Derek’s Story Ch. 02


Exactly twelve years ago to the day, my parents were killed by a drunk driver. From what I remember about them, both were extremely hard working individuals who put their family above all else. My dad was a rising attorney within the local district magistrate’s office and my mom was a full time kindergarten teacher. Even though both were very busy, they always made sure to attend all my little league games baseball, school functions and my sisters dance recitals. I remember my dad being one of those typical obnoxious fathers who attended my baseball games, always cheering me on and yelling at the officiating crew every time a call didn’t go my way. Mom used to always try to tone down his enthusiasm, but I was so happy to have them both there that I never cared that he was so rambunctious.

After he was gone, the passion that I used to have for sports slowly started to fade away. It was no longer the same without my parents there giving me constant support. Aunt Tia and the girls did their best to make me feel supported, but it just never was the same. Don’t get me wrong, having the girls there meant the world to me, but no one can ever truly replace your parents. The same could be said of my sister and how she treated her dance recitals. After the death of our parents, she too lost interest and seemed to just wonder aimlessly for a while before discovering her passion for playing the flute. Whereas the band became her way of dealing with the loss of our parents, I often found myself in the gym.

Since their deaths I had made an effort to come to their grave every year on the anniversary of their death. Often times I end up coming by myself, but occasionally my sister would tag along. The head stone is nothing special; it simply reads my parents names, their date of births and the day they both died. I don’t want to say we lucked out, because well my parents were dead, it is a horrible way to describe what happened, but we were somehow able to purchases two burial plots side by side so that they could always be together. At the time, when my Aunt was struggling to support us, being able to purchase the two burial plots was almost considered a miracle, especially with the cost associated with the purchase. I remember thinking about how unfair it was that they were no longer a part of our lives, about how they had tragically been taken from us. Two amazing parents who had their lives were stolen from them. They were forced to abandon their two children, and now all that remains of them is a head stone that has no real defining characteristics. If I hadn’t known where they had been buried, it is highly unlikely that I could have ever found where they were laid to rest. The world would have never known the tragedy of their loss.

On this particular visit, all I could think about was whether or not they would be proud of me. While it might seem like a weird practice to you; I still talk to my parents every time I visit them. Whenever I am there, I have a need to let them know about everything that is going on in mine and my sister’s lives. Even though they are gone, they will always be my mom and dad. Aunt Tia is my new mom, and I love her with all my heart for everything that she and done and sacrificed for Maura and I, but she will never truly replace them.

A few days ago it would have been just your typical schools going well, I am staying out of trouble, nothing too major to report type of conversation, but now my whole world was upside down. Not upside in the sense that things were whirl-winding out of control, but upside down in the sense that I was romantically involved with my cousin Kara. We were attempting to hide it from the rest of my family. Even now, as I stood before my parents, I was hesitant to tell them about Kara. I knew that they would love me no matter what, but still, it was my Cousin Kara who had captured my heart.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

After shaving, a process that took about twenty minutes to do the full face and head completely, and I showered before getting dressed in a comfortable pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Seeing the time, I raced over to the dining hall to meet Jenelle.

I felt nervous going into this meal for two main reasons. First, I had not told Kara about what happened before she attacked me/made my dreams come true, and secondly, Kara and I never really discussed whether or not we were an exclusive couple. I mean I wasn’t planning on trying to juggle several different women around, for truth be told ,all I wanted was Kara. However, I was still nervous and curious as to why Jenelle wanted to see me. Honestly, I was surprised that she even wanted to talk to me. I mean, how do you confront someone/have a conversation with the guy that saw you drink so much that you had to go to the hospital to have you stomach pumped? Having never been in that situation before, even though now I was about to be in the receiving end of one such conversation, I could barely imagine the difficultly and courage that it must take for one to even begin. I also began to wonder if Seth, Escort her brother and my friend who I had let down, would be attending the meal with us.

