Dawn , Alexis Ch. 3

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Dawn was just about to lower herself onto James’s cock when just then there was a knock at the door. All three of them jumped at the sound. Dawn scrambled around looking for a towel as Alexis and James stood there staring at her, not knowing what to do. She looked at them and pushed them into her closet, “Coming!!!!” she yelled when she heard the knock on the door again. She grabbed a towel, wrapped it around herself, closed the closet and bedroom door and ran down the stairs to the front door. She looked out the peephole as she adjusted her towel.

“Damn!,” she thought to herself, “why did he have to visit right now of all times?” She opened the door just far enough to stick her head out speak to the tall dark and handsome figure behind the door. “What do you want, Josh?” she asked in an angry voice.

“Geez, who bit you in the ass? I just came over to visit, and see if you wanted to go out tonight. Why are you hiding behind the door?” he asked her in his deep, sexy voice. She loved his voice, it was so manly, if only the voice fit the man. Josh wasn’t a bad looking fellow, he was very manly looking…muscular build, dark hair, bright blue eyes (that is what attracted her to him in the first place, his dark hair and blue eyes) and not to mention his height. He was at least 6’5” and she had never even dated a guy that tall, let alone fucked a guy that tall. And she really wanted that at first, but he was so annoying sometimes.

“Ahem” his voice interrupted her thoughts.

“Oh, sorry,” she replied, “no one bit me in the ass, smart-ass. I can’t go out tonight cause I have company and I am hiding behind the door because all I have on is a towel, see?” she pulled open the door and modeled her ‘outfit’.

“Oooo nice.” She rolled her eyes at him. “So, tell me were you about to take a shower when you have company over? What, were you all gonna take one together?”

“Ha ha, very funny, but no. They were watching a movie while I got cleaned up.”

“Oh, who’s here anyway?”

“None of your business nosey.”

“Oh, it’s James isn’t it?”

“Yes, James is one of them, Alexis is here too.”

“Oh, well can I come in please?” Dawn felt bad for the boy, cause she always mean to him so she let him come in. “I gotta go get Alexis and James. We thought it was my sister or someone so they ran and hid in my room.”

“Ok” he said as he walked up the stairs to the living room. Dawn headed back to her room and opened the door to the spacious walk-in closet to see James laying on his back with Alexis sitting on his face. Dawn watched them for a few minutes until James brought her best-friend to an orgasm. Alexis looked over and saw her best-friend and immediately jumped up, almost hitting her head on the metal pole holding Dawn’s clothes.

“Um, sorry,” she started, “we were just keeping things hot while you answered the door.”

Dawn travesti porno laughed, “Seems like it, but we’ve gotta end our session. Josh is in the living room waiting on us, I told him we were watching a movie.”

“Why did you let him in anyway?” Alexis asked as she walked out of the closet. “Because I felt bad for him, he never has anything to do and I never do anything with him so…”

“So your conscience got the better of you at the worst possible time?”

“Yes it did.” Both girls laughed and Alexis got dressed. Dawn looked down at James who had a shit-eating grin on his face, she laughed and held her hand out for his. He grabbed her hand and pulled himself up. He stood right in front of her and whispered into her ear, “I bet you wanna be right where I was don’t you?” he asked. Dawn nodded and he kissed her deeply and personally.

Alexis looked at them and smiled as she walked out of the room, shutting the door behind her heading down the hall to the living room. James looked at Dawn and smiled at her. She smiled back and he started kissing her neck and earlobe. She was moaning softly, loving the feel of his mouth and tongue on her neck and ear. He slid his had up between her thighs and started teasing her clit, making her shake. She held his shoulders, trying to steady herself. He felt her salaaming and slowly slid his finger down her wet pussy lips and slid it inside her cunt.

She moaned and she felt his finger slide in her and gripped his shoulders tighter. He started sliding his finger slowly in and out of her wet cunt and rubbing his thumb against her clit. She was moaning louder, feeling her orgasm drawing near. Her pulled her close to him and kissed her deeply as her towel slid off her body and down to the floor around her feet. He broke their kiss and pulled her legs around his waist. “What do you want?” he asked her. “I want that nice cock of your deep in my wet pussy.”

“That’s what I thought,” he said and smiled at her. “All I need to know is how you want it?”

“I want you to fuck me, baby, rough and fast.”

“Good,” he said as he slammed his cock deep in her cunt. She bit her lip try to keep from screaming and tightened her grip on his sturdy shoulders. “God,” she thought to herself, “he is so damn good-looking.” He was shorter than her, about 5’6 or 5’7, soft brown hair that he kept short, brown eyes and a good body. He played football in High School, and she could tell it, he easily overpowered her. Her thoughts were interrupted as she felt him slam into her pussy again, she couldn’t hold back this time and let out a loud moan “Ahhhhhhhh,” he was moving faster in and out of her and she could feel her orgasm wash over her and she wrapped her arms around his neck right before she began to shake uncontrollably. He was still pumping in and out of her pussy when she came to and she knew güzel porno he was about to shoot his load off deep inside her pussy.

