Dan Meets Meraina Ch. 08


I’ve been with Dave and Jay for awhile now. I have Dave, and we get along in the bedroom pretty well but I’ve never seen Jay with anyone. I know he works 3rd shift but I’d really have expected him to have some one. Which is why I was really surprised the night he brought HER home.

I was playing a game on the computer when I heard Jay’s suburban pull up. I don’t know much about cars but that engine has a very distinctive sound. I paused my game and listened as I heard Jay’s voice. He was talking to someone. I was surprised when he ushered a girl in through the door. The first thing that struck me were the similarities between us. Whereas I have blonde hair in a short pageboy haircut. I’m on the skinny side myself, I only weigh 104 and I’m barely 5 feet tall. Ok it’s worse than that. I’m a carpenters dream as my dad say’s. I’m flat on both sides. Although I’ve always thought of it as being athletic. She had blonde hair that was just a few inches longer than mine, and she stood a little taller being 5 feet 3 inches tall. She was on the skinny side but boy did she have a rack. D cups at least. She really could have been my older sister.

Jay introduced her as Brandi. I didn’t really like her at once. I sort of saw Jay as my protector, especially after he and Dan came and got me from Justin. I know it wasn’t very nice of me but I guess I was pretty jealous. They went over to the dining room table and sat down to talk. I had turned down the volume on my computer when they came in, and I kind of forgot to turn it back on.

From their conversation I found out that she was the soon to be ex-wife of one of Dan and Jays buddies. The were separated and filing for a divorce. Which was fine all by itself but her husband was stalking her. I should have known Jay would “help out”

She had a son who was staying at her Mom’s and she would leave him there for a few days. Jay would also spend a couple of Days at her apartment. In case her husband showed up. They seemed to have it all worked out. Jay suggested dinner and she agreed. Dave was at work but Jay asked me if I wanted dinner. I was pretty short with him.

Jay came over and leaned down to whisper in my ear. “Meraina I don’t know if you’ve had a bad day or what. But if you use that tone of voice with me again I will turn you over my knee right here in front of her and give you a sound spanking. Now are you coming to dinner?”

I really didn’t want to be spanked in front of HER. Plus I really didn’t want Jay mad at me.

“Yes Sir, let me turn off the puter and find my shoes.”

“Very well Meraina, let me see if I can dig up your shoes.” Jay answered and went in search of my shoes.

By the time I had the computer shut down Jay was back with my sandals.

“Here you go kiddo.” Jay proffered my sandals.

“Thanks.” I said putting them on.

Then we all headed out for dinner. Jay asked where we wanted to go, and I immediately said McDonalds. I saw Jay roll his eye’s but Brandi agreed with me. Every time I suggest Mickey D’s Jay tells me that’s for parents with kids.

Jay and Brandi got our food, while I went and got us a table. They weren’t far enough away that I didn’t hear Jay say he was sorry that we were at a McDonalds instead if a nice place. I thought Brandi was going to defend me and really she did, I just didn’t like the defense.

“It’s okay, Jay keeping your daughter happy can be worth it. And she seems like a nice girl.”

Jay glanced over at me as Brandi called me his daughter. And then he nodded! “She’s more like an adopted daughter but yeah I like to make her happy.”

As they sat down coffeedonutfest.com and passed out the food I tried to be pleasant but I was still upset about that daughter thing. We had a good time and when Jay started telling really bad jokes Brandi and I ganged up on him. All in all it was a pretty good meal. When we got home, Jay and Brandi played a game of cards with me. And then Jay sent me off to bed. When I’d agreed to move in with him and Dave it had been with the proviso that Jay would take care of me. That seemed to include making sure I ate right, had bedtimes and chores. I got an allowance and I was spanked if I was bad. It was all part of Jay’s plan to wean me off Liquor. I was and always will be an alcoholic.

I heard Jay and Brandi go into his room and lock the door. Jay never locked his door. Sometimes if I had a bad dream and Dave wasn’t home I’d go snuggle up to Jay for comfort. He was real good as a security blanket.