As my mind raced in a million different directions, I walked into the dining hall, half expecting to be jumped by Seth. I had disgraced his sister; honestly I wouldn’t have blamed him if he publicly kicked my ass. It would have sent a message to all the other guys on campus that his sister was not to be treated so poorly. To my relief Seth wasn’t there. Oddly, I felt somewhat disappoint that he did not in fact kick my ass.

It actually took me a few seconds of looking around before I was able to locate Jenelle. She had isolated herself in the far back corner of the mess hall, dressed casually in a pair of sweatpants with a long sleeve shirt and a pair of large black glasses that covered a majority of her face. I could instantly tell that she was still feeling the effects of last night. My own liver had always been able to distill my alcohol consumption so that I rarely, if ever woke up with a hangover, but just by looking at Jenelle, I could tell that she might need the assistance of a trash can at any minute. All the more astonishing, even though I could tell she felt like crap, she still looked beautiful. I started to wonder if maybe she was one of those girls that could look good no matter what she wore; like if she was only wearing a trash bag she would still make it look elegant, like she was wearing an evening gown.

As I approached the table, I noticed the slightest hint of a smile slowly work its way across her lips. I was somewhat taken aback; instantly feeling the need to apologize for my actions. However, before I could even open up my mouth to mutter the necessary words in an attempt to seek her forgiveness, she stood and kissed me on the cheek. My skin turned redder than a tomato as I blushed. I then helped her to sit back down, taking the seat besides her. Having expected to have been chewed out or maybe even being declared a scumbag, I marveled in this unforeseen change in circumstance. Noting my lack of callousness in regards to everything that happened, Jenelle’s lips formed a full on smile. As she removed her glasses we made eye contact.

Even with the bags under her eyes, I still felt myself being drawn towards her as our eyes continued to meet. Whereas Kara had eyes that could make the sea jealous, Jenelle’s brown eyes could literally freeze you in your tracts. Unable to move or think, I just continued to get lost in her eyes. When I came out of my trance, I found myself again taking in all of her features. Her full pouty lips, her cute almost button like nose, the way her brunette hair perfectly formed around her face, draping down along the contours of her back, and the way her eyes seemed to make me zone out everything around us. As her eyes continued to overtake me, it appeared like we were the only two people in the entire room.

As the desire that I had had towards her last night returned, another feeling also slowly made its way across my body. I felt my stomach turn nauseous and my heart began to ache; thoughts of Kara flickered throughout my brain. I wasn’t sure why, but I was beginning to feel guilty. It’s not like I was doing anything wrong by having lunch with Jenelle, but a small part of me felt like I was cheating on Kara. We had only been together for maybe six hours, but already I started to wonder if my actions would make Kara jealous or cause her any sort of emotional pain. We never said we were exclusive; the next time I saw her, I decided that we needed to discuss it. I had to know where we both stood.

The sudden change in my expression was immediately noticed by Jenelle, she took the opportunity to begin our much needed discussion. While I was still lost in thought, she actually apologized for last night. Upon realizing that she was actually apologizing to me, I found myself instantly snapped back to reality and utterly confused.

“Why are you apologizing to me Jenelle? If anything, I am the one who should be apologizing to you. I should have realized we both had a little too much to drink…. I should have cut us both off sooner.”

“Derek, none of this was your fault. If anything you were a perfect gentleman last night. You didn’t take advantage of me, and then after I got sick, you were so worried that you called my brother to help come take care of me.” She paused to look around to make sure no one was within hearing distance before continuing. “Part of me wishes you weren’t such a gentleman and maybe had taken advantage of the situation.”

What? She wanted me to take go further with her last night? She wanted me to take advantage of her? Did that mean she liked me? Did she actually have a great time last night? What would have happened if she had not gotten sick? Did she remember everything that happened last night after all? All these thoughts ran through my mind as I tried to digest what she had just said. I even started to wonder if that was why her friends giggled last night before we left to go to the party, when Escort Bayan I said I would take care of her.

Noticing my confusion she continued; “I had a great time last night Derek, you were funny and charming the entire evening and I had to go and mess everything up.”

