Daddy’s Hot Twins Chapter 3



The following morning Gorn Plato was again the servant as he helped the girls into the car and stowed their luggage. Both of them eyed the front of his pants as he moved and then giggled to themselves.

The morning’s drive up the mountain took about an hour, during which they related the previous night’s happenings to each other down to the last detail. Both of them laughingly agreed that they hoped it wouldn’t be the last time they experienced thrills at the end of the big man’s huge cock.

Topping a hill they saw the giant stone structure of Zacheist Castle. It was awesome and somewhat frightening, with its shooting turrets and vast ornamental stonework. It gave both of them an eerie feeling of timelessness the nearer they came to it.

The car stopped and Candy gasped. “Look, my God, there’s even a moat!”

Just then the side of the wall, thirty feet in front of them, across the moat, lowered, and the car started up again. They drove into a huge courtyard and the door was opened by a female counterpart of Gorn Plato.

“Good day,” she said, as she bowed them out of the car.

Neither of the girls realized, until they were standing beside her, just how huge the woman was. She was an inch or two above six feet and her weight and bulk was about right for her height.

But, even then, she made two of either Candy or Cindy. She wore a loose-fitting shirt that looked as though it had shrunk from too many washings. The fact was, her enormous breasts were more than the blouse could handle.

“I am Klinda,” she said, straightening to her full height and breathing deeply, forcing her monumental tits to thrust outward in proud, full-blown glory, their nipples as huge as second tits when they swelled against the material. “Klinda Plato.”

“We’re…” Candy said.

“I know who you are,” the woman interrupted, looking down at them with a scowl.

“Are you Gorn’s sister?” Cindy asked, trying to smile.

“I am Gorn Plato’s wife,” the woman said.

The girls exchanged frightened looks and gulped. Gorn came around from the back of the car with the two trunks. The woman took them from his hands as if they weighed no more than two feathers, and turned away.

Over her shoulder she said, “Follow me… your father waits in the great room.”

The Amazon led them into what looked like a huge hall with armor and tapestries on the walls and a ring of chairs around an enormous fireplace at one end.

“Jeez,” Candy whispered, “what if she finds out we both diddled her old man last night. She’s big enough to break your back with one whack.”

“Or smother you with those twenty-pound tits,” Cindy replied, looking around. “You see anybody in this place? I thought he was supposed to be in here waiting for us.”

“Come forward, girls… I’ve waited a very long time to meet you as adults.”

The voice was a booming baritone, coming from the other side of one of the chairs.

“Fa… Fa… Father?” Cindy said, as both girls gingerly walked the length of the room and stopped a few feet short of the chairs.

“I prefer you call me… Zachery,” the voice said. “‘Father’ would be ridiculous and ‘Count’ would be just too formal.”

He rose from the chair, turned and both girls gasped. The picture they had of him didn’t do him justice and it looked as though he had hardly aged since the time it had been taken. They could both readily see why Zachery Harris had gained the reputation they had heard so much about. He was male perfection – tall, with chiseled features, dark, coal-black wavy hair that hung to his shoulders. Beneath the bolero shirt he wore, his huge shoulders and biceps rippled with muscles. The shirt was opened nearly to his waist and the chest beneath it was huge and matted with black hair.

Gracefully, seeing their awe at his appearance, he ushered them to the chairs.

“How… how can you be our father?” Candy blurted out when she had, at last, regained her voice. “You look so young!”

“I assure you, I am. It’s just that I age well, you might say. That was one of the reasons your mother and I didn’t get along very well. She aged very quickly.”

Both girls not only felt awkward because of the newness of the situation; they also felt embarrassed because of the strong, instantaneous sexual attraction they felt for this handsome, obviously virile man who also happened to be their father.

“I am so glad you are here,” he said, a note of seriousness coming into his voice. “We need you very badly, and I hope you will come to need us. You will meet my wife later, and my two sons. I must leave for a while… I hope to be back later this evening, perhaps after the after-dinner entertainment my wife has planned for you. But now I’m sure you would like to freshen up.”

He stood and took an elbow in each arm and led them from the room and up a long, winding staircase.

