CrystalI felt her lips reach the base of my cock and I gave the back of her head a soft caress followed by a little push. Her lips gently flared out on the base of my hairless shaft and she moaned with my cockhead buried in her throat. I looked down and watched her green eyes as they stayed locked into mine. Crystal had enhanced her eyes the way she usually did when we went out somewhere. She fringed her lashes with lots of that CoverGirl ThickLash mascara that gave her lashes a longer, plush look. She always added eyeliner to the bottom and top of her eyelids, tonight it was a thin ring of dark green-tinted eyeliner that brought out her green irises and then her eyelids held a green powder on the lids that was blended to silvery sparkle eyeshadow color up to her narrow, shaped eyebrows. It was more eye makeup than a lot of women wore, but it looked just right on Crystal.Her painted face was dusted with a bit of blush and always featured her brightly colored and glitter-glossed lips. She knew I loved her lips when they were brightly colored and slathered in metallic flecked gloss and she wore lip colors that shined brightly in the light and made me want to push the tip of my cock into her mouth.Her sexy, makeup face was a look that I loved to see. Crystal just looked so sexy when she wore that make-up combination and her lips always looked so inviting and juicy. Our evenings almost always included some oral sex, her mouth was not only so inviting but so talented that I could rarely resist at least a few thrusts into her sweet lips. I looked straight into her eyes and thrust my hips forward and buried the head inside her throat a bit deeper and I gave up a quick gasp. Her eyes reacted to my gasp, “Yes baby, you make my cock feel so fucking good.” I said, meaning every word.It didn’t matter how many times Crystal sheathed my cock with her throat, it was always super sexy to watch her pull her lips down the last two inches of my shaft and take me all the way to the root. Most girls can take the first five inches, but only Crystal Pure had swallowed my whole seven. I’ve got a nice sized dick, one that takes real skill to swallow whole. The fact she did it so eagerly and often was definitely a source of excitement for me. The more she did it, the more I wanted her to do it again and the more pride she felt when I told her how amazing she was.”Yea. That’s my liittle cock-swallowing slut, suck every inch of my big meat.” I said as I looked at her pink, glittery lips, still bathed in that shimmer-pink color, snuggled tightly against the base of my shaft. I discovered after just a few dates that Crystal was a seriously sexy man-pleaser, one of her many fine qualities and the one I appreciated most. The excitement of her eyes spoke volumes about her willingness to suck that cock the best she could, as I caressed her cheek with my thumb and withdrew the tip of my cock from her windpipe. She took a deep breath and then gently sucked on the head of my cock, making those wet sounds of giving good head and then swirled her tongue around and around the helmet and slurped on the tip with her soft, sweet lips. I felt her tongue swirl gently around me as her eyes sought praise and her lips caressed the helmet of my circumsized cock.”So good baby, you are amazing. What you do to me with your hot mouth and deep throating me. Fuck.”She pulled her lips off for a moment, staring up at me and smiling.”I love doing it for you. I love to hear you groan and feel your hands tighten against my head when I take you all the way. I love the way your cock tastes, the way you hold my head and take control. Fuck my mouth baby, fuck it good and let me make you happy.”She kissed the tip and licked the helmet, daring me to push her lips back down on me.The three glasses of wine she drank before and during dinner added to her libido without impairing her oral talents. Crystal had learned to suppress her gag reflex long before I ever met her and could throat my 7″ cock anytime I fucked her mouth, which was practically every time we got together. The truth was that the sight of her lips around my cock and my hands in her hair as I lovingly fucked her mouth was the image I jacked off to on the evenings we weren’t together. She had a pretty face that seemed made perfectly for mouth-fucking with her slightly plump lips, her defined cheekbones and eyes that got intense when she even smelled my cock. The chick had a serious case of oral fixation and I was the lucky guy that got to help her with her ‘problem’.I felt her lips caressing the head of my dick as held her head by the two pigtails she had put her long, blonde and highlighted hair into for tonight. I waited a bit, then pushed my hips forward and sank my cock back down into her throat. She was one of those girls that took intense pride in being able to deep throat a cock to the balls and she was totally uninhibited when it came to