Dad’s Mind-Controlled Daughters Chapter 5: Bratty Daughter’s Hot Mom

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Dad’s Mind-Controlled Daughters

Chapter Five: Bratty Daughter’s Hot Mom

A Belt Buckle Mind-Control Story

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2021

Notes: Thanks to WRC264 for beta reading this!

Best Dad’s Daughter Services, “Showing young girls how to love their daddies!” was going great.

Three months into it, and I had quit my job and was enjoying life. With three lessons a day, an hour or so each at $300, and I was making $27,000 a month. That was $324,000 a year. I was making $90,000 at my day job. So it was an easy thing.

“Hey, Dad,” Janelle said as she came into the living room.

My oldest was wearing a sexy office lady type outfit. A mini-pencil skirt that barely went past her rump and a blouse that looked like it was perfect for the office save it was transparent and hugged her large breasts, her pink nipples bleeding through. Her blue eyes sparkled and her nose ring gleamed. Though she didn’t look it, she was already two months pregnant.

All my girls were.

“We got a tough one,” she said, staring at her iPad that had the notes for the meeting. As we had established, each of my daughter’s would help out. They rotated who was helping when. Usually, each girl would take a turn that day, but sometimes they would trade-off and I’d have Janelle do a double one day and Sarah do a double the next. Things like that.

“Oh, yeah?” I asked, staring at my daughter’s breasts. I had long since gotten over my guilt I had in taking advantage of my daughters and others. Everyone was happy. I was getting messages from happy dads and daughters about how much they loved their new relationships. Even from mothers who found having the daughter in the bedroom spiced up her own sex life. “What’s the problem? Is she one of those girls that really wants to save herself for marriage? Is she a lesbian?”

“She is rebellious,” said Janelle. “Nineteen. Her parents say that she won’t listen to anything they tell her. She sneaks out of the house. Drinks. Smokes pot. She ran away once for three days. They are at their wit’s end. They need something to change.”

“Well, getting nailed by her daddy should do the trick,” I said, pulling Janelle down onto my lap. “Isn’t that right?”

“I was never rebellious, Daddy,” Janelle said, slipping her arm around my neck. “I just like having fun.”

“Too much fun,” I told her.

“Well, now I have fun with you and Tonya and Sarah.” She rubbed her nose against mine. “When you have the best dad in the world, you don’t need another guy. Not like all those poor girls out there. They’ll move on from their daddies one day. They’ll get married. Have other children. And that’s okay. But you know that’s not happening with your girls.”

I put my hand on her belly. I remembered those early days with her mother when Mary first found out she was pregnant with Janelle. I would always put my hand on my wife’s stomach, waiting to feel any changes. One day, I felt the start of her curve that would slowly grow bigger and bigger. I couldn’t wait for Janelle, Tonya, and Sarah to all be at that moment.

“I know,” I said. “The belt buckle has you.”

She rolled her eyes. “Dad, magic belt buckles aren’t a thing. We just realized that day just how awesome you are. How awesome dads are. The media shits all over guys and dads, but they shouldn’t. I love you, Dad. And we’re going to help this rebellious girl to find that same love.”

“Yes, we are,” I said. “Her name?”

“Pita,” she said. “Pita Reyes. Her parents are both going to be here, too.”

My dick twitched. I had discovered something else that I liked. Something that I never thought I would. Of course, fucking a eighteen-year-old virgin was a delicious delight while her father watched and waited for his turn, but to also have fucked his wife before him, to have her gasping and moaning and cumming on my dick while the husband watched was a deviant and exhilarating experience.

Of course, when it was just the mothers, they would really get wild on my cock.

“Naughty Daddy,” my daughter purred, grinding her rump on my cock. She kissed me, her blonde hair brushing my cheek as her hot lips melted on mine.

I kissed my daughter, my hand squeezing her large breast through her blouse. I found her nipple, twisting it. She groaned her delight, her tongue dancing with mine. I savored the taste of her. The delight of kissing her.

My mind worked on the plan. Rebellious daughter… I knew how to handle Pita.


The chime echoed through the house. I broke the kiss with my daughter. She licked her lips, a wicked gleam in her eyes. She slid off my lap. My cock was hard. As I stood up, I adjusted myself in my jeans, brushing the belt buckle.

I truly didn’t have to wear it. Whatever magic had been on it had been imbued into me. No one believed me. To everyone, what was happening was perfectly natural. Something legal and desirable. News was spreading. We had gone viral on social media. Even had an interview with a news reporter.

People were always sending us emails just asking for tips. They came from around the world.

Janelle opened the door and said, “Welcome to Best Dad’s Daughter Services, I’m Janelle, Mr. Daniels’s eldest daughter.”

“Oh, my,” gasped a woman as she stared at my daughter’s outfit. “That’s… That’s a very…”

“Sexy outfit?” asked Janelle. “Well, we’re here to teach your daughter to be sexy for her daddy. Don’t you think I’m sexy, Mr. Reyes? Don’t you want your daughter to be dressed like me to please you?”

