DENIED AGAIN: Its’ So Hard to be Obedient!


DENIED AGAIN: Its’ So Hard to be Obedient!Last night I was watching TV and my owner told me it was time for me to go to bed.This is her way of saying she wants to play and I am now ‘on duty’.”Yes Ma’am, right away” I said, heading straight to the bathroom.Sometimes she likes to use my ass, with her tongue, fingers, or toys…so I have to make sure I my ass is very clean for her, just in case.I slid in to bed and waited where she joined me in just a few minutes.”I think I need a massage” she said as she lay face down next to me.I hopped out of bed and went to the night stand to get massage oil.I straddle her legs and apply the oil to her back and ass.She can feel my throbbing hard on against her ass and between her cheeks as I work on her shoulder and back muscles…it just makes her giggle to know how much she excites me.I slid myself further down so I could massage her gorgeous ass.The thrill of having my owners sweet ass right in front of me is hard to take!I deeply kneed her buns and at some point I just can’t take it any more: I spread her ass open wide and gently kiss her sweet anus over and over.”What do you think you are doing?” she says.We both know I am not allowed to help myself to any contact…it’s always by invitation only.”Please Goddess, PLEASE!” I beg. “Please allow your bitch to tongue your ass. I will rim you really good…please may I?”She lets out a low moan…she loves controlling çankaya escort me this way, and says “OK, but just a little.”I plunge my tongue deep in her ass.I swirl the tip around and around making it so wet.I suck with my lips so I can dart my tongue in and out of her ass, Frech kissing her puckered anus and fucking it with my tongue.It is so satisfying to be used by her, and I’m grateful for being allowed to taste her ass…I can do this for hours if she would only permit it.”That’s enough now” she says as she rolls over on her back.I know she loves it, but she loves denying me even more.”I want some cock in me” and that is my cue to fuck her.I immediately get on top of her and start fucking.I have been well trained in cum control, and even though i am totally ready to fill her Goddess pussy with cum the moment I enter her, I do as I’m told and fuck her just the way she likes.”I don’t want that little white cock. I want a real man’s cock. Get me big black cock…something worth fucking.” she purrs.It takes a lot of strength to comply with her wishes.I’m sliding my swollen cock in the hottest, wettest pussy on earth when she orders me to get what she wants.Of course it’s not about me and what I want, so I hop out of bed and get the toy bag from the closet.I take out a very thick toy for her and go to the bathroom with it.Goddess likes her cocks hot balgat escort and wet, so I run it under hot water in the sink to warm it up.”That’s a good bitch,” she says, “You know what to do now, don’t you?””Yes, Ma’am” I say as I place the cock head at the opening of her pussy.She pulls her knees up to her chest to be fully open for her BBC.”Lick it. Lick and suck my pussy juice from my studs cock” she commands.I do as I’m told.As I rub the length of the thick veiny cock over her pussy lips and against her clit, I lick and slurp on the shaft, sometimes attempting to take the head in my mouth.”Fuck me now, and make sure you take care on my clit as he fucks me.”I work the fat dildo in and out of her quivering wet hole, and I lock my lips on her clit, flicking it as she enjoys her BBC.She reaches down and holds my head in place so that I am lapping her just right.”Oh yeah, bitch. That’s good…I needed a real man to fill me, not your little white thing” she moans as I work so hard for her pleasure.”Get up here now. I want cock in my mouth” she orders.I quickly change position while being careful to keep up her pussy fuck.She hungrily takes my cock in her mouth and sucks me so perfectly I am afraid I might lose control.At the same time I continue to work her BBC in and out of her dripping love hole.She reached up and put two fingers in my mouth, and I know what that elvankent escort means.I sucked her fingers and made them as wet as I could.She quickly removed them and jammed them deeply in to my ass.I was so on the edge, trying to hold back from cumming without permission.I mean, I was allowed to taste her ass and pussy…I was sucking on her lovers cock as he fucked her, and now she was fucking my ass and sucking my throbbing little white cock.It’s so hard to be obedient!”What do you think? Do you think that I’m going to allow you to cum in my mouth?” she asks?I must have been leaking precum pretty heavily as she fingered me roughly, really making it hurt.I said “No Ma’am, I’m sorry. I’ll be a good bitch for you…please don’t stop!””No. Get back down there now.” and I reluctantly positioned myself again between her legs, fucking her pussy with a huge cock while I licked it and sucked her clit.I was only working on her pleasure, doing my duty, for a few more minutes, when she grabbed me by the back of the head.Her whole body stiffened as she mashed my mouth down on her pussy, suffocating me as she came hard.I gently slid the BBC dildo out of her and pulled the blankets over her.”My hand is dirty” she said.I went to the bathroom and returned with a warm cloth and a bowl of water.I washed the fingers that had been fucking may ass and dried her hand.I went on to washing her studs cock and put it away.I climbed back in to bed next to her as my poor cock and balls throbbed uselessly.I wanted to ask for permission to cum,to be allowed to jerk off…but I din’t dare disturb Goddess.We both drifted off to sleep, she greatly satisfied, and me horribly frustrated.My owner is so good to me!

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