Deb’s HUGE Birthday Surprise

Beautiful Pussy

This is a true story as best as I can recall all the details.

Back when we were in our late twenties, my wife Deb and I loved to go out and meet up with friends at local clubs with live music. We all drank way too much and usually had to either catch a ride home or risk getting busted for DUI.

Luckily, we had a good friend named Matt that didn’t drink alcohol but was into most of the popular recreational drugs used by clubbing regulars. He would always be our designated driver even though he was most likely under the influence of something other than alcohol.

One Saturday night, it was Deb’s birthday and we were really partying hard with a group of about ten friends at a local club where we were all very regular customers. The band members were good friends of ours which made it even more exciting for Deb to celebrate her birthday there.

When the band took a break, we went backstage to visit with them in the dressing room. Everyone was partying hard and enjoying lots of laughs together. All of our wives and girlfriends were really dressed to kill and looking very sexy.

I guess because it was her birthday, Deb was really looking hot in her very tight and very short skirt and a thin silky shirt. She hated wearing a bra (34C+) and it was obvious that she was not wearing one that night. Her natural tits were very firm and her large nipples were always hard. Her shirt did little to nothing to hide those big nipples. Her skirt was also a perfect tight fit for her great ass and I couldn’t see any signs of panty lines.

When it was time for the band to go back on stage, everyone headed out toward the main bar area. Deb said “wait on me, I need to pee.”

The toilet and sink were in a small room just inside the dressing room door and the bathroom door was always blocked wide open by band stuff.

Deb sat on the toilet and I could then see that she was actually wearing a very sheer white thong. “Damn Deb, you are looking so fucking hot tonight. Are you having a good time?”

She said “Hell yes. This is a great place for my birthday party. I love this place.”

I moved close to where she was sitting on the toilet and started feeling up one of her tits. “I love it when you go braless with a silky shirt. Your tits look and feel so good.” She reached up and gave my crotch a squeeze and said “Wow, what’s got you all swollen up?”

I said, “looking at you dressed so hot and playing with your tit.”

She unzipped my shorts and my cock just flopped out since I was not wearing any underwear. She put it in her mouth and I felt my knees weaken. Damn that felt so fucking good.

About that time, the door to the dressing room suddenly opened and our friend Matt walked in and had a direct view of my cock in Deb’s mouth! Matt said, “Oh shit, I’m sorry.” Deb didn’t even flinch. She continued to suck my cock for a few more seconds and then slowly took it out of her mouth and put it back in my pants as best she could with it rock hard. Deb said, “It’s okay Matt we were just teasing each other a little bit.” Deb then wiped, flushed, and stood up facing Matt. She slowly pulled up her thong while Matt just watched with his mouth wide open. Deb shaves her pussy so I think Matt might have gotten a quick look at her naked pussy lips.

“Sorry buddy, I got carried away and Deb was just teasing me a little bit.”

Deb smiled and said “He can’t keep his hands off my tits when he is drinking and then he gets a hardon.”

Matt said “I don’t blame him. You are dressed so sexy tonight Deb.” He was staring straight at her hard nipples. They looked like they might rip through her shirt at any second.

The three of us headed back out into the bar area to mingle with our friends. They had two rounds of shots waiting for us and were asking where we had been for so long. Deb said “I had to pee and hubby wanted to play. Matt caught us with his dick in my mouth.” Everyone laughed and said “sure”.

Matt never told anyone that he had actually walked in on us and saw everything.

It was about 1 AM when the band quit and the lights came on. Everyone said goodnight and headed for the door. Matt took my keys and unlocked the car. I let Deb ride up front to keep Matt company. I rode in the back but leaned forward between them to talk as we drove to our house. I noticed that Deb was sitting slightly sideways toward the middle of the car and her skirt had ridden up high and was exposing the crotch of her thong. Her legs were slightly parted and I was sure Matt could see her crotch from his vantage point. She did not appear to be concerned about his view up her skirt. I wasn’t surprised as she had always been a bit of an exhibitionist.

Deb mentioned how hot it was in the car. I had forgotten that my car had a freon leak and needed recharging. Even with the windows down it was very hot for so late at night. I saw Deb reach up and undo about three buttons to let some air into her shirt. From my position, I could see lots of bare skin but no nipple. I said, escort izmir “Dang Deb, why don’t you just unbutton your shirt all the way down?”. She laughed and said, “You two would really like that wouldn’t you!”

