Conquring Jules Pt. 06


The video and rope

After the weekend of the wedding, Jules and I fell into the comfortable routine of fucking almost daily. We fucked anywhere and everywhere in her house. At least once a week, sometimes more, I would take Jules ass. We both began to love anal.

We also began to explore Jules exhibitionist tendencies. She talked nonstop about the week we spent at Mr. Galvin’s house on the lake. She constantly talked about how she enjoyed being able to go to the lake naked.

I challenged her to begin going to her well concealed backyard naked. She gladly accepted my challenges. Now, whenever I left her house, night or day, she escorted me to my car completely naked.

Talk about having a hard time leaving!

Jules also began to sunbath in her backyard naked. As July neared its end, she didn’t have a tan line to be found.

We’ve also began to take late night car rides. Jules would take the rides completely naked as I drive. It’s not long before she’s begging me to find a secluded back road so we can pull over and fuck.

Everything was going great between us as the calendar flipped to August. I feared our relationship was going to be challenged. Football season started in 10 days. I knew once football season started, my life would be consumed by football for at least 3 weeks. I didn’t know how much time I would get to spend with Jules.

I had another fantasy I planned to explore with Jules. I just needed the perfect opportunity. Thankfully, another weekend trip for my parents provided me with the freedom I needed to make it happen. This time, when I told her about being free for the weekend, she literally lept into my arms.

“Your beautiful cock isn’t leaving my sight for the entire weekend,” Jules said, in response.

She didn’t know it, but she was wrong.

The Thursday before I was to arrive at Jules house for the entire weekend, I didn’t see her. It was the first day in 16 days we hadn’t seen each other and had sex in way shape or fashion. I had to admit, the one day off sucked. I was so conditioned to blowing my load at least once a day, by Thursday night, I was sporting an uncontrollable hard-on.

It was necessary for me to miss Jules on Thursday. I had to run some errands and pick up some supplies for the weekend. On Friday I planned to continue my normal routine of lifting weights in the morning. But I was too excited and headed to Jules house by 11 o’clock in the morning.

I spent the entire day in Jules house getting it prepared for my fantasy. As the time neared for Jules to arrive home from work, I put a note and a gift for her on her kitchen table. She would see both the moment she stepped into her kitchen.

I heard her car pull into her driveway and I moved into her bedroom. The bedroom door was open just a crack so I could watch as Jules opened her kitchen door and stepped into her house. She stopped short as she saw the note and her gift sitting on her kitchen table.

She dropped her purse on the table and picked up the note. It read:

My dirty Bitch

This weekend we are going to spend every second together. We will explore every aspect of our sexual desires.

Tonight, we are going to explore another fantasy of mine. I know you will enjoy it as much as I will.

You are to strip naked, now. Once you are naked, you are to put the blindfold on and hold your hands behind your back

When you are ready, you are to say very loud. “Stud, your bitch is ready! You are not permitted to speak until you say these loud clear words.

Your eager, horny Stud

I hoped I didn’t push Jules too hard. Escort Fatih I didn’t think I had, but you never know. Recently, she had seemed to enjoy being told what to do. In fact, in recent weeks I noticed she hardly did anything without me giving her instructions.

This would be a good test of my theory.

Jules looked toward her bedroom. I knew she couldn’t see me from where I hid behind the partially cracked door. She paused a moment, then pulled her scrubs top off to reveal a rather boring white bra.

As she was removing her bra, I grabbed her handheld video camera. Through the crack of her bedroom door I had a clear shot as Jules lowered her scrub pants to reveal a lacy red thong. A moment later, the thong joined the rest of Jules clothes on her kitchen floor.

I zoomed in on Jules gorgeous, naked body as she leaned forward and grabbed the sleeping mask I was using as a blindfold.

I zoomed the camera in tight on Jules beautiful face as she looked at the blindfold for a second. She then slid the mask over the top of her head and fixed it over her eyes. She adjusted the blindfold once, ensuring all light was blocked out. Once the blindfold was fitted properly, Jules put her hands behind her back and thrust her great tits forward.

“Stud, your bitch is ready!” Jules called nice and loud. I had no doubt her words were picked up by the camera.

