Couple’s Massage


This story is based on a dream I had.

I wasn’t sure what category this should go in. There’s a lot going on. Some straight loving stuff, some lesbian stuff, but its mostly gay male stuff.

All characters are over 18


I’ve never really liked getting massages from a professional it always makes me uncomfortable.

Having a woman that isn’t my wife touch me is weird. What happens if I get an erection? Does my wife get upset with me for being turned on by another woman? Does the masseuse get offended or flattered? Will a porn scenario happen where the masseuse gives her client a very happy ending? I don’t know but I just spend the whole time trying to not get an erection and it’s exhausting.

Why not get a massage from a man, you ask? I don’t think that would work either. I’m not sexually attracted to men, but I do fantasize about dicks. I used to suck one regularly a long time ago and I often fantasize about doing it again.

Sometimes I even fantasize about being taken and fucked by a man with a large cock. So, I think I would be in the same boat there too. This guy would be rubbing me down and I’d be wondering how big his dick is and trying to not think about porn scenarios where the masseuse with the huge dick coaxes me into giving him a blowjob and then fucking me on his table. It would be equally exhausting and I don’t think I would enjoy it all that much.

No thank you, I don’t like massages, too much mental gymnastics for me to let go and just enjoy the experience.

You can imagine my chagrin when after our anniversary dinner my wife tells me that we have an appointment for a couples massage at the place she’s been going to for awhile now.

So, on a day when I’ve already been thinking about sex, I have to go to an event where I have to try really hard to not think about sex, great.

“It’ll be fine” she says, “Stacey and Mackenzie give great massages. If you can’t relax and enjoy yourself that’s fine, but if you at least come with me, I’ll make it worth your while.” She winked.

“Worth my while” usually means one of two things. She’s going to give me a blowjob or she’s going to use the strap-on to give my ass a pounding. While I may sometimes fantasize about a being taken by real cock, I definitely enjoy it when my wife takes my ass with her fake one. She’s really good with it and knows just how to make me squeal.

Just hearing her say those three words is enough to get my mind racing right into the gutter and wondering what she plans to do. I’m thinking about her beautiful lips wrapped about my dick, bobbing her head up and down as she moans to add some vibration to the experience. Watching my cock throb in her mouth as I cum is one of the hottest things ever.

I’m thinking about her wearing a skimpy top, no bottoms except her harness and her 7 inch fake cock standing at attention ready to be devoured by my asshole.

Both scenarios playing out in my head, this is going to make the massage that much more difficult for me to enjoy.

We pull up to the place, she puts her hand on my thigh and squeezes.

“Everything is going to okay, just come in and relax for an hour. It’s already paid for” she said.

As we’re walking up to the door she gives my ass a little smack and gives me a little smirk of a smile. She loves my ass. I think she’s planning on fucking me later.

That thought starts to get me excited at the prospect of her behind me pounding my ass with her big rubber cock. Which I have to immediately stop thinking about or I’d probably cum in my pants. She’s such a tease.

We go in to the building and the hostess (for lack of a better term) was a young woman, who, if I had to guess was in her mid twenties. She had long red hair, fair skin, a freckle covered face and nice supple breasts that were being accentuated by her shirt that was probably a size too small. While trying not to look at those I noticed her name tag said Ginger, that got me wondering what kind of parents name their red headed daughter Ginger?

“Welcome back!” She says to my wife, “The room is all ready, follow me!”

“Thanks Ginger” my wife said as we started following her down the hallway.

As we’re walking I’m trying to think unsexy thoughts to prepare for this and keep my mind out of the gutter but I couldn’t help taking glance down as we walked to take a peek at Ginger’s ass in her tight pants. She filled them out quite nicely and I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of underwear she was wearing, or if she was even wearing any? Did she shave? Did she like to be spanked? Did she like to have her asshole licked? Did those freckles cover her whole body?

Stop it. Look up, think unsexy thoughts.

My wife squeezed my hand as we walked and I looked at her expecting to see her stern face because she had just noticed me staring at this girl’s ass but she just smiled and winked at me again.

Ginger stopped and opened a door, she looked at my wife and said “You know the drill, get undressed and lie on Sakarya Escort the table face down under the sheet. Stacey and Mackenzie should be in shortly.”

