

Note from Slickman: This is a story of tragedy turning into happiness. A family does everything it can to bring back someone they love. But, when he comes back he now knows what women want.

Jake was returning from his second year of college back to his home town of Juliet when he saw the brake lights of the car ahead of him suddenly flash. His car spun to the left to try to miss the metal pile-up in front of him but it was too late. His right front bumper caught the rear bumper of the pickup truck and spun his car around and around into the middle island. He saw the bridge support just before he blacked out.

Jake’s mom Brenda was at her ladies club meeting when her cell phone went off. She glanced at the number and it was her younger daughter’s cell phone. “Excuse me.” She said as she moved out into the hallway of their clubhouse. “Hello Annie?” She answered.

“Mom. You have to come home now. Jake was in an accident and was taken to Memorial Hospital?”

“Oh my god. Did they say if he was injured?” Brenda asked with her heart rising up into her throat.

“No. They wouldn’t tell me. They just said to come as soon as possible!”

“I’ll be right there.” Brenda said hanging up. She told the club ladies what had occurred and her sister Janet drove her home to pick up Annie. By the time they got to the hospital Jake was in the operating room.

“Please tell me how my son is.” Brenda begged one of the nurses coming out of the room.

“We don’t know for sure. We have him stabilized but he had a serious head injury. They are doing a Ct Scan right now to see how much damage was done.”

Brenda sat down with her sister and daughter and waited. “Mom. I just heard. How is he?” Page, her older daughter, asked as she walked into the waiting area.

Brenda brought her up to speed and they all sat nervously waiting for some word. Hopefully it would be good. It was almost two hours before a doctor came out to talk to them.

“Mrs. Randall?” The doctor asked moving up to Janet.

“I’m Mrs. Randall.” Brenda said anxious to hear. Both Annie and Page moved up to hold their mother’s arms.

“My name is Doctor Joan Miller. The good news is that his body has stabilized and he is out of immediate danger.”

“The bad news?” Brenda asked not sure that she wanted to hear it.

“He’s in a coma.” She said softly.

“A coma?” Brenda gasped. “Will he come out of it?”

“We will know more when the swelling goes down. We’ve relieved some of the pressure on the brain but, he took quite a blow.” The young doctor said. “You should all go home and get some rest.”

“Can one of us stay with him?” Brenda asked.

“Sure.” The doctor said.

Brenda took the first shift and Janet told her she would be there early the next morning to relieve her.

The night went by and the next day with no sign of Jake waking up. The next night Brenda again sat by her motionless son.

“Is there anything we can do to help him come out of it?” Brenda asked the nurse as she sat down in the chair next to Jake’s bed. She looked at his head all wrapped up with oxygen tubes in his nose.

“The best thing is to talk to him and tell him how much you love him. Touch his hand and arms. He is in there and we have to help him get out.” The large nurse, Betty, said.

“What if he has to pee or something?” She asked.

“I’ve already taken care of that. I do need to give him a sponge bath. Would you like to help?” The nurse asked.

“You mean sponge his whole body?” Brenda asked. She had not seen her son’s naked body since he was around 11 years old.

“Yes. You might as well get used to it because he might need your help.” She replied.

Jake thought he was dreaming. He could hear voices far away. He could hear his mother and someone else talking.

“Hold his shoulders still while I remove his gown.” Betty said. Betty was surprised before when they brought this 20 year old young man to her ward. Normally the type of men she got were fat and out of shape. This man had a muscular body that could turn many a woman’s eye. She gasped when she removed the emergency room gown. His penis was enormous.

Brenda looked away at first while Jakes lower body was exposed. She knew she was being silly but, ever since her husband left her over five years ago she had not seen another naked man. But, this was her son.

Betty laughed when she saw Brenda looking away. “Don’t’ be shy. He doesn’t know you can see him like this.” Betty watched Brenda’s eyes as she turned to look at his soft prick which was at least seven inches long.

Brenda turned her head and looked up at his face.

“God. He is huge. I’m glad he didn’t get his penis size from his father.” Jake heard someone say.

Brenda was thinking how lucky Jake was to not get his penis size from his father. She watched as Betty moved the warm damp sponge up his legs to his thighs. She chuckled when his penis jerked slightly. She knew a person in a coma could still show bodily functions such as a hard-on. She was wondering just how large his penis would grow from Escort its seven inch dormant state.

“It’s getting hard.” Brenda said out loud as she watched the back of the nurse’s hand accidentally brush across his balls. “Is he waking up?”

