Daddy’s Home Ch. 08


Ch. 08: The Angry One

Disclaimer: All characters are 18 or older.

The characters in this story are exceptionally endowed. If this disturbs or offends you, this may not be the story for you.


Rich grinned to himself, ascending the last few steps to the ground floor with a bounding, springing stride. He felt incredible. His heart was beating, his lungs hauling in deep breaths, his muscles pumping with pent-up energy. It seemed counter-intuitive, but the more he fucked, the more energetic he felt. Was it a mental thing, his brain rewarding him for fulfilling his biological imperative? Some sort of physical response to the pleasure? Was this only temporary, meaning he’d wake up feeling every bit of exertion in the morning? Was it long-term, meaning he could keep fucking and feeling this good all the time? He wasn’t usually the superstitious sort, but he found himself wondering if his Dad’s books on ‘tantric energy’ might have been onto something. Whatever it was, however long it would last, he was glad to have it. His hulking six-foot-four silhouette dominated the door frame as he emerged into the living room like a marble statue, expertly sculpted. Broad, powerful shoulders layered with heavy slabs of rock-hard muscle, a chiseled, handsome face, a foot-and-a-half pillar jutting proudly from his hips, still covered with a slick sheen of cum and pussy juice. He swiveled his head, taking in a deep breath and letting it out as a satisfied sigh as he surveyed his domain. Couch, TV, armchair, Diamond storming towards him… He blinked.

If he was a statue of marble, Diamond was lovingly carved of dark, warm mahogany. Her body was a study in contrasts, hard and soft, feminine and masculine, alluring and intimidating. She was statuesque, only two or three inches shorter than he, with a solid, strong frame and confident bearing. Her body was toned, even muscular from her rigorous exercise, and it showed. Her arms and legs were long and strong, clear lines of shadow tracing the contours of each muscle. She didn’t have a particularly slim waist, but her core was solid muscle, six-pack abs rippling as she moved. But despite the hard muscle and the raw power contained within, there was plenty of softness, too. Every inch her skin was smooth and soft, nearly blemish-free. Her chest was quite impressive, each swaying, bouncing breast almost the size of a volleyball, though they looked somewhat smaller on her more impressive frame. But unquestionably, her most alluring trait was her ass. Her hips flared out wide from her waist to support the jaw-dropping posterior, twin gleaming, glistening globes of perfectly round, softly-jiggling ass-flesh, a truly legendary ass, an epic ass. Her face perfectly married the concepts of softness and hardness, with high, regal cheekbones, smooth cheeks, push, plump lips, and chestnut-brown eyes that flashed with an intimidating anger. She wore little, a black tube-top that pushed her impressive tits together into an enchanting valley of cleavage, a pair of skin-tight shorts stretched over her wide hips, not quite able to fully contain the immensity of her rear. The straps of a black thong rode up over those wide hips as they swiveled with her steps, long, strong legs eating up distance as she marched forward, her features locked into an imperious glare of disapproval… Oh, right.

Distracted as he was, she barreled into him before he could react. She stepped in close before he could blink, eyes locked into his, and raised a hand, planting it on one granite pectoral. Planting her feet, she straightened her arm, the heel of her hand digging into the muscle as she pushed. He found himself surprised by her strength as she shoved him back until his shoulders hit the wall beside the basement door with surprising force, pinning him there with the hand on his chest. Sam wouldn’t have been able to simply shove him like that, even unprepared. Her eyes still glaring into his, a burning anger clear in her gaze, intense enough to make up for the three inches and 50 pounds of muscle he had on her. Her free hand planted itself on her hip as she kept him pinned there, and she spoke, her voice almost a growl. “You’re a real asshole, you know that, Dick?”

It took him a moment to process what was happening. As it fell into place, his brows furrowed with indignation and more than a touch of annoyance. “What the hell!? I haven’t done anything to you!” He replied, temper flaring to match her aggression. “And don’t call me Dick.” He added, a note of warning in his tone.

