Cosmic Fate Ch. 05-08


A note to readers: This is the continuation of a science fiction story taking place in the twenty third century. The story is centered around the lives of a genetically enhanced family. These characters find themselves living out their fantasies as they prepare for a lengthy space mission. If you have not had an opportunity to read the first four chapters, I would strongly urge you to do so before starting this section.


Chapter 5

Karen and Jill were standing in the kitchen debating the effects of long term exposure to cosmic radiation on human neuron function when Chris finally dragged himself out of bed. As he listened to the conversation he became somewhat more comfortable with what he feared might happen. His mom was not really even paying any attention to him. He spoke up: “Why are you guys worried about that? With all of the water that will be housed in the exterior portions of the ship, there will be no more radiation risk on board the ship than there is here on Earth.”

Jill had already explained that the ship would have billions of liters of water on board. The water would provide both oxygen and hydrogen fuel for the long trip. It was to be housed in the outer most sectors of the ship. As it cooled it would turn into solid ice and would be the best possible shielding against radiation. The nuclear reactors on board would be used in part to melt the ice and to create electricity, which when passed through liquid water would break the chemical link of the compound and release the pure gaseous elements at each electrode.

Karen looked at her brother. He was wearing his uni, a tight fitting garment which could be worn as underclothes or as athletic clothing, and he seemed as if he was still half asleep. “You do realize that even in cryogenic sleep that the body can suffer from the effects of radiation. If you tripled life expectancy here on Earth then we might all have neurological problems late in life.”

“Well what can we do about it sis?”

“I have a few ideas. I will run some simulations this afternoon and see if there is a means of counteracting the effects.” With that Karen kissed her mom on the cheek and said she would be home in time for dinner.

Jill was running short on time. She had a meeting with the Board of Governors for the Trust. She looked at her son and asked: “Did you sleep well last night Christopher? You look tired honey.”

“I guess I was really excited about the Zeta9 mission. So I didn’t go straight to sleep.”

“Did you use Parallax last night? That normally gets your body ready for deep sleep afterwards.”

Chris’ mind raced through several possible answers. But he couldn’t seem to speak.

Jill started looking at her son rather strangely. She had never before seen him act embarrassed to speak with her about using Parallax. So why was he turning red? “What’s the matter honey?”

“Nothing is the matter. I used it last night, but it was different.” As soon as he said it, he knew he shouldn’t have answered her question in that manner.

“How was it different Chris? Was it with a different partner?”

That was the question he couldn’t answer. Either his mom knew and she was now pretending to act dumb, or she was now curious what was so different. In a split second he thought he would use both truth and deception in his answer. “Mom, have you ever tried AII with the counterparty being set on dominant?”

Jill chuckled and smiled: “Oh was that your first time honey?”

“It really took me by surprise mom. I didn’t think a girl could really do that to guy as big as me.”

Now Jill started to blush and said: “Well Chris, some of us girls do like to be in charge. And some very big strong men like to be submissive. It’s just part of being human. You don’t have to tell me what happened unless you want to or if you have any questions. But don’t think any less of yourself because you tried it.”

“Okay mom, and thanks.”

“I’ve got to run out. I will see you tonight. If you want to talk about this more we can do it before your sister comes home.”

Jill arrived at the Government House and was seated at her normal spot at the perimeter of the Board room. There was a large table located near the center of the room where the ten members of the Board were seated. Each Board member had an advisor seated next to him. Then various experts such as Jill sat around the perimeter and could be called on to answer questions or make reports. These meetings were extremely important and the Zeta9 mission was going to take up much of the agenda.

Jill answered a few questions as to the timing of when the main particle accelerator would be ready. The President of the Board was worried that the ship was being targeted by terrorist governments. He wanted the shields operational and that required the nuclear reactor to be on line and the electromagnetic acceleration process to be fully charged.

It was Jill’s sheer genius that replaced Newton’s work on gravity with an understanding that artificial gravity was Escort possible through an alignment of particles with concentrated electromagnetic fields. By creating artificial gravity it became possible to accelerate particles to beyond light speed. In fact some particles had been accelerated to as much as 100 times the speed of light.