Ok I have to admit I was curious. I mean I knew Jay had a good sized penis, I’d walked in on him in the shower a couple of times. But I’ve always wondered if he was any good as a lover. I snuck out of my room and looked at his door. There was no way to see around that, but there was the window to his room. I snuck outside and looked over his window but Jay had really heavy drapes. That way he could sleep during the day. I finally settled on a bold plan. His window was partially open. So I reached in and moved the drapes so I could see. I did it very carefully so that I wouldn’t alert them.

I don’t think they’d have noticed if I through a brick through the window. Jay was on the bed with Brandi in his lap. Her shirt was off and he was nuzzling one of those massive tit’s she had. He must have been doing a great job because one of her feet was twitching. He moved over and began to suck on the other one. Brandi just seemed to be in heaven. Her whole body started swaying and her nipples looked rock hard. Then Jay opened his mouth and exhaled on her very wet nipple. It must have felt good because she just seemed to melt in his arms. Then while she was still slumped he took a big breathe and blew cold air right across the same nipple. She squeaked and I saw her shiver and those nipples really stood to attention.

Jay gave a soft laugh and stood up with her in his arms. He turned around set her gently on the bed. His hands unbuttoned her jeans and slid down the zipper. He took off her shoes, and then with one quick tug he had her naked as the day she was born. His head dipped down to nuzzle her mound and I noticed that she was shaved as clean as I was. Jay worked his tongue up her body and she squirmed under his ministrations. As his mouth passed sensitive points I could see her give some little starts. Jay seemed to be very good with his mouth. When he reached her mouth his left hand dropped down to play with her pussy. I had a really good view from my window seat, and I saw him open her up his first and third fingers. I saw him take a breath and he plunged his tongue into her mouth at the same time his middle finger buried itself to it’s third knuckle in her pussy. She arched her back and her hands beat on the bed, and then wrapped around Jay’s head. I have never seen a woman climax but I’m sure that’s what it was.

When she finally went limp and it took awhile, Jay stood up and stuck the finger he’d had in her pussy into her mouth. She was startled for a second and then she grabbed his wrist and began to suck all of her juices off his fingers. I was surprised to find that my hands were busying themselves at my body. I had one hand in my shirt and one hand in my shorts.

When Jay thought his fingers were clean enough, he pulled out of her grasp and began to undress himself. As he stripped I found he had a hard on. I mean I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised but I was. I’m also really surprised at how large a mans penis can grow. Jay’s looked pretty big. Brandi loved it though. With Jay standing at the foot of the bed she swung around and on hands and knees began to lap at his penis like a dog. After a minute or two of this she took him in her mouth and began to really use that tongue of hers. Jay’s back was straight and he kept moving his hands like he wanted to grab her by the hair and force his cock down her throat. This went on for a while and then Jay did grab her hair and pulling her off his dick he swung her around.

She grinned over her shoulder as her bottom came to face Jay. And then she buried her face into the bed and put both hands behind her back. There she knelt head down and bottom up. Jay lined up and found she was down a little far for him. With a worried look in the direction of my room, he slapped her bottom hard enough to make her jump and told her to get it higher. Her knees kind of straightened and he sank into that beautiful heart shaped bottom. Ok I admit I liked her body too. Jay began stroking himself in and out. Every time she tried to move with him he slapped her bottom and told her to be still.

As Jay’s strokes sped up, so did the hand I had between my thighs. I watched raptly as Jay finally buried himself in her and his whole body went rigid. He was cumming hard and she came with him. I could hold back no more and climaxed as they did. Oh what a feeling. I could just imagine Jay’s penis beating into me, his hands slapping my bottom.

I realized to late that I’d cried out. The next thing I knew I was looking into Jay’s face as he looked out the window at me. He had a big frown on his face as he realized I’d been watching. He pointed in the general direction of the door and I nodded. Jay turned away and as I left the window I could see that Brandi was already asleep.

Jay met me by the door still naked. He just grabbed an elbow and pulled me into the living room.

“Anything you want to say girl?” Jay demanded.

“No Sir.” I stammered out.

Jay just nodded. “You know I’m going to spank you for that.”

It was my turn to nod. “Yes Sir I knew if I got caught I’d be punished.”

Jay crossed his arms and looked down on me. “Ok for being up after your bed time you are grounded. Tomorrow you are not allowed to leave your room without my permission.”

