Daddy’s Little Girl Ch. 06


It had been a long day at work and I was anxious to get home to my girl and to the pleasures that I was sure she would provide for me, bleeding off the stress as she served me like the slave that she was. It had been nearly eight weeks since I had first taken her for my own and she appeared to be more a slave to me everyday, more servile, more subservient, and more docile with each passing moment. I was delighted by the transformation in her, for it made her more beautiful in my eyes, less tense and regimented, and more pliant and sexually responsive.

After changing into my street clothes, I slipped my off-duty carry pistol into its holster, left the station house, walked over to my Chevy Tahoe, and headed toward the house. I thought about calling Keri to let her know that I was on my way home but decided against it; I would surprise her. Different thoughts of things I would do to her body went through my mind and I couldn’t help but feel my cock harden already in my jeans, even though I had used her well already once today before I had left for work.

The drive home was short, only about twenty minutes, and the traffic was light, much to my satisfaction. The sun was still shining and I sighed at what a beautiful day it had turned into. I pulled the SUV into my driveway and locked the doors before heading into the house.

After walking into the house, I looked around and could not find Keri. Normally she was downstairs either cleaning up the house or preparing dinner. I found it a pleasure to walk in and see her naked or scantily clad waiting for me to come home. She would always rush to the front door and fall to her knees, perform obeisance before me and then take off my shoes, kissing each foot as a way to show her submission to me; it set the tone for our relationship on a regular basis. I also found that Keri found comfort in the rituals of her submission.

But she wasn’t there and as I walked through the kitchen I wondered where she was. Hmmmmmm, I thought to myself. Slowly I walked up the stairs, making sure that the stairs didn’t creak and at the top of the stairs I could hear her moaning in sexual pleasure. I could feel the anger begin to well up inside of me. The girl knew damn well that she needed my permission to touch herself to receive sexual pleasure in any way shape or form; it was a means of control of her.

“Yes, master. Yes, master. Fuck me. Fuck your slave,” I could hear her crying out as I approached our room.

When I got to the master bedroom’s door I saw her on the bed naked with her legs wide open and her fingers deep inside her cunt. I could smell the aroma of her arousal and see her juices coating the insides of her thighs. She was close to cumming as she writhed on the bed, her eyes closed and teeth clenched as her hips bucked up to meet her fingers as they drove deep inside her.

“What the fuck are you doing?” I growled angrily as I walked into the room, catching her before she came..

“Master!” she cried out as she tore her fingers from her pussy. She whimpered uncontrollably from being let down so close to her orgasm.

“Daddy, I didn’t know-” she tried to implore but it was too late. I pulled her off the bed by her hair and she crumpled to my feet. When she looked up at me, I cuffed her with the back of my hand, snapping her head from left and then to right.

I took my belt off and whipped her, as she knelt on the ground. Her ass, thighs and the small of her back were welted and reddened by the thick brown work belt. She cried out for mercy but she received none as she felt the lash of her master on her body. Ten times I struck her with my full force and finally when I was done, she lay on the floor, right cheek on the ground, her ass high in the air, shuddering from her punishment. She whimpered and moaned in pain.

“Position!” I growled and she quickly knelt back on her heels, knees spread with her back straight and palms on her thighs. Keri’s eyes shone as tears streamed down her cheek. Her breathing was heavy as her chest heaved, her firm breasts rising and falling beautifully.

“I can see I’ve been too lenient with you,” I said angrily. It was true I loved her. I loved her very deeply, but the love slave required the strictest of discipline. She was a girl and would have her way, slyly if she was able, without the proper discipline imposed on her by a man.

“No!” she started to say but then yelped in pain and surprise as I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her into the bathroom; I was not done with her yet.

I threw her into the tub and she reflexively knelt with her head down, shuddering in anticipation wondering what her next punishment would be.

“I can see you still have a will of your own,” I said as I unzipped my pants. “You have not properly submitted fully, thinking with your wiles you could possibly have your own way.”

“No master,” she said quickly. “Daddy!” she cried out as she felt the warm stream of piss falling on her, the urine running down her Ataköy Escort body. “Mercy! Mercy! Please, no, daddy!” But I ignored her pleas as I emptied my bladder on her. She clenched her eyes as she felt my piss on her face and in her hair and down between her pert succulent breasts.

