Debt of Gratitude


Gilbert parked in the large commuter lot. He started a new job today and was riding the train for his 70-mile commute into Washington. He went into the small trailer by the side of the lot.

Gilbert stepped up to the ticket window. “How much for a monthly pass to Washington?”

The woman selling tickets smiled. Her long straight brown hair flowed down her back. She looked a little plain, but her face glowed. She had on a baggy t-shirt. “One-hundred-eighty-four dollars.”

Gilbert wrote a check and got his pass. He sat down on a bench to wait for the train. Other riders came to buy their passes. He noticed how friendly the ticket woman was with the riders. She’d ask them how they were doing or they’d tell her about what was happening to them while she printed tickets. One of the riders asked her out on a date and she laughed and made a joke. The train pulled up to the station, and all the riders left. Gilbert was the last person to leave, and he heard the ticket woman say, “Bye, have a nice day.”

Later in the week, when she wasn’t busy, the ticket lady came out and sat next to Gilbert. She stuck out her hand. “Hi, I’m Edie.”

Gilbert shook Edie’s hand. “Hi, I’m Gilbert.”

“Where do you work?”

“At Amtrak.”

Edie laughed. “Why did you buy a pass? I thought Amtrak employees rode trains for free.”

“I’m a contractor.”


“When do you work, Edie?”

“I’m here from five until eight. I come back in the evening from five until eight.”

“Oh. Do you like having the day free?

“Yes, although I miss not having nights sometimes.”

“There’s the train. See you later.”

“Bye. Have a nice day.”

Edie chatted with several riders in the morning. Gilbert would stop at the station in the evening once or twice a month to chat with her. He appreciated the attention. She appreciated the company. It helped to pass the time. They talked about work and weekends. Over time, Edie and Gilbert opened up to each other. She told him about her thirty-three years of life and her failed relationships. He talked about his forty-six years of life and failed marriage. She started calling him Gilbert Grape, and he called her Speedy Edie. As friendly as they were with each other, they only saw each other at the train station.

One morning Edie sat down next to Gilbert. “Could you stop by the station this evening, Gilbert?”

“Sure Edie. What’s up?”

“I’d rather tell you this evening.”

“Oh. Ok, Edie.” They sat silently until Gilbert left for the train. He spent most of the morning wondering what Edie wanted to talk about. He was tempted to take the early train, but work kept him busy. He didn’t remember until the train pulled into the station that Edie wanted to talk to him.

Gilbert went into the station and sat down. Edie sold a couple of tickets, locked the station door, and sat down next to Gilbert. “I have something important I need to ask you, Gilbert.’

“What is it, Edie?”

Edie looked down in her lap for a while before she spoke. “My car broke. I can’t afford to get it fixed, and I can’t afford the down payment on a new car.”

“What happened to your car?”

“The engine block cracked. It’d cost almost $3000 to replace it. I could get a new car, but I need $1200 for the down payment, since my stupid car is worthless.”

“What about a used car?”

“I still need a down payment, plus if anything went wrong, I couldn’t afford the repair.” Edie put her arm around Gilbert. “Could you loan me $1200 Gilbert? I’d pay it back.”

Gilbert put his arm around Edie. “That’s a lot of money. When do you need it?”

“I’d like to buy the car this Saturday.”

“I’ll think about it and let you know tomorrow morning.”

Edie hugged Gilbert. “Thanks. I knew I could count on you.”

Gilbert went home and thought about the loan. $1200 was a lot of money. The only reason he even considered it was because Edie had spent so much time talking to him and comforting him. He had trouble sleeping until he decided that he’d loan her the money.

The next morning, Gilbert went into the station and sat down on the bench. Edie sat down next to him. “Hello Gilbert Grape.”

“Hello Speedy Edie.”


“Deep subject, Edie.”

Edie punched Gilbert in the arm. “What did you decide?”

“Yes, I’ll loan you the money.”

Edie squealed and kissed Gilbert on the cheek. “Thank you, Gilbert. Meet me at Thompson Pontiac at 10 this Saturday.”

Gilbert cashed a couple of bonds the next morning. He drove over to the dealer on Saturday. He looked at the new cars until Edie drove up in her sister’s car.

Edie walked over to Gilbert and took his arm in hers. “Thank you for loaning me the money, Gilbert Grape. You’re a lifesaver. Let’s go inside.”

“Did you decide what kind of car you want?”

“Yes, a maroon Grand Prix.”

Edie and Gilbert went inside the showroom. A salesman came over to us. “Can I help you?”

Edie grinned and said, “Sure. Escort Güngören I want to buy a car.”