I replied, “Yes we would!”

Deb sat there for a minute and then undid another two or three buttons and said “How’s that boys?”

Now I could see her right nipple very easily when we would pass a lighted area.

Matt said, “that’s not fair. I can’t see much from where I’m sitting and I have to keep my eyes on the road most of the time.”

I reached up and put my hand inside her shirt. She smiled a wicked smile but didn’t say anything. “Here you go Matt” as I opened her shirt revealing her right tit. He took a few quick glances and just said “Damn!”

We made it home shortly after that. I noticed that Deb got out of the car but didn’t button up her shirt. She walked inside and into the kitchen with her shirt open down to her waste. When standing up straight, you couldn’t see much but when she leaned forward just a little, there they were!

Deb put her arms around Matt and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Matt, thank you for being such a good friend and making sure we always get home safely.” She was holding one of his hands and I noticed that she held their hands together against her tit as she gave him another hug.

I made me and Deb a drink and Matt brought out some pills he had brought for himself. Deb asked “What are those Matt, pain pills?”

He said “No these are MDMA also called Mollies, Ecstasy, or just E.”

Deb looked real wide eyed and said, “I’ve heard those will keep you up for days and make you horny as hell”

Matt replied, “They will keep you up for days only if you keep taking them for days. But yeah, they do make you much less inhibited sexually and real sensitive to being touched but in a very good way.”

I was shocked when she asked “Can we try one?”

“Sure” Matt replied. “These are safe. I get them from a good source and have never had a problem with them. I also have some coke in case you guys start feeling tired later and want to keep partying.”

We all three swallowed down one pill each and then started laughing about how crazy we were to do it.

Deb went to change clothes and I followed her to change also. Matt stayed in the den looking for something to watch on TV.

Deb took off her shirt and skirt and asked if I thought it would be okay if she wore her little silk robe over her thong in front of Matt. She said it was so comfortable around the house and Matt was like family anyway. I told her I was fine with it and I knew Matt would be too.

When we returned to the den, Matt was looking through our DVD selections. He said, “I don’t see anything that I haven’t already seen many times but here’s one that says “Jamaica Vacation”. What is that?”

Deb and I immediately looked at each other and I said, “Oh that’s just a video we made when we went to Hedonism last year. Deb probably doesn’t want to watch that one in mixed company because there are scenes of her nude on the beach.”

Matt said, “Please let me watch it. I’ve already seen her boobs and panties tonight anyway.”

Deb whispered to me that there was much more on there than just her nude on the beach. I remembered then that we had also filmed some very x-rated scenes in our room and other places on the property.

I said to Matt, “You don’t want to watch that Matt. It’s just a little boob and butt every now and then and like you said, you have already seen most of that in person tonight anyway.”

Well Matt kept asking to watch it and I think the drug was starting to kick in so Deb finally agreed to let him watch it.

“You better not laugh, make snide remarks, or ever tell anyone about this Matt. Do you understand?” she said.

Matt agreed and swore to abide by her rules.

We all sat on the sofa with Deb in the middle. I had the remote and pressed play. Deb looked excited and was breathing hard right from the start. She knew how hot this video would get before it was over. I was already getting hard just thinking about what we would see and knowing that Matt would also see it made it even more exciting.

It started out pretty tame with scenes of the lobby, our room, the beach and ocean from our room window, and just scenery in general. Then it switched to Deb walking on the beach wearing a silky cover-up. She went to a lounge chair, put down her stuff, spread her towel, looked around, and then removed her cover-up to reveal her totally naked body!

“OH MY GOD!” Matt shouted. “That is so hot! Deb, you look so fucking sexy all naked in public. Your body is awesome!”

Deb covered her eyes and said through her hands, “Thank You Matt. I can’t believe we are letting you watch this and I can’t believe I am kind of enjoying seeing it again too.”

“I had forgotten how great you looked on that beach Deb. I’m also glad we are finally watching this again.”

I was already getting hard izmir escort bayan and I’m sure Matt was too.

Then on the video, Deb took out the sunscreen and started covering her whole body with it. Watching her rub it into her boobs and nipples was hot enough but when she started spreading it on her shaved pussy, she stayed there a little longer than seemed necessary.