Carrying the camera, I silently exited her bedroom and walked into her kitchen. I was as quiet as a mouse as I moved up close to Jules. I held the camera nice and close to her as I panned her body from head to toe. I lingered a bit at Jules pussy, since it was already glistening with excitement. I repeated the same to Jules back before setting the camera down on the kitchen table.

She was getting antsy. She yelped in surprise when I grabbed her and kissed her hard. She kissed me back hungrily, but was a good girl and kept her hands behind her back.

“Is my good bitch ready for a night of fun?” I asked breaking the kiss. I spoke loud enough for the camera to record me.

“Yes stud! This bitch is definitely ready for a fun night.”

I grabbed the camera and Jules hand and slowly led her to her bedroom. I made sure the camera was trained directly on Jules as she cautiously followed my lead to her bedroom. Once inside, I ushered her to her bed and laid her down on her back.

With Jules in her bed, I quickly put the camera on a tripod I found in the house. The camera was zoomed perfectly to capture everything as I returned to Jules. I leaned over and kissed Jules.

As our tongues danced, I grabbed her right wrist and pulled her arm up above her head. I quickly put her wrist through the loop in the end of the rope I had previously tied to the leg of the bed. Jules moaned into my mouth as she realized she was being tied up.

She offered no resistance as I grabbed her left hand and pulled it above her head. As I slipped her wrist into the loop of rope, Jules began to suck on my tongue as if it were my cock. I enjoyed her attention as I tightened the rope on her wrist.

With her wrists secured, I broke our kiss. I pulled the ropes holding Jules arms tighter, so her arms were pulled to the top corners of the bed. I then wrapped rope around each of Jules trim ankles and pulled her ankles to the corners of the bed as well.

In a matter of seconds, I had Jules bound spread eagle to her bed.

I moved back up to Jules and laid on the bed next to her. I kissed her cheek and nuzzled her ear. “Jules, I have another surprise for you,” I whispered in her ear. “I bought you Fındıkzade escort a gift. I want you to wear it for me. Always.”

“I will. I promise,” Jules panted.

“When you look at it, I want you to remember you’re my bitch.” I leaned in and bit Jules ear.

“Ohhhhh. I will. I promise!”

I opened the jewelry box and pulled out a thin gold anklet. I dangled it over Jules and lightly drag it down her body to her left ankle. I fastened the anklet to her leg just above the rope restraining her leg.

“You’ll see. It’s beautiful.”

With her marked as mine by the anklet, I maneuvered myself so we were in the 69 position. I pressed my cock against Jules lips for a moment before she opened wide to accept me into her mouth. As she sucked my cock, I buried my face in Jules soaking wet cunt and went to town.

Jules clit was swollen and standing proud as I sucked the nub of nerve endings into my mouth. Jules screamed around my cock as I assaulted her clit. Jules quickly escalated toward her orgasm.

She violently exploded when I reached down and pushed a finger into her ass.

Jules screams were muffled by my cock deep in her mouth.

I rode out her first orgasm, letting the pleasure wash over her. As I sensed she was starting to come down, I once again began to suck on her super sensitive clit. She was in that area where the line between pleasure and agony is razor thin.

She screamed around my cock as I lightly sucked on her clit. When I would pull harder on her numb I could see the muscles in her tan thighs flex as she pulled against her bounds.

As I continued to torment her clit, I pushed my rock hard cock deeper into Jules mouth. I tried to pay attention to her. I wanted to make sure she wasn’t gagging too much as the tip of my dick pushed towards her throat.

It took very little time for Jules to crest once again and exploded with another powerful orgasm. Her body spasmed hard. She frantically and repeatedly yanked against her unforgiving restraints.

I removed myself from the bed. Jules was panting hard to catch. She was slightly struggling to breath after her orgasm. Her face was covered with drool from being repeatedly gagged.

I left the camera recording as I left the bedroom and headed for the kitchen. I got water and some ice cubes and headed back to the bedroom. “Is my hot ass bitch thirsty?”

“Yes baby! Oh gawd, I need a break. My clit can’t take any more.” Jules whined.

I chuckle as I put a straw to her lips so she can take in some ice cold water. As she drank, I admired her spread, exposed body.

“You’re not done yet, baby. I have plenty planned for you tonight.”

