Crystal-the Campaign Volunteer


I was working ate in the campaign office along with about three volunteers. I was in charge of a Get Out The Vote effort for a local candidate and we had been brain storming things for weeks with staff. One of the three volunteers was a college-aged girl named Crystal. Crystal had an engaging smile and the only thing bigger than her smile was her heart and her boobs. I had secretly stalked her Facebook photos after she added me as a friend. I had hopes of determining a little more about her personal life, since I didn’t have the guts to inquire face-to-face. There were the usual family photos, photos of her dog named Lizzard and a few with some college friends. It didn’t appear like she was involved in any relationships, which struck me as odd, considering how strikingly beautiful she was. Crystal was working the phone bank when I stepped behind her and peered over her shoulder as her phone call count. One hundred fifty three wasn’t bad. Crystal smiled when I patted her on the shoulder and commented, “Great job!” Crystal had long brown hair that reached midway to her back. She was a stellar mersin escort volunteer and came by the campaign offices on a regular basis, and was often times, the only person to walk out with me late at night. I was feeling pretty chirpy after finding out our candidate was leading in a poll. So I approached Crystal as she was finishing up her paperwork. “Would you like to share a beer?” I asked. “I don’t know,” Crystal responded. “You’re our best volunteer,” I responded, “It’s on the campaign.” “Well,” she responded, “Maybe one. There was a hole-in-wall bar across the street from our campaign offices, one with a blinking sign that read Open. Most of the people who frequented the bar were middle-aged curmudgeons who had nothing better to do than drown their sorrows in an ale or two. We walked into the dimly lit bar and took seats at a table near the back. Crystal slid into the booth and I followed. The waitress was a middle-aged decent looking girl, with cleavage spilling out of her top and a bad hair extension. I ordered two beers. My conversation with Crystal started off mersin escort bayan with compliments about her work in the campaign. We talked about her school work, her family and her dog Lizzard. Crystal confided that she had no social life and found the campaign a welcome relief from school work. “You’re a beautiful young lady,” I remarked. “I am surprised you don’t have guys chasing you.” Crystal looked down at her chest, and back at me. “Guys get intimidated easily,” Crystal replied. “They’re boobs,” I remarked, “Just part of the package.” Crystal knew a compliment when she heard one. She was no dummy. “Thanks, but most of the guys only see the boobs,” she remarked. “Your eyes are green and you have pierced ears,” I replied, ‘and the little heart tattoo on your left ankle is cute.” “WOW!” Crystal responded. “You noticed. I am impressed, now – what color is my underwear?” I laughed. “No really,” she pressed. “Do you think you know me THAT well?” I paused. “You’re not wearing any underwear,” I remarked. “You wish,” she responded. “No, seriously,” I replied. “How escort mersin would you know?” Crystal shot back. “I don’t know, but I did notice your tat,” I replied. “I’ll give you that,” Crystal responded. “So, just out of curiosity,” I began. “40 double H,” Crystal responded. It was if she could practically read my mind. “Double H?” I inquired. “Yeah, I have to have my bras special made,” Crystal responded. “Doesn’t your back hurt?” I asked. “All the time,” she replied, “but I get used to it.” One beer turned into two as we chatted. Two turned into three and three into four. “You’re getting me drunk,” Crystal remarked, sipping on her fourth beer. “There is nothing wrong with a good drunk when you’re with a friend,” I replied. Crystal leaned against me and whispered, “You want to see them?” “See what?” I asked. “My boobs,” she replied. “Not now,” I responded. “Then when?” she pressed. “I don’t know,” I responded. “You want to fuck me, don’t you?” Crystal remarked. Her remark caught me totally off guard and while it had been my intention to seduce her with a few beers, Crystal was seemingly much smarter than I. She knew how to get to the point without beating around the proverbial bush. “Yes, I do,” I replied. “Well,” she shot back, “What’s stopping you?” “I am waiting for the beer to take effect,” I replied. “You’re about two beers too late,” Crystal responded.

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