The salesman took Edie and Gilbert on test rides in different cars. Edie test-drove a Grand Prix and a Grand Am. The salesman took Edie and Gilbert to his office to discuss the financing. Edie negotiated with the salesman for almost two hours and got a good deal. Gilbert was impressed. Edie signed the papers and walked Gilbert back to his car.

Edie kissed Gilbert on the cheek. “Thanks again for the loan. I really appreciate it.”

Gilbert gave Edie a hug. “You’re welcome.” He got in his car and went home. Edie picked up her new car a week later.

A couple of months pass. Edie doesn’t mention the loan to Gilbert. He decides to stop in the station one evening and ask her about the loan.

Gilbert sits down on the bench. “Hello Edie.”

Edie locks the door and sits down next to Gilbert. “Hello Gilbert.” She takes his hand into hers. “I’m sorry about how I’ve been ignoring you. I know I haven’t paid anything back. I want to, but the car payments are already more than I can afford. Can we work something out?”

Gilbert smiles and puts his arm around Edie. “Sure. What did you have in mind?”

Edie sighs. “Would you like to have sex with me?”

Gilbert carefully considers the offer. “Yes Edie, I would like that very much. You don’t seem very happy about it though.”

Edie gets up and paces around the station. “Gilbert, this isn’t easy for me. I enjoy talking with you and like you a lot. You’ve been a good friend. I’m not attracted to you, but I want to pay my debt. I don’t know how else I can do it.”

Gilbert gets up and hugs Edie. “I don’t want to force you to do this, Edie. You’re my friend too. If you don’t want to have sex with me, we’ll work something else out.”

Edie sobs on my shoulder. “How? What else could I do that would be worth $1200?’

Gilbert stands silently and holds Edie while she cries. After a while she stops crying and sits on the bench.

Edie puts her head in her hands. “I’m sorry. I thought I prepared myself for this.” She looks up at him. “Gilbert, I don’t have anything to offer you except me.”

Gilbert sits down and puts his arm around Edie. “Are you sure?”

Edie looks over at Gilbert. “Yes, I’m sure. I’m not a nervous virgin. I’ll do my best to give you a good time. What’s the going rate for a call girl?”

Gilbert’s face reddens. “Uh, I’m not sure.”

“Gilbert, don’t be coy. You’ve told me what the strippers downtown do with you. How much do you pay a stripper to play with you?”

“Sixty dollars.”

“So, does a hundred dollars sound fair?”

“Yes Edie.”

“Ok. I owe you twelve fucks. Do you mind if I pay monthly?”


“Here’s my address and phone number. Call me and let me know when you want to come over.”

Gilbert takes the card. He wonders whether he’s taking advantage of a friend. “Edie, would you kiss me?”

Edie kisses Gilbert on the cheek.

“No Edie, I want you to kiss me. On the lips.”

Edie smiles. “I guess that’s reasonable.” Edie kisses Gilbert. Their lips press together. Gilbert tries to use his tongue.

Edie pulls away and grins. “Not here, Gilbert Grape. Save that for when you come over.”

Gilbert smiles and gets up. “See you later Speedy Edie.”

Gilbert imagines getting together with Edie every morning while he waits for the train. He waits a couple of weeks before he gets up the nerve to call Edie. “Hello Edie, this is Gilbert.”

“Hi Gilbert Grape, what’s up?”

“I’d like to come over. When’s a good time?”

“How about Sunday afternoon, around two?”

“That’s fine. See you then.’

“See you. Bye.”

The weekend couldn’t come fast enough for Gilbert. He drives over to Edie’s apartment and rings the doorbell.

Edie answers. She’s wearing a bathrobe. “Come in.”

Gilbert looks around the living room. An old, beat up sofa squats next to a cheap end table with a dim lamp. A gray cat crouches in the corner near a food and water bowl. “Nice place you have here.”

Edie laughs, “Yeah, right. Let me show you the rest of the apartment.” She turns and points to her left. “This is the kitchen. And over here is the bathroom.”

Gilbert peeks in. Makeup takes up most of the tiny vanity. Hosiery hangs from the shower bar. “When do you wear those, Edie?”

Edie smacks Gilbert’s arm. “When I go out, and to church.” She walks to the back of the hall. “And finally the bedroom.”

They go in. A double bed and a dresser fill the room. A small TV sits on a corner of the dresser. Edie closes the door. Gilbert takes Edie’s head in his hands and kisses her. She puts her arms around his back and closes her eyes as he works his tongue around her mouth. Her tongue does the same.

“Wow Gilbert, you’re a good kisser.”

“Thanks Edie.”

Gilbert takes a three-pack of condoms from his pocket and puts them on the dresser. İnnovia Escort He sits down on the side of the bed. Edie sits down next to him and takes his arm in hers. They sit for a while.

Gilbert turns to Edie. “Would you mind standing up and getting undressed.’