“Deb, were you enjoying that part?” I asked.

“Of course I was.” she said. “I was horny as hell from being naked in public for my first time and it felt great to touch my pussy.”

I noticed that she was now starting to squirm in her seat a little and her breathing was deep and faster. She scratched her chest and then let her fingers glide over her nipples until they were hard as rocks. She uncrossed her legs and started moving her legs back and forth. Her robe was opening up and I could soon see just a peek of her thong. I put my arm around her shoulder and let my hand hang down near her right tit. I lightly touched her nipple on top of her robe and she jerked like she had just been shocked.

She started lightly touching the inside of her thighs and opened her legs a little more as she went higher up her thighs. Now I could definitely see her sheer white thong.

Matt was having trouble keeping his eyes on the TV and watching Deb at the same time. I reached down and untied her robe but didn’t open it right away. Her hands were now getting very close to her crotch. I wondered if she was now feeling the effects of the Ecstasy and might actually be horny enough to touch herself in front of Matt.

Suddenly Deb said, “Hey Matt, remember when you massaged my feet and legs out by the pool? That felt so good. You really have nice hands. Would you do that again while we watch the video?”

“Sure” Matt replied “How are we gonna do it though?”

“I’ll lie down with my head at this end and my legs in your lap. Okay?”

Deb didn’t wait for an answer and swung her legs up onto Matt’s lap and her head in my lap. Her robe was now spread wide open at the bottom and her thong was in plain view.

Matt grabbed one foot and lifted it up closer to his chest and began massaging it while still watching Deb parading around naked on the beach. He also had a direct view of her thong covered crotch which he kept glancing at. I opened the top of her robe exposing her tits and started playing with her nipples. She moaned and told Matt that his foot massage felt really good.

The beach scene ended and we were now back in our room. Deb came out of the shower and sat on the bed still completely naked. She started applying lotion to her body and paid special attention to her nipples. She looked at the camera and asked me if I could put it on the dresser and help her with the lotion. I put the camera down and made sure it was aimed directly at her naked body.

She looked into the camera and said, “I am so horny from being naked in public all day. I will want a good fucking later but right now, would you please eat my pussy?”

Matt almost choked but kept massaging her foot and staring at the TV screen. On the video, she spread her legs and ran a finger through her pussy lips. Her pussy was soaking wet. Then my head appeared in the video and I ran my tongue from her ass to her clit in one long slow lick. Her ass came off the bed each time I repeated this move.

I looked over at Matt and said, “Hey Matt, maybe Deb will let you have a taste of her pussy if you give her a real good foot and leg massage.”

On the sofa, Deb was now touching her crotch through her thong and Matt could hardly decide whether to watch her in person or us on the video. Deb lifted her hips a little and said “I’m sorry guys but I am so fucking horny. I’m going to finger myself while I watch you eat my pussy on the video.” With that, she slid her hand inside her thong and started fingering herself.

After a few minutes of playing with her pussy, she asked me to suck her nipples. I asked her if she would like it if I sucked one while Matt sucked the other.

“Oh God, I bet that would feel so good. I will probably cum all over my fingers as soon as you two start sucking.”

I told her to sit up so we would be on each side of her and could get to her nipples much easier.

Deb pulled her hand out of her thong and stuck her fingers into her mouth as she sat up between us. She then took Matt’s hand and placed it on her right tit. “Do you like my titties Matt?” He said, “this has been a dream of mine since we were in senior highschool. I have always wanted to see and touch your boobs. I can’t tell you how many times I have jerked off just thinking about them. Seeing you go braless with those big hard nipples has kept me horny almost everytime I am around you.” Deb put her hand on Matt’s head and pulled his mouth to her nipple. I joined in and Deb groaned like an angry animal. She put her hand back into her thong and started finger-fucking herself as fast as she could.

“Oh yes, suck my titties! That izmir escortlar feels so good! Two mouths and tongues on my nips is so fucking hot! I’m going to finger-fuck myself until I cum real hard! Yes, suck my nipples boys! I’m already close to cumming!

Oh God, bite them!!! You are both such good titty suckers! Now Bite Them!

I’m about to fucking cum!!! Yes, yes, oh fuck yes!!!


Her eyes rolled back in her head, she lifted her ass up to meet her fingers and her orgasm just refused to quit. She kept having one orgasm after another for at least a full minute.