I went in first and and had my back to the door but I swore I heard some whispering, then I turned around to the sound of my wife giggling and Ginger leaning into her ear saying something softly, then my wife did the same to her, they both giggled a little then Ginger leaned in to whisper one last thing and I could have sworn I saw her nibble my wife’s earlobe as she pulled away.

Ginger looked at me and said with a big smile on her face, “Have fun, Mackenzie is the best, you’re going to love it.” And off she sauntered.

As the door closed I turned to my wife, “Hey babe, what was all the whispering about?” I asked.

She smirked, “Oh nothing dear, just a little girl talk” she said as she started to take her clothes off.

I love watching my wife undress. Even when she’s not trying to be sexy it’s still the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.

The way her body moves as she bends down to shimmy out of her pants. The expression that she makes when she takes her bra off and frees her captive breasts.

The way her underwear clings to her butt and the outline of her vulva in them.

It’s all really sexy and I love it and now I’m thinking dirty thoughts again.

She’s taken her shirt and bra off and has her back to me as she’s bending over to take her pants off. Forget the Seven Wonders of the world, this is one of my favorite views in the world. Nay, the universe. My wife bent over, her underwear clinging to her ass and an outline of her pussy lips showing through. Interestingly I see a small wet spot.

She’s getting excited, which makes my cock twitch a little. Is she thinking about later? Or something that Ginger said to her?

As she stands back up and starts to fold her pants up and places them on a chair she says, “Babe, you need to take your clothes off”

“Can I keep my boxers on?” I ask sheepishly.

“No” she says as she puts her hands into the waistband of her underwear and pulls them down quickly. She pulls one foot out and uses the other foot to kick them at me.

“Catch!” She said as they hit me in the face and I catch them.

They are definitely a little wet! I inhale just enough to not be creepy but enough to smell my wife’s delicious scent. Just a hint of her delicious juices makes my rod stiffen, I am not going to make it though this massage comfortably and I think she’s tryinf to do it on purpose!

“Are you trying to turn me on?” I asked her as I folded her underwear and walked them towards her.

I’m still fully clothed standing face to face with my naked wife. I placed her underwear on the chair.

“Maybe a little, I’m mostly just trying to get you lighten up you can enjoy this!” She reached her hand into my shorts and grabbed my semi hard cock and squeezed a little. With her free hand she reached around and grabbed my waistband to pull my shorts and boxers down. She squats down to pull my shorts off, she’s face level with my dick that is now rock hard.

“If I were really trying to turn you on, I’d do something like this” she says as she slowly starts standing back up, she’s still got a hold of me, and opens her mouth, she sticks her tongue out and slowly licks my balls, up to my shaft and keeps going until she reaches the tip. Then she lets go and stands up.

“Now take your shirt off and go lay on the table” she commands.

“You are so mean to me, I’m expecting you to finish what you just stated later” I said as I took my shirt off.

“You will like it, and there will be way more than that later, I promise you. Now get that sexy ass onto the table” she said as she smacked my ass.

We both climbed onto our respective tables and got under the sheet. Laying face down with an erection is difficult. As I was trying to adjust myself, there was a knock on the door.

“Come in” I heard my wife say to them.

I quickly got myself situated and put my face in the hole as I heard the door open and feet shuffling across the floor.

“Stacey is that you and Mackenzie?” My wife asked.

“Sure is, are you two ready for a great experience?” One of them said I couldn’t see anything so I have no idea who was talking.

“Of course we are, Stacey can you do me while Mackenzie does my husband?” I heard my wife ask.

“That’s the plan!” I heard, I assume that was Stacey responding.

I heard them moving towards us and I caught a glimpse of some white tennis shoes walk by, she had a small ankle tattoo, it looked like it said “Mack” something. I couldn’t quite make it out.

Suddenly there were hands on my shoulder. It caught me off guard and I flinched a little. The hands gripped me tighter and pushed me back down. Which I thought was a little strange but also kind of hot. Damn it…my mind starts to wander, my cock twitches.

The hands start to move down my body and it feels good. I’ve never Adapazarı Escort had a massage that felt this good before. Maybe I was starting to let go of my anxiety a little bit. Mackenzie starts to massage up the other side of my body.

