Covina Ch. 02


(NOTE: My good friend Refugio Ruben Cardenas (also known as Cisco) wrote this story. He is currently on death row in San Quentin State Prison for a murder he did not commit. Upon his request, I am posting this story for him. Enjoy!)


The following morning Covina dropped her girls off at her mother’s so she could go to work. To her surprise Socorro was sitting at the kitchen table with her son’s girlfriend. Covina greeted both females then went on to talk to her mother. Covina went back to the kitchen shortly after. The two females were still talking, and as she was about to leave she overheard Socorro talking about Cisco and how he makes love and that he was the first to take her from the back. Socorro told her how at first it hurts but once it’s in it’s unbelievably good. Covina felt her pussy and rectum start to throb and become moist. She quickly continued to make her way to the back door so she could get her daughters’ school backpacks out of her car before heading to work. As she opened the door she bumped into Cisco knocking her off balance, but before she could fall Cisco grabbed her and pulled her to his chest. The touch of his hands on her sent chills through her body relaxing her but she fought the urge to lay her head against his chest, she slowly pulled herself away from him blushing from embarrassment as he looked deep into her beautiful eyes. The heat and throbbing between her legs began to build up faster.

“Excuse me I didn’t see you.” She said in a soft voice.

“The apology is mine, I should have been paying attention.”

“Well, thank you for catching me so I wouldn’t fall, because I would have been really embarrassed. More than I am right now.”

“The pleasure was all mine.” He said with a smile as he continued to stare deep into her eyes. “So whenever you need some help feel free to ask, as I hope you’ll let me help you more often, so what were you in such a rush to do?”

“Well I’m on my way to work, but I have to get my girls’ backpacks out of the car for school, so what are you doing here this early?”

“Would you believe me if I said so I could run into you?”

“Are you trying to hit on me?”

“I am if it’s working.” He said with a grin. “But you would know how I really feel if you would have joined us last night.”

Covina’s face turned red in embarrassment as she thought of him knowing she walked in on him last night, no words came to her voice as she tried to say something, but Cisco knew what was on her mind so he played it off and teased her. “You know at the party, I’m sure you know how to dance, it would have been real nice to see you enjoy yourself, but the truth is I came to help clean up since it was my party and it’s only right, don’t you agree?”

“Oh! Yeah, thank you.” Was all she could say as her son came out the back gate. So she hurried to her car to get her girls’ backpacks, waiting a few minutes as her son and Cisco went inside. She let out a long sigh as she leaned against the car allowing the throbbing between her legs to subside as her racing heart slowed back to normal as she thought how sexy Cisco was looking with his hair down and how his sling shot was like a second skin to his chest and how strong and defined his arms are, and the wonderful feeling she felt while he had held her, it was only for a few seconds, but they felt like hours. Letting out another sigh she got herself together and went back inside.

Well at work Covina continued to think of Cisco, wondering what he was doing at that moment. She imagined she was at her mother’s watching him out the laundry room window like she did last night at the party, watching him cleaning the backyard, taking off his shirt wiping the sweat from his face as the sun beamed bright on his sexy body, then her mind went back to him in the bedroom. Covina was lost in her imagination when Sandy startled her when she yelled Covina’s name.

“Damn!! Girl who is he? You got lust all in your eyes, so don’t try to lie to me.” Sandy said. She one of Covina’s best friends, and they told each other everything.

“Oh! I was just thinking about something, it’s nothing.” Covina responded.

“Nah girl, you weren’t thinking of something, it’s more like someone, I called your name like twenty times, shit if I didn’t break the little spell he gots on you, you would have started to cum on yourself, so I’ll ask again, who is he? I want to hear everything so spill the beans.”

“Okay, okay, but you can’t say anything. His name is Cisco, he’s young, but legal, he just got out of CYA and he’s so beautiful and his body is so sexy, and when he stares into my eyes I feel like he sees my soul, and reading my mind, and the warmth of his body against mine ha d my heart racing over time and my, you know was so hot I almost lost myself right there, and he smells sooooo good.”

