debra wwe


Ronald leaned against the front desk watching the shapely women workout with a savage lust in his eyes. In the seven years since he first took out a loan to open his own gym, the one perk that he still enjoyed was watching all of his female patrons in their skin tight body suits work up a sweat. The gym, which he personally ran along with his sister Monica, had become an overwhelming success for him. It was the perfect alternative to the larger health clubs that most people in Los Angeles preferred. He had used the club over the years to meet and bed many exotic women. Not that he had any problems getting women. Ronald was a 30 year old black Adonis who looked like he had been chiseled out of stone. Women just loved his body, especially his thick black cock.

As Ronald leaned against the counter watching the ladies do aerobics, his erection started to grow. Even though he had been with all kinds of women , he had always loved sex with white women. Growing up in the bad part of town, Ronald had always seen white women as snobs that wanted nothing to do with black men. He always loved the look of shock/lust when they first laid eyes on his huge, ebony monster. He always got that look too. Most of the women he had been with confessed that their husbands were considerably smaller than the nine inches that he was packing.

On this particular Friday, business was booming. The World Wrestling Federation was in town and a lot of the wrestlers liked to come into Ronald’s gym to work out. He figured that he would be busy for the next 2 nights because the WWF was doing shows Friday and Saturday night at the Staples Center. Various wrestling superstars had come in during the day to work out. Ronald himself was a huge fan. It was a big thrill to host the wrestlers that he always watched on television.

Later in the evening before closing time, Ronald was prepared to make his end of the day run. He made sure that all of the weights and equipment was still in working order. Then he made the announcement that the gym would be closing in 45 minutes. Once he got everyone out of the building he usually checked the men’s locker room to make sure that everything was still in good shape and Monica did the same thing with the women’s locker room. However, on this particular night he had let Monica go home early because she wanted to go out with friends. He made his sister promise to take care of closing responsibilities the following night and she agreed.

Ronald sat at the front desk waiting for closing time. He was skimming through the sports section of the L.A. Times when he heard a sultry, southern accent.

“Can I get a locker?” the busty blonde that now stood before Ronald asked.

“Wait, I know you” Ronald paused. “You’re Debra from the WWF right?”

Debra -Marshall-Williams, formerly known as Debra McMichael smiled and simply replied “that’s me” not seeming to want to engage in any small chit chat.

“I watch you and Steve on television all of the time” he said with a smile.

Debra gave Ronald a half grin and said ” I’m sorry to be pushy, but it’s kind of late and I just want to get a workout and get back to my hotel room, so can I please get a locker?”

He was used to the upper class, pushy attitude, so it didn’t really bother him. He handed her a key.

“Locker number 142, we close in 30 minutes” he said trying to remain polite.

As he watched her walk back to the locker room, Ronald noticed what great shape this woman’s body was in. He could tell by the lines on her face that she was a little older than he was. She was probably in her late thirties, early forties he guessed. Her body was definitely one of the best he had ever laid eyes on though. He watched her curvy shape as she walked through the locker room entrance. The one thing that stood out about her was her legs. She had the most shapely, muscular thighs that he had ever seen on a woman. Not manly , just in really good shape and very nice looking. He started to sweat thinking about what those thighs would look like wrapped around his muscular, black frame.

When Debra emerged from the locker room the place was pretty much empty except for a couple of guys carrying on a conversation as they were heading to the front desk to turn in their locker keys. What Ronald saw made his heart skip a beat. Debra was wearing a low cut, skin tight body suit with a pair of biker shorts that were hugging her perfect ass. Ronald could not believe the body she had, especially for a woman her age.

As Debra walked over to him she said “this place always so empty?”

“It’s 25 minutes before closing time on a Friday night” he replied.

“Well ,I wont be long” she said “I just wanted to get a light leg workout in before I go back to my hotel””

“Okay” he said, wondering why in the hell she thought that those legs needed working out.

