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“Hi. My name is Brooke. I’m a Leo, about 5’6″, and I’m looking for a cute, sexy girl to help me with my first time.”

“Oh God,” Brooke sighed as she shut off her webcam. “That sounds so desperate.” Embarrassed, she put her head in her hands. “This video dating thing is harder than I thought.”

Weary from having spent thirty minutes straight trying to record a suitable video message, Brooke Corrington rose from her desk and went to stand by her open window. The sun had just set and the cool Miami air wafted into her small, but comfortable condo, creating a satisfying breeze.

Fortunate enough to have a full view of the Atlantic Ocean, she stood looking at the expansive waters.

“Universe,” she whispered, “I need your help. Please let me meet a great girl. One who’s sexy, but kind, sweet, smart and honest. Someone I can really connect with.”

As Brooke watched the gentle blue waters, she reflected on her life.

For as long as she could remember, she’d always been attracted to girls. However, a strict upbringing, coupled with a traditional Catholic school education, caused her to put her passions on hold until she could move out on her own. With hard work, she’d been independent for years: putting herself through school, getting a great job as a legal assistant at a top Miami law firm and even buying the condo she now lived in. Now that she was truly living by her own rules, she finally decided to try to meet that special woman.

As karma would have it, just days after she made that decision, she stumbled upon the CuteGirls4Girls dating website. Looking it over, and realizing that quite a few of the young women looked promising, she decided to give it a try.

Now refreshed, Brooke went back to her desk, sat down and reviewed her webcasts. She studied her warm, mocha-colored skin, her expressive brown eyes, her keen nose and her full, kissable lips. She noticed that having her dark hair pulled up into a loose ponytail made her look significantly younger than her twenty-six years.

“Maybe I should let my hair down,” she said as she reached for the rubberband. Pulling it off, her jet-black hair tumbled down over her shoulders and down her back. She went to the bathroom, looked in the mirror and fluffed it out until her silky hair was bouncy and full.

Then she reapplied her makeup, going for a more sultry look. She used soft rose coupled with deep violet shades on her eyes, which gave her dark skin a sexy glow. She topped it off with a warm, rosy blush and rich crimson lipstick that made her lips pop.

She smiled at her reflection. Satisfied, she went back to her desk. She sat down, got comfortable, then took a deep breath.

“Ok, Universe,” she whispered as she readjusted the camera. “Let’s try this again.”


The next afternoon, Alexis Carter took long sips from a cold bottle of apple juice as she sat at her computer. “I really need to meet someone new,” she sighed as she scanned profile after profile. “But I’m just not finding the right girl.”

One of her good friends, Anita, suggested she visit the CuteGirls4Girls website over a week ago, but it took Alexis that long to work up the courage to even visit the site.

Still sore from a breakup with her last girlfriend, Natalie, over two months ago, Alexis was quite gun-shy about getting into a new relationship. However, her empty heart, not to mention her empty bed, urged her to at least dip her toe back into the dating pool.

She continued scanning the profiles until one in particular caught her eye. She came across a picture of a pretty brown girl with bright, sparkling eyes and a warm, radiant smile. She took a quick look at the girl’s profile.

“I like this one,” Alexis murmured as she read through the brief description. Once she reached the bottom of the one-paragraph description, she saw that there was a video message attached. She held her breath and clicked on the button that read “Play.”

She smiled as the video started and the pretty girl seemingly came to life and introduced herself as Brooke.

“Cute name,” Alexis said as she listened to the two-minute video message.

When it was done, Alexis sat back, pleased. This “Brooke” sounded intelligent, sweet and somewhat shy. Just the qualities that she was looking for.

“Maybe she’d like to chat,” Alexis said as she clicked on the button that read “Reply.”


That evening after work, Brooke stood at the back of the checkout line at the local SaveWay grocery store holding a small basket of groceries. Looking down at the basket, she frowned at the sparse amount of groceries she had. Only shopping for one, it served to be a stark reminder of how alone and lonely she’d been lately.

As she stood there, her cell phone rang. She shifted the basket into her other hand, pulled the phone out of her pocket, flipped it open and gasped. She quickly read the text message from bursa eve gelen escort the CuteGirls4Girls website. The automated text alerted her to a message and video profile in her online mailbox.

Barely able to wait, she tapped her foot impatiently as the line inched forward. Finally she reached the cashier and quickly paid for her groceries. She raced home and ran inside, barely putting everything away before she went into her living room and turned on her computer.