“Oh gawd. I don’t know if I can take it.”

“You will. Because I want you to.” I say.

I grab an ice cube from the bowl I brought with me to the bedroom. I lightly place the ice on Jules nipple.

The cold and shock of the ice cube causes her to jump and violently yank against her restraints.

“Fuck that’s cold!” she cries.

I run the ice around her hard pink nipple for a couple of moments. A path of water from the melted ice is left on her nipple. When the ice melts completely, I grab another cube and place it on her opposite nipple and lean down and take her cold hard nipple in my mouth.

“Oh fuck me,” Jules moaned and arched her back as I sucked hard on her nipple.

Once the 2nd ice cube has melted entirely, her large tits, nipples and chest are covered with water. I move to her opposite nipple and suck on it.

The ice and attention to her sensitive nipples drives Gaziosmanpaşa escort Jules crazy. She is twisting and turning against the rope restraining her.

I am loving the power I have over my 30 year old sex toy!

I can’t hold back any longer. I pop an ice cube into my mouth before jumping back onto the bed between Jules splayed open legs. Her cunt is dripping and inviting. I easily push my cock into Jules.

She moans with desire and arches her back as far as her restraints will allow. As I bury my cock deep in Jules, I lower my ice filled mouth to her nipple again.

Being filled with my cock, and the hot and cold stimulation to her nipples is too much. She explodes with her most powerful orgasm of the night.

She screams incoherently. I don’t know what she’s screaming, but am certain it’s not words.

As the ice melts in my mouth, and Jules starts to come down from her orgasm, I release her nipple and lean up and kiss her. Her kiss is frantic, wet, eager, and sloppy.

I love it!

As we frantically kiss, I reach up and yank the blindfold off her. Her eyes are closed as she kisses me. I finally break the kiss as I slowly thrust my cock in and out of Jules drenched pussy. There’s no doubt her bedspread is soaked through by her secretions.

“Bitch, you are so sexy,” I whisper to her. “Open your eyes and look at me,” I instruct her.

She opens her beautiful blue eyes. She can barely focus as I continue to slowly pump my pulsing cock in and out of her pussy. She is definitely basking in the glow of her powerful orgasms.

“Look over there,” I whisper, nodding to the video camera.

Her eyes get as big as saucers as she sees the video camera on the tripod, with the red “recording” light blinking. “You’re taping us?” she asks, panicked.

“I am,” I whisper back reassuringly. “I wanted to videotape the first time I filled you with my cum,” I roared as I buried my cock deep in Jules pussy.

My cock pulsed once before I exploded. I pumped shot after shot of my boiling hot seed deep into her begging pussy.

Feeling my pulsing cock filling her with cum caused Jules to erupt with another powerful orgasm. This orgasm was unexpected and surprised her.

She was unable to breath for a long time as she was frozen in pure lust and ecstasy. She finally gasped for air and began to cry as she convulsed in the numerous aftershocks of her orgasm.

I kept my softening cock buried in Jules and kissed all around her face as she collected herself. “I only want you to cum inside me from now on,” Jules said, when she could finally speak again. “It’s the most amazing feeling.” Tears ran down her beautiful face.

“No. I will come all over you and in you. Not just your pussy. But, be assured, I’m going to fill your pussy early and often.” My cock softened to the point where my slimy cock slipped from Jules warm pussy.

I reach up and release the ropes holding her arms. Despite her freedom, she didn’t move. I stood up and moved down to Jules ankles. As I released her splayed legs, I looked up to see a river of my white cum pouring out of Jules well used pussy.

Once releasing Jules, I lie back down on the bed. She rolled over and snuggled into my side.

“How did my hot, horny bitch like being tied up?” I ask.

Jules rests her head on my muscular chest. Her face is pointed directly at the video camera. “I loved it! You can tie me up any time, any way you want,” I says, speaking directly at the camera.

I smile, thinking of the possibilities for the future. “And I’ll buy more blank tapes,” Jules says. “I want to be your porn star.”

I beam with joy!

Jules throws her leg up on top of me. Light glints off of her new gold anklet. Exhausted, Jules sits up and looks closely at the piece of jewelry.

“Do you like it? It’s not much, but…”

“I love it! I’ll never take it off. I promise!”

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