Ronald watched from his desk as Debra set the weight limit on the leg press machine. As she clutched the grip and pushed forward with her legs he watched the way her body moved. She was unaware that he was watching her as she continued to push up with her legs, then relax. As he watched, Ronald started to wonder again what those muscular, white thighs would feel like around his strong, black body. He watched her cleavage and the sweat starting to drip between her perfect tits and wondered what his hands would look like wrapped around those perfect globes. He was lost in thought looking at this woman’s body and as he looked up from her chest he noticed that she was staring right at him. He was embarrassed about getting caught, but he couldn’t look away. She just stared at him with a look in her eyes as she continued to push the weights with her legs. Ronald couldn’t tell if the smirk on her face represented anger, hate, disgust, or maybe he was imagining it, but he could have sworn that he saw lust in her eyes.

Soon Debra switched positions. She laid down flat on her stomach and started leg curls. As she lay on her stomach curling weights up with the backs of her ankles, Ronald now noticed her looking back to see if he was watching, which he was. He didn’t really get a good look at her face when she turned her head. Maybe it was his imagination, but he could have sworn that he saw another smirk on her face when she realized that he was still watching her.

When Debra finished her leg curls Ronald looked at the clock.

“Five minutes till closing lady” he said. “You’d better go get dressed.”

She smiled and answered “Okay, I’ll be right out.”

He watched Debra as she walked back to the locker room. She seemed to be shaking her ass a little more when she walked, like she knew he was watching her. He was sweating because she had gotten him so excited. All he could think about was those firm legs and that tight, sexy ass. What made him more excited was that Debra was one of those women from the south, Texas to be exact. She was married to one of the most famous rednecks in the world.

“Bitch probably hasn’t even seen a black cock” he thought to himself.

What he wouldn’t give to be her first though. Oh would he enjoy that! Ronald was lost in the fantasy of being with Debra when he happened to look up at the clock.

“Fifteen minutes past closing time” he thought, “where in the hell is that bitch?”

He decided to head towards the locker room to see what the hold up was.

Hanging around the entrance of the women’s locker room, Ronald grew very impatient.

“Mrs. Williams” he called to no answer. Louder he called “Mrs. Williams” , still no Escort answer.

He decided to take a few steps into the locker room to make sure that everything was okay. As he stood in the narrow hallway that led into the women’s locker room, he heard a low, hissing sound that he had heard a million times before.

“Shit! The bitch is taking a shower!” he cursed under his breath.

Ronald started to turn around and go back out to his desk, pissed off that he wasn’t going to get home until really late. Then the thought of Debra’s body entered his mind. What it had looked like in the skin tight body suit, those thighs, that ass! He knew that he would get in big trouble if he got caught, but he had to see what her body looked like nude. It wasn’t a choice anymore, the thought consumed him and he wasn’t leaving that locker room until he saw it.

Peeking around the corner, Ronald’s heart stopped for a second at what he saw. Debra was soaping herself up, running her soapy hands along the outline of her perfectly shaped breasts.

“Damn!” he thought, “those have to be the nicest titties I’ve ever seen!”

Debra spun around in the shower, exposing her nice, round ass to Ronald’s viewpoint. She ran the soap up and down her tight, firm ass cheeks as the water trickled down her perfect body. Ronald started to get hard. He started to imagine that he was in the shower with her, grabbing those perfect tits. He pictured his strong, black frame around her small, but firm white body.

“What would all of those Texas rednecks think if I fucked Stone Cold Steve Austin’s wife?” he asked himself.

He pulled his cock out of his shorts and started to stroke it.”Damn, this bitch is really turning me on!”

He continued to stroke his cock while he watched Debra wash herself in the shower. As he stroked faster and harder, in the excitement he knocked over a can of deodorant that was sitting on the bench next to him.

“Who’s out there?” Debra said in a startled manner.

“Shit!” Ronald cursed his own dumb mistake.

He pulled his shorts up and covered his eyes as he walked into the locker room. “It’s me Mrs. Williams, just came to check on you. It’s way past closing time.”

He was trying to hide the fact that he had just been peeping. “I see. Well, I’m sorry. I promise I’ll be out in a few seconds.” She said.

“Okay, I’ll go back out to the desk and wait for you to come out ma’am” he turned around and started to walk out, still covering his eyes.

“Wait” she yelled back at him.

He turned back , eyes still covered “yeah?”

“Come back here for a second” she said in a soft voice.

Ronald walked back towards her, confused and not really knowing what to expect. He wondered if she had seen him peeking after all?