“Hold up, hold up a minute I’m lost, have you hooked up with him?” Sandy asked in confusion.

“Well, no, not like that, I was walking out of the house this morning and Güngören escort I walked into him and I almost fell down but he caught me so I wouldn’t, but that short touch of his body my heart started to race and the way he looks deep into my eyes, I wanted to kiss him so bad for him to take me right there. He makes me so hot, but my son came out the back I just walked off ending our short conversation.”

“What were they doing at your house, and what were you talking about?” Sandy eagerly asked, wanting to know every last detail.

So Covina told her everything about the party and what she heard Socorro saying and what Cisco had said to her in their short encounter, but she keeps what she walked in on last night to herself more out of embarrassment than what Sandy might think of her.

“Girl, I think he likes you, and I don’t think he was just being nice, you got yourself a new man girl and don’t try to deny it Covina, I can see that sparkle in your eyes, you don’t just have the hots for him, you’re falling in love with him.”

“Shut up! Sandy you’re crazy, I’m sure he could have any girl he wants and what would he want with an old lady like me? Shoot he had a young beautiful woman in my mother’s kitchen who he was with last night, he was just being nice, plus he’s my son’s friend, so he probably just sees me as his friend’s mother, nothing more.”

“Look girl, you’re not old, you’re far from it, and you’re beautiful at that, you’re MILF, plus you know he’s into you because if you thought he wasn’t you wouldn’t be all giddy over a guy who wasn’t into you, you’re not a little girl, you’re a grown-ass woman and I haven’t seen you this happy in a very long time, in fat I never seen you this happy outside of the birth of your children, and all I know is just the thought of being with Cisco is making you this happy, imagine how much better life would be if you got together with him if you just allowed yourself true happiness for once in your life. Covina, you’re my best friend so I’ll be honest with you, you’ve done the good wife thing for fourteen years now and that hasn’t got you anything but heartache, sadness, misery, loneliness and tears, for what? So he can continue to betray your trust? I told you many times, he doesn’t love you, he loves the way you take care of him, the way you bend over backwards for him, and how he can take advantage of you without a second thought or care, because there has never been any consequences to his betrayal.”

“But the girls!”

“But the girls, nothing! Covina, is this what you want to teach your girls? You want them to grow up thinking life is supposed to be this way? That it’s okay to be someone’s punching bag? That that’s what love is, if there is no tears, there is no love? Do you want your girls to be in a relationship where the man don’t love them and instead he abuses them? No! I don’t think so, so why are you going to continue to be someone’s doormat? Covina I love you, but you’re too kind-hearted and make too many sacrifices for a piece of shit like your husband, he’s trash and ain’t worth the spit on the bottom of your shoe, and this ain’t about Cisco, I felt this way for a long time and you know this, I’m just tired of seeing you so down all the time and never happy, and always putting others needs before you own. You have to be a strong woman for your girls so they can look at you as an example, but I know you don’t want them to have someone walking all over their little hearts do you? And yeah! The girls love their dad, but you’re not taking them away from him if he wants to be there for them. All you’re doing is moving on so you can finally find happiness, we’re no spring chickens girl, and life is too precious to waste it living miserable for a piece of shit like him. You did the good wife thing and standing next to your man through thick and thin is honorable, and that’s what a woman is supposed to do, but it’s a two-way street, and only when it’s right, you’re not even in love with him, if you were happy and in love I would tell you hell yeah you ride with your man and stand by him, but you’re not and he only causes you and the girls more pain, and I say if there really is something between you and Cisco, and if he is already making you this happy when you don’t even know him, then there is reason to find out what is really there, and don’t be afraid to go out and get what you want in life, we have to take chances in life, and only through action will we find the outcome to those chances, we have to sink or swim baby, who knows, maybe it’s in the stars.”

“Sandy, I wish it was that easy, but I know he’ll never give me a divorce, and I don’t want to hurt my girls, he’s their dad.”

