Dark Temptations (pt 2)


Trista groaned as she heard her alarm ramble on about some shooting that went down in L.A.. Just a normal day in Southern California right? She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and put her feet on the floor. The cold, hard wood floors making her shiver, she hated her job. Sleeping all day, and going out all night, a teenagers dream. However she wasn’t a teenager any more.. And she needed a new living. But for now she would suffice with her five to one hours. And that was if she was lucky, sometimes she’d have to work until four in the morning.

Trista grabbed a robe threw it around her bare shoulders and stretched, she checked her phone for any texts. She had one from Gabby, her best friend, the one who got her the job she had. She smiled lovingly at her phone as she read it. “Morning gorgeous, can’t wait to see you at work. Lots of love. Muah,” she placed her IPhone onto the IHome she had, turned the volume onto full blast and took it with her to the bathroom. She slipped out of the robe and turned the water on. She got in the shower and started getting her body nice and wet.

Her phone started playing “Pornstar Dancing,” Trista smiled and started to sing along with it. “She wraps her hands around that pole, she licks her lips and off we go, she takes it off nice and slow, cause that’s pornstar dancing.” When she was finished, she got out and toweled herself dry. She now felt nice and clean. She went back to her room and looked at herself in the full body mirror. She was not conceited, no never, but she did enjoy the body she was in. She had always been taught that she could not love others, until she loved herself. And that’s what she did.

Her breasts were full and perky, not too small, and not too big. And they never hung low; she didn’t even need the help of a bra. Her skin was gently kissed by the sun and there were no tan lines because she tanned in the nude. Her platinum blonde hair was natural, not dyed, and hung to her mid-back when straightened. Her shoulders were not too broad, but still had a good shape to them. Her belly wasn’t exactly flat, a tiny six pack showed, it wasn’t ungodly bulky, but she needed a little muscle for her job. Her hips were a little wide, and her butt was full and tight. She stood at 5’7’’ when not in heels. And her eyes were a stunning grey color.

Trista pulled on a sports bra, a shirt, and a pair of sweats. She didn’t deal with panties unless she was on her period, or at work. Otherwise, she saw them as useless pieces of clothing. She blow dried her hair, threw a curling iron into her bag, along with some other accessories, and grabbed both the duffle bag and purse. She then grabbed her phone, slipped her feet into flip flops, and took her keys off the hook. She looked around her apartment to double check nothing was array. Smiled to herself, and closed the door behind her.

She walked over to her black jeep, turned off the alarm, and got in, placing her purse into the passenger’s side. She connected her phone to her radio system, and played “Promiscuous Girl”. She loved listening to music; she especially liked listening to music rather loudly. Most of the time she didn’t have to worry about the noise law around town, because the cops always let her be on her way. Mainly because they were all her number one customers, and all of them had wives. Their secret was safe with her, and her secret was safe with them.

It was a Sunday night, so all the goody good Christians were out and about, getting some dinner, she rolled by a little family dressed in very good clothes and they looked at her with disgust just because of the music she listened to, not the husband on the woman’s side though.. Of course not, he was a regular, he winked at Trista, and she couldn’t help but laugh. Funny how the devil slithers in to the most “devoted” of hearts.

The light turned green and she continued on her way, she turned into the parking lot, and parked behind the building where the rest of “the girls,” parked. She unplugged her phone, and texted Gabby letting her now she was there. She threw her phone into the purse, which she grabbed along with the duffle bag, and turned off her car.

She walked in through the back door and the sounds of babbling females; an a few guys came rushing to her ears. But that Escort was ok. This was home, where she would always be welcomed, no matter what. Trista walked over to her mirror, she had a while before she had to be on stage, so she started to get ready slowly. “Heey boo,” one of the men came over to her. She smiled; it was her favorite gay man. Juan.

“What do you want?” she asked teasingly. Juan faked a laugh and then started to play with her hair. Something that was always soothing to Trista. Juan was the one guy she could trust fully. “Isn’t guys night over?” she asked looking up at him in the mirror.

“Not yet.. Well, for me it is… But not for my date,” Trista looked at him with shock and Juan blushed lightly. Trista squealed a little and jumped out of her chair and into Juan’s arms. And jumped around for a few seconds, then Trista pulled away from him.

“I’m so excited for you! Now, can you find me a hunk?” Trista asked, Juan giggled at her, and then looked up past her. Trista quirked an eyebrow at him and then turned around, and saw someone coming back from the stage. And there he was, Juan’s date. “Oh my. He’s the new guy? Sheesh, talking about jumping on the pole there Juan,” Juan rolled his eyes and then hugged her. “Have fun, babe,” Trista added as he walked away.

Juan waved to Trista and walked over to his date. She smiled as they left and went back to her chair. She slowly applied some blush to her cheeks, and little bit of pink lip-gloss. And then she heard her song and got “dressed” for her turn on stage.