“Take your hand away from your eyes” Debra was almost whispering.

Ronald wasn’t sure if he was hearing right, but he did what she asked. When he uncovered his eyes, the southern vixen was standing in front of him and there was no doubt about it this time, she was wearing the same smirk on her face he had seen twice out in the gym when she caught him watching. He watched her as she stared at his name embroidered on his company shirt.

“So Ronald, if I may call you Ronald?” she smiled “Do you like what you see?”

The question caught him by surprise. At first he didn’t know how to respond. “Excuse me ma’am?” he was stunned.

She repeated “I asked you if you like what you see?”

Ronald was sweating like crazy “Baby, like isn’t even the word. I love what I see!”

Debra started to rub her wet body all over. “So you like my body Ronald?” His cock grew hard again.

” Oh Yeah baby, I love it!” he replied.

Debra ran her hands across her wet, soapy hips. “mmmmmmmm” she moaned. “So were you excited?”

“Oh yeah, I was excited baby!” His heart was beating like crazy now.

Debra moaned even more at the thought as she bent over and rubbed her wet ass in the shower. He didn’t know whether to watch that perfect ass or those rock hard thighs.

“Did it make you hard Ronald?” she was now almost moaning her words.

Sweat was pouring down Ronald’s forehead now. “Oh yeah, so hard baby!”

She stood up straight and ran her hands across her wet torso. “Are you hard right now?”

Ronald grabbed his cock through his shorts “what do you think baby?” he boasted.

Her eyes were filled with lust now. “I’ve heard stories about how big you guys are” she smiled “I want to see it.”

She was rubbing her body all over and it was driving him crazy. The shower poured down on Debra as she continued to rub her body and moan with pleasure.

“I can’t believe this shit!” Ronald was still in shock.

Debra Williams, known to WWF fans worldwide as just “Debra”, and wife of WWF superstar and known redneck Stone Cold Steve Austin had just asked to see Ronald’s dick and the thought made him harder than he had ever been. Ronald slowly pulled down his shorts to expose his 9 inch long, hard black cock. The smirk on Debra’s face soon turned to that look of shock that most women had the first time that they laid eyes on his dick. Especially southern, white girls like this one, who more than likely had never seen a black cock up close. She continued to rub her body and moan with pleasure as she watched him stroke his huge, black rod.

“You like that baby?” he was the one with the smirk on his face now. “You like this big, black dick?” he asked proudly as he stroked it harder.

He knew that he had turned the tables on her and now she was watching him with total animal lust.

Debra moaned louder this time and let out a “Oh fuck yeah!” ,as her hands started to slide lower.

As he stroked his cock Ronald thought to himself “this bitch wants it, the nastier I get with her the more she likes it!” he smiled thinking about the fun he was about to have with her.

“You know what you want baby” he continued. “You want this nice thick, black cock inside of that tight little pussy!”

“Oh god yes!” she was almost convulsing she was so turned on.

She slid her hands down and inserted one finger into her almost dripping, wet pussy. He was so turned on that he couldn’t stand it!

“I’m gonna give this bitch the fucking of her life” he thought as he continued to stroke his big dick.

Debra started to finger herself as Ronald continued to get more and more lewd with her. Obviously she was getting more turned on by the second.

“That’s right, finger yourself while you think about this cock sliding into that tight, white pussy baby!” he moaned.

His cock felt like it was going to explode any second. He had to have her, he couldn’t wait any longer for it. Debra threw her head back and yelped with pleasure. She was really enjoying herself thoroughly now. She was so caught up in her fantasy of being with this hung, black stud before her that she didn’t notice him slowly moving towards the shower still stroking his cock.

When Ronald stepped into the shower Debra was still fingering herself and moaning to the top of her lungs. When she noticed that he had stopped talking she looked up and was startled to find him standing right in front of her.

“You ever touched a black cock baby?” he asked.

She just stared at him for a second not knowing what to say, but sensing that she was about to get the fuck of a lifetime.

“I asked you if you’ve ever touched a black cock?” he repeated.

“No” Debra whispered with a look of shame.

Ronald Escort Bayan could still see desire in her eyes, he had no doubts that this blonde, southern vixen was about to be his.