“I am dreadfully sorry about the storm last night. I was anxiously awaiting your arrival. I had a great many entertainments prepared. But then tonight will do just as well. I hope you passed a pleasant night in the village… but, then I’m sure you did. My wife tells me Gorn Plato is a masterful lover, with a wondrous cock.”


Once in her room, Candy undressed in preparation for a warm bath. She ran the tub full and lay down nude on the bed to finish her cigarette. Her mind wandered. His words had shocked them both and made them blush, but his bluntness had also excited them. Her father, Zachery, was the handsomest, most appealing man she had ever seen, and yet he was frightening at the same time.

How, she thought, could their mother have ever given him up? Unless, of course, she couldn’t stand his sexuality. He wore it like a shield and, already, he had let them both know that whatever they did in his house he would approve of it. He was just as they had been told he was – the exact opposite of their mother.

She snubbed out her cigarette and was about to tap on Cindy’s door when it opened.

“Oh…” Cindy said, sliding through the door and closing it behind her, “I thought you might already be in the tub.”

“I was just coming into your room,” Candy said, flopping back down on the bed.

“Probably to ask me what I thought about all this… right?” Cindy said.

“Yeah… it’s kind of weird and scary… don’t you think?”

“Yeah,” Cindy said, “but it’s exciting!”

“I guess,” Candy said, looking straight into her sister’s eyes, the eyes that matched hers perfectly. “Let’s admit it, father or not, I’d love to fuck him.”

Cindy giggled. “Me too… Jesus, my pussy’s juicing just thinking what he must look like naked!”

“Want to come before we go back downstairs?” Candy asked, resting her hand on her sister’s side.

Cindy put her own hand on Candy’s breast and squeezed it, laughing. “I just did… in my room with my hair brush.”

“Then make me come,” Candy said, closing her eyes and spreading her legs in invitation.

“Sure, baby,” Cindy said, her mouth already watering as she watched the puffy lips of her sister’s beautiful cunt pull apart and reveal the succulent sweetness that lay between them.

Candy felt the other girl’s compact body slide into the bed beside her. The soft muff of Cindy’s pubic hair tickled her outer thighs as an expert hand caressed her breasts, applying just the right amount of pressure. Candy had been loved and eaten by many women but no woman could turn her on or satisfy her like her sister.

Cindy’s kiss was gentle, insistently probing, but never rough and demanding. She worked her free hand under Candy’s buttocks until she could probe up and down at will in the smooth valley between the already wet asscheeks.

“Sometimes,” Cindy whispered, “when we make love together, I wish I had a cock to fuck you with.”

“Doesn’t it ever bother you, Cindy,” Candy said, her voice hoarse with passion, “when we fuck together… being sisters?”

“Never,” Cindy said, sensing her sister’s instant arousal. “Never. Does it you?”

“No,” Candy replied. “It’s always seemed so natural… ever since we were kids. But I’ve wondered about it sometimes.”

“Don’t… just relax and let me fuck you.”

Candy nodded and loosened the muscles of her rectal region, allowing Cindy’s fingers to probe her anus unencumbered. The girl’s nails lightly flicked Escort across the tender outer skin, barely disturbing the thin, curling hairs, tickling them just enough to cause jolts of passion to erupt in Candy’s gaping, soaking pussy.

The skin of Candy’s whole body rippled as she opened her eyes and saw her breasts start to glisten with her sister’s saliva. The tongue and mouth left her tits and moved downward across her stomach and between her thighs. It left a trail of wet warmth that hadn’t missed even the slightest area of skin.

“Oh, Sis… honey, baby,” Cindy groaned, “eating your pussy is like eating my own at the same time. I swear when my tongue tickles your nub I can feel it right down there on my own clit.”

“Suck it a little,” Candy moaned, “tickle my pussy Goddam good first!”

Candy writhed in joy as she felt the pulpy lips of her cunt being skillfully pried apart. The hot, humid and hardened tip of her sister’s tongue darted to caress and love the juice-soaked, tender skin around her clitoris.

On and on Cindy’s tongue worked, around and around the ultra-sensitive bud without ever actually coming in direct contact with it.