As tears began to form in her eyes I realized that I needed to reassure her that I wasn’t mad or upset about anything from last night. Truth be told, I too had had a great time. Even with everything that had just happened with Kara, I couldn’t deny the connection that had formed between Jenelle and I. If Kara had not all of a sudden barged into the picture, I am sure I would have been overjoyed at the sudden direction that this lunch seemed to being going. Yet, even with what happened with Kara, I still felt open to the possibility of what Jenelle and I could potentially become.

Looking straight into her beautiful brown eyes I said, “You didn’t mess anything up last night. After you got sick, I couldn’t stop blaming myself. I was afraid that you would never want to talk to me again.” As if my hand was no longer under my control, I saw it reach out and place itself on the top of hers, cupping it gently. Then without even thinking I blurted out, “Can we start over?”

Did I just say that? Can we start over? What the hell was I doing? Yeah, I really liked this girl, but what about Kara? In that moment, I felt like a real douche bag. I don’t know why I said it, but at the same time, I knew that I had meant it. I liked Jenelle. She was amazing. Everything about her just made me want to get to know her better; wanted me to be able to see her again. As I waited for her response, I began to feel anguished. Would she go out with me again? Did she like me back? Honestly, I have no idea what I was thinking or why I was thinking it.

When she said yes, my heart leapt inside my chest. This beautiful girl wanted to go out with me again. I had no idea why, but I didn’t care. Briefly, I began to wondering if there was something different about me, all of a sudden. I mean, why did two beautiful women wanting to hang out with me? I had already made love with Kara several times, and from the glint in Jenelle’s eyes, I could tell that the possibility of us being intimate somewhere down the road was at least crossing her mind. Was I different? I put a pin in that thought and continued my conversation with Jenelle.

Over the next hour we talked about a great many things. We talked about what it was like to ride in an ambulance, about what might have happened if she had not gotten sick, about how her friends thought I was cute for being so worried about her. We even talked about how her brother, while initially upset, was now no longer mad at me. I will admit, I was actually surprised to hear that, as I expected Seth to hate my guts. I figured that Jenelle must have at least talked to Seth, maybe told him to keep his cool for the time being, because she liked me so much or something like that. She liked me, we talked about that too.

As we ate, the conversation shifted from last night to various interests that we mostly shared. It was truly another wonderful experience that I was again sharing with her. I could not believe how much I liked this girl. Kara, while at the back of my mind, was just that, at the back of my mind. When I was with Jenelle, I was with Jenelle. I still felt guilty for being there; for enjoying myself so much, but there was another part of me that didn’t care. It was almost like something had been awakened inside of me. I take that back, I did care. I knew at that moment that I would never do anything to jeopardize my romance with Kara, but there was no denying these feelings for Jenelle. It was like she had this power over me; it felt like I would melt if she simply commanded it of me.

As our lunch ended, I knew I had to get out of there. I didn’t want to leave, but I figured I needed some time to be alone with my thoughts. As we both stood to leave and say our goodbyes, she tripped and fell into my arms. Out of instinct I caught her and pulled her close to me in an effort to help her regain her balance. Then, before I knew it, our lips were embraced. Standing in a corning of the dining hall, our tongues broke the barriers of each others’ lips and jettisoned into each others’ mouths. The passion of this kiss was undeniable, almost like it was out of a movie. If, in that moment, Jenelle had lifted one of her legs behind her and held it in the air, I would have described this kiss as perfect.

As the kiss lingered people began to notice and stare. Feeling their eyes upon us, we broke the kiss and both began to blush. Looking at her, I knew that I was screwed. I wanted to ravish her body, throw her down right there on the table, and have my way with her. Any position, any hole, it didn’t matter. I just wanted to; no I needed to have my dick inside her. I needed to pleasure her, to have her reach climax again and again before finally unloading myself into her. I had never felt so strongly about anything before in my life. We walked out of the cafeteria Bayan Escort hand in hand before kissing once more and departing.