“Jerk my cock for me” he ordered.

Debra hesitated, Ronald sensed that she might be having some last minute reservations about cheating on her husband, even though she had been teasing him ever since she caught him looking at her. However , he decided to force the issue. He had to have that sweet, white pussy before he left this locker room.

“Jerk my cock!” he barked again.

She just stood there staring until he took her hand and placed it on his hard, black rod.

“Yeah, look at you. You know this shit turns you on!” he grabbed her hand and cupped it around his thick cock.

Debra was timid and slow at first, but the nastier Ronald talked to her, the more intense the cock stroking got.

“You know you like stroking this black dick baby. Probably the biggest dick you’ve ever seen in your life.”

He watched as Debra started to pant and moan like a wild animal. He could tell that she was horny and ready to be fucked.

” I could tell from the first moment that I saw you that your nasty little ass wanted this cock, ain’t that right bitch?” He had this smug grin on his face now. He knew that he could talk to her any way that he wanted to and she would only beg for more. “I said ain’t that right bitch?” he repeated.

” Oh god yes!” Debra said as she shamelessly started to stroke the big, black python in front of her with lustful abandon.

He was looking down at her like she was a piece of meat. She was his property now. “You want to taste it now don’t you?”

“Oh yeeees” she moaned.

Ronald guided his cock in Debra’s hand up to her mouth. She started to circle the head of his huge cock with her tongue, looking up at him with lust filled eyes. Still stroking his giant, black cock with her hand she stuck just the head in and out of her mouth. Ronald thought that he was going to go crazy with pleasure as he threw his head back in ecstasy. He grabbed the back of her head and started to shove his cock into her mouth, fucking her face. Debra moaned as she sucked and slurped on his fat cock like a madwoman. Ronald smirked as he watched her try to take his cock deep into her throat and gagged as she realized she couldn’t.

“That’s it baby, take all of that big, black dick in your mouth!” he ordered.

She bobbed her head trying to get more into her mouth. Ronald saw her reach down and start to finger herself while she sucked on his cock. When she pulled her hand back up , he could see that her juices were all over her fingers and he knew that she had gotten so wet thinking about the fucking that she had coming.

Ronald grabbed Debra gently by the arm and guided her to her feet. He started kissing her upper body and sucking on her breasts. Debra threw her head back and moaned with pleasure. He started to slide his fingers in and out of her wet pussy. He couldn’t remember any woman he had ever been with being this wet. This bitch wanted him bad and he knew it! He wrapped his muscular, black arms around her tight frame and listened to her squeal with joy. He guided her over to one of the benches in the locker room. She had this look of hunger on her face. She was begging him to fuck her with the look in her eyes.

“I’m gonna lay down on this bench baby, and I want you to sit on my face so I can lick that pussy like it needs to be licked while you suck my big dick” he said.

She lowered her pussy down to his mouth and he stuck his tongue into her soft, wet slot. Her pussy was literally dripping and in no time her juices were all over his face. She threw her head back and yelped with pleasure as her black stud started to fuck her with his tongue. She grabbed onto his cock like it was a prize while she moaned like never before at the intense feeling of pleasure she had at this moment. Ronald stuck his finger into her wet pussy and played with her clit as he continued to slurp up all of her juices. She moaned and started to grind her pussy down onto his tongue, and he slid it in and out faster like it was the last one that he would ever taste. She started to suck his cock feverishly, stroking it as she got as much of that black cock as she could into her mouth.

“Damn your pussy is wet girl!” he said. “I’ll bet you that redneck husband of yours’ never got you this wet!”

She just moaned under her breath as she continued to slurp on the python in her mouth, but Ronald knew the answer. This girl had a need that her husband could not satisfy. Deep down Debra was a slut for black cock and she was just now realizing it he thought to himself.