On top of that, I can I hear my wife moaning on the other table, she seems to really be enjoying what Stacey is doing to her.

My mind has started to wander as the massage continues. The hands were on my thigh when I thought I heard some whispering coming from the other side of the room. I turn my head slightly to take a peek with one eye above the face hole. I see Stacey up near my wife’s face and they are definitely whispering to each other. I can’t quite make out what they are saying though.

Suddenly Stacey licks my wife’s earlobe and the gently sucks it into her mouth. That time I was definitely sure of what I saw! Stacey turns to me and has a devilish smile. What the heck is going on?

“Oh you naughty boy, you weren’t supposed to see that just yet.” Stacey said looking right at me.

My eyes are focused on Stacey as she starts to unbutton her blouse and walks towards me. She looks at Mackenzie who is behind me and nods.

“Your wife is my favorite customer, she’s a great tipper.” Stacey explains. “The first time was an accident, during one of her massages my hands accidentally slipped in between her thighs. My finger grazed her pussy, which was a little wet. The next thing you know my head is clamped between her thighs, licking her lips and sucking her clit.” She glances back at my wife, “You’re delicious.”

Stacey continued to undress and tell me the story. “A couple of sessions later your wife overcame her pussy aversion and returned the favor. Now she’s a fantastic pussy eater, she’s really good with her tongue and can get me off faster than my husband Mack.”

Holy shit what the hell is going on? I’m so flabbergasted, I look over at my wife who is now laying on her back and masturbating. She looks at me with lust in her eyes and winks.

“We don’t always have sex when she comes in, sometimes it was just a massage and a great conversation. We’ve had some really interesting conversations in the last year. I’ve learned a lot about your wife, but more importantly I’ve learned a lot about you.” She said as she removed her shirt and and pants.

Now she’s standing in front me in just her plain white underwear and a matching bra. She reached behind her and unsnapped the bra, setting her breasts free. I think all women must hate wearing those things because she made the same expression of relief that my wife does when she takes hers off. Her breasts were very pert and not too big but not too small. Her nipples were erect.

“Your wife told me that she fucks you in the ass with her strap-on, she also told me that you used to give blowjobs and enjoyed being on your knees with a cock in your mouth. She told me that you fantasize about being taken by a large cock while she watches.” she said as she bent down and removed her white cotton underwear.

I was in complete shock at this point. She stood back up and I could see that she was completely shaven, her vulva was gorgeous and smooth. She has another small tattoo right on her hip bone, it’s a small heart. I glanced at my wife who was still masturbating on the other table, she seemed lost in her own little world at this point.

“You know, my husband, Mack is also a masseuse and he has a really big cock that he likes to use to fuck married men while their wives watch them turn into cock hungry little sluts. He’s really good at fucking.”

Mack. Mack. Mack…..it slowly dawns on me that Mack is short for Mackenzie….

I turn my head and there stands a rather tall man, he’s about 6 feet tall, a little taller than me. He’s in better shape than I am, not quite a six pack but he’s pretty toned. What really caught my attention though was his enormous hard cock. It had to be nine or ten inches long and it looked to be about a thick as a can of Red Bull. I haven’t seen many erect dicks in real life, this had to be a porn level cock. My mouth was watering as his very large staff seemed to be waving at me as Mack was breathing.

I turn back to my wife who is still playing with her clit. Stacey has made her way back to my wife’s table and is now standing over my wife’s face. She turns to look at me and just gives me a nod and a wink. Then she turns her head skyward to accept the gift the that being lowered towards her mouth. I see her lick her lips and smile just before Stacey finishes her descent. The hot naked masseuse is now straddling my wife’s face.

Stacey starts to gyrate her hips, grinding herself into my my wife’s face. I can’t believe what I’m seeing. My wife who always made me wipe my face after going down on her before she would kiss me, now has a pussy grinding on her face. I rolled onto my side to get my now hardening cock free from the table.

I can’t take my eyes off the scene on the other table, until Mack comes around the Serdivan Escort table and without saying a word grabs me by the hair and pulls me towards his cock, which I willingly allow into my mouth.

