Daddy’s New Fucktoy


Dear Diary

Mike, a boy from school, had a party while his parents were out of town. “You’re eighteen years old now.” They said. “A senior in high school.” They said. “We trust you.” They said. The kegs were bought before his parents even left for the airport.

On my eighteenth birthday, my girlfriends and I got the neighborhood pot dealer to buy us some alcohol. Then we all went back to his apartment to party. My girlfriends and I stripped off our clothes to properly thank our pot dealer for the party favors with a she-bang suck and fuck, but he was too high to care. Instead we all just sat around naked smoking pot, giggling about nothing, and got drunk. I wanted to fuck. Still, it was fun. No one ever wants to fuck when I’m in the mood. Which is almost all the time.

Mike’s cute and all. His older brothers are cute too. But it’s their dad who gets me hot! Mr. Palmer is tall, medium build, super nerdy, white collar office geek, short dark hair, and thick black framed glasses. He gets me so hot and wet. He looks like a pervert. He has that face, you know, that look about him. The way he looks right at me through those dark frame glasses, it makes his eyes big. All the better to see you my dear. Before I throw you to the ground, rip your clothes off, force your thighs open with my rock hard cock, and pump my cum deep inside your tiny pussy. All while making my favorite little whore call me daddy. He has that face. Hot dirty DILF.

Mike and his brothers got their good looks from their mom, an obvious trophy wife to the nerdy rich pervert. Bitch. I hate her. She gets to fuck Mr. Palmer whenever he wants.

By the time I arrived to Mike’s party there were already twenty other kids there getting drunk and making out, groping at each other. My mission was to find some alone time with one of Mr. Palmer’s work shirts. I was going to masturbate wearing only his shirt. Rub one out. Then with my fingers covered in my sweet sticky cum, trace the inside collar of his work shirt. That way he’d have my cummy scent on his collar when he got dressed, when he kissed his wife goodbye, when he went to meetings, when he went out to lunch. I get horny just thinking about Mr. Palmer wearing my cum all day.

Mike’s idiot loser brother Joe had a porno playing in the main room of the house. It was awful. Terrible quality. You could hardly see anything. Really ugly girls too. Typical idiot loser Joe. I thought girls had to be pretty to be in porn? I call him Mike’s idiot loser brother because he’s twenty-five years old and still living at home. He got kicked out of college, moved back home and gave up. I can’t believe his parents still let him live there and fully support him. Gross.

I stopped for a moment to check out idiot loser Joe’s porno and to say hi to Mike and some of our friends.

By my fourth red plastic cup of Jack and coke, I made way upstairs to Mr. and Mrs. Palmer’s bedroom. I could hear the music playing downstairs and began dancing to it. I was drunk, horny, hot, and started taking off my clothes. I love being naked. I have a super hot body. I love showing it off. Tiny waistline. C-cup perfect round breasts. Bubble ass. And as I did my striptease dance in the Palmer’s bedroom, I fantasized Mr Palmer, lurking in the doorway, in the dark, dirty fucking creep, watching me, leering and salivating at my hot naked body, stroking his throbbing hard cock through his pants, wanting desperately to rape me, make me his slut, force me on my back, helpless, subservient, legs spread wide open in front of other nasty perverts. I wouldn’t mind. Let those perverts watch. Let them grope my breasts. Pinch my nipples while stroking their cocks. Let them jerk their cum on my face and tits while Mr. Palmer fucks me. Mmmm. Yes. Fuck me, Mr. Palmer. I’m your slut. Daddy’s slut. Dirty cum bucket. Fuck me hard.

That’s the last thing I remember before passing out. I woke up horny on the Palmer’s bed. Still naked. Idiot loser Joe was sitting on the bed cross legged staring at me. He seemed confused. I looked idiot loser Joe straight in the eye and spread my legs open. C’mon moron show me something. He didn’t know what to do. He just stared at my pussy. Omg he’s going to live with his parents forever.

After a few minutes passed with my bald pussy fully exposed and waiting for that loser Joe to do something, anything, he finally managed to stick a finger in me like a village idiot to a light socket.

“Don’t finger my pussy like a child.” I said. “Fuck me like a man!” But the clumsy moron couldn’t even do that right. He lowered his pants, scrambled on top of me, hurriedly shoved in and pumped what I guess was his pathetic excuse for a cock, about five times in my pussy before unloading his semen inside me. Twenty-five years old. That’s all he has? Five pump dump?

Disappointed, I pushed the moron off me and got dressed. I was still horny only now with idiot loser Joe’s cum dripping in my panties. Even so, I got fucked by Mr. Escort Palmer’s son, on Mr. Palmer’s bed where he sleeps. I’ll have that memory forever. That’s so hot.

