Cuckold Fantasies (Stories i send to my wife and h


Cuckold Fantasies (Stories i send to my wife and hFinding it difficult to concentrate at work, so need to share it!…….. I like to share!You are away for a girls spa break weekend, I said goodbye to you on Friday and am not expecting you back til Sunday evening. On Saturday while at work I get a message from your bull asking if I would like to see a show tonight? I assume he doesn’t want me to go the theatre with him! so I get that familiar rush of blood. I was planning a night out anyway as everything is taken care of at home so i reply “yes”. He gives me the address of a Knightsbridge hotel and tells me to go to straight to reception. Early evening I make my way to the hotel, at reception I am given a key card and an envelope, once in my room I open the envelope, inside is a note from your bull, “Hello cucky, I had a wonderful night of passionate fucking with your perfect wife last night! She really is something special, she does love to please her bull! As a thank you, I will allow you to witness your wife at her best! You will not make a sound, touch your self or your wife, she will be blindfolded and will not know you are there so don’t let me down cuck!! We are having dinner at 9pm (if we can stop fucking!) so you will be in the bar discreetly positioned so you can watch your wife and her lover and see what she acts like when enjoying herself with a real man! Til later Cuck!I am instantly hard, but not sure how I am going to be seeing my wife at dinner with another man!! I come down to the bar at 9.30pm and I instantly spot you on the other side of the restaurant, you look incredible and you look like you are on cloud nine! I find a spot in the bar and watch you for the next hour being very flirty and tactile, at one point you get up and i see you in a very nice dress and heels that I have never seen before you look so hot I really have to fight with myself not to follow you in the toilet and fuck türbanlı çanakkale escort you but I know if you saw me it would ruin everything. When you have finished in the restaurant I watch the two of you walk to the lifts with his arm around you, hand on your hip, while you are waiting for the lifts you kiss passionately and he runs one hand down your back and puts his hand on your bum when you are in the lift you cannot keep your hands off each other and the doors close just as I see you move your hand towards his hard cock, I have a rush of blood at the thought of what you are doing in there! When I am back in my room after 20 mins I am just wondering what i’m supposed to do next when there is a knock at my door, I open the door to your bull, who tells me to keep my mouth shut and follow him, I do as I am told. When we get to your room, we walk in and realize I am going to find this absolute torture not being able to do anything but watch! There is a four poster bed in your room, on it is my wife naked with her wrists and ankles tied to each post and blindfolded, I think I am going to cum straight away, but I am motioned to sit on a chair in the room, my wrists are then tied to the arms of the chair. Your bull then goes to you and kisses one of your nipples and it makes you jump and then gyrate and struggle against you restraints, he starts to kiss you all over your perfect body driving you wild. He slowly woks his way around your body and eventually kisses up the side of your neck finishing at your lips and kisses you passionately he asks “are you ready, baby?” you reply “Yes” and he quickly takes your hard nipple between his thumb and finger gives you hard squeeze you know you have done wrong and quickly correct yourself “Yes, Sir!!” . He goes to the desk in the room where he has laid out a selection of toys and whips, you have no idea what is coming! türbanlı çanakkale escort bayan First he picks up a flogger, he gently pulls the whip down your entire body, your start breathing heavy in anticipation, he does this a few times and then gives you a stroke across your upper thighs you let out a groan of pleasure, he does it again you bite you lip and struggle against your restraints, he starts to give you hard strokes across your body, your legs, your pussy, your tits, you keep your mouth shut and breath heavily through your nose as the delicious pain starts to come. He stops and d****s the whip down your body again, you moan and groan and pull on your restraints. He walks to the head of the bed, takes out his hard cock and puts it on to you your heavy breathing mouth, you instantly know what it is and quickly turn your head to take him in your mouth, like a woman possessed with desire you suck your bull like a good sub, I cannot believe you can take the whole thing but you do, you deep throat your lover in front of me and it drives me wild! As he is deep in my wife’s mouth he brings a stroke down across her pussy and she screams with a mouth full of cock, he pulls his cock out and you lick your lips. He goes back to the desk and puts down the whip and picks up a candle, he goes back to you and lights the candle near you face, you start to fight against your restraints as you know what is coming! The candle burns and builds up a pool of hot wax, he holds it above your body and gentle tilts the candle you are ready for it but the pain still takes you by surprise you let out a small scream as the hot wax lands on your tummy you are biting your lip, wriggling and pulling hard on the rope. He tilts the candle again and the tiny painful beads of wax appear all over your tits you let out a scream just as he slides two fingers into your türbanlı escort çanakkale dripping wet pussy, instantly you try to pull your body down to meet his fingers so you can feel them deeper inside you, he adds another finger teasingly pulls at your G spot, you are panting and moan in absolute pleasure, you ask “Please may I cum, Sir?” he replies “Yes” and I watch as your cum pours from you pussy and you scream in ecstasy. Your bull walks to me and wipes his hand across my mouth and nose, you always smell and taste delicious! He takes off his clothes, unties your ankle restraints but leaves your wrists bound he kneels between you legs to look at his work, you have red marks on your body and red wax on your tits! He takes his cock and slides into your hot pussy, you let out a “mmmmm” and wrap your legs around your lover, he fucks you slowly and deep, he moves your legs up so they are on his shoulders, I have a great view from behind of his cock filling you pussy , he starts to build rhythm and after a few minutes you are close and beg for permission to cum you are given permission but he tells you he is not finished with you yet and he will not be satisfied until he has fucked all of his subs holes, this pushes you too far and you cum hard! You cum is all over his cock and your pussy, arse, thighs are covered in your juices. He pulls his cock out of your pussy and slides his fingers into your pussy, then he gentle slides one of them into your perfect arse, he is gentle and you start to relax and then enjoy the sensation once he feels you are enjoying it he slides out his finger and slides in his hard cock you moan in pleasure he slides all the way in and I think I am going to cum seeing another man balls deep in my wife’s arse! Again he gentle builds a rhythm until he is fucking just like he just fucked you pussy, your legs are together and he is pushing them up, he puts his them onto your clit and makes you cum again because of the position you are in you squirt all over you lovers belly this sends him wild and he explodes in your tight arse filling it with his dom cum!Before I leave your bull takes my phone from me and takes pictures of you tied there and then of your used arse, I go back to my room and last about ten seconds before I cum!Sorry, i’m such a perv!!I Love You!!lXX

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