“He hasn’t been there for them anymore than he has been there for you, so he ain’t been much of a father to them, and little S is already seeing him for what he is, don’t you know it’s their little hearts that he continues to break and not just yours? That’s torture if you ask me, and I’m not telling you İnnovia escort bayan to jump into bed with Cisco or anyone, I’m just saying it’s time for you to really think about what you really want and what’s best for you! And don’t worry about the kids, they’ll always be okay as long as they have you.”

“Well I have to agree, you make a lot of good points and I do got a lot to think about, but why do I feel so bad?”

“Because you’re such a kind and sweet woman, but you got to listen to your heart, and trust me, it knows what it wants and needs, and what you have ain’t it, but it’s nothing to feel bad about, you gave him fourteen dedicated years to give you what you heart wants needs, but it’s time to move eon now, so if this Cisco character does approach you, or anyone, don’t be afraid, and if not, don’t be afraid to approach him, it’s the new millennium and us women are in control now.”

“You’re crazy Sandy! I don’t know what I would do without you.” Covina said as they continued to laugh before going back to work.”

A week had gone by without seeing Cisco, she heard he was out of state on business and wouldn’t be back til this weekend. Covina hadn’t been able to get him of her mind, it was like a piece of herself was missing without Cisco around, she found herself hanging around her mother’s more often waiting to get a glimpse of Cisco across the street at his house, or run into him when he’s at her mother’s hanging out with her son. As the warm shower water ran down her body she closed her eyes, remembering the day she sat by the front window of her mother’s house, watching form a safe distance and under the cover of the tinted window as Cisco took of his shirt exposing his fit, sexy body and placing it in the back pocket of his pants, his muscles flexed then relaxed in his arms and chest as he pulled the draw string of the lawnmower under the hot sun of an August afternoon. She then started thinking of the night of the party, he body started to heat up as her hands caress up and down her body, eyes still closed, her breaths quickened as her mind took over, he nipples started to get hard as her hand began rubbing them, first one, then the other, as she pinched them ever so slightly, they grew harder and red. Her face started to flush as the throbbing between her legs started to grow, she could feel her clitoris starting to swell, with her right hand she made her way between her legs, she was all wet, starting to leak as her wetness seeped out of her pussy with a rush of need and desire, she shoved first one, then two fingers straight into her wet aching pussy as far as they would go, with a sigh of relief, feeling her finger curve along the edge her walls as they explored the hot soft silk flesh that gripped them tightly, she began to breathe deeply and soft moans escaped her lips as she started to slowly slide them in and out, rubbing her hardened g-spot and steady circles around and over her swollen clitoris with her thumb. Her left hand continued to pinch, pull and rub on her small swollen nipples between her fingers, then cupping her breast, firs tone, then the other, pushing them to her lips as she took each nipple into her mouth, sucking and running her tongue over them. The heat began to build up, she could feel herself getting closer, all she could think of was Cisco, and how she wanted him so badly, how good it would feel to have his cock deep inside her pussy right now, how she so badly wished it was her who he was taking from behind, how she needed him, how she wanted him to be the first to take her from behind, how she needed to know how his cock felt in her rear, and without a second thought she pulled her fingers out of her pussy and with one full thrust shoved her two fingers into her rear, it was painful, but the most electrifying delicious pain she ever felt, her eyes flew open wide as she let out a load moan as it pushed her over the edge and she started to cum, he knees became weak under her, but before she could catch her breath a second explosion hit her, into a warm perfect flood of euphoric bliss that filled her from toe-to-toe, finger-to-finger, breast-to-breast. She leaned against the shower wall to hold herself up, her juices flowed freely out of her pussy and down her legs, the warm shower water was bliss to her muscles throughout her body as it helped them to relax Covina slowly pulled her fingers out of her rear, all she would think about was how good it felt to have her fingers in her ass, it was the first time anything has gone inside her ass, the tightness and silks folds of its walls tingled in delight now that her orgasms started to subside. Covina couldn’t help but feel naughty to the act that she just committed, it was all so new and opened a whole new world for her, she never thought such an act would please her as it had, she had always thought it would be painful and nasty, but now that she knew what it was like, she was open to more.