One of the two military generals gave a report that was quite concerning. His counter espionage units were convinced that enemy moles had infiltrated some of the Zeta9 project facilities. He couldn’t identify them, but made it clear from intercepted transmissions that some attempt to sabotage the mission was in progress. He could only act once they revealed themselves. But all precautions were being taken. He also recommended that critical people such as Jill Porter needed to be guarded around the clock.

The Board increased the security budget and further restricted access to Iceland to non Trust citizens. All outside contractors would receive further screening and lie detector examinations. But the Board decided that placing round the clock security on its key scientist might make the enemy move up their plans. What was needed was the ship to be protected, and that required functioning shields.

At the end of the meeting Jill walked over to her friend Eric Rolph Jr. and asked: “Did you open the message I sent you yesterday?”

Eric looked rather puzzled: “I don’t think I received one from you Jill.”

She looked rather dejected and said: “Well I sent you one. Is Laura still in Brazil?”

Eric had married his wife, Laura, after he founded Parallax Corporation. At that time the new technology, which would make him rich, was still on the drawing board. He thought Laura was everything he wanted in a wife. She was a tall blonde, thin at the waist, and had large natural breasts. She was sexually submissive and was willing to do anything to please her powerful husband.

Eric looked at Jill: “Yes she will be there all week.”

Suddenly the pieces all fit together in Jill’s mind. She thought about her son’s strange behavior just a few hours earlier. Now was it possible? There was one sure way to find out. She looked at Eric and asked: “Do you have a few minutes to spare Eric? Do you think we could go to your office and talk about something strange that I think has taken place?”

Chapter 6

The Parallax Corporation’s downtown tower was 69 stories tall. Eric had always said that any other number was not appropriate for a company that was built on sexual adventure. Eric’s penthouse office and suite was spectacular. His sexy assistants greeted us as we arrived, and they attended to our comfort with refreshments.

Eric and Jill sat next to each other at a table with Eric’s holographic server displaying his messages. Jill allowed her hand to clutch to Eric’s. They had been lovers for several years. Jill told Eric when she sent the message and Eric commanded the server to search for the document.

The holographic image of his very attractive administrative assistant appeared and spoke. It told us the time the message had been received and when it had been deleted.

Eric looked at Jill: “I didn’t do it darling.”

Jill asked: “What server location was the delete command entered from?”

The response was an address that Eric was familiar with. It was his son’s campus apartment.

“Jill, I was at my son’s apartment yesterday. I was in a hurry and I might not have signed out. If your message came in after I left, then maybe my son deleted it. Was it important?”

“It was personal Eric. I sent you my new Parallax password and a time for tonight. I thought you might want to have some fun while Laura was away.”

“Well Ms. Porter, what did you have in mind?”

Jill’s face was red, she almost had to choke out the words: “There’s more Eric, do you think your son read the message and gave my password to my son? You know they are good friends. And this morning Chris acted very strangely. He said something about doing something different on Parallax last night. I think he signed into my profile and selected AII. Then I think he elected the counterparty setting to be dominant.”

Eric shook his head in disbelief: “Oh my, with your natural tendency to be dominant and your son being relatively inexperienced, if he did it with you in the dominant mode then he had a real experience.”

“Oh Eric, I need to know what he did last night. Could you use your computers to find out what he did on Parallax last night?”

Eric hugged his lover and gave her a little kiss. “Of course I can find out. However darling, you might be wrong about this. So do you want me to find out and tell you, or do you want to watch with me the computer image that we can generate of what your son’s session was last night?”

“Do you promise never to tell anyone?”

“I promise darling, it will go to the grave with me.”

“Then let’s watch it together. If it’s someone else then we can stop it.”

“We can do whatever you Escort Bayan want Jill. Just remember the general public is unaware that we record all sessions, and that we can then holographicly recreate the whole sexual experience. This is fairly new and not ready for sale yet. But it will be popular when we launch it. Come sit over here. The holograms are life size images. You will see and hear everything.”