As it booted up, she decided to get more comfortable. She went into the bedroom and stripped off her business suit. After a quick shower, she rubbed a fragrant coconut oil all over her body.

Then she changed into a tight tank top and a pair of matching panties. Staring in her full-length bedroom mirror, her brown limbs gleamed from the oil.

She stroked her taut stomach and smiled. “I’m glad I stuck with that workout DVD,” she murmured as she admired herself in the mirror. “It was hell and I hated every second, but it was well worth it.”

Remembering the waiting message, she went back into the living room and sat down at her desk. She logged into her online account and saw the new message alert. Hands shaking, she clicked on the link.

Suddenly a picture appeared on the screen and she gasped. “She’s gorgeous,” Brooke whispered.

The woman on the screen had a delicious light-brown complexion that seemed to glow with an inner joy and excitement. Favoring a wildly popular R&B star, she had thick, curly auburn hair, delicate features and a bright smile.

Then Brooke scanned to the bottom of the screen and clicked “Play.”

“Hi there, Brooke! My name is Alexis and it’s nice to meet you. I saw your video message and I’m definitely interested! I live here in Miami too and I’m looking for someone special to spend some quiet time with. I have a profile up, so feel free to check it out. If you like it, maybe we can chat sometime. Just reply to this message if you’re interested, ok? All right, thanks! Oh, by the way, you’re so cute! Ok. Bye!”

As the video cut off, Brooke suddenly realized that she had a huge smile on her face.


A week later, Brooke sat nervously in the Sweet Rose café. She twirled the straw in her iced tea as she kept her eyes glued toward the front door.

“What am I doing here?” she muttered. “What if this doesn’t work out? What if this bombs?”

She thought back to the night that she saw Alexis’ video message. She replied to Alexis that same night, which led to a series of brief phone calls between them. Brooke was immediately put at ease with Alexis’ witty humor and found herself not only enjoying each conversation, but looking forward to their next one.

After a few conversations, Alexis made the next move, suggesting that they meet for lunch. Brooke hesitated before accepting, realizing that she’d be meeting a total stranger. Alexis assured her that they could meet in a public place, a place of Brooke’s choosing. Once Brooke decided that they could meet at her favorite coffeeshop, Alexis quickly agreed.

Brooke sighed as she stirred her iced tea again. “She said she’d be wearing a pink sweater and jeans. But no one’s come in like that yet.”

She looked at her watch. It was two minutes before noon.

“Right,” she said. “I was early. It’s not even time yet.”

Brooke took a sip of the tea then set the glass down. She cursed as she realized that her hand was now wet from the condensation on the glass. She nervously wiped her hand on her shorts.

Then she happened to glance toward the door and she gasped.

It was her.

All Brooke could do was stare as a radiant, caramel-complexioned beauty strolled into the café. Her auburn hair, styled in soft, loose ringlets, complimented her light-brown skin perfectly. Her makeup was impeccable and her style was flawless.

The woman wore a fitted, short-sleeved pink cashmere sweater and a pair of snug, boot-cut jeans. Brooke, mesmerized by Alexis’ lush curves, couldn’t help but admire her rounded hips and thick thighs. Alexis’ heels clicked on the tile as she easily made her way across the room.

She was the most beautiful woman Brooke had ever seen.

The woman made eye contact with Brooke, then she smiled brightly and winked.

Brooke smiled back as her heart began to race and her body began to tingle.

The woman seemed to float over to the table, then extended her hand. “Hi. I’m Alexis Carter. You must be Brooke.”

Brooke blushed as she shook Alexis’ hand. “I am. It’s nice to meet you.”

Then she worried that her hand might be damp and cold from the drink. She blanched as she pulled her hand away. “Sorry my hand is so cold.”

“I didn’t notice. You’re pretty warm to me,” Alexis winked as she sat down.

Brooke blushed again. “Thanks.”

The waiter came and handed them their menus. They quickly decided on a light lunch, then relaxed as they got better acquainted.

Over the course of lunch, the women spoke more bursa escort in-depth about their backgrounds. As Brooke briefly told Alexis some of the details about her life, she was flattered at how attentive and polite Alexis was. It warmed her heart to know that this beautiful, gorgeous woman was also so warm and engaging.

