Dare to Desire Ch. 01


Corey wakes from his peaceful slumber to a roaring scream across the hall. “Corey, if you ever leave your crusty boxers in my bathroom again; I will-” Savannah Pauses,

“Just please come grab your nasty boxers, I’m not touching them.”

Corey carries his weight down the everlasting hall towards his sister’s room. Slouching as he approaches her room.


Savannah yells in retaliation “One mom-“

Corey opens the door before she could get her words out. Savannah stands half-naked, covered only by the thin vail of her pink cotton panties, to his dismay, or perhaps approval. Her breasts a respectable E-cup size, milky-chocolate skin contrasting her dark, taut nipples. She let’s out a gasp, they stand facing teaching, a stalemate. Corey’s face is that of shock, his thoughts paint a different picture, however. He analyzes his sister’s beautifully mature, ripe body. Standing 5’6, 145 lbs., her shoulders extrude pure femininity, her thighs thick, yet tight. Her weight seems to be distributed unevenly to her heart-shaped ass. Thus, her waist is incredibly small. His gaze focuses on her heaving bosom, then slowly leads up to her curiously shocked eyes. It stays there for a moment. If only for a moment, Corey then let’s out his first statement, “uhh…”

Savannah snaps out of her trance, grabbing her bathrobe as she exclaims, “GET OUT YOU FUCKER!”

Corey hesitates for a moment, “My uhm- “

Savannah cuts him off, “-your boxers? They’re in the bathroom, you creepy son of a turd.”

Corey Escort lets out a slight giggle as he moves towards the bathroom. Inside he catches a glimpse of her panties, laying right beside his boxers. Unable to control his urges, Corey grabs the underwear, stuffs his sister’s panties in his pocket and rushes out of her room and into his. Once in his room, he rips off his sweats, boxers, his modest 5.5″ penis falls out and her grabs ahold of it with Savannah’s panties in his palms. He presses the cloth of his infatuation up to his nose, sniffing her every musk, scent, and juices. It’s slight wet. He attempts to lick up as much of the moisture as possible.

Corey pumps his cock with fury and rage, whilst delicately sniffing his sister’s aroma. He pictures himself ripping off the panties she had on right now, throwing her on the bed, lock her arms and tasting the delicacy of her moist folds. And right as this though comes to mind, Corey explodes into his sister’s panties. Feeling of satisfaction and remorse, pleasure and guilt, content with his experience, yet a feeling of dirtiness imbues his skins. Hot stream, after hot stream of semen jet into the underwear.

The event lasts for 40 seconds before he feels his final pulse of his penis. Pulling the panties slowly off his cock, Corey’s dick is sensitive beyond control. He tosses her panties to the side and collapses on his bed and falls into a deep sleep. He is spent.


Corey jumped at the bangs that came from Escort Bayan the front door, he could hear it from the second floor. This was strange.

“Sav, could you get that please, I’m exhausted…”

No response, not even a peep. He looked out the window at the driveway to see if the cars were gone. Sure enough, all the cars had been taken. Strange for a Saturday afternoon.

Corey threw on a light pair of boxer, and a robe before heading to the door.


“OKAY, OKAY, I GET IT!” Corey yelled as he approached the door. At first he hesitated, but after a deep breath he swung the door open only to find nothing, no-one. He looked down and spotted a strange box, on it was a little note. Corey picked up the item and made his way to the couch. With little regard for the packaging, or the note, Corey tore open the box to reveal a strange artifact.

A brass lamp, shimmering in the reflection of the sun; dancing almost. A strange calligraphy was carved accross it’s entirety. The dust that layered the lamp covered most the writing, in an attempt to read it better Corey wiped the dust of with the palm of his hand.

A loud screaching noise began to radiate from the lamp, as well as a shiny blue smoke cloud that blinded Corey to a loss of conciousness.


Hours had passed since he’d unlocked the magic lamp, he now laid flat on the floor of his living room. A deep slumber. Corey slowly began to recoup conciousness and was finally able to open his eyes. He Bayan Escort scanned the enviroment. In the corner of the room he once again spotted the brass lamp discarded on the floor. Confusion was all he could muster.

“What- happened.” Correy questioned.

“Your humanly state couldn’t comprehend the excellence of my magic, and as such you passed out master.”

“Who?” Corey intervened, wondering were his guest’s words had come from.

Out of the corner of his eye came the most beautiful woman Corey had ever laid his eyes on, standing 5’4 and weighing 112 lbs. With hips that resembled his sister’s and a figure that wasn’t too distant. Corey was overcome with a lust and craving for this woman. He wanted to fuck her senseless.

Being 5’10, 265 lbs and quiet plain looking, Corey had managed to remain a virgin to his fine age of 26, his 21 year old sister had seemingly more experiance than him in the bedroom. Which was quiet the embarasment.

Infront of him however, was the hottest bombshell he’d seen. Period.

“What are you?” Corey looked at this woman sincerely.

“I am your humble genie master, you’ve set me free from that retched lamp; and I shall obey you by serving as your personal genie. For life.”

“Genie, huh” Corey studies this woman suspiciously.

“Yes sir, would you like to hear the rules?”

“What- no wishing dead back to life, no love and no killing?”

“Well yes,” claimed the genie, “additionally you cannot wish for immortality, you can however wish to be insusceptible to many a disease.”

“All that said,” she looked at him, “you are free to wish for what you want. You have no limit to howmany wishes you may ask.”

“Okay, I have my first wish…”


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