Finally, my bladder was empty and I could see her sobbing from the humiliation of being pissed on as her body was drenched with my fluid. Her eyes popped open and she yelped when she felt my hands in her hair pulling her head to my cock. She grimaced and tried to keep me from stuffing my cock into her mouth but her strength was no match for me. With my fists in her hair, I mouth fucked her, extracting my pleasure from her. In no time at all my cock was rigid and I could feel the pleasure from her lips and tongue reverberating through my body.

She gagged on my cock as I forced it into her mouth and when I felt her put her hands on my thighs I jerked her hair. “No hands!” I growled and continued to mouth fuck her. She knew I was pissed and immediately tried to gain my favor, sing her lips and tongue to pleasure me. I could feel Keri’s tongue playing with the head of my cock and her cheeks slightly sucking in as I forced my cock into her mouth.

In only a few moments, I could feel my balls tightening up and my release upon me. I groaned in pleasure as her tongue played with the underside of my cock and my cock slammed into her mouth. Even after being beaten, Keri was moaning in pleasure and working to please me with all of her effort, rocking back on her heels to take all of my cock. I could hear her gagging slightly as my cock hit the back of her throat.

Keri yelped when she felt me jerk her head off my cock and she knelt before me, looking at my cock in anticipation as I jerked it off. In just a few seconds, I let out a steady stream of cum as I groaned in pleasure, hitting her face, cheeks and chest. There was some in her hair too. I let go of my cock and walked into the bedroom after stuffing my cock back into my pants.

When I returned to the bathroom she was still in the position of the pleasure slave, looking down, sobbing slightly.

“You’ve disappointed me,” I said simply and she sobbed again in misery. “Obviously I need to keep you in tighter discipline. I have been too lenient with you.”

“No, master,” she said, looking up to me to plead.

“Silence, slave!” I looked down at her and saw her chest heaving, her hardened nipples and the blush that covered her from her breasts to her cheeks; there was no doubting that she was an aroused slave.

Silently I walked into the bedroom and came back with three feet of thin cord. I tied it around her waist and then tied her hands to the makeshift corded belt. It gave her enough play to complete her tasks but would always serve a reminder that she was slave.

“Go fix dinner, slave,” I said simply jerking my head to the door. Keri whimpered, looking at me wildly. She was aroused and needed release. I could tell her body was taut with sexual tension. “Now!” with a cry she slipped out of the bathtub and began to run through the bedroom.

“Crawl, slave! You are not allowed to stand or rise from your knees until further notice.” Quickly she fell to her knees and crawled downstairs. I watched her flee from my sight was grinned at the sight of her firm ass swaying from side to side as she moved. The girl couldn’t help but be a woman, to be a slave. I had turned her into a seductive, sexual animal that would use her beauty and wiles without even knowing it. Just the fact that she was moving her ass and showing off her curves to me as she crawled away proved this point.

I put her from my mind and showered, relieving the stress of the long workday. Thirty minutes later I was walking down the stairs and I could smell dinner, spiced chicken and stuffing. The aroma lingered in the air and I could hear her humming lightly in the kitchen. I was confident that dinner was ready; she would fear being beaten again for being disobedient or recalcitrant.

As soon as she saw my shadow from the corner of her eye, Keri swiftly knelt at the door to the kitchen with her head down. She had remembered to not clean herself, for she had not been given permission to. Her face and belly still bore my cum and piss. What a humiliation! I wondered how she felt. I wondered if she was more aware of her status as a slave.

The question was answered as she looked up at me with flushed, aroused cheeks, and moist eyes, vulnerable and weak. She was sexually hot.

“You do not have permission to look upon me until further notice,” I said coldly. Quickly, she lowered her eyes and sobbed lightly in piteous humiliation.

Without a word, I sat down on the table and put the napkin on my lap. With a simple movement of my finger, Keri moved to serve me. She did it humbly, compliantly, subserviently, eager to put herself back into my good graces, eager to prove her docility. As she served my dinner she Ataköy Escort Bayan kissed the plate and offered it up with her head bowed. Wordlessly, I accepted the food from her hands and set the plate down.