“Well, if the shoe fits, Dick.” She snapped back, quickly. “It’s not about me. It’s about what you’ve done to my friends.” She began, clearly gearing up for a longer speech. “You took advantage of a bunch of schoolgirl crushes and made yourself some kind of… freaky harem thing! Teenagers, my friends, even your own daughter! You didn’t even bother using protection! It doesn’t matter to you that it’s not exactly a safe time of the month. No, you just fucked them and came inside them, over and over, and over… I bet every one of them is knocked up with your little bastard kids by now.” She growled, her words sharp with anger. She prodded a finger pointedly Escort into his chest. “I bet that’s a fucking thrill for you! I bet you think you’re some kinda big man, a real stud, huh? Well, you’re not. You’re just a perv getting a twisted thrill. You’re not gonna be the one carrying them around for nine months, getting fat just in time for graduation… And if you think you’re gonna get out of paying the medical bills, or helping with the kids? I’ll make sure you can’t do it again, right here, right now, you get me?” She added, almost snarling as she suddenly moved. Her hand went to the side as she stepped in closer, elbow hitting his chest forcefully as she braced her forearm across it, her knee suddenly rising. It slammed into the wall between his legs with a loud, illustrative thud as she glared at him.

She had more of a point that he was entirely comfortable admitting, but implying he’d try to get out of responsibility was a step too far in his book. “I never did anything without consent, and I would NEVER cut and run, not on my own children.” He growled in response. “If they need me, I’ll be there. Even if they never want to see me again, even if they won’t let me see the kids.” He added, simply, his tone softening somewhat, but his gaze remaining locked with hers.

Diamond studied his expression for a moment, eyes narrowed, and for an instant, he thought he could see some other emotion behind the anger. Suddenly her eyes widened in surprise and she looked down, eyes falling upon the eighteen-inch marble shaft that was now resting its fat, fist-sized crown against her rippling, mahogany abs, a little smear of mixed cum left where it touched. It gave a pulse, hot and weighty as it rested against her. Her gaze returned to meet his with renewed fire.

“Disgusting.” She growled. “You didn’t even wipe it off when you were done with Rosa. Fucking pervert. Walking around the house with your dick hanging out, like you’re a fucking stud. Just because you got a couple girls half your age into bed? This is one hell of a midlife crisis, Dick.” She shook her head. “You don’t just get to do whatever you want. There are rules. You don’t get a free pass to do whatever you want just because you’re big, or scary, or strong, or handsome, or hung.” She commented. He gasped as he suddenly felt her fingers make contact with his shaft, sliding over its surface with the slick coating of cum as they struggled to encircle even half its girth, squeezing tight to get a firm grip. It was almost hard enough to hurt. Almost.

“This fucking cock is not a get-out-of-jail free card.” she insisted, pulling it off her abs, but not letting it go, her hand sliding just a tiny bit up its length. Her eyes fell to get a proper look at it. “Fuck, just look at this nasty thing. No wonder you got some sort of complex about it. It’s all this ridiculous fucking cock’s fault. It’s just too fucking BIG.” She commented as her hand began to move up and down its length, slowly, its journey eased by the slick seed coating it. “It’s too fat to fit anywhere. It’s too long to use properly. And it’s always hard! How can you still be hard, you perverted fuck?” She demanded, giving it another almost-painful squeeze. Her tone was angry and disgusted, but her eyes stayed locked on the throbbing, meaty slab as her hand slid slowly up and down its length.

There was something else going on, hidden behind a mask of anger and disgust, and he took a chance. His hands snapped forward, suddenly, gripping her wide, flared hips, fingers sinking into the soft flesh of her mouth-watering ass where they could reach. Before she could react, he pivoted, rolling the two of them along the wall until their positions were reversed, her back striking the wall with a thump. She still kept him at a distance, her elbow wedged into his pecs, but he pressed his lower body forward, raising a knee until his thigh was planted between hers, pressed tight to her needy slit, making her suddenly bite back a gasp. “Maybe I am a pervert. But if I am, what does that make you? You agreed to come. You could have left and called the cops when you saw me and Sam making out, or when she pulled it out. You could have just walked away when I explained the rules.” He listed, tensing his thigh with each sentence, grinding a knot of muscle into her sex with each point. “But you didn’t, did you? You didn’t leave, or stop me, or object. You even joined in. You couldn’t stop yourself. Because you wanted it. Because you still want it, even if you can’t admit it. You want it even as you try to convince both of us otherwise.” He added, his fat cock giving a throb in her grip.

Her teeth sank into her lower lip once more, her eyes screwed shut, fighting the sensations rolling through her body, but she couldn’t contain a small whimper. Her hand as still moving, absently stroking the length of his fearsome endowment as his words rang in her ears. He was wrong, she told herself. She wasn’t getting turned on. She didn’t want him. She’d gotten over him. She loved Martin now. She wasn’t going to lose to him like this. Again and again, she told herself these things, forced herself to believe them, but his words echoed in her mind, ringing with Escort Bayan truth she couldn’t quite force herself to deny. “Fuck…” She muttered, softly, the sentence faltering on her lips as his muscle ground into her needy core. Her eyes snapped open, blazing with anger. “Fuck you, Dick.” she growled, and, bracing on the wall, gave a powerful shove.