As I walked, with no particular destination in mind, I just allowed my mind to wonder over the past few hours of my life. I began to question what was going on, and why all of a sudden everything had changed. I didn’t believe that I had done anything differently. If anything, my life had pretty much become routine. I would wake, go to the gym, go to class, study, eat, hang out with friends and family and sleep. The only thing different about me was that I had, for about the last two months or so, been shaving my head. I figured that there was no way a new hair style could have this great an impact on my life. It had to be something else, something I was doing, some different way I was acting. Why were women finally paying attention to me? Was it because I was no longer a virgin? Yeah, maybe that was it. I was a man now and maybe the women on campus could sense it about me. But if the loss of my virginity was the reason for the sudden change in attitude that women had towards me, than what would explain Kara’s need to crawl into my bed in the middle of the night when I was still a virgin?

Maybe I have somehow developed telekinesis or telekinetic powers; whichever one of those allowed you to control and influence people’s minds. Maybe I had developed that power. Seeing a cute girl walking towards me, I decided to test my possible new powers. Thinking to myself I thought, “Take off you cloths and have sex with me. Take off you cloths and have sex with me. Take off you cloths and have sex with me.” She continued to just walk past me, only glancing up to smile at me, before continuing upon her merry way. Ok, so I don’t have special mind control powers I thought, but something was different. I had to figure out what it was. Usually pretty girls avoided such eye contact with me, and I never got the smile before.

As I continued to wonder around campus, sights and sounds being oblivious to me. Everything just seemed to pass by in a blur as I tried to figure out the solution for why my life was suddenly that much better than yesterday. Soon, I found myself standing at the steps of Aunt Tia’s house. It was somewhat amusing that my subconscious has taken me to my Aunt’s house. Whenever there was a problem (I admit, a poor word choice to describe my current situation) going on in my life, my family was often the first place I would turn to seek advice. I loved talking to all of them, especially Maura. It seemed like she knew my heart better than I did. If anyone could help me solve what was going on, I knew it could be her.

I entered the house, discovering it to be eerily quiet. Checking the time on my phone, I realized that both Kara and Jess were out at some sort of school function (Kara most likely hanging with her volleyball friends and I believed that Jess had recently enrolled in a Saturday lecture series), but that did not explain why the house was so dreary. Usually with three 19 year old girls congregated in one place, the house was always bustling. Now, for some unknown reason, the whole house just seemed weird. I slowly made my way inside, calling out to see if anyone was home. After no response, I started randomly checking the rooms to make sure that everything was alright. As each room I entered proved to be clear, my worry started to wane, but at the same time, I still could not shake the feeling that something was wrong. It was noon; at least my sister and my aunt should’ve been home.

As I entered my aunt’s room, I could hear the familiar sounds of her shower running in the distance. I called out her name, in an attempt to alert her of my presence, but again I got no response. I hesitated for a second, with my hand on her bathroom door. Should I enter? Maybe she was just in the shower and she could not hear my call, or maybe she had possibly slipped and fallen. Maybe she was in need of some help. I really was unsure of what to do. As I mentioned earlier, my Aunt was really attractive, but she was my Aunt and pretty much also my mother. I never thought of her that way, even if she had appeared in my fantasies from time to time. They were just fantasies. I never had any intention of attempting to fulfill them like I had with Kara. My Aunt, in my mind would only ever stay a fantasy, nothing I could do, or ever wanted to do would change that. I decided that the best option was to open the door so I could make sure that she was ok. If something had happened, I needed to know about it so I could act, to make sure that she got the proper care that she might possibly have needed.

Taking a deep breath, I opened the door, popping my head inside. As my eyes dart from one side of the room to the other, trying to peer through the shower mist, I made out a slender female form standing in front of the mirror. As I focused all of my attention onto that figure, I began to realize that my Aunt was checking out her reflection. All that stood between the sight of her perfect body and me was a yellow towel that was barely long enough to cover her long legs and amazing ass. I began to pray that she would bend over, affording be a better view on her bum, or even that she would completely remove that towel so I could see her for the true goddess that she was.

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