“Serve my pleasure while I eat, slave,” I commanded her.

It took only a moment to feel her small hands gently taking my cock out of my pants and then her warm wet tongue against the head of my cock. Instantly, I was hard again as she licked and suckled on me. It was done lovingly, longingly and passionately, I thought. As I begin to eat my meal, which was tasty and spiced just right, Keri’s tongue swirled around the head of my cock while her lips lightly sucked on me.

It was pleasant to have a girl serving your pleasure in such a manner. In its primacy, domination/submission is the basic genetic disposition between a woman and a man. Modern society may demand political correctness, sexual sensitivity and a lack of difference between the two sexes, but this is not according to the order of nature. It is only as a total and completely abject slave at a man’s feet that a female can ever completely be a woman. It is only with a woman serving and docile that a man can fully be a man, completely able and free to exercise his strength and dominance.

Few males understood this. Most males were satisfied to act eager to please a woman, acting as if she was the same as he, accommodating and compromising to her every whim, and then acting as if he was the soul of a modern man. And then they had bleeding ulcers by the time they were thirty, heart attacks by the time they were forty, and then were laid up crippled by the time they were seventy and all they could do is look back and ask: “was that my life?” It takes strength to be a man, true strength, not the strength that is so ingrained into boys’ heads from such a young age.

There were many males, but few men, I feared.

Keri picked up her tempo and as I ate, I could feel her quickening the pace, with sucking and slurping sounds as her lips lightly stroked my cock. Yes, I thought to myself, it was truly pleasant to feel a woman serving my sexual pleasure while I ate.

“Do not make me cum,” I commanded her between bites. She whimpered and moaned but slowed down her pace, seemingly against her will. I smiled at this for she was a slave and serving me was a sexual experience for her. Over the aroma of the food there was the lingeringly heavy scent of her sex, hanging in the air, beckoning me, adding to my stimulation.

My cock was rock hard as she knelt even lower and flicked her tongue underneath the head of my cock and then licked my piss hole. She swiftly deep throated me and I could feel me at the back of her throat. I couldn’t help moaning in pleasure and lifting my hips off of the chair, nearly choking on my food. Wily slave!

She sucked on my length and I felt her tongue tickling my balls and lapping at them, before her lips glided up the length and she swirled her tongue around my head. I was aching for release now. I could feel my balls tightening up and my cum brimming to the surface. She moaned and shuddered when she tasted my precum, leak from my piss hole.

“Enough,” I said and she whimpered as she removed my rock hard cock from her mouth and got out from beneath the table. I regarded her and saw that she was breathing heavily, her eyes shining with sexual anticipation and her pussy juices leaking from her sex. I grinned mischievously.

I cut a piece of meat from my plate and handed it down to her mouth. “Feed,” I commanded, and thus she fed from my hand. She was completely dependent on her for everything from food to clothing to using the bathroom. Keri was my complete and abject slave. I wondered if she understood this better.

“Thank you for feeding your slave, daddy,” she whispered when she was done eating. She knelt back on her heels in the position that I had taught her, expectantly, waiting to be commanded.

“Now it’s time for desert,” I said as I swiftly rose and grabbed her hair and lifted her to her feet.

“Master!” she yelped as she felt me throwing her over the corner kitchen table. I took her hands and used the cord around her waist to tie her hands behind her back. Her trim legs were stretched and she stood on her tip toes.

“Silence!” I commanded and slapped a reddened, bruised ass cheek. She jumped at the pain but went silent, afraid to arouse my anger again.

Roughly, I kicked her legs apart and used my thumbs to spread her ass cheeks before slamming my cock into her puckered and reddened asshole. Her teeth were gritted and she growled in pain as I drove into her ass without lubrication or preparation. Her tight sphincter tightened down on my cock and I nearly yelled in pleasure at the feeling of her hot tightness.

Holding her hands behind her back I fucked her hard and fast, driving my cock into her. Hard and long did I use her ass, slamming into her, raping her.

“Master,” she whimpered Escort Ataköy as I silently used her. “Master.”