“Yeah,” groaned Mr. Reyes. “Mother of God, yes.”

I pushed the door opened more to get a look at the family. Mr. and Mrs. Reyes were standing at the door, the husband a short guy with back hair and a goatee, his wife a busty woman an inch or so taller. She had a curvy body covered by a white sundress, her skin a lovely shade of golden-brown. Behind them slouched their daughter. She wore a hoodie and a pair of jeans, her hands shoved into the pockets. Her nose was pierced and she had her mother’s gorgeous skin, her face youthful and round.

And sneering at me.

“You’re gonna turn me into your puta, Hector,” she said with such loathing. Her eyes flicked up and down my daughter. “Think I’m gonna parade around like that gringa bitch?”

“Pita! You mind your tongue, young lady. I’ll take off my sandal and spank your ass off right here, right now! Apologize to your father right now.”

“For what, Maria?” the girl sneered. “For not wanting to be daddy’s little whore like this puta cunt.”

“Pita!” gasped the mother. “I’m so sorry, Janelle.”

“It’s fine,” Janelle said. “That’s why you’re here. Come in. Come in. We’ll go up to the bedroom, relax, get naked, and have some fun.”

“I’m not getting naked,” snarled the girl. “You can go fuck your father’s little dick all you want, but I’m not some sick freak who wants anything to do with him.”

“Liar,” Janelle said. She motioned them to come in. “Every little girl wants to feel her daddy’s big dick slide into her pussy. Wants to know how she stacks up to your mother. Are you half the woman she is, Pita? Or is she better than you?”

Pita rolled her eyes as the parents entered, both of them mumbling apologies.

“It’s fine,” I said. “I’m Trevor.” I shook their hand, my eyes lingering on Mrs. Reyes’s fine body. “We’re going to need your help, especially yours, Mrs. Reyes.”

“If you can get our daughter under control, I’ll do anything,” she said.

“Good,” I told her and cupped her face. I kissed her.

“Mamá!” squeaked Pita as I kissed her mother. “What the fuck. Hector, he’s kissing your wife.”

Mr. Reyes just stood there as I kissed his wife. She was frozen, not kissing me back. I broke it and stroked her cheek. Her eyes were wide with shock. The husband looked furious for a moment then confused.

“Mrs. Reyes, you’re going to have to do better,” I said. “You have to be an example for your daughter. Show her how she’s supposed to act with her father.” I cupped the woman’s breast through her dress. “We’re going to have to get very intimate.” Then I glanced at Mr. Reyes. “Okay, sir. You’re going to have to let me make love to your wife to get through to your daughter. You’ll have to watch, in the corner, and be quiet. If you object, this won’t work.

“And you want to make love to your daughter, don’t you?”

“Of course,” he said. “I’m a good father.”

“Yeah, you’re the best, Hector,” Pita said. “Don’t let me do anything fun.”

“Going off and being a whore is not—” Her father took control of himself with a few deep breaths. “Just do what Mr. Daniels says, or you won’t ever get your phone back.”

“Fine, I’ll play good, little daughter.” She fluttered her eyes and in a girlish voice said, “Please, Daddy, make me into a whore while you let mom fuck this stranger. Show me how much of a man you are so I’ll swoon.”

“Just do what he said,” Mr. Reyes said. Then he glanced at his wife. “I know it’ll be hard, but… Let Trevor… Let him… You know…”

“Yeah, just let my dad love you,” Janelle said, grabbing Mrs. Reyes’s hand and pushing her palm into my crotch. She squeezed her hand around my hardon. “Just feel that. You can handle that, right?”

The woman’s eyes widened. She glanced at my daughter.

Janelle winked at her.

Apparently, I was bigger than most guys. The wives all loved it, even if they tried to hide it from their husbands. Mrs. Reyes slid her hand up and down my cock in my jeans, massaging me. She stared up at me, her golden-brown cheeks darkening.

“Just for our daughter, mi hermosa,” she said to her husband.

“Right,” I told her and kissed her again.

This time, she didn’t freeze. She kissed me back. My hand squeezed her breast through her dress. My cock throbbed in her hand. I thrust my tongue into her mouth, and she met it with her own. I french kissed her before her husband and daughter, savoring the thrill.

“Okay, let’s get to the bedroom,” said Janelle. “Mr. Reyes and Pita, follow me. Daddy, you’ll handle Mrs. Reyes.”

I broke the kiss. “You’re in good hands, Mrs. Reyes.”

“Yes,” she breathed, squeezing my cock again. “Oh, my, yes.” Then she glanced at her husband. “Just for our daughter, of course.”

“Yeah,” Escort he said. “For our daughter.” Then he grabbed his daughter’s arm. “Come on. You do what you’re told, or you’ll never see that phone again.”

“I’m not going to fuck him,” hissed Pita. “And I’m certainly not going to fuck you.”