sex. She would suck my balls, slap my cock on her forehead, spit on my cock, beg for me to cream her pretty face, jerk me off and spunk my load on her big tits, take it in the ass, wear bondage gear, slave silks, schoolgirl, French maid, biker chick or anything else that I wanted. Whatever would make me excited and happy. She told me after the first time she took me down her throat, that she spent a couple of weeks learning to control her gag reflex and deep throat a cock, sucking a dildo daily, getting it deeper and deeper into her throat until she could do it with ease. This was just after her first attempted blowjob, when her first real boyfriend tried to push on her head and fuck her face in the car and she choked on his dick. According to Crystal, his response was a mixture of disappointment and frustration at her gagging on his cock and he told her that she needed to improve. He was 27, and she was just 16, so she was very eager to please her first real boyfriend, and a guy so much older and more experienced. She told me she fantasized about his cock every time she practiced and always played with herself when she was perfecting her deep throat technique. She developed a classic conditioned Escort response to sucking something, especially to deep throating, and that was part of the reason she was so damn good at it. Sucking cock, especially throating a guy brought back a flood of excitement, memories of her first boyfriend and made her pussy turn into a giant puddle of gooey cream.The sweet irony of the thing was that she dumped him the day she was planning to show him all her progress. She was at a friend’s house and caught him sexting her friend, a senior on the cheer squad. Crystal never got to show him her newly acquired skill but all the boys and men after him would always owe that guy a bit of thanks for expecting so much.Crystal was the first chick who ever took me all the way down her throat without choking and I’m 47. I’ve had plenty of great blowjobs, and had girlfriends with an “oral fixation” before, but Crystal was the absolute best I ever experienced at cock-gobbling and the only one who took it to the root so easily.For me, the feeling on my cock was great, but wasn’t as amazing as the symbolism of her ability to get it all in without choking on it . That was what was so damn hot. That mental aspect and the fact that Crystal was a fucking hottie. I loved that she learned to deep throat as a way to bring her man more pleasure. Her eagerness to take it all the way, then look up at me with her green eyes sparkling and seek my praise and approval was truly erotic. She told me that my hand caressing her cheek and my words of praise were as powerfully erotic to her as getting her pussy fucked. She was pretty amazing in bed and I knew I had a rare girl, young, hot, dirty and a genuine sweetheart. She was a bedroom freak that loved to blow my mind with her slutty outfits and nasty actions but also a sweet, adorable chick with a kind heart that cared deeply about me and others.I held her head and felt the tip of her tongue brushing the ball sack she cupped gently in her hand.”Fuck baby, that is sooooo awesome. So god-damn hot.” I said as her eyes lit up from my praise. Just then we both heard a noise and she pulled my cock out of her mouth quickly and got off her knees and down off her bed She opened the bedroom door a crack and slipped outside just in time to intercept her three year old daughter who had woken up and was headed to her mom’s room.”Lets put you back to bed sweetie.” Crystal said.”But Mommy, I’m thirsty.” I heard her daughter say. “Oh mommy, you look like my pretty doll.” Her daughter said.”Thank you baby.” Crystal said. Crystal’s attire was one of her hottest outfits from her brief career as a dancer and as a live girl cam in the websiite ” xsofiax dot com “. A pink bustier and matching micro short skirt, g-string, white stockings and 6” platform pink pumps. She danced at the strip club for about six months. She got her implants three months after Erin Brooks took the stage name Crystal Pure and three months later was sidelined by the thing that sidelines a lot of dancers, pregnancy. Although her real name was Erin, being called Cyrstal was a huge turn-on for her that I stumbled onto shortly after she told me her stage name.Crystal’s boyfriend at the time she was stripping had gotten her pregnant and she wanted to keep the baby and get married. Only one of those things happened. The guy, James, split on her about the same time she started to show in her belly and her piercing charm protruded from the rest of her flat front. Soon after she had to stop dancing and moved back in with her mom and had Andrea. Andrea was a sweet, adorable, smart little girl and her mom was a terriffic mom. Erin found a cheap apartment on the edge of downtown and moved back out on her own about a year after her daughter was born.Erin put