“Maybe. Maybe not. Getting an erection is a natural body response. In some cases some doctors feel touching it may help them come back.” Betty watched as his prick expanded to more than 10 inches and was still growing.

“We do need to clean everything including his penis. Would you like to do the honors?” Betty asked while holding out the sponge.

“Oh no. I can’t.” She said pulling her arms away. Suddenly the nurse’s pager went off.

“Well, you are it. I have to get back to my post.” Betty said placing the sponge in Brenda’s hand.

Brenda watched as Betty left and leaned down to whisper in his ear.

“It’s mommy Jake. I have to wash you all over like I did many years ago.”

“Mom. I hear you.” Jake cried out from the shadows of his mind. But, nothing escaped from his mouth.

Brenda looked down at Jake’s penis which was now rising up from lying on his large mat of pubic hair. She closed her eyes and moved the warm sponge down his stomach, over his navel and to the tip of his hard shaft.

“Mom. What are you doing? Jake asked feeling her touching his hard penis. No sounds came from his lips as her hand moved the sponge down to his balls and slowly back up. “I have to clean under it.” Brenda thought.

“I have to clean under it.” Jake heard his mom’s thoughts. He could feel the pressure building in his shaft.

Brenda moved her other hand over and curled it around his hot pole. She gently lifted the throbbing rod and moved the sponge under it. It had been so long since she had touched a hard prick. Her hand automatically moved slowly up and down. “The nurse told me to do it.” She thought.

Jake again heard her thoughts. He thought he was dreaming but he couldn’t wake up. It was a dream so it was OK. “Go mom. It feels so good.”

Brenda dropped the sponge on his stomach as she watched her small hand stroking up and down. “Come back to me baby.” She whispered. “God. It was so massive. She wondered how it would feel inside of her.”

Jake smiled as he heard her thoughts. It was enough to take him over the edge. The hot pleasure juices moved swiftly up his tubes and exploded out through the restrictions imposed by her tight hand.

“Geez…” Brenda gasped as she watched his come shoot up his chest. She grabbed the sponge and cleaned it up. She looked up at his face and thought she saw a quick smile on his lips. “You’re coming back to me. Aren’t you?” If jerking him off would bring him back then she would do what ever was necessary.

Betty moved back into the room and saw Brenda moving the sponge up over his chest and neck. She noticed his prick was again soft and lying to the side on his lower stomach.

“Did I miss anything?” Betty asked with a smile.

“I did as you said.” Was all Brenda would say. Betty grinned.

Brenda was dozing off when Janet came in to relieve her. The nurse had hooked up the necessary tubes to relieve him. “Page will be here in the morning.” Brenda told her sister. “Call me if anything happens. I mean anything.” Janet agreed and Brenda left.

The same ritual occurred for the next three days. Brenda had even brought some petroleum jelly to help with her hand jobs. She didn’t say anything to her sister or her daughters. A week later, Jake was released from the hospital and was sent home to his own bedroom.

“I’m only a part-time nurse here and could use some more hours. If you want I will gladly come by and take care of him.” Betty told Brenda.

“That would be great.” Brenda said.

Jake could now hear everything being said or thought. He heard his younger sister’s thoughts as she sat with him waiting for the nurses to get him ready. “I wonder how much time I’ll have to spend with him? I have cheerleader practice everyday.”

Betty came in with some pajamas to slip on him for the ambulance ride home. “You want to help me?” Betty asked the young cute blonde.

“I dunno. What do you want me to do?” Annie asked nervously. She had not seen her brother being bathed or having his gown changed.

“Help me slip his pajama bottoms up his legs while I hold them up for you.” Betty said.

“But, I’ll see…” She started to say. Betty smiled. She couldn’t wait until this sexy young lady saw her brother’s large shaft.

“You’ve seen a naked man before right?” Betty asked wondering how much experience she had. Betty’s sexual preference was women although she had some sensual thoughts about Jake when she first saw his privates.

“Oh sure.” Annie lied. She had not seen a penis but, she had jerked off her last boyfriend in the dark back seat of his car.

Annie didn’t try to look away as Betty pulled the gown up over his bare penis. She had always wondered how big her brother was and now its seven inch length lay limp before her eyes.

“Slip the bottoms over his feet.” Betty said Escort Bayan directing her. Annie’s eyes never left his penis as she placed the bottoms on his feet and lifted them up his legs. Betty’s hands moved up under his bare ass and lifted his stomach up towards Annie’s face.