Jill and Eric sat on a small sofa. Their bodies touched as they sat very close together. Jill said she was ready and Eric punched up her son’s profile. He looked at Jill and said: You’re right. Last night he had a two hour session with your profile. And he set it on dominant. Oh Jill, I think your password was appropriate “$trap999″. I bet he felt that strap before you finished with him.”

“Just start it Eric.”

Jill was finding herself sexually aroused by this unusual situation. She was seated next to the richest man in the world, who was both very handsome and her lover. She was about to watch a recreation of the holographic sex her son had with her the previous night.

Eric was also turned on by the situation. He had become attracted to Jill based on her physical beauty, but he also loved her take charge approach to life. She was the opposite of his wife. Jill knew how to fill his sexual needs by making him do what he already wanted to do but wasn’t willing to say out loud. He had even shared his wife with Jill. Laura was a willing submissive who enjoyed every moment of Jill’s total dominance.

Eric entered a final command and a life size image of her son appeared. He was reclined on his bed with a sheet covering his torso. Then a few seconds later Jill’s image appeared. She was dressed provocatively in a sexually dominating outfit. They watched as Jill took charge of her son. They saw her use her crop to pull back the sheet.

“Oh my god…” Jill’s eyes were glued to her son’s rock hard cock. “Look how big it is Eric.”

She watched how she had Chris go down on her very juicy pussy. Jill’s body craved to feel what she was seeing. “Eric, get on your knees before me. Slide my panties off and lick me.”

“Yes mistress.”

Eric might have had wealth beyond the limits of imagination, but he was now reduced to serving his mistress’ sexual needs. He felt Jill lift her hips and he reached under her skirt and pulled her panties down. He carefully guided them over her high heeled boots. She lifted up again and he tucked her skirt back under her sexy ass so he could just flip the front up and expose her pubic mound.

Jill spread her long legs and commanded his full attention be given to her urgently growing needs. The holograms were showing her son licking up and down her wet slit with his tongue. She watched as he slid a finger in her velvety glove. She had Eric do everything that Chris did. She even told Eric to respond to any commands she gave to Chris.

He used his tongue on her bud while sliding two fingers into her juicy hole. Eric’s ministrations on Jill’s clit were moving her toward a thunderous climax. She enjoyed the penetration from his fingers but Jill could only orgasm from direct clitoral stimulation. The image of her son licking her clit seared into her brain. She felt her climax begin. Jill realized this would be one of the most powerful orgasms in her life. Wave after wave of having every neuron in her body fire made her flesh feel like it was electrically charged. Her muscles spasmed and her pussy squirted a stream of her feminine cum into her lover’s open mouth.

As Jill recovered from her orgasm she once again focused on the hologram. She watched her own image easily dominate her genetically enhanced son. Jill observed how she carefully positioned her son’s legs into the stirrups. Then she watched her son be lubed in preparation to having his virgin ass be defiled by his mother’s strap-on.

“Eric you must go to our special closet and retrieve my strap-on harness, lube, and a phallus.”

Eric Rolph Jr. had also lost his anal cherry to Jill Porter. He had found a certain release in submitting in such an intimate manner to such a beautiful woman. Eric was not even remotely gay, not even bisexual, but he enjoyed being taken by Jill. He obediently complied with her request and unlocked a closet which contained several of Jill’s dominatrix outfits as well as an assortment of whips and strap-ons. He returned with one he new Jill liked to use. It was double headed and the harness allowed it to fit in her pussy while the other end was free to be used as a fuck toy.

Jill ordered her lover to strip and stand behind the back of the small sofa. She had him bend over until his face was planted in the cushions. This caused his feet to barely touch the ground. His ass was totally exposed. Jill in the meantime had stepped out of her skirt. Her pussy was still dripping with her nectar as she watched her holographic image fucking her son’s rear hatch. She fastened the harness around her and fitted one end of the double headed monster Bayan Escort into her wet gash. She squeezed a generous amount of lube onto the ridged tool before she impaled her wealthy lover.