When she finally stopped cumming and calmed down a little, Deb pulled her fingers out of her thong, smiled at me, and then stuck her fingers into Matt’s mouth. He slurped on her fingers and made groaning noises as he sucked her fingers clean. About that same time, she started cumming on the video from me eating her pussy. It wasn’t nearly as good as the orgasm she just had but it was still a good one. On the video, I moved my head slightly down and started licking her juices out of her pussy being careful not to touch her very sensitive clit.

“Damn you guys are hard!” Deb said as she grabbed both our crotches through our shorts. “Fuck honey, Matt has a big fat cock. I had no idea you were so well endowed Matthew. Can I see it? Honey, please let him show it to me.”

I told Matt that he could show it to her if he wanted to.

Matt stood up, unfastened his jeans, and slowly lowered them until his cock sprang free. Wow, I honestly had never seen a cock that thick. It was only about six or seven inches long but it was thicker than my forearm.

Deb screamed and said, “Holy Shit…that is huge! Have you ever fucked a pussy with it? I know it wouldn’t even come close to fitting into my pussy. Damn, I’ve got to feel it.” She reached out and took it into her hand. Her hand didn’t even come close to reaching around it so she added her other hand and could almost touch her fingers together. “Honey, have you ever seen a cock this big?” I had to admit that I had never seen one that thick…not even in porn videos. Deb leaned forward and put her lips to it. There was no way she would ever get that cock in her mouth. “It won’t fit in my mouth. I can lick it and jerk it with two hands but no way can I suck it. I feel like I might cum again from just touching it. My mind wants to fuck it so bad but my pussy says no way! Honey, take off your shorts and stand next to Matt so we can see the difference in them.”

I stood up, dropped my shorts, and moved close to Matt. Now I have always considered my nine-inch cock as above average length and thick enough to stretch most pussies till they were good and tight. But Holy Fuck, I looked like a toddler standing next to Matt even with a raging hardon that had me looking larger than normal. Deb’s mouth dropped open and she couldn’t believe what she was seeing. She kissed the head of Matt’s cock and then easily took my cock into her mouth. I then noticed that she had removed her thong and was finger-fucking herself again. She pulled back from my cock and asked, “Honey, can Matt eat my pussy while I suck your cock?” Before I could answer she was already pulling Matt’s head down to her pussy. “Matt, I’ll guide you to my special spot next to my clit but my clit is too sensitive for direct contact. I’ll pull my lip over so you can lick next to my clit. I’ll let you know when you are on my spot that makes me cum. You can also put two fingers in my pussy and finger-fuck my G-Spot inside and along the top of my cunt.”

Matt did as instructed and soon Deb said “Yes right there, right there. You’re right on my cum spot. Add another finger and fuck me hard. Oh Matt, I’m going to cum all over your face. Seeing and touching your huge cock has me ready to cum already. Honey, I’m sorry that I’ve neglected you but I am so fucking horny and I need to cum so bad. Eat me Matt! Yes lick me hard on my spot! Oh honey, I’m going to cum again!!! Here it cums Matt! I’m going to cum so fucking hard! Yes, Yes, Yes…I’m cumming NOW! FINGER ME HARDER MATT! OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD I’M FUCKING SQUIRTING ALL OVER HIS FACE! EAT MY CUM MATTHEW! SUCK ME DRY YOU HUNG MOTHER FUCKER!!!”

Deb did indeed squirt all over Matt’s face. I don’t know if it was the ecstasy, his huge cock, or just the excitement of having another person eating her in front of me but I have never seen Deb cum that hard, for that long, or squirt that much girl cum.

We rested for a while and watched more of our video. Matt and I both had our cocks in our hand and was stroking them as we watched Deb suck my dick on the video. Deb watched us and then the video and I noticed that she was pulling and twisting on her nipples. Damn, she can’t get enough I thought. “Deb, are you horny AGAIN?”

“I cant help it I just go from one great orgasm to wanting another” she said. “Watching Matt stroke his huge cock is so hot. I can’t believe that I want to fuck it so bad but I know that it would rip my pussy by just trying to get it in.”

“Why don’t you straddle it and just rub your pussy lips along it to see how it feels. As horny as you are, that might be enough to make you cum again.”

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