“Move them up over his mid-section.” Betty directed.

Annie pulled the bottoms up and noticed his penis starting to swell. “He’s….” She said out loud.

“It’s natural.” Betty chuckled. She lowered her hands until his ass fell back on the bed. “Pull up the front and I’ll do the back.”

Annie’s fingers were in the waistband of the bottoms. She knew she had to move her hands to the middle where his penis lay getting bigger and bigger. Her fingers brushed against it. “I wish he wasn’t my brother.” Annie thought as her fingers pressed against the large shaft. As the bottoms moved upward so did her fingers along his length. Annie’s breath was ragged as she moved the waistband up to his a navel.

“I’m sure your mother will tell you but, it may help if you touch him all over.” Betty said.

“All over?” Annie asked making sure she heard what the nurse was saying.

“Yes. Our goal is to increase his awareness of what is going around him. Sometimes that means sexual means as well.”

“No way. He is my brother you know.” Annie said surprised this nurse was asking her to do sexual things with her own blood.

“That is up to you. I’m just telling you what might help.” Betty said.

“I don’t know if I can do it.” Annie thought to herself.

“Yes you can.” Jake tried to say. “Yes you can.”

The whole family including cousins, uncles and aunts were at the house when they rolled Jake into his room. Betty quickly hooked up his tubes and watched him as his relatives came and went. A couple of hours later only his mom and sisters remained.

“Come with me and I’ll show you two how to give him a sponge bath.” Brenda said to her daughters.

Page and Annie followed her into his room. “I know how uneasy this is but, we have to get over seeing him naked. The nurse said touching him all over might help bring him back.” Brenda said.

Page and Annie stood at the bottom of the bed while Brenda pulled his gown up over his stomach. Page gasped when his large penis came into view. Brenda noticed that Annie did not seem surprised.

“I guess we can be proud of him in that department.” Brenda smiled. “We also found out he can still get erections so don’t be surprised.”

“God. He is bigger than my husband and he is not even hard.” Page thought.

“Look at me sister dear.” Jake tried to say. “Touch it for me.”

“Why don’t we all give him a sponge bath together?” Brenda asked. The sisters agreed.

Jake could feel the six hands as they sponged and cleaned his whole body. “Touch my prick.” He tried to say to them. But, they all shied away. His prick had swollen to his maximum 12 inches.

“Go ahead. Touch it.” Brenda ordered her daughters.

Page looked over at Annie. Page was almost 26 years old and was married to a wonderful man who was the father of their two young boys. Her husband John had been her mate every since the eight grade in school. She had not seen another naked man except for a bachelorette party last year. She tried to remain cool about seeing her younger brother but, his penis was almost twice the size of her husband’s penis.

“You go first.” Annie said. All eyes were on Page’s hand as it moved up his side to his lower stomach. She lightly moved her finger tips over the large crown. It jerked upward towards her touch.

“That’s it.” Jake said from his dark hiding place. “Touch me.”

Page forgot about her mom and sister watching as she moved her fingers down his rigid shaft and back up to the top. “OK. I touched it.” She said moving her hand back down to her side.

“Page. Touch him.” Brenda commanded.

“OK. You asked me to.” Page thought. Her hand moved up and forcefully curved around the middle of his hard-on. Her fingers opened slightly so she could move up to the crown and back down. Her fingers picked up speed as she jerked him off in front of the other family members.

“Oh yeah sis. Don’t stop.” Jake cried out silently.

“I wished I was alone with him. I might even suck it.” Page thought.

“Suck it?” Jake heard. “I’ll remember that.”

“I think he is going to….” Page said just before his white juices flew up into the air on top of her hand.

“ahh.” A barely audible sound came from Jakes throat.

“See.” Brenda said to her daughters. “It’s working.”

“What about me?” Annie asked realizing she had missed out on touching his huge shaft.

“Maybe tomorrow? Betty will be here with you.” Brenda said.

All three of them lay in their beds that evening thinking about how huge Jake’s penis was. Page moved her hand over to her husband’s pajamas to find his lifeless prick. She could hear his snoring as she wormed her fingers into his fly and surrounded his soft tool. He was so much smaller than her brother.

Annie couldn’t Bayan Escort sleep. She felt cheated that she did not get to touch him. She eased out of bed and tip-toed into the hallway. She knocked lightly on Jake’s door. She laughed. He couldn’t hear her.

