Cousin Jenny Ch. 2


Jim was dumped onto his cousin’s farm for the holidays as his parents went on a cruise. All seems to have turned out well for Jim as Jenny’s a stunning girl and he also lost his virginity to her on his way to the farm.

* * * * *

Jenny kissed Jim deeply on the mouth before she slid from his lap. Their eyes met and Jim could see the lust in them. He gathered she could see the same in his too. Damn, he was getting hard again. Jenny slid back onto the driver’s seat. Cum still oozed from her slit, making a muddy puddle with the dust on the seat. He looked down to his privates. His hair was caked with their juices and his dick gleamed with its slimy coating. Jenny started the jeep and sped off on the dust road to the farm.

Jim looked over the veld and ’s mind spun as he started to take in what was happening to him. It was getting late and Jenny drove the shit out of the jeep – more to keep her mind from Jim than the urge to get home before dark. He had to hold firmly to the doorhandle as not to be thrown from his seat. He could not believe what was happening. Here he was, naked, in the middle of nowhere with a girl who just gave him the fuck of his life. He glanced at her and his dick threatened again with an erection. Oh, man was she beautiful. He looked at her face, drawn with concentration from driving, but exquisitely proportioned. Her nose turned him on. She had a slightly curved nose which pointed out. Her tits bounced and jostled each other as the jeep shook them violently. Even with the wind rushing past he could sense her arousal. The puddle on her seat seems to be replenished constantly. Her slim body was a feast for the eye.

Jim was hard again. A big drop of pre-cum oozed from his dick. He wiped it and licked his finger to hide the evidence. Jim did not want Jenny to think he was a sex-crazed teenager like all the other boys. He turned in his seat so his dick would be hidden from her line of sight and looked at the receding light of the sun casting long shadows. Jenny, who had watched him with sneak peeks now constantly grounded her mound onto the seat. Her nipples were as hard as his dick. The sunset was spectacular. His erection gradually died down again. Jenny pulled to a halt at the top of a hill. The sun was in front of them. A huge orange ball that turned red as it sank beneath the horizon. They watched in silence. Jenny put her hand on Jim’s thigh. Jim took it and held it in his. Jenny slid closer to him and dropped her head on his shoulder, cuddling against him. Jim put his arm around her and held her to him, cupping her breast with his hand. He whispered, as if too afraid to disturb the serenity.

“This is so beautiful Jen. I never saw something like this in my life. I’m so glad I can share this with you.”

“Yes,” Jenny whispered back. “This is the most beautiful spot on the farm. Hold me tight, my handsome prince” With that she cuddled against him, purring like a contented Escort kitten.

Jim held her tightly against him, softly caressing her nipple. They sat like that, watching the sun’s disappearance for another ten minutes before Jenny slid her hand from Jim’s shoulder to his semi-erect dick. She held it in her hand, pulling the foreskin back over the head. This was all excuse Jim needed to get hard almost instantly.

“Hey we’d better get to the house now, you definitely need some attention.”

She said it in a low and naughty voice. Jim looked at her, and nodded his approval. His dick was now hard as rock, and, he didn’t give a damn about it either. He wanted Jenny as bad as she wanted him. Cum boiled in his balls. Jenny drove the remaining mile or so calmly in the fast receding light. The light was getting dim and he could see the outline of some buildings. Jenny stopped the jeep in front of the largest building. She hopped out of the jeep and grabbed their discarded clothes from the back. Jim reached over for his bag and also jumped out. Jenny opened the front door and flicked on the light. Jim followed her in, his hard dick swaying awkwardly in front of him. Jenny shut the door behind them and slid the bolt on.

“Follow me.” She said.

She walked into the entrance hall. Jims jaw dropped at what he saw. The place was a palace. Jenny led him up a flight of stairs, obviously to where the living quarters were. She swung a large door open, flicked the light on and motioned for him to enter. Jim gallantly swiped her off her feet and carried her towards a large four-poster bed. Halfway there he stopped. Jim looked at the naked girl in his arms. He could not help but to burst out laughing. Jenny slid out of his arms, rather annoyed.

“What are you laughing at?” She demanded.

“You!” He replied “Take a look in a mirror”

Jenny walked towards a mirror hanging from the wall. Then she too burst out laughing. She was a mess and so was Jim. Jim walked towards her and looked at himself. The dust from the road mingled with their sweat and other bodily secretions made muddy streaks all over them.

“I see your point, Jim. Let’s have a shower.”

With that she grabbed his hard dick and led him into the bathroom. The shower was large enough to hold at least 5 people. Jenny turned on the water. There were three heads overhead and a few sprays at waist level and also a soap and shampoo dispenser. The two walked in. The cool water was heavenly on their bodies after the day in the scorching sun. They each washed and with the last dirt rinsed off, Jim started to massage Jenny’s neck and shoulders. Jenny felt as if she was on a cloud as Jim’s hands worked magic on her. He went lower and lower and covered her whole body. She groaned with sexual excitement as he started work on her tits. Her hands slid down to her pussy and she started to finger fuck herself.

“Where did you learn to Escort Bayan give a massage like that?” She mewed in his ear.