“Ohhhhhhh… shit, Cindy,” she cried, “You’re driving my pussy crazy. Do something more to it… to me, baby… HURRY!”

Two fingers slipped into her cunt and massaged the slick inner walls. When they were removed a tongue took their place. To Candy it felt like a giant scooping spoon as it entered along the floor of her vagina and coursed upward until it tickled the fleshy knob of her cervix.

Her hips started a demanding, rhythmic gyration, as Cindy’s tongue foraged in and out of her hole like a miniature cock. A cock with ultimate mobility that seemed to touch and excite everything inside her at the same time. Well-lubricated fingers entered her anus easily and performed there as well as they had in her larger opening.

As her tongue continued its spastic application, Cindy flattened the skin of her upper lip over her teeth to form a flat, hard surface to grind against Candy’s clitoris. The hardened bud was in such a state of wild excitation that it was yearning now for direct contact.

And so did its owner, whose eyes had rolled back int

o her head as she thrashed in the ultimate throes of passionate release, back and forth on the perspiration-stained pillows.

“Oh, fuck me… go, go, go!” Candy cried, clutching her sister’s hair and pulling her face into the cavity between her legs. Urgingly, she thrust her cunt upward with her hips, telling Cindy with her body that she wanted her to take more, more, all of her cunt.

Candy’s thighs were splayed as wide as they could go as she tried to will her cunt lips to expand to their fullest and actually envelop her sister’s entire face.

It wasn’t just a come. It was the searing heat of a blast furnace that soared through every pore of her pussy. Her legs flew out and up, stiff as ramrods as Cindy inserted two more fingers in her asshole and her tongue continued to scoop with adoring relish at the juices in her cunt.

It wasn’t momentary. It went on and on, as Cindy held her on that highest peak of total satisfaction with her lips playing over her clitoris like strumming fingers on a guitar.

When the orgasm had barely subsided, Cindy struggled up and over Candy’s body until their legs became two criss-crossed branches with their cunts at the apex.

“Now I’m going to fuck my, my little darling!” Cindy said.

“Ohhhhhhhh… yes, fuck me…yes, fuck me, fuck me!” Candy cried. “Cunt to cunt… cock-clit to cock-clit, fuck me! Mash your precious pussy against another just like it and rub… rub!”

Candy felt her twin’s clitoris engage with her own. Sparks shot from her cunt to the taut tips of her breasts as the two nubs of female passion met and made instant love.

Below them, the lips of the two pussies seemed to clasp in a wet suction all their own. Their bodies moved in unison, riding each other’s wealth of lust and passion.

Candy came again. She had never felt so overcome. Cindy came and still she went on to even greater heights. She took her sister’s monumental breasts in her hands, placed one in her own mouth, and urged Candy herself to take the other.

As Cindy’s hot mouth closed over the ripe nipple of her right tit, Candy sucked at her own left breast.

The pleasure was exquisite as they both sucked and exploded together in shattering orgasms that left them weak and floundering in the sweet, heady musk of perspiration and pussy juice that bathed both their bodies.

“God,” Candy groaned, “sometimes I wish one of us had come out a boy so we could really do it to each other.”

“Whew,” Cindy said, running her tongue over her lips and what she could reach of her chin, “I’m pussy juice from one end to the other. Me for a bath.”

“Me too,” Candy said, and struggled to her feet.

“Meet you downstairs in an hour,” Cindy said, as she scampered through the connecting door to her own room.

Candy lowered herself gratefully into the tub, her cunt a nest of warm passion even after the beautiful sucking her sister had just given it.

She closed her eyes and lay back feeling her large, ripe breasts float on the surface of the water.


Back in her own room, Cindy stood shaking. It was almost like a sexual hangover. She and her sister were just alike; they both couldn’t get enough sex. It was just like some kind of strange disease; but a good disease.

Eating her sister had turned her juices on all over again. She didn’t want to go back to the hairbrush and it would do little good to go back to Candy’s room and repeat the same performance.

She decided to slide into bed and dream herself into a masturbation come. She had so turned her pussy on and tuned it to her mind over the years that she could come easily just thinking about sex and rubbing her thighs together over the nub of her clitoris.