the little girl to bed, walked back into the bedroom as Crystal and I eyed her chest. Crystal had great tits. Unbelievable tits. The doc who did Crystal’s implants had done an amazing job with her tits. Crystal’s implants were huge, but not comically enormous. They straddled the line between damn big and too big.Her implants were roughly 700 cc, which on Cryatal’s slim frame made her bra a DD/E size and Crystal was naturally slim so her implants stood off her ribs like whole g****fruits stuffed under her skin and glued to her ribs. Still, they were the slightest bit smaller than too big, making them perfect.The same surgeon Crystal saw for her augmentation did implants for half the girls that worked at the Men’s Club. He knew what his clients from there needed and wanted, a big, round, juicy pair, and it helped that he had easy repayment terms. Crystal said he would finance the surgery for girls from the club out of his business receipts and let the girls pay in monthly or weekly installments. He made a nice profit in interest plus his regular fee. Crystal said his bonus was some epic champagne room nights where the management would let him go upstairs and get free dances from the girls who he had operated on or who were considering adding a pair. He usually gave the house a hundred and shoved generous tips into the g-strings of the appreciative girls who usually made nearly 50 percent more at the club after their implant surgery.The doc now had a former Men’s Club dancer as his receptionist. The rumor was that Tara had fallen behind on her implant payments, went to the doc to negotiate new terms and wound up as his receptionist. Of course, everyone at the club knew Tara’s reputation as a bit of a slut. Actually Crystal referred to her as a “cum-guzzling bimbo” and it was probably true. The other dancers thought Tara had made things harder for them because Tara was willing to “rub the magic lamp” for the customers when giving private dances and also was most likely to off suck off a customer after work in the nearby supermarket parking lot for a little extra cash. She was caught blowing a customer after work by the manager once, and the story was she kept her job only by agreeing to work three months of Monday lunch shifts and by doing a bachelor party strip show for the manager’s best friend. I didn’t know the full Escort Bayan story there, but Jeff, the Men’s Club manager told me Tara was stuffed ‘airtiight’ that night by the dozen men at the party. I didn’t have any reason to doubt him.The girls figured the doc was definitely getting blown daily as part of the deal. I saw Tara out once when I met up with Crystal and a bunch of the girls from the club. Tara had a great body, big, round tits and the bee-stung lip look that came with working for a plastic surgeon. I saw the double piercing in her tongue and knew the doc would be a fool if he wasn’t fucking her pretty, hot little mouth and spraying her tonsils with ball cream every chance he got. And he didn’t seem to be a fool, which probably meant Tara was swallowing a lot of cum.Crystal got her implants about three months before her pregnancy showed too much. She thinks she got pregnant was right after her implants settled into place because James couldn’t keep his hands off her or his cock out of her. She said they probably averaged about twenty fucks a week at that time. She admitted that she was not taking her birth control regularly either, skipping or forgetting sometimes and she got pregnant and had her daughter.Fortunately Erin was able to pay off the $6000 to The Esthetic Institute before she quit dancing. Now she is just 23, a single mom with a three year old. Erin is a bottle blonde with slim legs, narow waist, in amazing physical shape with big, fake tits that were too large to hide. Call her Crystal Pure and you get the added bonus of a dick crazy, uninhibited, former stripper who is always horny as hell.I didn’t know any of this three months ago, when I met Erin at MidTown Auto Repair. I first saw her when I took my car into be repaired. She smiled at me, wearing skin tight jeans and a snug t-shirt that didn’t hide her push-up style bra and those seriously big twins of fun. I saw she didn’t wear a wedding ring and asked her out before she gave the mechanic the key and offered to arrange for me to get a ride to work. She smiled when I suggested we get dinner, put her finger to her lips and wrote down her number and nodded as she quietly said, “text me”. I learned later that one of the mechanics had a crush on her and she didn’t want to accept a date right in front of him out of respect for his feelings.Our first date was pretty boring, dinner at a local gastro-pub, a few drinks afterwards and then it got a lot better with a little make out session on her front doorstep where there was some physical chemistry. I didn’t know it at the time but her friend had come over to babysit her