She continued to bob her head back and forth, faster and faster, sucking on Ronald’s rock hard cock. Suddenly Debra stopped sucking , threw her head back and let out a scream of pleasure . She continued to scream out “Oh my god!” as her muscles locked and it seemed like her pussy was exploding all over Ronald’s face. Her juices were flowing out like a river as Ronald continued to slurp and suck them up. He could tell by the moans and screams that he was hearing that Debra had never experienced anything like the orgasm that she had just had. “Bitch ain’t seen nothing yet” he thought to himself as he continued to lick her sweet, cum soaked pussyDebra was still moaning and sucking on the head of Ronald’s cock, licking the pre cum off of it. He continued to lick her pussy, sticking a finger in her still wet hole while he tongued her. He felt her starting to squirm and grind her pussy into his face again. She was ready for round two already. She sucked on his cock like a sex starved animal, sucking him harder, faster, and deeper. He moaned out in pleasure, which seemed to turn her on more. Debra was in her own world now, moaning and screaming like a madwoman and Ronald knew she was getting real close again.

“Not this time bitch” he barked. “This time when you cum it’s gonna be all over this big, black dick!”

He watched as Debra’s breath seemed to get caught in her throat as he said the words. Ronald knew this is what she had been waiting for all night and now she was going to get it.

Debra got up as Ronald rose and stood directly in front of her. His strong, black hands fondled her as he kissed her breasts. She moaned with pleasure at his very touch now. He slowly started to turn her around as he kissed the back of her neck.

“Bend over for me baby” he whispered in her ear.

Debra smiled and quickly obliged, bending over with her forearms resting on the bench. Her firm, white ass was sticking up towards this huge mountain of black muscle that was ready to pleasure her like she had never been pleasured before. Ronald smacked her ass and with each smack she let out a little yelp. He started to slap his huge, black dick against her ass cheeks and the way that it looked was driving him insane. He could see the lust on her face when she looked back at him. He playfully started to rub her pussy lips with the head of his cock. He was teasing her, playing with his new sex toy and he knew by the moans that she was letting out that she couldn’t wait to get fucked. Finally he guided his thick cock into her pussy and Debra let out a scream like Ronald had never heard from a woman before.

“Ohhhhh my god!” she screamed as she gripped his cock with her pussy.

“Damn this bitch is tight” he thought to himself as he pushed his cock deeper into her.

Ronald smiled because he knew that Debra had never Bayan Escort had any dick even close to his size and he knew that as much as her husband tried, he would never be able to satisfy her like he was doing right now. He watched her looking over her shoulder. It was almost like she was trying to see his cock sliding in and out of her.

“Time to have a little fun with her” he thought to himself. “You like being fucked by a real man baby?” he asked her smugly. “You like the way that black cock feels sliding in and out of your pussy?”

Debra screamed out “Oh god yes baby! Keep fucking my pussy, fuck me like no one else ever has!”

Ronald was excited because she was starting to get into it more and more, raising her ass up to meet him as he slammed into her pussy. He grabbed her tits from behind and she cocked her head a little and started to kiss him. He could feel her pussy gripping his cock tighter and tighter. She was turning into a sexual animal, trying to get every inch of his black python into her and he loved every minute of it.

“That’s right baby!” he boasted. “Take it all in, you know you can’t get enough of it!

Debra rocked harder and harder as she screamed for more. “Oh yeah baby, you are my little white slut now! Those white rednecks can’t give you what I can give you!”

Ronald was in total control now and he knew it. He could talk to Debra anyway that he pleased because she was his now. He had taken her away from her husband and after he was finished with her she would never want another cock again. He pulled his cock out of her soaked pussy. She looked back at him with lust in her eyes, she was panting like a bitch in heat. She had this look on her face that was begging him not to stop. He smacked her ass cheeks again then laid down on the bench, straightening his stiff, hard cock so that it pointed straight up in the air.

“You know what I want baby” he proclaimed. “I want you to ride this black cock!”

With that Debra flashed a devious grin as she eyeballed the monster cock that she was about to take on. Ronald kept his eyes totally focused on her as she straddled him, kissing his chest. He could feel her wet pussy rubbing against the lower half of his torso. She kissed him and inserted her hot ,wet tongue into his mouth as he began to play with her tits again. She moaned at the sensation of him playing with her hard nipples. Ronald loved the way that her shapely, white body looked straddled over his own muscular, black frame.

“Fuck me with that big, black dick now Ronald!” she begged him.