They went first, and I whispered to Mrs. Reyes, “We’re going to have to entice your daughter. Make her jealous of you. Most daughters want to be like their mothers, even if they won’t admit it. Especially sexually. They want to prove their better than you. That they can please a man. We just have to get her to compete with you over your husband.”

“And you’ll do that by having sex with me?” asked Mrs. Reyes as we headed to the stairs.

“Yes. Show your daughter that you’re a woman who can please a man. Then she’ll be ripe and ready for the competition. Before you know it, you’ll be pleasing your husband together. I’m going to strip you naked, then you’re going to strip me naked and suck my dick. I’m going to eat you out and then fuck you in the ass.”

“The ass?” she gasped. “I’ve never done anal.”

“Good, good.” My dick ached so much. “It’ll show your daughter just how much of a woman you are. She should be ready to pounce on me by then. Janelle will be working on her the entire time. She’s good with rebellious girls.”

“Okay,” Mrs. Reyes said. “Don’t let my husband know, but you’re so much bigger than him. I…”

I winked at her.

We reached the bedroom where Janelle pointed to the cuck chair in the corner. “Just sit there, Mr. Reyes, and be quiet. Just watch. We’ll turn your daughter around.”

“I can’t wait to be a Barbie slut like you,” Pita said in her mocking voice.

“Oh, you have no idea how much of a slut I am for my daddy,” Janelle said. She leaned in and whispered to the girl. Pita rolled her eyes.

The moment Mr. Reyes sat on the chair, I cupped his wife’s face and kissed her. My hands held her for a moment as she moaned into it. She kissed me back, her hands grabbing at my cock again. I slid my hands around her neck to her back and found the zipper to her sundress. I worked it down as our tongues danced.

It was so hot with the husband’s eyes on me. He was watching me strip his wife. Getting her ready to be fucked. With the zipper down, she broke the kiss and stepped back. She stared at me with lust in her eyes. She licked her lips and then slipped her arms out of her dress. Her breasts appeared in a bronze bra that lifted her large tits. Black lace decorated the cups and spilled over her lovely boobs.

Janelle kept whispering to Pita as the girl watched her mother push the dress off her hips.

“You are gorgeous, Mrs. Reyes,” I said. “Damn, you are keeping in shape. You do that for your husband.”

“Of course,” she said. “My husband is an animal. He needs me to satiate him as much as possible.”

“Pretend I’m your husband,” I said. “Satiate me. Show me why I don’t need any other woman but you.”

“Si, mi amor,” she purred.

Her husband shifted in his chair as his wife reached behind her and undid her bra. She slid the straps off slowly, this hungry look in her eyes. Pita blinked as she witnessed her mother who had such a lusty look on her mature face. Janelle pressed closer to the daughter, lips inches from the girl’s ear.

Mrs. Reyes’s big breast came into view, heavy and plump, her nipples dark-brown delights. Fat and gorgeous. My dick throbbed. She stared at me the entire time, her brown eyes smoldering. Then she shoved off her panties.

“My pussy is so wet for you, mi amor,” she moaned. “You know how I get. Just aching for you to throw me down and ravish me. To make me cum.”

“I’ll make you cum,” I groaned as her black bush gleamed with her juices.

She rubbed at herself and then held out her fingers. “You better.”

Her husband groaned as I sucked on his wife’s fingers, tasting her pussy juices. Mrs. Reyes had spicy musk. That melted across my tongue. I swirled around her digits, savoring that wonderful delight. She quivered there, her eyes so big and dewy.

Then she pulled her fingers out and grabbed my t-shirt, untucking it from my pants and pulling it up my muscular body. Pita squirmed in her jeans, her cheeks darkening. My daughter whispered something else and then the girl pulled off her hoodie, no doubt hot. She had a halter top beneath the hoodie that cupped her round breasts and left her belly bare. Her jeans rode low, her thong peeking out and encircling her narrow waist.

My shirt off, Mrs. Reyes fell to her knees. “Mmm, I love falling to my knees and sucking your cock, mi amor.” She giggled in that girlish way. “After a long, hard day, you came home and I do this.”

She unbelted me and unfastened my fly. Her husband watched, swallowing as his wife shoved my jeans and boxers off. My cock popped out before her face. She grabbed me in her golden-brown hand and stroked me. She pumped up and down my flesh.

“I love sucking your cock, mi amor,” Mrs. Reyes purred to me, her husband’s eyes locked on her. She licked her plump lips as she leaned in. Her daughter squirmed, her hands rubbing at her belly.

Mrs. Reyes’s slid her mouth over my dick.

I groaned as the hot wife sucked my cock before her family. She sealed her lips around my cock and suckled. She nursed on me with such hunger. I groaned, my dick throbbing in her mouth. Her tongue danced around my crown. She massaged me with it. This wonderful pleasure shot through my body.

I groaned at it. I savored it. This was incredible to feel. It was magnificent. I loved the feel of her mouth nursing on me. She suckled on me with hunger, bobbing her head. I groaned, glancing at her husband.