But he did. Who is there? Jake wondered.

“Hi sleeping brother.” Anne thought as she moved slowly to the side of the bed. “I’m here for my turn at your giant penis.”

“Hi Anne. Sure. Go ahead.” Jake chuckled silently.

Annie didn’t want to take too much of a chance. She knew it was OK but, now in the middle of the night it seemed wicked. She quickly slid her hand up under the sheet and touched the side of his thigh. Her fingers crawled over and upward until she touched it. She curled her fingers around it and just held it tightly in her small fist.

“So how is school?” Jake laughed while feeling his prick swell in her petite grip. “None of those high school boys can compare can they?”

“I’m only doing this for you.” Annie lied to herself as she explored his hard-on. Her fingers searched his balls and back up to gently jerk him off.

“You don’t mind if I do myself to?” She asked silently.

“No problem.” Jake said. “I wish I could do it for you but I can’t seem to move my arms right now.”

Annie moved her free hand up under her nightgown and down into her bikini panties. Her fingers moved down into her golden mane and lower until she touched her hard virgin clit. As she stroked his prick her other hand matched the movements on her damp pussy.

“Oh that feels so good.” Annie thought. “If I could I would climb up on top of you right now and let you be the first.”

“Really?” Jake answered. “Go ahead. I’m not stopping you.”

“Maybe after you wake up Jake? Would you like to be the first to fuck me?” She whispered into his ear.

“Oh yes I would.” Jake cried silently as he exploded into her small fingers.

“Ah, ah, oh my.” Annie moaned as she came. “You are my BIG brother aren’t you?”

“Don’t go.” Jake said trying to stop her. “Why can’t they hear me?”

As Annie walked up the steps she couldn’t hear the soft sound move up out of Jake’s mouth. “Annie.”

The phone woke Brenda up early the next morning. “Mom. It’s me Page. I can come over today and help with Jake if you want. I have some sick time from my job.”

“No. Don’t use your sick time. We might need it later. Go to work and stop by later tonight to give us a break.” Brenda said hanging up the phone.

Annie was off from school because of a teachers work day. “Call me if you need anything.” Brenda told Betty and Annie as she left for her own job.

“So, it’s just you and me today?” Betty said looking at the young woman still wearing her nightgown. Betty could see the dark shadows of her nipples through the baby blue material. She wondered if she was wearing panties under the gown.

“I’ll take care of some necessary things and you can come in later to help me.” Betty said as she walked into Jake’s room. If she played her cards right she would have Annie eating out of her hand. Or maybe another part of her body?

Jake heard the thoughts of the same woman who took care of him in the hospital. “So, big man how was your night?” Betty asked as she peeled back his bed sheet. She noticed his gown was covered with some sticky liquid. “Oh look at that. Someone has taken my advice.” She chuckled.

Betty cleaned him up and took care of some other things. When she called for Annie Jake was lying naked on the bed. Betty had already stroked his penis to make it hard. Annie walked in and froze. She did not expect to see him lying completely naked.

“So, was it you who provided some sexual release last night?” Betty asked.

“Well, no…..” Annie said trying to lie about it. But, Betty saw her embarrassed look.

“You don’t lie very well do you? It’s OK. You need to do everything you can to help bring him back. You do love him right?”

“Of course.” Annie answered. Her heard beat was rapid as she looked at his nude body.

“Will you do anything to bring him back?”

“I guess so.” Annie answered not sure what Betty was getting at.

“Yes or no?” Betty asked.

Annie was so excited knowing Betty was going to ask her to do more than jerk him off. She took a deep breath and answered, “Yes.”

“OK. Take off your clothes.” Betty said.

“What? I can’t do that.” Annie answered.

“I thought you answered yes?” Betty said hoping this young girl would do as she asked.

“I did but,….” She started to say.

“Listen. Touching him with your hand helps but, if you lie next to him with your naked body touching his it will be much better.” Betty said.

“Really?” Annie asked. She was a nurse and did work with comatosed patients before.

Betty nodded her head yes and stood still waiting to see if she would bite. She did.

Annie bit her lower lip as she pulled her nightgown slowly up off her body. As her head came out she saw Betty’s eyes staring at her firm round breasts. Annie knew there were woman who craved sex with other women and was starting to wonder if Betty was one of them. Annie gulped as she pushed her flimsy panties down her hips and thighs. She kicked them on top of her nightgown and stood naked in front of her still brother and his nurse.

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