Then it was Alexis’ turn. Brooke learned that Alexis had only recently moved to Miami. Years before, she’d been a computer science major at a university in Southern California. Then she’d worked for several years as a software developer for a major computer company in Silicon Valley, but had taken a buyout when her company merged with another larger company. With her lucrative buyout package, Alexis pursued her dream of becoming a freelance software consultant in Miami, where she could comfortably work from home while enjoying the beautiful Florida scenery.

As they discussed a variety of topics, Brooke was again impressed at how cultured Alexis was and her vast knowledge about, and awareness of, the world around her. A raw heat began to rise in Brooke as she realized how attracted she was to Alexis.

She sneaked several peeks at Alexis’ curvy body when she thought Alexis wasn’t looking. Brooke blushed again as the intimate area between her legs began to throb as she thought of what Alexis might look like naked.

Clearing her mind of the erotic images, Brooke sipped on her iced tea as Alexis regaled her with stories of her new life in Miami. Brooke relaxed as she enjoyed Alexis’ sharp sense of humor. Brooke found herself even more attracted to Alexis and her attraction rose to the point that it threatened to explode right there in the café.

As they finished their meals, Alexis motioned to their waiter. She quickly settled the bill before Brooke had a chance to even see it. Then Alexis sat back and took a long look at her.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” Alexis asked. “You certainly have a big smile on your face.”

Brooke nodded. “I’m enjoying myself immensely. You’re great company.”

Alexis smiled. “Then why don’t you come to my home for dinner Saturday evening? I’d love to have you.”

Brooke paused. As attracted as she was to Alexis, she couldn’t help but be a bit hesitant about pursuing an intimate relationship with another woman.

“You’re nervous,” Alexis remarked. “I can tell that you’re pretty tense. What exactly are you nervous about?”

Brooke hesitated, then she decided to be truthful. “You know this is my…my first time on a date with another woman.”

“If it makes you nervous, then don’t consider this a date. Just consider it ‘two girls having lunch,'” Alexis smiled. “I just want you to be comfortable.”

“Oh, I’m comfortable,” Brooke said. “It’s just that…”

“That what?”

Brooke leaned in close. “I’m attracted to you.”

Alexis smiled. “And I, you.”

Brooke’s words tumbled out in a rush. “But I want more. So much more. I love our conversations, and now that I’ve seen you? I want to take it to the next level. But –“


“But I’ve never –“

Alexis placed her hand on top of Brooke’s and stroked it gently. “Honey, I know. So why don’t you come over Saturday? First, I’ll have my cook make us a private, intimate dinner. Then we can just relax. And, remember, we don’t have to do anything you don’t want to do.”

Brooke shivered as she realized that there was a lot she wanted to do. And she wanted to do it as soon as possible.

Sensing the subtle change in Brooke’s comfort level, Alexis leaned in close. “Brooke? Trust me. Just come to dinner. I promise, you won’t regret it.”


That Saturday night, Brooke headed for Star Island, just outside of Miami. As she drove through the swirling streets, she reached what she thought was Alexis’ house. She looked into the camera at the foot of the driveway and pressed the intercom button. The gates suddenly opened, and as Brooke pulled though, into Alexis’ driveway, she was immediately awed at the size of the house and its grounds.

“Alexis said she had a house?” she muttered as she looked at the large structure. “This is a mansion!”

She got out of the car and admired the immaculately maintained lawn, the neatly trimmed bushes and the well-kept trees in the yard.

She walked up to the front door and pressed the button on the intercom. As she stood there, she noticed the fresh flowers planted along the side of the house. Pink and white roses in their glorious bloom seemed to make the entire house warmer and more inviting.

“One moment, please,” a woman said, her voice booming over the intercom.

Brooke didn’t recognize the voice, which immediately set her nerves on edge. She nervously smoothed down her miniskirt as her heart began to pound. As she waited, she took a quick look at her reflection in the glass windows next to the door.

She wore a white, sleeveless silk blouse over a tiny, black miniskirt. She wanted to show off as much of her body as she could, without seeming too forward. The görükle escort deep v-neck of her blouse gave a full view of her round, firm breasts, while the obscenely-short miniskirt showed off her long, luscious legs. She topped off her outfit with a pair of four-inch black pumps that accentuated her toned calves.

She left her dark hair down, but added a few big curls and finger-combed it until it was full and bouncy. She used soft makeup tones, deciding upon rich golds and subtle browns that gave her mocha-colored skin a luminous, radiant glow.

Finally, the door opened. A small, thin woman, looking to be in her 60s, opened the door. “Ms. Corrington? I’m Belle, Ms. Carter’s housekeeper. Please come in.”