Eric cried out: “Oh yes, fuck me mommy!!!!”

That took Jill over the edge of all reason. She called her lover Chris as she made his ass into her personal receptacle. Again and again she pounded the cock deep and hard into his tight ass. As his anal ring finally loosened she increased her pace. Eric was soon ready to cum. Unlike Jill’s son, Eric didn’t have the control necessary to time his orgasm. Several factors were contributing to Eric’s growing need to cum. Jill’s plastic cock had stimulated his prostate. Also, his long held fantasy of being taken by a beautiful woman was once again happening. And finally, he was watching Jill’s reaction to the Parallax simulation of her son’s fantasy fuck with his mom. Suddenly he yelled out: “I’m cumming mistress.”

The two exhausted lovers sat side by side and watched the rest of the holographic show. Jill was pleased that her son had such wonderful sexual control and how he had made passionate love to her during the later part of the session. Eric leaned closer and asked Jill in a whisper: “What are you going to do now?”

“I have a plan, but I need your help. Can I count on you Eric?”

The two lovers made a detailed plan for that evening.

Chapter 7

Cosmic radiation has been around ever since the big bang. Fortunately for the human inhabitants of Earth our magnetic field, which is produced by the spinning of the Earth’s liquid iron core, deflects most of this radiation. Some background radiation does get through but it has little effect on most humans until they reach an age exceeding 100 years. The most sensitive organ in the human body is also the most protected. The brain is surrounded by the skull which acts as a final barrier to some forms of radiation.

Karen had used laboratory animals to test the effects of radiation. She disliked working with animals and had employed a non advanced human assistant to care for her test subjects. Pam was fairly intelligent considering that she was born without any genetic planning. Her German heritage gave her blonde hair, blue eyes and a thin athletic body. She was nine centimeters shorter than her boss and possessed approximately half of Karen’s muscular strength.

Pam thanked god everyday that she was given the right to live in the Trust. Life in Iceland was good and free from the death squads which patrolled much of Europe. She was in awe of Karen’s beauty, intelligence, and sexuality. Karen was Pam’s first female lover. The young German had only been with two boys before relocating to Iceland, but she found Karen to be a better lover in all respects than either of her previous gentlemen friends.

Karen considered the sex she had with Pam to be something fun, which she could do anytime she wanted, to relieve some stress out of her life. She was completely dominant over her assistant, and she had shared her with a few of her other genetically advanced friends. Pam realized that Karen was very special.

The blonde haired assistant would often sense Karen’s needs without even a word being spoken. It was as if Karen’s mind could control hers. She often wondered if Karen possessed some kind of technology that gave her that amazing control. But she couldn’t resist any of these “impulse thoughts”.

Pam’s thoughts would become dominated by a sexual image. This most often occurred in the form a mental picture of herself on her knees with her head tucked between Karen’s thighs. Each and every time she responded to this mental image the same way. She would walk to Karen in a trance like manner and ask: “Would you like me to lick your pussy Karen?”

Karen would often initially respond by verbally degrading her. She would call her assistant a lezzy whore. But eventually Karen would allow Pam to kneel down and pleasure her.

Thought control was a powerful tool. Karen’s ambitions went way beyond sexual conquest. She wanted to be the one person who would change the world. She knew this from when she was a child. She knew she was more than human.

But honing her mind control skills on Pam was part of her daily routine. She had tried them on a few of her genetically advanced friends with mixed results. But she was becoming better and better at it over time. The one person she really wished she could use it on was her brother. She loved him, and actually respected his intelligence and strength, but he was often grumpy and would give her a hard time.

Doing simple things like making him stand up were possible. Karen had a sense of humor when it came to this power. If she saw her brother was comfortably seated she could send him an image of him standing. He would stand and then sit back down after he didn’t know why he stood up in the first place. But complicated thoughts such as being nice to your sister just didn’t work.

She had tried sending the same type of image to Chris that she so often sent to Pam. She could tell that Chris received the image of him eating his sister’s pussy. But his self control overcame the mental image. However it did contribute to many sudden unexplained hard-ons for the teen.

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