“Damn, Mrs. Reyes,” I groaned. “You worship cock.”

“Mamá,” whispered the daughter, her eyes so wide as her mother worked her lips up and down my cock. “You’re…”

Janelle whispered more to the daughter, Pita’s hips moving.

I savored it. The ache swelled in my balls as Mrs. Reyes worked her magic. She sucked on me with such passion. She nursed with just the right amount of delight on my cock. Her cheeks hollowed with her passion. Her tongue fluttered around my crown.

Her sucks and slurps echoed through the bedroom. Her husband and daughter both squirmed. I groaned, savoring this pleasure. This cuckolding delight. She put her all into worshiping me. It was fantastic.

“Damn,” I groaned. “That’s it. That’s it, Mrs. Reyes. You’re going to get a mouthful of cum. You’re the best. Fuck, you’re amazing.” I glanced at her husband. “You want my cum, don’t you? Just a whore for it?”

Mrs. Reyes moaned around my cock and suckled harder.

Her husband swallowed, rubbing at his hardon while his wife loved mine. Those hot lips worked up and down my cock. Pita bit her lip, her shock wearing off. She would see just the pleasure her mother was getting at worshiping a cock.

And Pita would want it for herself.

Mrs. Reyes sucked hard. I groaned, rising quickly to my orgasm. Her mouth was a delight. Her husband watched me. It was always a rush to be paid to cuckold a man. Mrs. Reyes’s mouth worked up and down my dick.

“Damn,” I groaned and erupted.

My cum fired hot into the woman’s mouth. She groaned and gulped it down. She swallowed my seed with noisy hunger. Pleasure slammed through my body. Every spurt sending the ecstasy crashing into my mind. It was such a rush. I groaned, loving every second of it.

“Fuck,” I groaned. “That’s it!” I grinned at Mr. Reyes. “Your wife is amazing.”

“She is,” he panted.

I spilled the last of my spunk into her mouth. She sucked hard just to nurse out a few more drops. I groaned, my face contorting with the delight of her mouth working on my dick. It was amazing to experience. I loved it.

She slid her mouth off my cock with a wet plop. She smiled up at me, a twinkle in her eyes. She licked her lips. “Mmm, that was good, mi amor. A good woman loves her man’s cum.”

“And then she gets rewarded,” I said and grabbed her hands. I pulled her to her feet and then grabbed her hips. I guided her to the bed, pushing her down on it. “She gets devoured.”

“Devour my pussy, mi amor,” she moaned, her Latin accent so thick and delicious. “Feast on my conch and make me cum.”

She stretched out on her back, her big boobs thrusting upward. They jiggled in such delightful ways. I glanced at Pita and she had her arms folded tight, glaring at us. Janelle whispered something else in her ear.

Pita gave her a sharp look. My daughter nodded and whispered something else.

The daughter glowered.

I grinned and grabbed Mrs. Reyes’s breasts. They were such big and lush boobs. I squeezed them. My deceased wife, Mary, had such wonderful breasts. I kneaded these lovely tits. I squeezed them. I pressed my face between their valley. I rubbed them against my face, savoring the plump feel of them on my face.

I licked up to the pinnacle of her boob, my tongue dragging over that wonderful flesh. I flicked my tongue against her nipple. She gasped, her dark nub quivering. I winked at her and then suckled her nipple into my mouth.

“Oh, mi amor, yes, yes, you love my big tits. Mmm, just like you do, Hector.”

“Love them, Maria,” the husband groaned. “They’re wonderful.”

“See,” I heard Janelle whisper loudly.

Pita growled something beneath her breath.

I suckled on her mother’s nipple. I savored that fat nub in my mouth. My tongue danced around the nub. I savored that wonderful delight. I licked and lapped at her areola. It was a delicious treat. Then I sucked on her nub again.

She moaned and squirmed as I loved her nipple. I played with her nub, swirling about her. It was so much fun to do. I savored every moment of it. I suckled hard, my cheeks hollowing as I loved her nipple.

I nibbled. She groaned.

“You’re making my pussy so wet,” she moaned. “Oh, mi amor, you are a man who loves a woman’s breasts.”

“I am,” I groaned. I popped my mouth off her nub and then darted over to her other nipple. I suckled it into my mouth. She gasped.

I nibbled on it, loving that wonderful nub between my lips. I caressed around that wide areola. I licked at her with passion. Mrs. Reyes moaned and squirmed, making Escort Bayan such wonderful sounds as I loved her before her husband.

I would make her cum, too.

I squeezed both her boobs, my mouth hungering for her married pussy. I would lick and lap at her. I would make her gasp and moan. She would cry out in rapture. It would be such a delight. My dick throbbed to fuck her ass.

But first…

I popped my mouth off her nipple, groaning, “I have to devour you, Mrs. Reyes.”

“Yes, yes, show me how you love a sexy woman like me, mi amor!”