“Oh, ok Gilbert. Promise you won’t laugh.”

Edie stands up and takes off her robe. She’s wearing a cotton bra and panties. She unhooks the bra and steps out of the panties. Gilbert looks at her body. Her breasts and nipples are small, almost boyish. Her slim hips and long slender legs go well with her long hair. She tries to cover up with her hands and arm.

Gilbert stands up and takes Edie’s hands in his. “Edie, you’re very attractive. I don’t understand why anyone would laugh.”

Edie puts her arms around Gilbert and hugs him. She helps him get undressed and they get into bed. He takes her into his arms and kisses her. His hands rub her back and bottom. He moves down and kisses and licks her nipples. At first they’re shy, but they finally pop out. She moves her head back and moans. He kisses her chest and neck.

Edie rolls on her back. “Fuck me.”

Gilbert reaches over, gets a condom, and puts it on. He puts his arms around Edie, pulls her to him, kisses her, and rolls over so she’s on top. “No, you fuck me.”

Edie settles herself on Gilbert’s cock. She puts her palms on the bed and slowly rocks. He lightly pinches her nipples as she rocks back and forth, riding up and down on his cock. She closes her eyes and moves her head up and down as she rocks. She rocks faster and faster until she groans and stops moving. He can feel the orgasm pulse through her body. She drops her head and picks it up again.

Edie starts rocking. Gilbert pinches her nipples as she moves back and forth. She has another orgasm, this one stronger than the first. She collapses on his chest. Her hand finds his arm, and she strokes it while she rests.

“That was nice Gilbert. It’s been a while since I’ve been on top. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome, Edie.”

“You think I’m attractive?”

“Yes Edie, I do.”

“Even with my tiny breasts?”

“Yes Edie.”

Edie sighs happily. “You still feel hard inside me. Didn’t you orgasm?”

Gilbert strokes Edie’s back. “No, I didn’t”

Edie pushes herself up and makes a mewing sound as she pulls herself off Gilbert’s cock. “Don’t go away, I’ll be right back.” Edie opens the door and goes into the hallway. She comes back with a hand towel and a tube of cream. She sits on the bed beside him, takes the condom off, puts some cream in her palm, and strokes his cock. “How does that feel?”

“A little softer if you don’t mind.”

Edie loosens her grip. “Like this?”

“Yes, that feels great. Lie down next to me.”

Edie lies down and kisses Gilbert while she strokes his cock. After a while he ejaculates. She cleans up with the hand towel. “Did that feel nice?”

“Yes Edie.”

Edie grins. “Was it worth $100?”

Gilbert grins and kisses Edie. “Yes, it was the best $100 I’ve ever spent.”

Edie wonders if Gilbert cares for her. Her body stiffens and her voice turns serious. “Hold me Gilbert.”

Gilbert is concerned by the change in Edie’s voice. He takes her in his arms. She puts her head on his shoulder. He holds her and moves his hand over her back for a long time. She falls asleep in his arms. He quietly gets up and gets dressed. He pulls the cover over her and lets himself out.

Gilbert fondly remembers comforting Edie while he watches her talk and sell tickets. Edie, when she’s not busy, looks over at Gilbert and reflects on how gentle and kind he was. The month flies by for the both of them.

On a pleasant Sunday afternoon, Gilbert rings Edie’s doorbell. She throws the door open and gives him a big kiss. She leads him to the bedroom, closes the door, and takes off her robe. She’s wearing a baby blue teddy with a fluffy skirt. She twirls around. “Do you like it, Gilbert?”

“Yes Edie, it looks very nice on you.” Gilbert takes Edie in his arms and kisses her.

Gilbert and Edie move to the bed and lay down. They probe each other’s mouths with their tongues. She puts a condom on his cock and climbs aboard. She rocks herself on his cock while he pinches her nipples through the teddy. After her third orgasm, she rests her head on his shoulder while he strokes her hair and back with his hand.

“That was really nice Gilbert, thanks.”

“You’re welcome, Edie.”

“Your hand feels so nice on my back. Gilbert, could we get together every other week instead of every month?”

Gilbert laughs. “Sure Edie. You seem eager to pay off your debt.”

Edie grins and kisses Gilbert. “Yes, I’m an eager beaver.”

Gilbert feels Edie squeezing his cock with her pussy. “I’d have to agree with that.”

Edie makes a mewing sound. “Hold me.”

Gilbert holds and comforts Edie. After a while she gets up and gets a hand towel and cream. She lies down next Kağıthane escort bayan to him, kissing him while she plays with his cock until he comes. She cleans up and helps him get dressed.

Edie stares at Gilbert so much at the station that the other riders gossip about it. Everyone wonders what she sees in him. Whenever anyone asks Edie about Gilbert, she replies, “No, we’re not going out.”