Cindy opened a drawer and took out a nightgown. Then, thinking why bother, she folded it neatly and dropped it back in the drawer. Completely naked, she turned and padded barefoot across the thickly carpeted floor to her bed.

She pulled back the covers and slid beneath them. Then she changed her mind again and kicked them free of her body. She massaged one breast with her left hand and let her other hand float down to the furry patch between her spread thighs.

Slowly, gently she rubbed her fingers up and down her wet furrow as she closed her eyes and let sleep slip a cover over her mind. She saw a cock, and then a second cock. In half sleep she inserted a finger up her bunghole and imagined that it was one of the cocks entering her asshole. Her thumb became the other cock and it went easily up her cunt.

Then, fully asleep, she started to dream that she was being fucked. The face beyond the cocks was familiar. Then, she recognized it and smiled. It was the face of her new-found father.


In her bath, Candy had slipped to the very edge of sleep. She was brought back by the sound of slightly shuffling, bare feet on the bathroom tile.

Her eyes snapped open and she looked up. It was a man, or rather a boy, of about fifteen or sixteen. He wore a robe and looked directly at her floating breasts with a smile on his face and in his eyes.

“My God,” Candy gasped and lowered her body in the water, hiding her nakedness beneath the bubbles.

“You’re very beautiful,” he said.

“Who… who are you?” Candy said, “and how did you get in here?”

“I suppose,” he said, matter-of-factly, “that you would call me your brother. But actually we’re probably going to be much closer than that. I’m Gilbert, and I just walked in.”

He sat down on the edge of the tub and suddenly Candy saw the resemblance. He looked very much like Zachery, only with blond hair.

“What do you want?” Candy said, still afraid even though he seemed to be telling her the truth.

“Just to look at you… really. My brother and I watched you make love with your sister. It was very beautiful.”

“You… you did?” Candy said, staring at him intently. Then she felt her body responding to his eyes; his strange stare. Then she knew why; they were the same bottomless, all-seeing eyes that she had already seen that day, the Escort Bayan eyes that had already looked right through her.

They were Zachery’s eyes.

“Raise up so I can see your tits,” he told her. “They are truly beautiful breasts… almost exactly like my mother’s.”

Candy looked at his open mouth, saw his hands tremble, and couldn’t mistake the avid look in his pale eyes. She straightened even more, bringing her shoulders back to let her breasts surge forward as much as possible.

“Beautiful breasts,” he said. “They make my cock real hard. See?”

He opened his robe and a ten-inch cock popped to attention, the head of it almost hitting Candy’s chin. She gasped at the size of such a tool on such a young, small-bodied boy.

Seeing his cock combined with the feeling she had already felt for Zachery to make her pussy tingle with a new need.

“Can I touch your tits?” he said.

“Yes,” Candy said, trancelike, “touch my nipples and make them hard!”

His mouth began to close and his tongue slipped between his lips. He lifted his hand tentatively, as if he was approaching something almost too delicate to touch, and laid it against the pink tip of her left breast. He rubbed it and it began to stiffen immediately.

Then he did the same with the other breast. He was breathing hard, even perspiring a little. Suddenly he lunged with his open hand and roughly grasped the entire left globe of her tit.

“Gentle,” Candy exclaimed, the pain bringing her out of her trance a little. “Be gentle.”

“I’m sorry,” he said, quickly releasing his hand. “It’s just frustrating to look and touch such beauty and not be able to do anything… you know, like fuck.”

“I haven’t said that you couldn’t fuck me, Gilbert,” Candy said, the kinship of their naked bodies suddenly eroding all her previous fears of this strange boy.

“Oh, I know you didn’t,” he replied. “Father and Mother did. They said we can’t fuck you girls yet.”


Cindy felt the weight of a body sitting on the side of the bed. For a few moments, as she fought upward from the depths of sleep, she thought it was just part of the wild sex dream she was having.

But when the bed started rocking and bouncing beneath her she knew it was more than just the dream. She came further awake to the low moans and grunts of someone very close to her.

Her urge to ignore the noise that had awakened her and return to sleep was overwhelming, and she probably would have drifted off again if she hadn’t realized the sexual burning her fingers had caused in her pussy.