“Yes Sir.” I half sobbed

“For standing outside and playing with yourself you are grounded for one week. No TV, no computer, no going outside. If you need to masturbate do it in your room.”

“Yes Sir.” I said again as my eye’s teared up.

“For spying on me, I’m going to tan your hide. Now go find Sabrina.”

Sabrina was Jay’s hairbrush. She had a very flat back and really stung when applied to my bottom. This spanking was going to be very bad. I new exactly where the brush was and I ran to get it and bring it back. When I came back Jay had already set a dining room chair in the living room. He looked me over.

“As you’ve been watching me naked, I’m going to return the favor.” And reaching down he pulled my T-shirt over my head. Exposing my very small breasts. Then with a slight tug at my waistband, my shorts hit the floor. I stood there naked before him. He took Sabrina from me.

“Hands behind your head Meraina.”

My hands flew to the back of my head. Jay sat down on the couch and let his eye’s rove my body. I knew this was part of my punishment. To just stand there and let him look at me. To let me know what it was like. He made small gesture with his hand and I slowly turned around. Making a complete circle. Every part of my body on display for him.

He finally grabbed my elbow and pulled me over his left knee, making sure my bottom was the highest part of my body. My shaved pussy grinding into his naked thigh. To my surprise he didn’t start with the hairbrush but gave me a hand spanking. The first swat was sharp and stinging across my bottom. He worked both my cheeks as he delivered 50 swats to my poor bottom. It was even more humiliating when I realized I’d spread my legs to try and ease the pain. I had slid forward a little and now my feet wouldn’t even touch the floor. When he paused I knew what was coming. And sure enough with a sharp splat, pain blossomed across my bottom. Another 50 smacks with Sabrina left me in tears. He’d given me worse spankings, but never one that humiliated me so. As he let me up he held me in his arms until I stopped crying. It felt so nice and secure to be in those strong arms. When I’d cried my self out. Jay spoke in my ear.

“Okay Meraina are you ready for the corner?”

“Yes Jay, I can finish my punishment.”

I got up and went to stand in the corner to think about my spanked bottom and the reason I’d gotten it. I kept my hands behind my head and I kept my nose pressed to the wall. Even when Brandi came out and joined Jay on the couch. It seemed the spanking had woken her up and she’d thought it was between me and him so she’d stayed in the bedroom till it was over. She got a good look at my very red bottom, but I guess it was fair. I’d gotten a good look at hers.

An hour later when Jay called me from the corner I had to come and stand before them naked as a jay bird hands still behind my head and tell them what I’d learned from my discipline. When I was done I could see Jay was satisfied but he turned to Brandi.

“Are you satisfied or do you want to punish her as well” Jay asked.

This gave me quite a start. I hadn’t thought she might spank me.

“Jay do I have full rights over her?” Brandi asked

Jay frowned. “What do you mean?”

“Well you and I are going to be together for awhile. I want to know if I’ll be able to punish her later if I need to.” Brandi said seriously

Jay kind of nodded to himself. “Well Meraina, you’ve found a surrogate dad in me. Do you want a surrogate mom as well?”

I didn’t know what to think. I kind of looked at her in shock.

“Do you really want me?” I’d been told I was worthless for years and now to people wanted to be my parents. I saw her start at the tone in my voice.

“Yes Dear, I’d love to have you as my daughter”

I started to cry and fell into her arms. I was so lucky. To find two people who cared about me. I held her, she held me and Jay held us both. When I stopped crying and was starting to snuggle I heard her soft voice in my ear.

“Not just yet dear.”

I looked up in alarm, was she going to dump me so soon.

She saw the look and hugged me tight. “No dear it’s nothing like that but I want to firmly cement my rights over you.”

I was confused and she saw it in my face.

With a little smile she said. “Over my knee Meraina. I want you to know I can and will punish you.”

I smiled at that, it was going to be good to be cared for. I practically dove ever her knee. 10 very hard swats later I wasn’t so sure it was that good. I spent a couple of more minutes in the corner realizing she would punish me any time she thought I deserved it. Life was good.

And I got to sleep between them that night. Good thing Jay has a big bed.

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