I got home around 11pm. I managed to get to my room quietly without detection, or so I thought. I guess the party stench of whisky and idiot cum, followed me to my bedroom. Dad had sniffed me out. I finished taking off my jeans and threw them on the floor with my dad standing less than a foot away.

“Where were you?” He demanded to know. “I called you. I text you.”

I’m a fucking adult. Christ. What’s it to him where I was?

“A kid from school had a party…” I began to say.

“Are you drunk?” He asked.

I stumbled around my room taking off my shirt. “Not really. No.” I replied. Which was mostly true. I was just weary from the party and from walking home. I simply wanted to crawl into bed.

“Did you drive home?” Dad asked.

“Can we please have this conversation tomorrow?” I begged.

“Did you drive home?” Dad impatiently asked again.

I was so tired. I just wanted to go to sleep. I did not want to deal with my dad and the inquisition which made my reply to him sound more shitty than I intended as I foolishly got in his face.

“No. Dad. I did not drive home. Is my car in the driveway? I walked. A mile. Like a responsible adult. But I’m ok. Thank you for ask…” SMACK!

Dad slapped me across the face. I lost my balance and tumbled to the ground. It was then on my floor I realized both dad and I were in our underwear. I stood back up and got in his face again. Pissed off.

“Did you like that? Huh? Did that turn you on? Did it get your dick hard?” SMACK!

Dad slapped me again. Harder. With more enthusiasm. He must have enjoyed it the first time. I felt that second slap. It stung my cheek. It took about thirty seconds but I managed to get on my knees. I tried standing back up only I couldn’t. I just wanted to lie down on my floor and rest.

Even though I was now on my knees, I refused to let dad get away with slapping me twice. I didn’t need to look up at him. I could sense him staring down at me with great satisfaction. Proud if his work. So I did the only thing I could think of to do. I grabbed his cock through his underwear. Grabbed it hard. But instead of jerking away, or even seeming surprised, dad grabbed my hand with his own, and forced my grip up and down on his shaft. Up and down. Up and down. My dad was using my hand to give him an erection through his underwear.

“You want to play games with daddy?” He growled at me. “Look what you made me do. My cock is getting hard. Feel that?”

“Daddy.” I whispered, shocked. “I’m… I’m sorry.”

“You’re what honey? I can’t hear you.” He said. Still forcing my hand to stroke his hard dick. Up and down. Up and down.

“I said I’m sorry.” I whispered.

“Sorry for what?” He asked. Still forcing my hand to stroke his now rock hard cock through the fabric of his underwear.

“I’m sorry for… ” I whimpered. “I’m sorry for…”

“For being a little bitch to daddy?” He finished. “Mmmm I like the way you stroke my cock baby. Ever stroke a cock with that filthy little mouth of yours?”

“Y-yes daddy.” I whispered in shock.

“Good girl. You’re going to show daddy how good you can suck cock with that smartass little fuck hole mouth of yours.”

“But… daddy.” I whimpered.

Everything was happening so fast. Is this what it was like being with a real man? My nipples were getting hard. I could feel my pussy start to tingle with excitement.

Everything, from being slapped by my dad, to being on my knees before his big hard throbbing cock, knowing my dad was going to fuck my mouth with it, everything, was beyond exciting. I wanted it all. It wanted everything daddy was going to do me. Had I always wanted my dad to fuck me?

Daddy let go of my hand and in one swift dominant motion grabbed a big handful of hair from the back of my head. Daddy now controlled my head. He smashed my face into his hard cock smothering me with the front of his underwear. Daddy’s erection was so hard against my face it could have broken bones. He held my face against his hard cock for what felt like an hour before pulling my face away so I could breath.

“Pull down daddy’s underwear.” He instructed.

Nervously, I did as I was told. I pulled down daddy’s underwear. His huge cock sprung out and brushed against my face.

“Good girl.” Daddy rewarded. “Look how big it is. Ever have a cock this big?”

“No daddy.” I whispered. It was true.

“Well that’s going to change.” My daddy said. “Nothing but big daddy horse cock for his little girl to suck and fuck. Would you like that?”

“Yes daddy.” I eagerly replied. “Oh yes please.” My pussy was aching to be fucked again. I no longer cared that he was my dad. Maybe I never cared.

“Good girl. Now put daddy’s cock in your mouth.”

“But… Escort Bayan daddy” I objected in a moment of weakness though I didn’t mean it. I was eager to taste him. Daddy’s cock was so big. So thick.

“I’m going to fuck your mouth.” Daddy informed. “Then he jerked my head back to get a full view of my face. “Daddy’s going to fuck your slutty little mouth. And you’re going to love it.”