She was soaking wet between her legs and hotter than she had been before lying down.

The grunting and panting beside her now took on much more significance. She became aware of the rocking, jerking motion of the bed.

Then she heard a voice.

“Beautiful tits… beautiful legs… sweet, wet pussy… beautiful, beautiful.”

It was the voice of Zachery. It was her father sitting on the bed beside her naked body.

Suddenly Cindy’s eyes sprang open. She had to allow a moment to pass before her brain could fully register the sight in front of her.

In the dim light she could discern a man’s shape looming above her. He was sitting, yoga-style, on the bed beside her. He was so close that his knees brushed her naked shoulder and hip with each movement he made.

As her eyes adjusted more to the semi-darkness, she realized that he was, like her, stark naked.

She gasped and opened her mouth to scream, but nothing came out but a frightened croak. Involuntarily, her muscles began tensing with the terror that flooded her veins and slammed into her temples. She felt herself become immobilized, helpless, and this only heightened her terror. She began trembling.

Wide-eyed, her gaze narrowed on the sweat-streaked face above her. The man’s face seemed to be contorted with pain. In his eyes there was a curious mixture of pain and lust.

He was watching her intently. She was almost fully awake now and he obviously knew it. There was a pleading, almost sobbing, urgency to his voice when he spoke.

“I wish I could fuck you… relieve the fire in your cunt that you’ve made with your hand… but I don’t dare.”

She looked closer.

And then she saw him clearly. The resemblance was amazing. He looked exactly like a younger version of Zachery. He was a blond-haired boy of about thirteen or fourteen that looked and sounded exactly like his father. She knew he must be one of the sons Zachery had mentioned earlier.

Cindy’s eyes moved trancelike down his raging, firm body until, at last, they focused on the source of the jerking motion. He was stroking one of the biggest, most beautifully erect cocks Cindy had ever seen. The head of it was as big as her fist and the eye in it spurted tiny flecks of white sperm. Cum spilled from his cockhead with every motion of his hand.

“I just want to come,” he said.

“Who are you?” Cindy replied, her voice foreign to her own ears.

“I’m your brother… or half-brother, I guess,” he gasped. “My name’s Rudolph, but please call me Rudy… oh, you’re so beautiful. I watched you suck your sister’s cunt. My brother, Gilbert, is with her now… but he can’t fuck her either.”

Cindy was in no mental condition to care who the boy was or where his brother was. He might be a boy, but he had the cock of a man and she wanted it.

Something clicked in Cindy’s mind. She knew, from the look on his strained face, that the boy’s climax was imminent.

“What do you mean you can’t fuck me?” she asked, her entire concentration riveted on the swollen tip of his cock.

Her eyes were riveted with unwavering fascination to the thick cockpole, the head of which poked out of his fist with each stroke he took. She was able to see the tautly swollen glans, the tiny opening, and the swelling under the pressure of the piston like fist that pumped it.

She wanted it, she wanted this boy’s cock. She had to have it.

“I… just… can’t… believe me, I can’t… but I’d love… to,” he panted.

“But you’re going to come,” Cindy said.

“Yes… yes.”

“Don’t waste it… don’t waste it,” she said. “Put it in my mouth then! If you can’t fuck my pussy put your cum in my mouth… hurry,hurry before you shoot!”


Gilbert had let his hand trail down Candy’s belly and disappear beneath the bubbles. His fingers had pried apart the lips of her cunt and now half his fist was up her hole and she was writhing and groaning in need.

Her own hand was pressed around the huge thickness of his male meat and she was wildly thrashing it. At the same time she was trying to bend it toward her open, waiting mouth.

“Oh fuck me!” she said. “Put it in me… fill my cunthole with your cock!”

“I can’t… I can’t,” he groaned, recoiling from the soft, insistent touch of her female fingers on his tool. “Not yet… I just can’t.”

Her mind was curious about his meaning but her body was crazy with lust at the sight of such a beautiful, big hard cock. There was also something about his look, the nearness of his naked body, and the stiff hugeness of his naked cock that was sending her body into spasms of need greater than any she had ever felt before.