He grips my hair tighter to hold my head in place and begins to thrust in and out, not too aggressively, just a gentle thrust of about half his length going and out. It’s been so long since I’ve had a cock in my mouth. I didn’t realize how much I missed sucking dick until just this moment, as a man, who I hadn’t properly met yet, face fucked me with his large member.

“Mmmmmm,” I moan as the gentle thrusting gets a little more aggressive, his grip on my head gets a little tighter. I can hear Stacey and my wife moaning on the other table. For a minute or two all you can hear is moans of ecstacy.

I decide that I really want to be in a more submissive position for this. I’ve always wanted to be on my knees while my face gets fucked. I try pull back so I can speak but Mack holds tighter and won’t let me go.

I try to talk, but it’s surprisingly difficult with a can of Red Bull shoved in your mouth. “II walt to got ohn mah neeze peeze”

Mack stops and pulls out of my mouth, still gripping my hair he asks “What was that cocksucker?” His voice is kind of rough and very stern.

“I want to get on my knees please..” I say timidly. A little intimidated.

He lets go of my hair, steps back and nods at the floor in front of him. I practically jump off the table and onto my knees, It’s been less than ten seconds and I already miss having him in my mouth.

Just as Mack grabs my head with both hands and pulls me onto him, I see my wife and Stacey getting off their table and coming towards us.

Mack starts to pick up his pace as my wife kneels down next to me on one side, Stacey on the other. I start to imagine a three way blowjob going on but in this moment I really don’t want to share, I want it all to myself, I want to be used and abused by this man and his cock.

I think Mack felt the same way as he grabbed me tighter and started to go faster and harder.

“Hey babe” my wife whispered in my ear, “if I had realized how sexy you would look getting face fucked, I would have arranged this a long time ago. I’d really love to see you take it all, can you do that for me?”

“Mmmmm-hmmmm” I moaned.

My wife looked up at Mack and asked, “My cock hungry husband wants it all, can you give it to him?” As she finished her question she reached out and grabbed my own rock hard dick and squeezed it. She was letting me know that she loves me.

“You said he’d sucked dick before but you didn’t say he was a total slut for cock!” Stacey said to my wife.

“I had no idea he was! I thought it was just boys experimenting or whatever. But you’re right he’s a total slut. I love it! It’s so hot!”

My wife said as she lovingly squeezed me again.

Mack started trying to push further and further down my throat. I’ve practiced trying to deep throat on my dildo at home and I’m actually able to do it, but he is much larger. I have no option but to try and open my throat further than I ever have before. I started to gag and an excess amount of saliva starts coming out of my mouth. I’m getting closer and closer to taking it all the way in.

My wife starts to slowly stroke me in time with Mack’s thrusts, she leans in and whispers “you’ve almost got it babe, you can do it, I’m so proud of you!”

Mack continues to push further into my mouth, I continue to gag, until my throat completely opens up and he slides all the way down. He grabs the back of my head and pulls me into him, my nose is buried in his pubic mound and his balls are resting on my chin.

“Holy shit dear you did it! It’s all the way in!” my wife yelled excitedly. “That’s incredible. Now I want to see you take it all in your ass!”

As she says that, I lose it and cum all over the floor. At the same time, I feel Mack’s cock pulse three or four times as he cums right down my throat. He pulls out and I notice that he’s still hard as a rock. I instantly miss having him in my mouth.

As I’m gasping for breath I hear Stacey “He can cum three or four times in a row before he needs a break.”

My wife kisses me on the cheek and says “We’ve still got 45 minutes left.”

I’m in a bit of a daze from the brief lack of oxygen and as I’m trying to come to my senses, I see my wife and Stacey begin to double team Mack’s still raging hard cock with their hands and mouths. Eventually they are both sliding up and down the sides of his shaft, tongues flicking back and forth, making out with each other and the giant dick between their lips, it’s one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen.

“Get on the table” I hear Mack grunt to Stacey. She obeys and hops up on the table and lays back. She spreads her legs and scoots her ass all the way to the edge. Mack closes in and and grabs her hips to support her. She puts her legs on his shoulders.

He slides into her waiting pussy with ease and starts out slow and steady.

I’m still on my knees on the floor, trying to catch me breath. My wife is now playing with my balls and nibbling on my ears. We both just watch the two masseuses going at it. Mack picks up his pace a little bit and Stacey starts to moan and rub herself.

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