Damien didn’t know how it happened. One moment he was enjoying a nice dinner with his parents, Miss Fidatov, and his parent’s new business partner who was the same age as he. Then, John asked Damien to join him at the strip club. And for some reason, Jessie was adamant about going with them.

The three of them said their good byes to Damien’s parents, and they all left in his Bugatti. John told him which one they should got to, and all of a sudden Jessie started acting strange. “Umm, I don’t know if we should go to that one,” She said in a nervous tone. Damien took a look in the rearview mirror to look at her demeanor and she looked like a wreck.

“And why’s that?” John asked her with a quirked eyebrow. “It’s the best one I’ve been to, and it’s a fantastic joint. With a great atmosphere, great girls, and nice liquor,” he smiled at Jessie. “But then again, I’m looking at a pretty fine girl right now,” he winked at her and then looked back at the road.

Jessie looked at him with disgust and shook her head. “Fine, lets go to Journey’s then,” she huffed and looked at the scenery that they passed by. Damien was really curious as to why Jessie was being so grouchy about not going to Journey’s she was the one that wanted to tag along any ways.

Damien turned off the freeway and took John’s directions from there. It was a little ways off the freeway, but then again, most strip clubs were. Finally they pulled up to the parking lot. “Journeys,” was shining bright in neon green. He smiled lightly at the little place, he had been here before, but of course, he would never show it. “It’s small, but it’s a great joint, I promise you won’t regret it,” John said, putting his arm around Damien’s shoulders. Damien shrugged him off; he could tell he was trying too hard. New business partners always tried getting on his good side.. Well, it seemed all of them, except for Jessie.

He looked over his shoulders, and noticed that she was a ways behind them. He chewed on the inside of his cheek, but continued on. Luckily there was a new bouncer at the door, so he didn’t welcome Damien as a member. Just as any normal person, asked for ID and then they carried on. Until… “Oh my god! Saphyre?!” A very flamboyant man came walking up passed John and Damien, and threw his arms around Jessie.

“Saphyre?” John asked looking quizzically at Damien. “I thought her name was Jessie..” He looked back at Jessie and the man, who looked to be the manager.

“What are you doing here?” the manager said. “We haven’t seen you in ages. It’s weird to see you in these walls again. Frankly speaking we haven’t had a show like yours here since you left.” Damien’s jaw dropped, but he quickly gained his composure. “Actually I Escort Bayan take that back,” the manager sighed. “We haven’t had one like yours until her.” He said as he pointed to the girl on stage dancing to My Darkest Days’ “Porn Star Dancing.” Damien nearly had a heart attack, for the woman who was preforming, was beyond beautiful.

Trista had gone back to her mirror tired and warn out. But she felt really good about herself. All eyes seemed be on her, especially the eye of this man in a suit. Odd, very odd she thought. She shrugged her shoulders and changed into a different outfit. One she wore for lap dances. “Trista! You need to get out there.. NOW!” Gabby called running to her in a huff, she almost looked pissed.. Really pissed actually.
“What is it now Gabby?” Trista asked half naked, Gabby took a glance over her tits, she always did, Gabby was of course a little bi. “Will you stop checking me out, and tell me what’s going on please?” Gabby shook her head and then smiled.
“Sorry Trista, you know I can’t help myself. You’re just so perfect,” Gabby took a seat by her and then continued. “That suit that is out there, he won’t let any of us go to him.. He said. Only you. I think he’s really into you, but be careful, his type are usually creepers ok?” She placed a hand on Trista and smiled lightly, and walked away.

“Someone.. Is asking personally for me? Whoa, that’s new.” She thought to herself. Trista bit her bottom lip and looked into the mirror, her cheeks were a bright red. Hell, she hadn’t even noticed that she’d been blushing. “Why should I be blushing? He’s just a customer,” she rolled her eyes at herself and finished getting dressed, and touching up her make up. She then pulled out her matching heels, and walked out to the seating area.

For some reason, she didn’t have to be told, she new exactly where he was sitting. She had no problem with her body, or people seeing any inch of it. But she felt a little unnerving when she noticed the owner of the club and some girl, also in a suit, watching her intently as she made her way to the mans table. The owner caught her eye and waved for her to come to him. She nodded, and adverted her course of action.

“Yes?” she asked as politely as she could, only looking at her boss. Trista very rarely paid any attention to women, it just wasn’t her style, however, her boss seemed very happy to see this woman. “Oh no, am I being replaced? No way, I’m the main attraction here. Everyone loves to come and see me,” she thought to herself, starting to get even more nervous.

Her boss smiled “This here is Jessie, otherwise known as Saphyre,” he placed his arm around Jessie and laughed whole-heartedly. “She was our knight in shinning armor when things got tough. You are basically the new her, though no one could really replace her,” he winked at Jessie, and then shooed Trista away.

“Well, that was pointless,” She thought to herself as she started her walk back towards the two men in the suits. She decided to go for the older looking one, he was more handsome, and looked like he made more money.