I winked at the MILF and pushed down her body. I kissed at her flat stomach, my lips smooching over her golden brown flesh. The Hispanic woman groaned and then squealed as I reached her bellybutton. Pita watched with her dark eyes while Janelle kept whispering in her ear.

My daughter was something special.

Mr. Reyes groaned as I pushed his wife’s thighs apart. I stared down at the black bush adorning Mrs. Reyes’s pussy. The spicy aroma of her married cunt filled my nose. My mouth salivated. I glanced at the husband.

Winked at him.

I buried my face into his wife’s bush. Her silky curls caressed over my face. Then I was licking at her cunt. She gasped, her back arching as my tongue slid over her folds. I savored the taste of her spicy passion. Her juices melted across my tongue.

“¡Mi amor!” she gasped. “¡Si! Lick my conch. Ooh, eat my pussy. Yes, yes, I have a yummy pussy, don’t I, mi amor?”

“Yes,” I groaned. “Delicious. Mothers are such a delight.”

I lapped up and down her folds, caressing her pussy lips and brushing her clit. She moaned as her hot juices trickled down my chin. I loved the taste of her. I savored how great she tasted. She was amazing to devour.

A treat to feast upon.

I licked and lapped at her. I gathered up her juices. She tasted amazing. Her thighs held me tight. It was a wonderful delight. My tongue caressed her with hunger. I licked and lapped at her, savoring the taste of her.

“Oh, mi amor,” she moaned, her body trembling on the bed. “That’s good. That’s so good. Hector, he’s showing our daughter how you lick my pussy.”

“Good,” he groaned. “I’m glad.”

“Me, too,” moaned the wife, her boobs jiggling. “Oh, mi amor, that’s it. Yes, yes, lick me!”

I feasted on her cunt. I lapped at her with hunger, savoring the flavor of her pussy. She had such a delicious pussy. I caressed up to her clit, brushing her bud. She jumped, her back arching and boobs thrusting up into the air.

The hypnotic jiggle captured my eyes. I swirled my tongue around her cunt as I stared at those quivering boobs. My tongue drummed against her bud, stroking it. Then my lips suckled on her clit. She gasped.

“¡Mi amor!” Her breasts quivered. “Yes, yes, you are so good. Mmm, this is the delight a woman receives from her man.”

“Yes,” I growled and suckled hard on her clit.

She moaned, her thighs squeezing around my face. I feasted on her, feeling her husband, daughter, and my daughter all watching. My cock throbbed with that delight as I nursed on her hot bud, her juices coating my lips and chin.

“¡Mi amor!” she squealed as my tongue danced around her clit. “¡Si!”

She bucked and spasmed as her spicy pussy juices gushed out of her pussy. Her tits heaved as she drenched my mouth in her passion. I gulped it down, savoring the flavor of her hot cunt. Her juices melted over my tongue. They tasted amazing.

I licked and lapped at her with hunger. I devoured her with passion. My tongue fluttered up and down her folds, drinking the pussy cream that gushed out of her cunt. It was fantastic to enjoy. I savored that delight.

“¡Si! ¡Si! ¡Mierda!” she gasped.

“Mamá,” whispered Pita, seeing her mother cum for the first time.

“Maria,” the husband groaned, watching his wife thrashing as my whore.

“¡Mi amor!” squealed the wife.

She groaned, her thighs squeezing about my face. She held me tight as she shuddered through her passion. I licked and lapped up her juices, her big tits quivering. Janelle purred her delight, my daughter so proud of me.

“My dad is the best!”

Her words made my dick twitch. I lifted my face from Mrs. Reyes’s furry muff, her pussy cream dripping down her thighs. I glanced at her husband as he watched, his hand squeezing his hardon. I loved this job so much. Being paid $300 to fuck his wife and daughter?

I should be paying him.

“Damn, Mrs. Reyes,” I groaned and grabbed his wife by the hips. I flipped her over. “Show me that ass. Kneel there like a bitch.”

“Yes, yes, mi amor,” she moaned. “Take me. Ravish me! Fuck my ass!”

“Your ass?” gasped the husband.

“For our daughter, Hector,” she moaned and then threw a look over her shoulder. “Fuck my ass hard, mi amor!”

“¡Mamá!” the daughter cried as she watched me slide my cock into her mother’s pussy. “You’re such a puta!”

“More of a puta than you are?” she moaned. “This is how I love your father. He loves it when I’m a dirty whore, don’t you, mi amor?”

“Yes,” I growled, slipping my cock into her pussy. “Damn, you have a tight cunt, Mrs. Reyes. That’s the tightness of a woman that only fucks one man.”

“Yes, yes, my husband,” she moaned, her pussy clenching down on me. “¡Mi amor! Your cock! Ooh, get all nice and wet in my pussy. Let my conch get you soaked then fuck my ass with your big rope!”

“Have a tighter conch than you,” muttered the daughter.

Janelle winked at me.