Those words are what he had been waiting for. Ronald knew now that he had ignited a sexual fire in this woman that no one could extinguish. She had let go of all of her inhibitions and now here she was begging for his black cock. He smacked her ass and she wiggled it around, waiting for the pounding that her pussy was about to take. As he stuck the head of his fat cock into her pussy, she screamed out in pleasure. He drove his cock into her as she dug her fingernails into his muscular chest. Debra bounced up and down on his huge shaft ,shrieking with pleasure as she rode him.

“Ram that big fucking black dick in me baby! She gritted her teeth as she screamed out those words.

Ronald grabbed her ass and pulled her down on his cock as he pumped her pussy harder. She screamed in delight, bouncing on his cock as hard as he was ramming it into her. He could just hear his flesh smacking against hers as he tried to get every inch of his huge dick into her. The feeling of his cock slamming into her must have been more than Debra could take because she screamed out like a madwoman.

“Ohhhhhhh fuck, I’m gonna cum again baby!”

Ronald felt her muscles tighten as she screamed in pleasure. He was still ramming his cock into her when she erupted all over it.

Watching Debra slump her head down on his chest after he had made her cum for the second time, Ronald continued to ram his cock into her full force. She looked weary eyed because he had totally worn her out, but she still moaned with pleasure. He had set out wanting to give this white bitch the fuck of her lifetime and he had done so, but he still wanted more.

“Turn around baby, I want that tight ass” he whispered in her ear.

Debra’s eyes got as big as saucers and it seemed like the very words sent a shockwave through her.

“Turn around for me baby” he persisted.

“Ronald I don’t know… it’s so huge” she said with a concerned look on her face.

He grabbed her and started to kiss her and could feel her giving in to her lust. She didn’t even try to resist as he spun her around because it was obvious that she felt the same way as Ronald. She belonged to him now, her lust for his cock was so strong that she would give him whatever he wanted. Debra turned around and waited for the assault that was about to be unleashed on her asshole. She moaned with pleasure as Ronald rubbed his wonderful black cock against her ass cheeks. As he penetrated her tight ass with the head of his cock, Ronald watched as Debra tightened up and gripped the sides of the bench that she was leaning on with all of her might. She looked like she wanted to let out a scream, but the fat, black cock that was now invading her tight ass had rendered her breathless. She put her head down against her forearms and let out a squeal. She sounded like she was about to be split in two by the large cock inside of her.

After a few minutes Debra raised her head and started to rock back and forth a little bit, as if she was getting used to the girth of Ronald’s cock. He smiled as he rammed it in farther and she screamed like a woman going wild. He started to rub her wet pussy as he fucked her ass harder. He could feel her juices all over his hand and he knew that she was about to cum again. He was whispering in her ear again.

“Yeah you little white slut, you like this black dick in your ass don’t you?”

She just screamed and shook like she was having a convulsion, but every movement she made with her body, every look that she gave with her eyes told him that she wanted more. He slid his fingers into her pussy as he watched her ass cheeks quiver as he slammed his cock into her harder and harder. He knew that she was so close, but now so was he. He had turned Debra into a sex fiend who couldn’t get enough and now she had him at the brink of satisfaction. He guessed that it was the pure animal lust that made her erupt all over his fingers as he slammed into her ass. She moaned and screamed with pleasure as he continued to fuck her hard. He saw her slump down in exhaustion and he couldn’t take anymore.

“Ohhhhhh baby, here it comes!” he screamed out.

Looking over her shoulder Debra gasped with excitement when she saw Ronald pull his big, black dick out of her and shoot his hot cum all over her ass and lower back. She was still moaning with lust when he gave her another order.

“Lick it up baby” he said in a low whisper.

Debra grinned as she scooped the cum that Ronald shot all over her ass and back and gladly licked it up with her fingers.

“This is the best workout I’ve ever had” she smiled.

Soon they got dressed and Ronald escorted Debra out of the gym after he finished closing up. He knew that the World Wrestling Federation would be in town for one more night. Debra had already told him of her plan to make up an excuse to leave Steve at the hotel room again tomorrow. Ronald was left wondering how to keep his sister from getting suspicious when he told her that he was giving her a second night in a row off.

“Oh well, it’s worth it for another workout with Debra” he thought to himself as he locked the doors to the gym on the way out.

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