“Hey hot shot, what’s your name?” She asked in her most seductive voice, she smiled lightly and started to tousle his hair around. The man smiled at her, yes, this was her lucky day. She just couldn’t believe someone so attractive personally asked for her, it was almost thrilling. Too thrilling. She shouldn’t be like this towards a customer. She tried shaking off her jitters. This was getting really weird.

“Damien, Damien Mareno,’’ his voice was low and husky. Oh god, he is so hot. “Calm down Trista, you’ll be ok,” she thought to herself. Trista took a deep breath and basically sat on top of him.

“Well, Mr. Mareno, I hear you specifically want me, I’m soo glad you do,” Trista whispered the last part in his ear and started to rub up against him. She couldn’t tell if he was enjoying it or not. He had no emotion to his face. But oh she wish she could tell, her heart started to pound. This was so awkward. She never got this many butterflies doing her job. She wasn’t allowed to. “Oh god, oh god,” she kept saying to herself. She started to feel a pool of wetness down below.

She continued on with her job. Moving and grinding against him to the music, then, when she almost Bayan Escort gave up hope she could feel his rock hard cock. And oh my, was it something to feel. Trista could feel a blush coming on which was so inappropriate. Damien raised his hand and looked like he was about to stroke her cheek, but then thought differently, it would have been bad if he had, considering the men weren’t allowed to touch the pretty girls.

Damien cleared his throat, Trista got off of him, and stood there. “Is there something wrong handsome?” She asked trying her best to remain calm and not make a tremendous fool of herself. Trista bit her bottom lip as Damien got into his pocket, she watched him and could still see his hard-on from underneath the fabric of his pants. Oh sweet Jesus. Damien took out his wallet and flipped through his money, he took out two, one hundred dollar bills stood, and tucked them into her bra, he gently glazed his finger against her nipple, and then retreated.

Trista turned around and nearly ran to the changing room. She nearly stumbled into her seat, scaring Gabby in the process. “Girl, what is going on?” she asked looking at Trista with utter concern. Trista shook her head, and started getting dressed for her next performance. As she took off her bra she noticed the two hundred dollars. She’d never gotten that much from someone before. Then she noticed something white rolled in the money. She quirked an eyebrow and unrolled her money. It looked like a note.

She unfolded it and read:
“Please meet me after you get off work. Coffee at Java Lava? I’ll be waiting. Hopefully I won’t be disappointed. My phone number is on the back of this if you have any questions.
Totally Fascinated By You,

“Oh my goodness,” Trista said out loud. Gabby looked over to her wondering what was going on, and noticed the piece of paper. She walked over to her, and grabbed it. Gabby quickly read it and gasped.

“Oh my, what are you going to do? You should totally go!” Gabby exclaimed placing her arms around Trista. “And he’s ssoo sexy, if you won’t grab him up. I will,” Gabby bit her lower lip. “Mmm, the things I would do to that man!” Gabby giggled. However, all Trista did was sit there. Looking at her reflection in the mirror. “Hey,” Gabby shook her. “Are you alright?” Trista shook her head to and fro and turned to look at Gabby.

“Umm. I can’t believe this just happened. Is this real?” Trista looked up at her best friend. Gabby smiled and nodded. “Oh my god.. Oh… My. God. I think I’ll go,” She smiled and stood up.

“You might wanna put a bra, and some clothes on, I can cover your shift if you want. Means more money for me any ways,” Gabby stuck her tongue out at her best friend. Trista rolled her eyes and went for her clothes.

“Of course I didn’t bring any thing cute! I just have my sweats, t-shirt, and sports bra,” she looked at Gabby for help. Gabby smiled brightly and went through her own gym bag. She pulled out a short black lace skirt, a cute purple and black polka-dot bra, a little black short-sleeved button-up shirt, white leggings, and purple heels.

“You’re lucky we are the same exact size love,” she smiled and placed everything on Trista’s vanity. Trista smiled. “Just make sure you leave me your unsexy clothes,” she giggled lightly.

Trista just nodded and threw Gabby her clothes, and grabbed the leggings first, pulling them on oh so slowly. Then she wiggled her ass into the skirt, which came up very, very high, but not too much that it showed any thing. Unless of course she bent down, then everything would show from her lack of wanting to wear panties. Then she got on the bra and buttoned up her shirt. She took a curling iron from out of her bag and started to work on that. When she was done she took out a purple and black bow and pinned it in her hair. She put on some make-up, slipped on the heels and then turned to Gabby.

“Turn for me baby girl,” Gabby said twirling her finger. “Daaayyuumm girl! You’re looking fine! I wish I was the one taking you on a date,” Both she and Trista giggled with glee. Gabby then hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. “Good luck hun,” and shooed her off.

Trista grabbed both of her bags and the piece of paper with Damien’s number on it and entered his phone number into the text box. “I’ll be there ASAP, someone’s covering my shift. Meet ya there!” She sent the text, and almost ran to her car. She was so excited for what was to come.

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