Finally with a shout of sexual pleasure I unloaded my cum into her, filling her bowels with my hot seed and then pushed all the way into her. I spread my cum inside her with my cock as she laid on the table quietly whimpering with her eyes still shut and her teeth clenched. Tears ran down her cheek.

I removed myself from her and slapped her ass.

“Mercy, master,” she begged but yelped again when I pulled her off the table and she tumbled to the ground before me.

“Clean me off, slave,” I commanded and fearing punishment, she was quickly licking and sucking my cock, tasting her ass and my cum on me. Using her tongue, Keri expertly cleaned me up and slurped and swallowed all that was there.

“Now clean up the kitchen.” She was sobbing as I walked away without another word.

I was just finishing up cleaning and lubricating my Glock when I saw her crawling into the family room, her head down. I ignored her as she knelt before me. Silently she waited for me to acknowledge her presence. It was only when I was done reassembling the Glock, inspecting the barrel for hairline cracks and slipping the slide and then the slide onto the frame, pulling the slide back and locking the chamber open, slamming a full magazine into the well, releasing the slide and chambering a round, that I acknowledged her. I saw her jump slightly when the slide slammed home on a round. Silently I looked to her.

“Master, your slave is done cleaning up the kitchen,” she whispered. “I wait to be commanded by my master.”

“Go upstairs and clean your slave filth up,” I said. “Return to me and be prepared to serve your master’s pleasure.”

“May your slave relieve herself, master?” she asked in a quiet meek voice.

“No,” I replied simply.

I heard her sob and whimper but paid her no mind as I locked my pistol up and watched her out of the corner of my eye as she slipped away, slinking up the stairs, careful to never rise above her knees. I turned on the television and found the news as I heard the shower coming on.

It took nearly an hour for her to return, but I was left breathless as she crawled down the stairs to me. She was dressed seductively to please, specifically to gain favor. I smiled at myself when I saw this. Again, I could feel my cock stirring as desire rose within me. How could a man with a girl such as this not be aroused simply by seeing her approach? One who is not a master could never know the full pleasures of a woman.

“Stand,” I commanded her and she rose slowly, seductively, sensuously to her feet and stood as I had taught her. Her weight rested on her right foot and her left knees was slightly flexed but her body was loose and resilient. Her palms were forward, baring their sensitivity to me, wrists still held by the cord to her belly that I had tied to her as a sign of her bondage. Her dark hair was swept over her left shoulder and her eyes were downcast. She wore black lace stockings and pumps with four-inch heels, which accentuated her calf muscles, which were strong from exercise to begin with. She was naked beyond that and her collar. Her lips were coated with a dark red lipstick and her cheeks bore a light coating of blush which highlighted her high cheekbones and added to her bronzed complexion. There was black mascara around her eyes bringing out the blueness there. Keri was careful to keep her eyes downcast, not regarding me directly, mindful to be obedient to the restrictions I placed on her.

Yes, I thought to myself, she was very beautiful. My heart pounded in my chest and adrenaline coursed through my veins. I was a lucky man who knew my masculinity and did not buy into the Great Lie that we were all equal. Damn the man who believes the lie even when the truth stared into his eyes! How could a man call a woman such as this equal? How could a man who sees a woman, vulnerable, needful, sensuous and soft truly think that they were the same? I was a man and she was a woman, and she would be mine. Fully. Completely. Without compromise. Without conditions.

With a finger pointed at the ground silently, she knelt again, rocking back on her heels in the way that she had grown used to.

“Go into the kitchen and fetch a bowl.”

“Yes, master,” she whispered and crawled away, returning a moment later to me.

“Kneel over the bowl and relieve yourself as an owned woman,” I commanded her and miserably she did so, bared to me, open and vulnerable, degraded. There could be no doubt that she was owned. Keri sobbed lightly as she pissed in the bowl, some splashing up to her inner thighs.

When she was done, I did not release her from her position, making her stay there with her wet pussy in the open, waiting for me to command her.

“Look at me slave.” She slowly brought her eyes to mine. They were miserable, shamed, humiliated, owned. I wondered if se truly knew that she was an owned woman until this day. “You belong to me in all respects. Your beauty will not buy you anything except stricter discipline. Your love will only purchase you more abject bondage. Do not think that you will have your way. You will have my way, the only way. Are we clear?”

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