“Guess I learned a lot from the masseur at the gym.”

He lowered his hands to her soppy cunt. His fingers joined hers and she guided him into giving her clit a good workout.

“It’s the first time I’m doing anything like this, so tell me if I’m doing anything wrong.” he said.

Jenny just nodded. Her clit was standing out from its sheath so Jim had no problem in locating it. Jim certainly pressed the right buttons as Jenny was bucking against his hands and breathing heavily. Soon Jenny’s knees buckled under his clumsy, but dedicated approach and she moaned as an orgasm struck her and Jim had to support her for a while.

“Fuck, Jim.” She panted, “If that was an unskilled approach, you’ll kill me if you become an expert. Oh fuck, I want you inside me!”

“Lets dry off and hop onto that lovely bed.” suggested Jim.

Not answering him Jenny opened the shower door and took a towel from the rail. She patted herself dry and tossed the towel to Jim. Jenny ran towards the bed and jumped on it. She layed on her back with her feet up so Jim could have unrestricted access to her cunt. She was trembling with excitement as Jim also hopped on the bed. He slowly positioned himself and touched her slit with the tip of his dick.

Jenny worked her hips to try and get him inside, but he just kept rubbing his tip in the constant flow from her cunt.

“For fuck’s sake Jim, don’t tease me, FUCK ME!” Jenny almost screamed with frustration. Jim laughed and began a gentle forward motion. He felt her pussy split as his dick slowly entered her. The sensations was terrific as his dick, cool from the shower, entered her volcano hot hole. Jenny wanted none of it and with a grunt, she arched her back and Jim found himself buried to the balls in her. She clamped down on him with her legs and rolled them over so she was on top.

“Jim,” she said, “we can play later, now I want to get fucked and I am going to fuck you unless you want to fuck me.”

With that Jenny raised herself a little. Jim felt how her lips sucked on his dick. The cool air onto his wet shaft and the heat from the part still inside her was immensely enjoyable. Jenny slammed down on him. The heat from her pussy onto his dick was incredible. She was so tight on him. For Jim this was as if he was in her for the first time. In the jeep he did not really pay so much attention, the thought of him being fucked was so too overpowering for him to fully sense what his body told him. Her body ground into his as she tried to get as much of him inside with every stroke. Jim caught on to her rhythm and met her midway in her downward thrusts. Meanwhile, his hands got busy on her tits. She enjoyed this attention immensely as she did not last five minutes before the first spasm shook her.

Jim decided to take Bayan Escort control. He moved her so that he was again on top. His own need to cum was magnified by Jenny’s now incoherent babbling of obscene commands. She was so close to cumming. Jim wanted to join her in orgasm. The sexual energy built up in him all day was begging for release. He adjusted himself and started to fuck her with long slow strokes, making sure his dick touched her clit on every down stroke. Jim slid out a few times before he got his stroke length right. Jenny could not take much more. Her cunt clamped down on him like a vice and her flood gates opened. She groaned and her body went out of control as an enormous orgasm took hold of her, drenching them with cum.

His own orgasm now built up to where he could not control it and he shot his load into her. Jim had never experienced such an orgasm and he slumped onto her writhing body as his balls drained themselves into her hot slit. Jim came for almost a minute as Jenny’s cunt milked the cum from him. It felt for Jim as if he came in slow motion. With each pump his body made, he felt absolute bliss. Jenny’s movements beneath him were like heaven descended on his dick as her cunt spasmed in orgasm. Her cunt was so wet and slippery on his dick, yet she held him so tight. He could feel how his cum and hers mixed and pumped past his dick onto the bed. They just layed there for about five minutes before either was able to react again.

Jim raised himself from her. His dick was as hard as ever as he pulled out from her. He turned over on his back.

“That was awesome,” he said, “I never came like that in my life! More so, I can’t believe I’m still hard.”

“MMMMM” was all that Jenny could reply. Then she opened her eyes and saw his erection.

“Jim, I don’t know how you still can be hard after that load you shot in me, but if you have no objections, I can put it to some use”

“What did you have in mind?”

Jenny sat up and leaned over him. She kissed the tip of his dick. It tasted of them and she loved it. She licked the excess cum off him. There was no way this rod was going to go limp soon. Jenny kissed him on the mouth and Jim tasted their cum. He’d decided he liked the taste and kissed her anxiously back, their tongues twisting round each other as he tried to get as much of their cum from her. Jenny broke off the kiss and whispered into his ear:

“Fuck me in the ass”

“What?” Jim could not believe what she just asked him.

“I want your hard dick in my backdoor, Jim. Will you do it for me?”

“You mean fuck you in your …?”

“Yes, in my ass, please. I’ve had an enema before I left to pick you up and you can use a condom so you don’t get dirty. Please Jim, I really need to be fucked there as well. I know you’ll love it in there too.”

Jim was none to keen to fuck her in the ass. He had always thought strange of people doing it, but then, Jenny really wanted him to and he did not want to ruin the day. He had not so long ago lost his virginity, that was nice, he tasted his and her cum which was also nice. Who knows, maybe it wasn’t so bad?

“OK, get a rubber” he said.

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