“God… I need it, I tell you,” she cried, standing in the tub and rubbing her furry, wet triangle over his face.

“I’ll eat you,” he said, “while you eat me.”

“No… no,” Candy cried. “I want you in me.”

“I can’t… not in your cunt,” he groaned.

Candy jumped from the tub and wiggled to the floor. She spread her knees wide and wiggled her spread buttocks at him.

“Then my ass,” she cried, “put your meat up my asshole… fuck it… fuck me, please. Hurry!”


On the bed, Cindy’s eyes blinked. This young boy was like a magician drawing her face to his man-sized, rigid cock. She felt not only a great wave of desire, but also tenderness well up within her as he moved toward her. It was something she had never felt before about any man, much less a mere boy. She had felt a little of the same feeling with Zachery, but she now felt it fully for this boy who looked so like him.

She wanted that cock.

She wanted to kiss it, to pay homage to it. Never before had she wanted a cock as badly. It was like her body had become a slave of his lust without yet tasting Bayan Escort the fruits of it.

“You want to suck my prick?” Rudy asked, calmly.

“Yes,” Cindy said, “I want your fuck juice, your cum in my mouth more than anything else in the whole world right now.”

“Then eat it… suck it!” he said, releasing his cock and spreading his knees wide.

Still lying on her back, Cindy bent her knees and shoulders to slip across the bed so that his thick, pulsing cock was directly above her pouting mouth; it hung above her like a hard red-tipped lance.

“Beautiful… hard… good hard meat,” she whimpered. “Put it in my mouth! Fuck my face with your cock!”

All reason, all reality left the girl as the dripping cock-head lowered itself toward her waiting lips.

She reached up and caressed it, feeling every powerful ridge beneath the taut skin. Her eyes feasted hungrily upon it.

This, she thought, was the real staff of life. Her eyes were hazy, coming from the fires that were being kindled within her, and the huge throbbing cockhead that was still oozing love juice from its tiny eye.

She licked her lips in anticipation, then cupped the bloated head with her tongue as though she were evaluating it. Her moistly parted lips kissed the underside of it. He quivered like a powerful stallion at bay as she licked on his rigid tool.

Then her wetly quivering tongue lashed out, making maddening circles around the entire lust-swollen head of his cock. Her own nakedly aroused body reacted and trembled with a new urgency.

Sighing with pleasure, she opened her lips and moved her head forward so that his cock slipped into the warm wet cavern of her mouth. She began to suck, a gentle sucking made up of little milking motions.

Her hair tumbled forward as she opened her mouth to let him feed it into her face. Then, with the throbbing head admitted to her mouth, she went wild. It was as if she were trying to swallow the whole swollen length in one tremendous gulp. She ran her mouth straight down on his prick and let it stay there.

Her body shook and quaked when she felt the hugeness engulf her tongue and run down her throat. It was as though she had, at last, been fulfilled, as though she had found the cock that she had been looking so hard for, so long. It was as though she were completing her circle of life as she took his thick pulsating hardness inside the velvet warmth of her throat.

His hands dropped to her hair and urged, pulled her prick-stuffed mouth even closer to him. She had begun running her tongue along the sensitive underside of his cock, and the sensations were causing great mountains of desire to build up in his belly.

“Suck it,” he panted, “suck on it… good… so good. Take it all!”

He lifted his right leg from the floor and, without pulling away from her, placed his knee on the pillow alongside her head. A second later, he was straddling her nakedly quivering breasts with his own buttocks and kneeling above her face.

“Yes… oh, yes,” she cried, seeing his intent. “Fuck my face!”

He began jerking his hips forward, driving his saliva-coated prick in and out of her mouth in long, deep strokes.

Cindy cupped his buttocks with her hands. She loved to have her face fucked in such a manner. It satisfied some wild, masochistic pleasure in her. She was almost incapable of moving her head in any direction now except back and forth on his hotly pulsating shaft. She bobbed, using her tongue and her teeth on the ridge of his cockhead with each backswing.

Rudy sighed and then groaned with absolute pleasure. He slowly moved his pelvis back and forth so that her lips, like the tender lips of a hot, sweetly wet cunt, could slide along the wetly glistening staff of his jerking prick.

