Daddy and Jenna – 4


Doug awoke in the middle of the night amid a tangle of arms and legs, desperately needing to relieve himself. His memory of the previous evening quickly cleared as he remembered three naked teenagers and himself pleasuring each other, fucking his daughter, Jenna, and her friend Maria, though Courtney seemed anxious about fully participating with the rest of the group. Doug carefully moved a leg here, an arm there, so as not to awaken the girls, until he was able to extricate himself from the bed. He headed for the bathroom, not bothering to close the door. ‘What does it matter if they see me now?’ he asked himself. ‘There are certainly no secrets in this group.’ He smiled, then began using the toilet. As he did, there seemed to be some movement to his right, but he just wanted to relieve himself–he would check out the movement when he was finished. At last, he flushed the toilet, and turned to the right. Courtney was in the doorway, still as naked as he left her on the bed. Her  straight dark brown pussy hair perfectly matched the hair on her head, and her B-cup boobs stood up on her chest. The areolas and nipples were also dark brown, and the nipples stood out like little pencil erasers. She had trimmed her pussy hair back to bikini line, making the stray hairs on her cunt a little more visible. Finally he made eye contact with her. “Courtney, are you all right?” he asked. “I’m Ok, Doug. I just heard you get up, and wanted to talk. Do you mind?” ‘She seems so sweet’ Doug thought to himself. “No, istanbul travesti I don’t mind at all. What’s on your mind?” “I guess you wondered why I kind of held back tonight, right?” “I didn’t really give it any thought” he replied honestly. “I’ve never believed in forcing someone to participate in something they’re not comfortable with. Does having sex make you uncomfortable?” “It’s not really that. I’ve just never done it with a man before. Some girls have told me that it hurts, especially the first time, and I just didn’t want to cry in front of everybody. But I really want to have sex with a man, and I’d really like my first time to be with you, just without the audience.” She lowered her head a bit, as though she were ashamed of what she had just said. “Courtney, I’d love to be your first man. And yes, if your hymen is still intact, it may hurt a bit, but for just a short time.” He reached out, lifted her chin, and began kissing her. Courtney became more aggressive, opening her mouth wide and sticking her tongue into Doug’s oral cavity. After their tongues danced for a few seconds, Doug could feel his cock stiffening. He reached out and began stroking her nipples which were already quite stiff. Courtney reached out and fondled Doug’s cock like she’d seen the others do to him earlier. With that, Doug moaned lightly, and moved one hand to her pussy lips. Gently he stroked a finger along her pussy crack. She was already getting wet, and with just a few strokes, istanbul travestileri his finger slipped between her pussy lips, collecting lubricant as it did. Courtney nearly collapsed when he brushed his finger along her clit, so Doug picked her up and carried her to Jenna’s bedroom. He gently laid her down, then climbed atop her, keeping his finger inside her cunt lips. He moved his other hand up to her nipples, and gently pulled and twisted them, adding to her excitement. Doug then moved his head down, kissing her tummy, then lower, licking the pussy hair on her mound of Venus, before pulling his finger from her pussy and substituting his tongue. He licked long and deep from one end of her pussy to the other. Her juices were copious now, flowing freely from the depths of her femininity. He alternated between sucking and licking before moving up to her clit. He blew gently on it at first, then licked long and gently on either side. Courtney’s movements told him that he was on the right track, as she began moaning and rolling back and forth. Now, she involuntarily lifted her ass off the bed as he started to lick directly on her clit, pulling her pussy lips apart with a finger and thumb for easier access. Courtney pressed her pussy hard against his face, soaking him in the process, as her first orgasm began building. One more hard lick on her clit, and she was overboard. Her cum flowed from her like running water, and Doug could not catch it all. With his hands travesti under her ass, he sucked on her clit again, and she had another orgasm, then another. Her hands held the sheets in a death grip as her mind experienced sensations that she didn’t think were possible. “Oh God, Doug, I need to be fucked now! Please stick your cock inside me, PLEASE!” He got on his knees between her legs, aimed his cock at her gaping hole, and began slowly slipping it in. Deeper and deeper it slid, until he reached her barrier. “This is the part that may hurt, Courtney” warned Doug. “Are you ready?” “Go for it!” she said through her teeth. Courtney grabbed a throw pillow, and put it between her teeth in anticipation of the pain. Doug pulled his cock back about an inch, then pushed in to her hymen again, continuing the pressure against it until finally, it burst through. Courtney bit down hard on the pillow, groaning into it for a few seconds until the pain began to dissipate. “Are you OK?” he asked. “It’s getting better. Just be gentle” she responded. So he pulled his cock back a bit, then began moving it in and out of her cunt in short, slow strokes. Soon, her expression of pain turned to one of pleasure as her cunt became used to his cock occupying a space that, before now, had only had a finger inside it. As he continued to pump her, she began to move with him, increasing the pleasure she was feeling. She involuntarily pulled her legs back and wrapped them around him, locking her ankles at his ass. With each of his thrusts, she pushed his ass with her legs and feet, encouraging deeper penetrations. Doug could hear her breath coming in gasps now, and Courtney wrapped her arms tightly around his back. “Doug, I think I’m cuuuuummmmming!” she said into his neck as her pussy became hotter and wetter.

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