I ripped my cock out of the wife’s cunt and slid up to her asshole. I nuzzled it right against that opening. I pressed on it, the husband groaning and his wife whimpering. I pushed on her anal ring, feeling her hole spreading wider and wider.

“I have a tighter ass that than that perra!” hissed Pita. “Better tits. Better cunt! Why you wastin’ your time on that puta, Mr. Daniels?”

“You think you’re better than this gorgeous woman who’s devoted to loving your father?” I asked, the mother’s asshole widening more and more.

“So devoted to your father,” Mrs. Reyes moaned and then gasped as my cock popped into her asshole. “¡Mi amor! Yes, yes, fuck my ass and show my daughter how devoted I am to her father. I’m doing this for him. For them.”

“Maria,” groaned the husband. “You’re… magnificent.”

She only moaned as her asshole devoured my cock. Inch after inch of my dick slid into her virgin bowels. The married MILF moaned like a whore before her family. She shuddered, her head tossing as I sank to the hilt in her. My pubic hair rubbed against her plump, golden-brown ass. My balls pressed into her taint.

“Yes, yes, for you, Hector,” moaned Mrs. Reyes. “I’m taking this huge cock in my ass for you.” She threw a look over her shoulder. “Fuck my ass, mi amor!”

“F-fuck her ass,” groaned the husband.

“No!” gasped the daughter. “You should fuck me in the ass. I’m so much better than her.”

“You’ve done nothing but bitch and moan since coming here,” I groaned. “Your mother has been loving. She sucked my cock. She’s letting me fuck her ass. She’s got these big tits.”

I grabbed her mother’s boobs and squeezed them. Mrs. Reyes moaned, her bowels clenching down on my cock. I drew back my hips, savoring the friction. The pleasure rippled down my shaft to my heavy balls.

“Look at these tits!” Pita moaned. She pulled off her halter top and her round tits spilled out, her brown nipples pierced by golden barbells. They gleamed as her tits bounced. Janelle cupped the girl’s boobs from behind, squeezing them. “These are way better than her saggy utters.”

“They’re… fine,” I said and slammed my cock into her mother’s asshole.

“¡Mierda!” she gasped, her bowels clenching about my cock as I pumped away. “¡Mi amor! ¡Si! Fuck my ass with your big rope! Yes, yes, making my pussy so hot and wet. Oh, show my daughter I am a better woman than her.”

“You are not!” hissed Pita. She undid her jeans next. “I have a tight and juicy cunt and a hot ass. Guys love to fuck my holes.”

“Who wants a girl who fucks every guy,” moaned Mrs. Reyes. “A man wants a faithful woman. Who doesn’t fuck other men? Right, Hector?”

“Yes, yes, your mother is a very faithful woman.”

“So faithful,” she moaned, her bowels massaging my thrusting cock. “Look at how faithful I am. Oh, I am a better woman to your father!”

“Yes, yes, such a faithful woman,” Hector moaned. “Look at how loving your mother is, Pita. She’s what a man wants.”

Hissing, Pita shoved down her jeans, her black thong clinging to the folds of her pussy. Janelle has such a huge grin on her face as she watches, her nipples poking hard against her blouse. She winks at me as Pita steps out of her pants.

I pumped away at the faithful Mrs. Reyes. Her bowels clenched about my cock. Her hot flesh massaged me. It was incredible to enjoy. I savored every thrust into her depths. I loved the feel of her gripping me.

It was amazing. Fantastic.

I groaned, savoring the heat of her bowels clenching about my cock. I pumped away at her. I plunged to the hilt in her again and again and again. It was fantastic. I shuddered, loving every second of burying into her asshole. Her married flesh massaged my cock while her husband watched on.

“Yes, yes, yes!” I moaned. “Oh, that’s great. That’s amazing.”

“¡Mi amor!” she groaned. “Oh, yes, yes, mi amor, your cock feels so good in my ass. You’re making my conch so hot. My pussy is going to cum. Oh, this dick!”

“You should be fucking my ass, Mr. Daniels,” moaned Pita. She shoved her panties off next, the thong rolling down her thighs. “It’s way better than my mother’s asshole.”

“Why would me or your father want to fuck a whore’s ass when we have your mother’s virgin bowels?” I groaned, burying hard into those depths. “She’s never been with another man but your father.”

“And you, mi amor,” moaned Mrs. Reyes. “You and your big rope. Oh, yes, yes, show my daughter how a man fucks a faithful woman. A loving woman! Hard! Makes her cum!”

“Yes!” I growled, my hands kneading her heavy tits. I worked down to her breasts and pinched her nipples. I squeezed them. Twisted them. She gasped, her asshole clenching hard about my dick. It was such an exciting delight Bayan Escort to experience.

I slammed into her bowels hard as her daughter stepped out of her thong. Pita turned around, bent over and thrust her ass out at me. She wiggled her plump rump, her shaved pussy lips peeking out from between her thighs.

She smacked her ass and pulled her butt-cheek to the side, exposing her asshole. I thrust harder into her mother’s bowels. I fucked her with passion, the ache building and building at the tip of my cock.