young daughter and was inside the house.Our second date was a few drinks at happy hour. That is when I learned she had a daughter, a little more about her job and single mom status, and I got my hands on her tits on the drive home. It was after drinks, on the road back to her place, I had my hand on her thigh, just below her seriously short jean skirt and she put her head on my shoulder and was kissing and licking my neck as I drove us back to her place. At the stoplight, I reached out to pull her closer and accidentally put my hand on her firm tit and she let out a little gasp and a “yes” fell softly from her lips. I found a spot to pull over at and got both hands on her tits and we made out like teens until her phone beeped with a text from her babysitter asking how much longer she would be gone. She kissed me goodnight on the doorstep and when I gave her ass a squeeze, she rubbed up against my hard cock and we kissed some more. She admitted later that as Crystal, she would have knelt down in the alcove and sucked on my cock if I had pushed on her shoulders and told her to suck me.Our third date was dinner at Erin’s apartment with her young daughter. Erin had told me about her daugher on our previous date, but I didn’t know anything else about James and stripping and the rest of it at the time. After our stay-in dinner date, which was really delicious because Erin can seriously cook, and a little TV time, Erin put her daughter to bed and then slipped into her bedroom. I sat on the couch and flipped the TV to a baseball game, thinking she was reading her daughter a story or something.My jaw practically hit the floor when she came out wearing lingerie, stockings and some of the highest heels a girl can possibly wear. I think my mouth was so far open that she gave me a little kiss to settle me down and then proceeded to give me the most amazing private lapdance of my life. She took the TV remote from me, turned on the party/club music channel on the TV and stood in front of me and started dancing. I think it was her way of showing the benefits that I would get if I kept dating her and her way of compensating for being a single mom with a young daughter at home. I also learned she had the serious hots for me and wasn’t going to settle for a little grope and feel on our third date.I was beyond delighted that Erim was so fucking sexy and looked like a porn star as she rubbed her big tits in my face and ground her ass into my lap. As she danced, she told me about her stint in the Men’s Club by saying, “I danced for about six months before I had Andrea. ” When the third song ended, I pushed her down onto the couch, spread her legs, pulled her tiny g-string to the side and dove into her pussy till she came hard and gushed all over my face. I fucked her next, laying on top of her after she led me to her bedroom, swaying her sexy ass back and forth as she took my hand like the dancers do when you go back to the Champagne Room. I pushed her down on the bed and got on top, kissing her mouth and feeling her big tits as she reached for my zipper and pulled it down and undid my belt. I took a moment to pull my jeans down and off, and her hands felt for my cockhead as I sucked on her hard nipples and pulled her tits into my face. She grabbed the shaft and rubbed it back and forth along her slit and lightly stroked it up and down with her thumb and forefinger circled around my shaft.”Give it to me baby.” She cooed in my ear as she slid the tip Bayan Escort back and forth along her open pussy lips and I held my hips still, “I’m sooo fucking wet for you. Push it inside and fuck my tight little hole.” she said with a gleam in her eye.I couldn’t resist any longer and so I moved my hips fprward as she guided my shaft into her snug pussy. “I’ve got a tight pussy baby, go slow, let me get used to it.” She said as she pushed her hips up and dug her heels down into the bed for leverage.I pushed a bit, letting the tip sink inside her tight slot as I mounted her missionary style.She talked in my ear, and her momths of stripping and giving lap dances helped her learn just what to say to enhance the physical coupling that was taking place between her tight pussy and my stiff cock.”Mmmmm, such a big, older stud, fucking a young, hot girl with big tits. Push more in baby. Sink inside me, let me feel you fill me up with that big dick.” she said gently in my ear.”Soooo good baby. Give me that tight pussy. I’m going to fill you up, then pound you good and hard. You are going to be so well fucked when I am through with you.””Ohhh, yes baby, give it to me. Slam it in after I’m all stretched around you.” She begged as I felt my cock get deep inside her after the fifth thrust.”Fuck it gpod baby. My little kitty is all wet and juicy for you.” She said.I pulled my cock out and then pushed deep inside again and drove it all the way, then pulled all the way out and put my cock in