As Brooke stepped inside, she was awestruck at the expansive foyer. “Wow,” she whispered as she walked in.

Fresh plants and beautiful flower arrangements decorated the large, open space. A beautiful chandelier hung from the ceiling and rare artwork hung on the walls as marble tile, done in soft white and black tones, layered the floor. The exquisite tile pattern led to a long staircase that led up to the second floor.

“Miss Carter,” Belle announced, as she turned toward the elaborate staircase. “Ms. Corrington is here.”

Brooke looked upward and her breath caught at the sight of her new friend.

Alexis’ bright smile was the first thing Brooke noticed, and it was the first thing that calmed her nerves. Then Brooke’s gaze lowered to Alexis’ lush, curvy body as she walked down the stairs.

Alexis was dressed in a jet-black silk wrap dress that was cinched tightly at her waist. Her curvy, yet fit silhouette was like an aphrodisiac to Brooke. She began to mentally undress Alexis as she walked down the stairs.

Alexis’ face was again made up perfectly. She used warm honey-colored shades to complement her light-brown complexion and a touch of golden lipgloss to add a sensual accent to her glowing skin. As a final touch, her auburn ringlets had been painstakingly straightened and lay in long, silky waves over her shoulders.

“Come in Brooke,” Alexis said when she reached the bottom of the staircase. Then she embraced Brooke warmly. “I’m glad you could make it.”

She linked her arm in Brooke’s. “Martina, my cook, will have dinner ready shortly,” she said. “While we’re waiting, let me show you around.”


Almost an hour later, the women were seated comfortably on Alexis’ soft black leather sofa. Her living room was elaborately decorated with heavy antique furniture but with modern accents added in. Shades of white and gold were used, with black mixed in for a dramatic accent.

Brooke was awed at how lavish Alexis’ home was. Alexis had given her a tour of the house, the grounds and the oceanfront at the edge of her backyard while Martina finished the dinner preparations. They were then served a savory and delicious meal of cracked crab, sautéed vegetables and crème brûlée in Alexis’ spacious dining room.

After dinner, Alexis, sensing Brooke’s nervousness, put on a DVD, a romantic comedy, to try and ease Brooke’s nerves.

As the movie began, Alexis was seated a comfortable distance from Brooke. As the movie progressed, Alexis moved closer and closer. By the halfway point, Alexis was right next to Brooke and could feel her tension.

Alexis reached out and brushed a stray lock of Brooke’s hair out of her face. “Brooke? Are you nervous?” she asked softly.

Brooke trembled. “A little…”

“Why are you nervous?”

“I’ve…I’ve never…”

Alexis caressed the side of Brooke’s face. “I know. But you do want this, right?”

Brooke drew in a sharp breath and nodded. “I’ve wanted this from the first moment I saw you, but I…I…”

“Ok, honey. Shhhh.” Alexis pinched Brooke’s cheek and the pretty girl smiled. “How about this,” Alexis said. “We’ll just go slow. Is that ok?”


“Good. Let’s try this.” Alexis put her hand on Brooke’s knee. She gently stroked the soft, bare skin. “You like that?”

Brooke tingled as electric shocks coursed through her. “Ohhhh…”

Alexis moved in even closer. She inched her hand up Brooke’s bare thigh. “What about this?” Alexis said as she trailed her hand against the silky flesh. “You like that, honey?”

“Ahhh. Yesss…” Brooke whispered.

Alexis slid her hand up to Brooke’s waist, drew her close and held on tight. Alexis paused, then she leaned in, her lips hovering dangerously close to Brooke’s. “May I kiss you?” she asked.

Brooke’s emotions swirled as she nodded. “Oh, yes. Please.”

Alexis leaned forward, their lips almost touching. Then she changed her mind, pressed her lips against Brooke’s neck and sucked deeply.

“Oh God,” Brooke moaned as she wrapped her arms around Alexis. “Oh Alexis, yes!” Brooke’s entire body tingled as she savored the erotic sensations that began to flow through her. She wrapped her arms even tighter around the woman that was giving her so much pleasure.

Meanwhile, Alexis used her tongue to tease Brooke’s sensitive skin. She lapped up the tiny beads of sweat that began to form on Brooke’s neck.

Brooke crossed and uncrossed her legs as her pussy began to throb. Then she realized how close she was to having her dream of being intimate with a woman come true. She closed her eyes and focused on how good Alexis’ tongue felt.

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