Cisco watched as her hips swayed form side-to-side Escort Kağıthane as Covina made her way to the ordering counter of the shopping mall’s Mexican restaurant, she was alone with a few shopping bags in her hands. He knew this was the best time to approach her, she had been on his mind the last two weeks, since his return home he had only ran into her a few times at her Mom’s which he had no shame to find a reason to be there, he quickly learned her schedule so he could be there when she picked dup her girls since she did not live there and didn’t get off work til after her girls got out of school, he learned she had her own house across town with a pool, so from time-to-time he would imagine watching her swim naked, but even the few times he ran into her they were never a good time because they were never alone, but as he watched her, he knew now was the time to finally get at her, but he still had to build his courage and overcome his shyness so he wouldn’t mess it up, it was hard the first time he tried to flirt with her the feel of breast pressed against his chest had his heart racing and his palms sweating, he got himself together and headed towards her just in time as they handed her order.

“Let me help you with that.” Cisco said as he stepped up and grabbed her order for her.

Covina’s back was toward him, so she never seen him coming or knew he was there, but once she seen it was him a shy smile came to her face and she said, “Thanks.” Cisco caught her off guard and this was their real first time being alone as she looked around to make sure he was alone as he lead the way to the table, it was the first time they didn’t have to worry about anyone coming around a corner to interrupt them, so she finally got her composure, and when she was about to say something Cisco said “So….” Stopping as he noticed she was about to say something at the same time. It was like they both were back in junior high again, trying to be the first to break the awkward silence between them after their first kiss.

“You can go ahead and talk.” Cisco finally said.

“Oh, no! You can go ahead.” She said.”

“Well, I was going to ask you if you were here alone?”

“Yeah, and you?”

“Yeah, so what brings you to the mall?”

“I had to get the girls some new clothes and shoes, and it’s easier for me to do it alone or else they’ll want everything they like. What brings you here?”

“Honestly, I don’t know, I was just passing by and for some reason I had this urge to stop, so if I had to guess, I would say the heavens were guiding me here so I can have this alone time with you, what do you think?”

“Well if I didn’t know any better, I would say you’re trying to sweet talk me.”

“Nah! I never been good at sweet talking, but I would like to get to know you better, if that’s alright with you?”

“Why would you want to get to know me?”

“Well if I’m being honest, you been running wild through my mind ever since I first laid eyes on you, and there is something about you that draws me to you that I can’t and don’t want to shake, so you see, even if I wanted to, I can’t get you off my mind, so I have to get to know you.”

Covina and Cisco began talking about themselves openly as Cisco watched her take small, short bites of her burrito , after she was done they continued to walk around the mall as he continued to shop for the girls. They made their way into the elevator of the parking garage so they could put her bags in her car parked on the top floor.

Covina watched the people below coming and going in their own little worlds, as Cisco watched her staring out the window and as she turned to face him, he stepped forward grabbing her waist with his left hand, her face with his right, pulling her to him, pressing their lips together and her firm breast against his chest, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths for the first time. She tasted of mint, lip-gloss, and a hint of burrito, he tasted of cinnamon. Afraid that the second she pulled back for air, she’d realize she was kissing him and pull away, but her reaction was to press herself tighter to him, keeping their lips locked as she relaxed in his arms and allowed a soft moan to slip from her lips from the passion they shared, as his tongue explored every inch of her mouth and her’s his, and they didn’t want to stop, no quite believing the passion she returned, he savored her taste while his hands ran over her hips, those hips he had stared at so many times as they swayed so seductively form side-to-side, guiding her beautiful firm round ass, that both his hands were now cupping, pulling her pelvis tighter to his crotch, he could feel the smooth hint of her boy short panties along her ass, through the rough fabric of her jeans. He felt it all quickly, eager to consume her before she could disappear. She was lost in the passion, all the sounds around them disappeared, everything was full of only him and her, their rhythmic breaths and his tongue in her mouth, her crotch was burning with desire and the moisture started to slip through her throbbing lips, soaking her panties. Eyes closed, all she could see was black and only think of him as she could feel the heat and bulge of his crotch pressed against her, until he pulled back, looking her in the eyes, as the elevator doors opened.

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