“Yes daddy.” I said licking my lips eagerly making them nice and wet.

“Open your mouth.” Daddy instructed. “Good girl.”

With a firm grasp of hair in one hand, Daddy stroked his fat brick cock over my face with the other. He slapped me on the mouth with it a few times almost breaking my teeth, then went back to stroking it.

When daddy was satisfied his dick couldn’t get any harder, he slipped the head of his cock into my eager mouth. It tasted so good! I quickly hungered for more.

It didn’t take long before all of daddy’s cock was in my mouth pumping away. The sin of it. The wrongness of it. Daddy fucking his daughter’s mouth with his big fat donkey cock got my pussy soaking wet. I love sucking cock. I love to fuck. I love being licked and nibbled on. I love being a whore. I tried getting men to fuck me when I was much younger but they wouldn’t. Now that I’m eighteen I can fuck and suck all the men I want.

“Mmm… daddy’s pretty little girl has done this before… What a good little slut.. Mmm… Suck daddy’s cock… Good girl… Suck… Mmm yes… Good girl… Use your tongue… Make daddy’s cock nice and wet… Suck… Suck harder… SUCK HARDER… Good girl… My daughter knows how to suck her daddy’s cock… Good girl.”

My bedroom echoed with loud sucking and slurping sounds as massive amounts of spit ran down my chin. My dad was fucking his daughter’s mouth. I was being face fucked by my dad! Oh God I loved it.

I wondered if Rose, my dad’s girlfriend had spent the night? I hoped she had. I hoped she was listening to her boyfriend face fuck his daughter. My pussy was so wet imagining her in their bed listening. I would have played with my pussy while blowing my dad, but he was fucking my mouth so hard I needed my hands to keep balance.

Dad made loud moaning, growling, and grunting sounds with each sloppy wet thrust of his cock. He held my head completely still while he rammed his horse dick into his daughter’s mouth, spit pouring down my chin. Dad just kept pumping his fat cock further into my mouth and down my throat. With each thrust I gagged a horrible sound but dad only laughed and kept fucking my throat. I wanted my dad’s cum so bad. I did my best, sucking and slurping, while dad throat fucked me. I milked my dad’s cock best I could.

“Daddy’s little girl is such a good cock sucker… Daddy’s dirty whore daughter… Mmmm… Suck… Yeah keep sucking… suck daddy’s cock… Don’t worry baby, daddy’s gonna cum down your throat but first I’m going to fuck you… Would you like that?”

Daddy pulled his cock out of my throat so I could answer him.

“Yes daddy.” I said. Limp. My mouth was so sore. My face was a complete mess. There was so much spit. Dad fucked my throat so hard, tears mixed with spit and smeared mascara pooled in my eyes. I couldn’t see.

“Beg daddy to fuck you.” Daddy growled. “Beg for it.”

“Please daddy! Please daddy fuck me! Please daddy fuck me! Please!”

I said it loud as I could so Rose could hear. I hoped she was in dad’s bed listening to us. I would love to make her watch. I would love daddy to pound my pussy over her face.

Daddy dragged me by my hair across the floor. My knees ached something terrible. I still couldn’t see. Then daddy picked up my limp body and threw me on the bed. I landed on my back. I felt both arms immediately pinned above my head as daddy straddled me just below my breasts.

It only took one of daddy’s massive hands to hold my arms above my head. With his free hand he ripped my bra down exposing my C-cup breasts and rosebud nipples.

“Look at the titties on my daughter.” Daddy said amusingly. “You like showing your big tittes to daddy?… You like that don’t you… All last summer teasing daddy’s prick with your little white bikini… You wanted to show me your tittes then didn’t you?”

“Yes daddy.” I said breathless.

“Teasing daddy with your big titties. What a good little slut.”

Daddy took one nipple in between his thumb and index finger and pinched hard. I yelped out unexpectedly. It hurt. But the pain also felt good. Just having daddy’s hands on my naked body alone made my pussy tremble hard with excitement.

“Daddy’s titties now. Your titties, your pussy, your little fuck hole mouth, all belong to daddy now, don’t they?”

“Yes daddy.” I said obediently.

“Good girl. Keep your arms above your head.” Daddy instructed. “I’m going to look at my daughter’s pussy.”

Daddy ripped off my panties. I long ago forgot about Bayan Escort idiot loser Joe’s cum in my pussy. Daddy spread my legs wide open at my thighs and saw Joe’s cum.

Seconds passed with daddy holding my legs open, staring at my previously fucked pussy.

“Out being a whore tonight!” He seethed. “A little fucking whore!… You love cock, don’t you!… Say it!… Say I love cock!”