“How can you say no to that ass?” Pita asked.

“Easy,” I groaned. “I have your mother’s fine ass. Right, Mr. Reyes.”

“Yes, yes,” he panted, squeezing his hardon. “All I need is your mother’s ass. I don’t need a whore-daughter.”

“All you need is me, Hector,” moaned Mrs. Reyes, her bowels clenching down on my cock. “Yes, yes, and all I need is… is… to cum! Oh, mi amor, I am so close. Yes, yes, pinch my nipples. I love having my nipples pinched.”

I pinched those nubs, twisting them. Her bowels squeezed down on my cock. I groaned, savoring the velvety heat massaging my dick as I stared at Pita. She parted her pussy lips now, showing off her pink depths dripping with her excitement.

Janelle masturbated her pussy beside her, hand beneath her short skirt. Her blue eyes were so hot as she winked at me. I groaned, plowing hard into Mrs. Reyes’s asshole, my balls tightening. My cum was so close to my boil. I would be shooting so much jizz into her asshole. Just flooding her with cum.

I slammed to the hilt in her asshole. She gasped and moaned. Then her head tossed back. “¡Mi amor! ¡Si!”

Her bowels went wild around my dick. The married woman came hard on my cock before her husband and envious daughter. I groaned as I buried my dick to the hilt in her spasming flesh. She sucked at me.

“Cum in my asshole, mi amor!” she moaned. “Flood me!”

“Yes!” I growled.

“No!” the daughter screeched and flew at the bed.

I erupted into her mother’s asshole as Pita landed beside us, her tits heaving. I pumped my cum into her mother’s spasming bowels. I spurted load after load of cum into her bowels as Pita kissed me with wild hunger, her tits and pierced nipples rubbing into my arm.

I groaned, kissing the daughter as I pumped load after load of my cum into her mother’s anal sheath. I shuddered, savoring spurting my jizz into her asshole. I groaned through my pleasure. I loved every second of spurting my cum into the married woman’s bowels.

“Oh, mi amor,” she moaned as she wrung out the last of her cum. “Oh, that was wonderful. Mmm, that’s how a woman is fucked by her man. Her father.”

“Yes,” Mr. Reyes groaned.

Pita pushed me back. I didn’t fight her. My cock popped out of her mother’s asshole. I ended up sprawled on my back, the girl straddling my waist. Her pierced tits jiggled above me as she grabbed my dirty dick and held it upright, aimed right at her cunt.

She slammed her cunt down my cock in a single plunge. She threw back her head, her boobs bouncing before her. I grabbed those plump mounds, squeezing them as her pussy buffed my dick clean of her mother’s asshole.

“Mmm, Mrs. Reyes, go sit on your husband’s lap,” Janelle purred as she climbed on the bed and hiked her skirt.

“Okay,” the woman panted. “Hector. Hector. Are you okay? I only did it for our daughter.”

“I know that,” he groaned.

“And now having sex,” Janelle added before she straddled my head and hiked her skirt. My daughter’s shaved cunt appeared, her tangy musk filling my nose as she lowered it. “Pita, show your father who’s the better woman.”

“Me!” hissed Pita as she squeezed her cunt around my cock. “I’m better. He should only want me. Not that old hag.”

“Your mother is not a hag,” Mr. Reyes groaned.

“I’m young and hot,” she moaned, sliding her hot cunt up my dick, buffing my cock clean of her mother’s asshole. Her silky flesh sent pleasure through me. I squeezed her tits. “You don’t need Mamá when you have me, Papá!”

She slammed her cunt down my dick. I groaned. A moment later, Janelle’s pussy planted on my mouth. I licked my daughter’s cunt while savoring Pita’s pussy working up and down my cock. Her cunt slid up and down it. She gripped me with her pussy. She held me tight, massaging me.

I moaned into my daughter’s cunt. I licked and lapped at her twat. I thrust into her tangy pussy and stirred my tongue around in her snatch. I loved the feel of her pussy walls while Pita worked her sheath up and down my dick.

It was heaven.

“Daddy,” moaned Janelle.

“Papá!” whimpered Pita.

I devoured my twenty-one-year-old daughter’s cunt as I savored the barely legal pussy working up and down my dick. That hot flesh massaged me. It was just perfect. Such a delight to enjoy. I groaned, her hot flesh working up and down my cock. I groaned, the heat building and building in my nuts.

It was fantastic. It was amazing. My dick throbbed and ached. The pleasure was wonderful. She slid up and down my cock with such hunger. She massaged me with her pussy with such delight. I feasted on my daughter’s cunt, my passion powered by the young snatch massaging my dick.

“Oh, Daddy, yes!” Janelle moaned. “You’re the best daddy.”

“Such a big dick,” moaned Pita. “Oh, yes, yes, I’m better than my mother, aren’t I?”

“She’s delicious,” I groaned into my daughter’s cunt. “Right, Mr. Reyes. Your wife is delicious.”