He might be young, Cindy thought, but he fucks like he has been doing it for ages. Her mind spun. Oh shit, she thought wildly, how good, how fucking good this cock would feel in my pussy.

But, oddly enough, she could feel the rising passion enveloping her clitoris and she wasn’t even touching the little piece of throbbing meat at the top of her slit. She was going to come soon, just sucking on his cock.

Weird, very weird, she mused, but fantastic.

Cindy tested his balls. They throbbed in her hand. She knew that, he too, would soon come. She could feel the boiling cauldron of semen seeking to escape.

She looked up at the ecstasy on his face and knew he was loving the sucking she was giving his prick. She saw him put both hands on his hips and straighten his shoulders so he could look straight down at her as he sawed in and out of her eagerly sucking mouth. Her delicate lips contrasted with the angry brown of his cockshaft as it pistoned like a pile-driver between them.

Cindy, lost in a frenzy of delight, was only vaguely aware of his words as he cautioned her to be careful or he would come, come right in her mouth.

She merely sucked all the harder, wanting to taste his spunk, wanting that boiling eruption to flood her mouth and fill her belly.

The thrusting hips meshed with the bobbing motion of her head now. His prick was sliding easily along the slippery trail of her tongue and into the far reaches of her throat. The cock hair on his crotch advanced and retreated, tickling her nose and chin. Even the first discomfort of such an enormous cock battering against the tender tissues of her mouth was being transformed into a curious mixture of pleasure and pain.

Soon she would have his salty cum in her belly. Come, come, her mind cried, feed me your spend, pour your juice into my mouth.

Oh Jesus, she thought, I’m coming too. I’m coming beautifully, sweetly, like a fucking dam breaking, my juice soaking the bed under my ass.

“Oh, shit, fuck… ohhhhhhh!” Rudy was groaning, “You’re sucking my balls right out the head of my cock. You’re sucking me to death. I love it. It’s great… beautiful. Your mouth is so beautiful… like a soft cunt. I’m fucking a beautiful woman’s mouth… I’m fucking my sister’s mouth.”

The signs of his impending orgasm made Cindy’s blood boil. The quickening pace, his labored breathing and shouting, the growling noises coming from deep in his throat, the sudden tingling along the underside of his prick – it was all a signal, warning her that the dam in his balls was about to spurt.

And suddenly, it did. Rudy began fighting with his own body, torn apart by the involuntary quakings of his nervous system.

Then, almost in revenge, his whole body ruptured. He erupted in violent answer to all the teasing and sucking she had done on his cock. He went crazy. He was trying to tear Cindy’s hair out, choke her with his meat, fill her to bursting with the spurting, brutal jets from the head of his spewing prick.

Coping with his wildness wasn’t easy for Cindy. She had always been in control with a man before. And this was a boy, but a boy with a man’s cock and a superman’s desire to fuck.

Cindy felt as though he had put a whole ocean into her mouth and that she was drowning in the flood that had gushed from his balls. She kept at it until she imagined herself ten times her size – a giantess who could swallow an entire ocean of cum. This made the release of his sperm and its amount easier to understand and cope with.

After a few moments, he staggered away from her mouth, leaving it ravaged and beaten. She looked as if she had been punched in the lips. They were rubbed raw with the friction of his cock.

His meat hung slack, as saliva and sperm trickled from a corner of her lips over her chin.

And still she was smiling. She had come, wildly, and she hadn’t even touched her pussy. She had erupted like a volcano just by sucking his cock.

“You were wonderful,” he gasped, fisting his meat, and squeezing the last remnants of his mountain of juice out onto her cheeks.

“So were you,” Cindy said, and she meant it, even though for a moment she thought he was going to choke her to death with his cock.

But his come had been like a river that had instigated her own rapturous climax. She remembered Gorn Plato’s huge prick in her pussy the night before. Even the giant, with his thick trunk of cockmeat directly in her pussy, had not been able to bring on such an eruption in her hole.

Yes, she thought, there was something very strange.



“It will be wonderful when the time comes to fuck you. You suck as good as my mother… I’ll bet you fuck even better.”


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