Darkness Becomes You


Darkness creeps unrestricted, engulfing me in it’s velvety arms, undulating, caressing- consuming. I lay flat on the bed, the silence overwhelming, and then, myself, my ragged breath, the pounding of my heart, the sinuous sliding of my skin on the sheets, my legs, up and down… up, and down, rubbing, pressing together, anything to ease the delicious tension I feel there. I’m so nervous, I’m not even sure if you’ll show up. I close my eyes to relax myself, but the sexual tension might as well start to crackle. The air is the room is exactly how it is right before a storm, where the colors shine brighter, and everything is charged with anticipatory electricity. I breathe slowly, deliberately, lips parted, letting my body feel- dear God, my body feels. It aches, twists, burns, red hot in the pit of my belly, tongues of passion flicking me, lower, deeper, faster-

Then I see you.

You sit, quietly in a chair, facing me. Your arms rest lightly on the armrests, posture excellent, as always. Your shoulders are pressed back, those wonderful breasts of yours pushed up and out, so full, round, your nipples beige, matching mine. That lopsided grin is on your face, the one that means you’ve been watching, and you wonder how far I’ll go, now that I’ve seen you. I smile, my inhibitions suddenly gone, confident in my decision to explore with you. My nipples are evident through my thin tank top, pressing out, protruding, straining in their confinements. My skin shows between the hem of my shirt and my panties, twisting around my body, my white thong tight, cupping me, dividing the globes of my ass, rubbing against my skin, a constant reminder of where they cover…and where they don’t. I spread my legs, my eyes are on you. I run a slow hand down the trail of my body, experimentally, between my breasts, lower- lower… my eyebrows arched, daring you. You smile again, I can see how entranced you are. You scoot lower in your chair, your thighs spreading, your already naked body luminescent in the crisp moonlight that shines through the window. You are so beautiful tonight, and my body arches toward you, yearning for you, to feel your smooth skin against mine, to touch your hair, your face,.. I want to run my hands along your bursa escort body, to feel you against me, to spread the electricity that is coursing inside me.

I can see the conflict in your posture; your nervousness that had previously mirrored mine. Should you stay seated? Can you really do this? Do you really WANT this? … at least that question is answered for you, I can see your cunt wet already. I smile, seeing your thoughts, observing your apprehension, yet- You cannot bear to look away. You want me, and we both know it. It’s as obvious as a flashing neon sign, and my lips curl upwards with the irony of it all. I spread wider, my panties pressing tight against my cunt, splitting me, my lips clearly outlined. My hips roll, circle, arching off the bed. “Come to me.”, I whisper, and you stand, sliding on the side of the mattress, your knee bending me forward enough so my side rubs against you. You’re apprehensive, so you lay on your side beside me, our legs touching, my toes sliding against your foot. Your silhouette is beautiful, your hip rising, waist dipping inward, so smooth, so… feminine. I can’t resist you any longer… you’ve been in my head for months, and I need you, I need to sate the curiosity that has taken residence between my legs.

I lean toward you, our faces inches apart, my breath caressing your skin, the moment crackling with tension. I want to kiss you. My lips touch yours, feather soft, warm, supple against mine. This is perfect, just how I imagined it would be in the countless fantasies I’ve had to sustain me. I press harder, my hand moving to cup the back of your head, fingers running through your hair, my mouth opening slightly. I slide my tongue gently against your lips, tasting you, flicking over your gums, your inner cheeks… I can hear you moan as I slide my body against yours, laying against you, my torso pressing your thighs apart. I undulate slowly against you, our bodies hot and smooth, taunt with passion and arousal. Tongues consuming, overtaking, my hands running down your body, cupping your tits, squeezing your nipples that are so whorishly pressing into my palms. I whimper as you arch against me, rubbing, our breath short and heavy, my long altıparmak escort red hair falling to tickle your throat.

I can feel your fingers against my back, pulling my tank up and over my shoulders, my round pale breasts springing free to caress your skin. The touch of breast flesh on like is enough to make me shudder. I stop to briefly marvel at the sheer satin feel of it all, the delicious copulation of two animals, the basest form of physical pleasure and satisfaction. I groan again, lust crazed and needy, before burying my face between your tits and pressing them together against me, inhaling you, feeling your skin surrounding me. I grin up at you, your eyes wide, and kiss down your belly, once again awestruck by the texture, the softness of you. I laugh quietly as I feel your hips circling, your naked lips swollen and flushed with desire. My lips trail down your body slowly, teasing you, so warm, wet and smooth against your belly… my tongue flicking over your navel, lower still. I can see you raised on your elbows, trying to watch my descent down the creamy expanse of your tummy, your face red- I wonder if it’s with passion or with the embarrassment of the need you feel for me. I could make you beg, and you’d love it. You’d love for me to force you to vocalize these dark desires you have for me, these cravings for my flesh.

My mouth feasts on your cunt, spreading your lips and burying my face inside your hot, moist center without ceremony, concentrating only on what I want, how I want to taste you. I lick the length of your slit, tasting you, inhaling your smell, my head nuzzling between your legs, face in your crotch. I grab your hips as you start to grind them against me, holding you firmly down into the mattress, your cunt lips spread wide, oozing and smearing my face with the evidence of your desire. You’re panting, groaning, writhing beneath my hungry, eager mouth. I stop, suddenly, with you just on the brink and laugh, a little sadistically. Perhaps I do have it in me, after all.

I pull my clothes completely off my body and stand, moving by instinct, walking around the bed to the head of it. I pull out a delicious red rope, smiling a women’s secret görükle escort smile. I’m binding your wrists together, then moving your arms above your head to tie to the headboard. I know how you ache for this, I know how terribly you need me. I scrape my nails down the exposed underside of your arms, past your armpits, the swell of your breasts, down your side and back up your belly again, scratching your nipples. You jump under my touch, nipples hard knobs against my hands, pulling them gently, leaning my mouth to suck upon them impulsively, my hands teasing your pussy, my thumb rolling against your clit. After being properly aroused and bothered, I spread your legs wide, securing your ankles tightly to the bedposts, the air caressing, tickling that wet, hot cunt of yours.

The fact that you want me so desperately is tantalizing erotic, the way your cunt is opened, pink and wet, flowered and begging for me to taste you again, to make you cum. I know how you need by now, I know the desperate way your body moves, your sighs hungry on parted, swollen lips. Your hair is all tousled and your eyes are lust heavy. You seem to be literally drunk off of me, how interesting. And now, with you tied up and helpless, I’m completely free to do whatever I want, to satisfy my curiosity about the female body.

Back to your cunt.

I’m drawn there, the center of your body, the utterly mysterious, somehow magical power point that oozes virility, femininity and sexuality. Gorgeous, sacred beyond words, so smooth, bare and soft against my lips. I’m feeding on you, sucking your most intimate self inside my mouth, flicking, licking, prodding… What a personal act oral sex is, how close you get, open and so exposed, showing exactly who you are.

The noises are almost enough to drive us over the edge. Can you hear me between your legs? My moans of satisfaction, your breathy pants of bliss, your sloshing, drippy cunt, my tongue, groans… faster, harder, more insistent, driving you closer, higher, that hot, primal feeling coiling, sliding, being unleashed from your belly.

I grip your thighs with my fingers, kneading your flesh, spreading you even wider, my face immersed in your pussy. You cum, suddenly, bucking wildly against the ropes, your head thrashing, tits bouncing, hips thrusting… and through it all, I hold tight, amazed at the succulent reactions that I produced. When you calm, I raise my head and rest it on your belly, licking my lips.

I must say, my initiation is worth a repeat performance.

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