“I love cock daddy.” I trembled. Not sure what was going to happen next.

“Say it again! Louder!” He yelled.

“I love cock daddy!” I yelled.

“Good girl.” Daddy rewarded.

Daddy held my legs wide open for another minute looking at my pussy. My dirty cummy hungry pussy seemed to excite him. Daddy was breathing harder. I felt the head of daddy’s cock enter my pussy. My body twitched hard with excitement.

In one quick motion daddy threw my legs over my head and buried his cock deep in my bald little pussy. The bed squeaked with daddy’s hard thrust.

Daddy’s cock was amazing. I was finally being fucked by a real man. Handled by a real man. A real man who knew how to take what he wanted and own my body completely.

Daddy pumped his horse dick into my pussy the same way he throat fucked me, wild and hard. The sounds of the bed squeaking in rhythm to daddy’s thrusts alongside daddy and me moaning and grunting in pleasure, could not drown out the wet squishing sounds of daddy jackhammering his cock into his daughter’s pussy.

“My daughter has such a hot little cunt!” He yelled.

“Oh God! Fuck me daddy! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me with your big daddy dick!” I screamed in ecstacy. I couldn’t help it. I was about to cum. I wanted Rose to hear.

“Look at those titties bounce!” Daddy grunted.

Daddy fucked me so hard the whole room shook violently.

“I’m gonna cum daddy! You’re gonna make me cum!” I screamed.

“Cum!” Daddy instructed. “Cum for daddy!”

“Yes daddy!… Fuck!… Fuck me daddy!… Fuck me daddy!!… Fuck me daddy!… Fuck me with your horse cock!… Fuck me daddy!… Oh god!! … OH GOD!”

I let out a blood curdling orgasmic scream. The orgasm ripped through my body unlike anything I felt before or will ever likely feel again. Daddy’s cock was so amazing. Daddy fucked me so good. So good.

Daddy continued to pound my pussy with his giant horse dick for another half hour after I came it seemed until he finally grunted, “Open your mouth!”

I eagerly did as I was told and opened my mouth as wide as I could. Daddy lept to my face and rammed his cock back down my throat. Thick globs of hot daddy cream shot down my throat. It made me gag and heave but I gladly took all of daddy’s cum.

“Drink it all!… drink all of daddy’s cum!… Uuuungh!… Good girl!… Drink daddy’s cum!… Good girl!”

I took it all every last drop of daddy cum. I drank it all. Daddy and I were both now breathing heavily, exhausted. Both out of our senses at the sin we had just committed, at the law we had broken. I was swollen, sore, a fuck and cummy mess, but I didn’t care. I just got fucked by my amazing daddy. I never felt so good. What next, I wondered? What happens now?

Daddy composed himself. I felt him get off the bed. I heard him pull his underwear back up. I could feel his eyes on me. Then daddy leaned over and whispered in my ear, “You’re daddy’s private little slut now. Right?”

“Yes daddy.” A said. Relieved.

“You’re going to fuck whoever daddy tells you to fuck. Right?”

“Yes daddy.”

“You’re going to spread your legs and fuck whoever and whenever daddy tells you to fuck. Right?”

“Yes daddy.”

“Good girl… Daddy’s special little girl… Dirty little cum bucket… My little fuck toy.”

Daddy brushed his fingers through my wet matted hair, “I love you honey.” He said tenderly.

“I love you too daddy.” I replied.

Then daddy returned to his room.

Minutes later when I got up to shower I heard murmuring voices. Rose had spent the night. My heart raced. She heard us. My pussy started aching for daddy’s cock again. She heard daddy turn me into his fuck toy. Good. What a turn on. I wanted to hear what they were saying but I was in desperate need of a shower. I played with my pussy under the hot water imagining all the naughty things daddy and I were going to make Rose do while we fucked. I couldnt wait to make Rose my bitch.

After my shower I quickly drifted off to sleep. I was awoken later to daddy and Rose fucking. I had heard daddy and Rose fuck before but not like this. Daddy was always trying to be quiet. He was always shushing Rose to be quiet when he fucked her. Daddy’s bed didn’t make noise like mine did but the headboard banged against the wall. If it got too loud he would stop and reposition them. But not anymore. Not tonight. Now he wanted the headboard to bang. He wanted Rose to be loud and scream in pleasure. Daddy was fucking Rose hard. Harder than usual. There was no need to be quiet anymore.

Just before daddy dumped his cum on Rose, I heard him say to her, “You’re going to eat my daughter’s pussy, right? You’re going to lick and suck her little clit while I fuck her, right?”

“Yes daddy.” Rose replied.

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