front of her mouth and pulled her head forward. She licked it, tasting her juices as they coated my cock.”Yea baby, suck your flavor off me. Show me you like the taste of us together.” I said as she kissed the tip.I pulled it back from her mouth and pushed it deep inside her pussy again.When I asked her what her stage name was, she whispered, “I’m Crystal Pure, call me Crystal.” In my ear and I shoved myself deeper into her.”Crystal, love that name. Show me what you got for me Crystal. Give me the full treatment.” I said in her ear.She pressed her soft lips to my ear, “Mmmm, let Crystal make you happy baby. Give your big load to Crystal. Fill my Crystal cup and fill your girl up with your seed.” She cooed in my ear as I felt my cock stiffen further.”Yes baby, I love the way you get dirty baby. Show me how much Crystal likes that big cock inside her tight hole.” I said, playing along.”Mmmmm, my hole is so full of that big cock. Feels good to be filled and fucked. Crystal loves getting hammered deep and hard. Give it to your Crystal slut.” She said in my ear, her voice now an octave higher and breathy as I pumped in and out of her.I did just that, slamming in and out of her as she clung to me, wrapping her spike heels around my ass and her slim arms around my neck, raking her nails along my back and grinding her hips around in little circles as I drove in and out of her. I kept at it, pounding and drilling her as she kept her thighs wide and begged me to pull out and finish “Put your cream on your Crystal-slut’s tongue” she kept asking, promising that “Crystal’s gonna swirl your load around in her mouth and swallow all your yummy cream for you baby, give your seed to Crystal to taste.”I did just that on our first time, pulling out of her snug cunt and finishing with the tip of my cock in her lips as I shot my load into her sweet mouth. I was hooked on Crystal the way you can get addicted to anything that sweet and pure.Crystal came back in the bedroom after putting Andrea back to sleep, with that hungry look in her eyes.”Ready for more, stud?” she asked.”I’m ready to fuck all night.” I replied.”Good Daddy, because Crystal-slut needs that big cock back in her greedy, hot mouth.” she said as she slid her hand to my cock and took it out of my hand. “Let your Crystal do that for you, Daddy.” she purred as she gently grabbed my cock around the base and tugged up on it.”Whatcha want Daddy?” she said, knowing exactly what I wanted.”I want you to suck it some more babyslut.” I said and she grinned, “Suck it good baby, love it with your sweet mouth, I’m gonna fuck your face and show you what good girls get when they become dirty little fucktoys.””Oh yea! I love being your fucktoy daddy! You love to fuck my mouth, don’t ya daddy? Can’t wait to get your cock in Crystal’s slutty mouth and let her suck the cum from your big balls, can you?””Enough talk baby, work your mouth on it.” I said and watched as she sucked slowly on the head.”Like that, don’t cha? Like it when Crystal sucks your tip and rubs her tongue all over that big head.””I do baby, and I love that tongue stud rubbing against the shaft, it’s sooo sexy to see you rub that new piercing against my stiff cock. Suck that cock like daddy’s nasty little cum target and let daddy cream into your hot little mouth.”I grabbed her tits in both hands and held on as she slurped deeply on my cock, slobbering on it,and moving her lips on the helmet as she suctioned against my hard meat.”Love your big, designer tits baby. Love your huge tits, how hard and big and round they are. Designed to be played with and shown off so that men want to fuck you more and harder.”I kept hold of her tits and tugged on her nipples. She spat out the head of my cock. “Fuck my big tits! Shove your cock in there and let Crystal jerk your cock with her big titties.”I pinched her nipples and grabbed them with both hands, “I love these big tits baby. I think it’s so hot you got implants done.” I said as I stroked her cheek. “Jerk me between those PERFECT tits, rub them on my cock like a sweet little whore. I know you are a dirty little Barbie slut, showing off your big tits in those little tops and hoping someone would shove a cock between them and fuck your tits” I said.”Mmmm, I love it when you call me names, shoot your cum on your slut’s face and mark her with your sperm. Shoot your thick load on my face. Let me have your seed Daddy.” She said as she stroked my shaft and slapped the tip on her face.That was Crystal, getting so into making me nut on her face and shoot my thick cum at her. She rubbed her lips over the head and I couldnt hold off any longer and began to shoot off, spurting my thick, salty load on her lips and chin and then her cheek and nose as she looked up and smiled, happy to have made me cum so fucking hard for her.Moments like this are why I adore my Crystal Pure.

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