Rich was taken aback once again by her surprising strength. With only one foot braced, he was no match for the surprise attack, and stumbled backwards, trying to get his feet under him. Then the back of his knee hit something, and with no more room to get his footing, he fell hard. He landed heavily on the sofa, the springs giving a soft sound of complaint as he bounced slightly, settling into place with his his head by one arm, his ankles resting on the edge of the other, his limbs sprawled out to try to catch himself and his throbbing shaft jutting skyward. He growled with annoyance and tried to push himself up, elbow sinking into the padding, but he stalled when he saw Diamond looming over him, already standing in front of the couch.

She glared down at his prone form imperiously, her smoldering frustration obvious in her expression, her hands planted on her hips. There was a moment of tense silence as they looked each other in the eyes, and he wasn’t quite sure if he should try to brace himself against an elbow drop or not. “…You’re still an asshole.” She managed, reluctance in her voice. Her hands suddenly twisted, and her thumbs hooked into the waistband of her short-shorts. Her wide hips rolled side-to-side as she worked the tight material down over them, one side at a time. It almost would have looked like a strip tease if not for the cold stare of disdain on her face. The narrow straps of her black thong rode high on those generous hips even as the shorts slid down an inch at a time. He could only watch as those tiny shorts finally passed the widest curve of her hips, and she bent at the waist, stepping out of them and presenting him with a fantastic angle to stare down the deep valley of her cleavage. She caught his gaze as she straightened back up.

“Pervert.” she muttered, though the venom was gone from her tone, before suddenly pivoting and raising one leg. In one smooth motion she threw the leg out wide, swinging it over him, his eyes tracing the lines of muscle on the long, strong limb, before she suddenly brought her knee down, seemingly right toward his stomach. He flinched as it descended, only to find it settling just an inch or two to the side of his abs.The second knee joined the first, this one on the other side, and he was presented with an eye-popping view. The black fabric of her thong was eclipsed between the twin moons presented to his eager eyes, her gloriously thick, juicy ass bared before him, the smooth, soft skin entirely flawless. As she bent at the waist slightly, her ass was thrust to greater prominence, giving a soft jiggle as she shifted, her hands coming together to grip his cum-slick cock, starting to pumps slowly up and down its length. “…This is a one-time thing. And you can NOT cum inside me.” She emphasized, her tone still annoyed, but softer now.

He nodded, wordlessly, eyes still boggling at her rear. Sam had told him a story once, between fits of laughter, about this view. Apparently, she’d leaned up against a telephone pole, and when she came away, an errant nail had caught on her waistband. The pants tore, she stumbled, and the fall widened the tear further. When she hit the ground, her shorts had been around her knees, her face in the dirt, and before she’d managed to get up, there was a crash. Some unlucky driver had actually veered off the road into a parked car at the sight, meaning, to Sam’s interpretation, Diamond had an ass that could literally cause accidents. He had to admit, he understood the driver a bit better now. Her perfectly round, ebony cheeks were practically hypnotic, and he found himself reaching for them slowly, without even thinking about it.

The spell was broken when diamond seemed satisfied he was hard enough, and she shifted down his body, kneeling over his hips, bracing one hand on his ankle while the other kept a grip on the slick shaft. He watched her positioning herself above the shaft, hips wiggling as she readied herself for the main event, a glimpse of wetness on her inner thighs. Suddenly, a realization struck him and he cursed inwardly. He was sorely tempted to let her continue, but the potential fallout wasn’t worth it. “Wait! Stop!” He called, waving a hand to try to get her attention.

She paused, looking rather annoyed at the interruption of her concentration as she glanced back over her shoulder. “What, you got a problem with me, old man?” She grumbled.

He shook his head and sighed. “No, I just realize, I’m still covered in cum. If you put it in like this, it won’t matter if I cum inside you or not. I’m gonna have to shower and clean off before we can do anything.” He explained.

She frowned. “…Shit.” She cursed, turning back to face his feet. She looked down between her thighs to his cock for a long moment, chewing her lower lip as though making a decision, weighing her options.

There Bayan Escort was an awkward moment of silence as she hovered there. “Well, I guess I should get started-” He began, as he tried to move, but she gripped his ankle tight. “Uh, I’m kinda gonna need that-” He started to joke, hoping to lighten the mood and get his foot back, when she cut him off.