“She is,” Mr. Reyes groaned. “My moon and stars.”

“Oh, Hector,” gushed the wife. I heard them kissing while I knew my cum leaked out of her asshole.

My dirty dick throbbed in her daughter’s cunt. Pita worked that tight, nineteen-year-old pussy up and down my cock. She massaged me with such passion. I would have a huge explosion of bliss. Just a mighty burst of cum.

It was fantastic.

I groaned, savoring this bliss. It was fantastic. Amazing. I groaned, the pleasure rippling through my body. My toes curled. The pleasure was just wonderful. It was amazing. I shuddered, savoring every moment of the daughter’s pussy working up and down my cock.

I feasted on my own daughter’s cunt. I devoured Janelle’s twat as the pleasure swelled in me. She moaned, squirming her pregnant pussy on my lips. I had bred her. Probably bred a lot of wives and daughters, but I knew Janelle’s child was mine.

“Daddy,” she moaned as my tongue stroked over her clit. “Oh, Daddy, I’m going to cum on your tongue.”

“And I am going to cum on your dick!” Pita’s cunt clenched about my cock as she slid up me, the silky massage swelling the pressure at the tip. “I’m going to cum so hard. I’m such a better fuck than my mother.”

“Are you?” I groaned. “I haven’t cum yet!”

She hissed and slammed her cunt down my cock. I groaned into my daughter’s pussy. I thrust my tongue into Janelle’s pregnant depths. Her butt-cheeks clenched right before my face. She moaned, her pussy clenching about my tongue.

I stirred her up as I hurtled towards my orgasm. Pita’s pussy massaged me. She rode me with passion. She knew just how to please me. Her cunt felt amazing on my dick. I rose towards that explosive climax.

“Fuck,” I groaned, almost there. I latched onto my daughter’s clit and suckled.

“Oh, Daddy,” she squealed. “Yes, yes, yes, I’m going to cum!”

“So am I!” Pita moaned. “¡Papá! I’m so much better than that puta you married. You’ll see. I’ll steal you from her with my tight, young cunt! Shit!”

Her pussy went wild around my cock. That hot, young cunt convulsed and writhed. I groaned, my back arching as her flesh suckled at me. I nursed hard on my daughter’s clit. She whimpered, her butt-cheeks clenching before my eyes.


Janelle’s hot pussy juices gushed into my mouth. They flooded me with her wonderful juices. They gushed into me. I groaned, loving every second of her cream gushing into my mouth. I lapped up that wonderful delight. I groaned, lapping at her pussy folds.

As I drank her pregnant juices, Pita’s cunt rippled around my dick. My balls tightened. Then I flooded the nineteen-year-old girl. I pumped my cum into her pussy. She squealed and bucked on my cock, her twat milking me.

“Fuck!” I groaned into my daughter’s pussy.

“Daddy! Daddy!” Janelle whimpered, my tongue lapping at her cunt. I gathered up her tart juices.

“I’m coming for your cock next, Papá!” squealed the naughty girl shuddering on my dick.

The pleasure slammed through my body. I pumped my jizz over and over into her cunt. It was fantastic to experience. The ecstasy slammed through my nerves and into my mind. I growled into my daughter’s pussy. I licked up all that wonderful cum. It was such a treat. Just a delight for me to enjoy.

I groaned as I hit the peak of my orgasm. I panted there, my dick throbbing in the girl’s pussy. Pita moaned while my daughter groaned. She rubbed her hot cunt across my face, panting. I licked her twat one more time.

“Daddy,” she groaned and slipped off.

“Let’s go!” Pita hissed and hopped off my dick. “Let’s go home so I can fuck Papá’s brains out and prove I am better than you, Mamá!”

“Mmm, I’ll be giving it my all,” Mrs. Reyes said, sitting naked on her husband’s lap, my cum leaking out of her asshole. “You’ll see. You won’t steal him away from me.”

“I will!” she said, grabbing her thong and stepping into it.

I panted, savoring the bliss. The two Reyes women dressed while I slowly stood up. Janelle cuddling up against me. Mr. Reyes rose, his cock tenting the front of his jeans. He thrust out his hand to me.

“Thank you, Trevor,” he said. “You truly are the best dad.”

“He is,” Janelle cooed, pressing against me. “I hope you survive the pair of them.”

He chuckled. “I’ll manage. I’m not a bad dad myself. Only one of our children is a problem. My two boys are good sons.”

I nodded, my daughter fondling my cock. Pita dragged her father out of the room, boasting about how hard she would make him cum while the wife threw a look over her shoulder and winked at me. Janelle giggled at me as Mrs. Reyes left.

“Mmm, you think she’ll be back for seconds?” Janelle asked. It had happened.

“She’s a faithful wife,” I said.

“And you are the best daddy,” she purred. “Even women in their forties need a sexy daddy from time to time.” Janelle straddled me. “I love you, Daddy.”

She kissed me and I groaned, loving my new life.

To be continued…

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