She wrapped her legs around him tightly as he continued pumping in and out of her pussy. “Cum baby, cum, James, cum in my pussy. Cum in me baby, cum,” she ordered and he moaned at the excitement in her voice. “I’m cummmmiiinnngggg!!!” He moaned as he shot his thick load deep inside her. The feeling of his hot cum in her tight pussy brought another orgasm for her. She came to and saw him laying beside her on the bed, she laid her head on his chest running her hands up and down for a few minutes.

“SHIT!” she exclaimed. I forgot Alexis and Josh were in the living room! Hurry, get dressed.” She jumped off the bed and threw all her clothes on almost as quickly as she had taken them off. She stood there waiting for James to follow her action, which he did, only a lot slower than she did. She laughed at him for taking so long. She checked herself to make sure she didn’t look like she’d been doing what she had. She knew the others had heard them, but still didn’t want to walk out there looking a mess. They both walked out to the living room. Dawn sat on the couch in the middle, next to Alexis and James sat beside her. She looked over at Josh who was sitting on the end of the couch next to Alexis and saw he had is hand on her thigh.

When Alexis saw her friend looking she just shrugged and smiled. She knew what they had been doing in the bedroom and she knew Josh knew too cause she could hear them both moaning and panting. It excited her immensely and knew it had Josh too, the bulge in his pants was a dead giveaway. So, while Dan and James had their fun in the bedroom Alexis had some fun of her own by teasing Josh to no end. They were watching “Scream” but not a one of the four were paying attention to it. Alexis had moved her hand inside Josh’s jeans and was slowly stroking his cock as he fingered her through her panties. Dawn and James were watching the two and James had his hand over Dawn’s tits massaging and caressing them softly.

Dawn and James moved to the love-seat to get a better view of the two on the couch. Alexis laid down and Josh pulled her shorts off and threw them on the floor. Then did the same with her panties. He continued fingering her for a few minutes then lowered his head to her dripping wet pussy and licked her lips. Dawn was watching very closely, wishing it was her licking that sweet, wet pussy.

James knew what she was thinking and took action, “Josh, come here for a minute.” Dawn knew what he was doing and smiled at him. Josh walked over to the love-seat and Dawn got up so he could take her place. Josh didn’t know what was going on but was watching to see what Dawn would do next.

She walked over to her half-naked friend on the couch and spoke to her, “You mind if I anal porno take Josh’s place down there? I wanna do it for a while. That ok with you?” Alexis nodded and smiled at her friend. Dawn pulled Alexis to her and kissed her passionately. She then moved between her friend’s legs and started mimicking the same moves that Josh was before her.

Both boys had their cocks in their hands and were stroking them slowly. Dawn was slowly licking the inside of her friend’s pussy lips and using her thumb to tease Alexis’s clit. Alexis was moaning and wiggling under her friend’s head. Dawn shoved her tongue deep in her cunt which sent Alexis over the edge and her second orgasm of the night washed over her. Dawn stuck a finger in her cunt and then rubbed the finger over Alexis’s asshole. When she heard Alexis’s moans increasing she slid her finger in her asshole to the first knuckle.

Alexis screamed, “Oh yes, oooohhhh Dawn, finger fuck my asshole, yes!!!” Dawn pushed her finger in to the second knuckle and felt her friend shake and knew she was about to have another orgasm. She pushed her finger all the way in and Alexis moaned and started shaking uncontrollably and Dawn knew she was cumming again immediately she moved her head back to her friend’s cunt and sucked her clit swallowing all of her cum.

Dawn kept her finger in her friend’s ass and slowly started pumping it in and out. Alexis moaned and started shaking again as another orgasm overcame her. Dawn bent down and licked up all the cum from her cunt. Both girls had forgot about the two guys that were still there until Alexis looked over and saw James standing in front of her stroking his cock. She opened her mouth and he stepped forward and she put his cock in her mouth sucking and licking the tip of it.

She felt his cock swell and he shot his load in her mouth. She swallowed all she could, but some of it poured out of her mouth and onto her cheek. He shot his second load and she swallowed all of it this time. He stepped back and went back to the love-seat and Josh stepped forward.

She took him into her mouth and was doing him the same way she did James. She sucked and licked the tip of his cock and he pulled back as his cock swelled and he shot his load right on her cheek. He stepped forward and put his cock back in her mouth as he shot his second load. She swallowed all of it and he went back to his seat. Dawn came up her friends face and kissed her deeply.

“What you didn’t save me any?” she asked teasingly.

I sure did,” Alexis told her and showed her the cum on her cheek. Dawn smiled and licked off and swallowed it all. Both girls laid on the couch together cuddling as the guys fell asleep on the love seat.

“You think we wore them out?” Dawn asked Alexis.

“We sure did.” Alexis said and both girls laughed. “Should we let them sleep or wake them up and tease them?”

“Let them sleep, I need a rest myself.” Both girls laughed and laid on the couch and fell asleep. When they woke up it was already around noon the next day, and they decided to have some fun of their own, without the boys. But they were interrupted when…

To Be Continued…

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