Another Sunday afternoon rolls around with Gilbert ringing Edie’s doorbell. She lets him in and takes him to the bedroom.

Gilbert playfully asks, “So, what’s this I hear about us not going out?”

Edie smiles. “Gilbert, we’re not going out.’ She kisses Gilbert. “We’re staying in and fucking.”

“Edie, will you go out with me?”

Edie kisses Gilbert. “Yes, I’ll go out with you. But when? The only day we both have free is Sunday.”

“How about next Sunday?”

“That sounds great. Where do you want to go?”

Gilbert kisses Edie. “How about a movie?”

“Sounds good. You know, it’s kind of funny. Most people date before they fuck.”

“Do you want to go out today, Edie?”

Edie kissed Gilbert. “Hell no. I’ve been looking forward to you coming over all week. We’ll go out next week.”

Edie and Gilbert undress each other and get into bed. They kiss and fondle each other. She climbs on top of him and fucks herself to four orgasms. She lies on his chest and rests while he rubs her back. She gets up and brings back a hand towel. She wipes his cock with the towel and sucks on it. She licks and sucks on his cock like an ice cream cone. She’s licking the head when he ejaculates. She wipes up the come and lies down by him.

Gilbert kisses Edie. “That was nice Edie, thanks.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Could I do that to you?”

Edie quivers. “Hmmm, my pussy is still tingly from the sex. Maybe next time.”

Gilbert and Edie cuddle for a while. He holds her, rubbing her back with his fingers. “Could we take a shower together, Edie?”

Edie snuggles in. “Sounds interesting Gilbert. Would you help me wash my hair?”

“Um, ok.”

Edie slaps Gilbert’s leg. “Let’s go.”

Edie and Gilbert get up and go into the bathroom. He gets into the shower first, and washes his hands and cock. He steps to the back of the bathtub. She gets in and washes her hands. He takes the soap and rubs it all over her body while he kisses her chest and neck. She rinses off and does the same for him. He rinses off. She wets her hair. He pours the shampoo in his palm and rubs it through her hair, starting with the scalp and working his way down. It takes a while to get shampoo through all of her hair. He helps her rinse her hair.

They get out of the shower. Edie dries Gilbert off. He dries her off and uses two other towels to mostly dry her hair. They go back to the bedroom. She sits on the bed and brushes her hair while he watches.

Edie smiles at Gilbert. “I’ve fucked and sucked many times in my life. I’ve never, ever had a man help me wash my hair before. It felt almost as good as sex.”

Gilbert grins. “You’re welcome.”

Edie looks down at Gilbert’s stiff cock. “You get aroused watching a woman brush her hair?”

Gilbert leans forward and kisses Edie. “Not any woman Edie. You.”

“Ooh, you say the sweetest things Gilbert. You make me feel special.”

“You make me feel special too, Edie.” Gilbert hugs Edie.

“Watch the hair.” Edie smiles and kisses Gilbert. “See you next week.”

Gilbert gets up and gets dressed. “See you.”

Edie tried to play it cool at the station. On Monday she was busy selling tickets. On Tuesday she stopped herself from walking near Gilbert. By Wednesday she gave up. She sat next to Gilbert every chance she had, holding his hand in hers, staring into his eyes. The men come up to Gilbert on the train, congratulating him. The women try to figure out what Edie sees in Gilbert.

A beautiful Sunday afternoon finds Gilbert at Edie’s door. She opens the door, wearing a light beige knee-length dress.

Gilbert whistles. “You look beautiful, Edie. I think that’s the first time I’ve seen you in a dress.”

Edie grins. “Thank you Gilbert. You’ve seen me undressed enough.”

Gilbert and Edie drive to the movie theater. He buys a bucket of popcorn and a large soda. They sit down and watch the movie. He puts his arms around her shoulder. She takes his hand and puts it on her breast. He rubs his fingers on her nipple through the dress while they watch the movie. They talk about the movie on the way back to her apartment.

Gilbert walks Edie to the door. Edie asks, “Would you like to come in?”

“Sure.” Edie and Gilbert go in the kitchen and have a soda. They talk about the movie for a while.

Gilbert kisses Edie. “I guess I’d better get going.”

Edie pouts. “Do you have to?”

Gilbert takes Edie in his arms. “No. What did you have in mind?”

Edie leads Gilbert into the bedroom.

Gilbert kisses Edie. “I didn’t want to assume we’d wind up here.”

“I could tell. That’s a big reason why we did wind up here. I want to show you something.” Edie pulls up her dress. She’d worn a garter belt and stockings, not pantyhose, without any panties.

“Ooh, how French!”

“I trimmed some of the hair. Do you like it?”

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