“Shut up.” She instructed, seeming to make up her mind. She shifted, once more steering the fat helmeted head of his cock into position as her hips came down, her slit descending toward it slowly but steadily.

His eyes widened. “I’m telling you, if you put it in now, you’re going to end up-” He cautioned, but he was once again cut off.

“Shut up! I know what I’m doing.” She growled, offering no further explanation as her hips dropped, her hand leaving his ankle to take hold of her thong and tug the fabric strip aside. He could see her pussy clearly now, glistening with arousal. Well… if she wanted to risk it, he wasn’t going to fight all too hard, and relaxed somewhat, watching the events unfold. Suddenly she dropped her hips again, and he felt the tip of his member touch warm, soft flesh. His eyes widened when he realized she’d aimed his shaft back, and his member was now nosing against the ebony teen’s tight little o-ring, her smooth, glistening ass-cheeks actually pushed apart by the presence of his monolithic member.

Before he could muster any sort of response, she straightened up, bit her lip, and let herself sink onto the titanic shaft. For the second time today, he found himself hypnotized by the sight of a tight teen asshole stretching and straining to accommodate his girth. She struggled to stifle the sounds the sensations provoked, unable to contain strangled whimpers and groans of pain and lewd satisfaction. She clearly wasn’t as patient as his daughter, and more stubborn, to boot. She shivered slightly as her straining backdoor fought to reject the intrusion, the only thing easing his passage being the slick sheen of cum from his last encounter. It seemed impossible, the wide knob seemingly just too big for the tiny hole, but she wasn’t willing to give up so easily. She wouldn’t let herself lose to his cock. She gritted her teeth, eyes squeezed shut as she relaxed her thighs, letting her body fall onto the impaling shaft. With a sudden sensation, almost like a pop, the resistance eased, and her eyes shot open as his monster invaded a full six inches into her spasming asshole. A ragged moan of pain tempered by pleasure poured from her lips as she was stretched like never before. She could barely keep enough strength in her legs to keep herself from falling the rest of the way as she trembled atop his cock.

The sensations on his pulsing shaft were incredible. Her entrance gripped around his girth like a vice, so incredibly tight it felt like she might break it off with an errant twitch. Her depths were softer, hot and welcoming around his driving spear, despite the rhythmic spasms of her body straining to adapt to his size. The pleasure was intense despite her stillness, and the instinct to drive forward, to pound himself into her incredible ass to the hilt, was just as strong, but he held himself back, groaning through gritted teeth as her o-ring squeezed hard around him. He glanced up to her shivering form, muffled moans and whimpers escaping her lips as she tried to adapt. He hesitated. “Are… are you okay?” He asked after a moment.

Diamond didn’t look at him as she held herself perched atop his pillar of cock. “I’m fine.” She replied, her voice as level as possible through the sensations wracking her body.

“…Are you sure?” He probed, without thinking.

“I said I’m fine!” She snapped, then let loose a whimper as another inch of throbbing ivory cockmeat disappeared into her gripping asshole. “This- This is nothing. It takes a lot more than this to stop me… Dick.” She insisted, finishing off her statement with a little needling to show him who was in charge. She rolled her hips slightly, biting her lip as she did, just to prove she could.

Richard narrowed his eyes in annoyance. Her stubbornness was losing its appeal, and her attitude was beginning to grate on him. Perhaps it was time to show her just who she was dealing with. “Well, if that’s how it is…” He commented cooly, hands reaching out to grip her hips tightly, fingers eagerly sinking into pliable flesh. “Then why stop there?” He added, his lips curling into a wicked grin. Diamond’s eyes widened as she looked back over her shoulder. His expression told her all she needed to know, and she opened her mouth to stop him, but it was already too late. His mighty arms flexed, his body arched, and together, the opposing forces speared inch after inch of fist-thick, unyielding, unstoppable cock into her twitching, gripping depths. Diamond’s eyes were wide, and she writhed like she was electrocuted as he invaded her ass, failing and grabbing for anything nearby as intense pain and pleasure drew alternating moans and screams from her lips. He took her slowly inch by fat inch, but never stopped, drilling ever-deeper into her ass, stretching her wider, driving deeper than Martin ever had, ever COULD. Her body was never given the chance to adjust to the immense invader, her well-stretched back door screaming sensations of pain, pleasure, and fullness to her mind as she howled wordlessly, writhing and shaking helplessly before his onslaught.

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