Desire Ch. 02



Luke sat on the sofa as Jules put Eoin to bed. He’d go in and kiss him goodnight when Jules was done. Then he’d leave. He couldn’t stand to be here any longer if it meant being near Jules longer. It hurt too much and his hurtful words kept running through his mind, making him wonder if this was it. Sure, it was only one word, but it was a word that Jules knew would hurt him. That made it ten times worse than the bullying from all those years ago. Those had been kids who hadn’t wanted to get to know him. But Jules… Jules did know him. Had known him since they were both four. So why-

“He’s almost asleep. If you’re going to go say goodnight, now’s the best time.”

Luke nodded and without saying a word, got up and went to Eoin’s room. He smiled at the little boy. Leaning over the black and blue race car bed, Luke hugged Eoin and kissed his forehead.

“‘Night, little one.”

“‘Night, Bigfoot,” Eoin responded sleepily.

Eoin kissed Luke’s cheek, then lost the War of the Evil Sleep Monsters. He watched the little tyke sleep for a few minutes. Then, with a heavy sigh, he left the room, turning off the big light. Jules was in the living room, shaking out a blanket. Luke waited whiled Jules finished.

Jules looked up, smiling. “You can have the bed. I’ll take the couch.”

“No.” A muscle in Luke’s jaw twitched.

“No? Wouldn’t you rather the bed? It’s comfier.”


Jules sighed, shaking his head. “Okay, I knew this would be harder to get past. I was prepared for ignoring the problem not to work.”

“I’m going home.”

“What? You can’t go home. You promised Eoin you’d stay.”

“Yeah, and I already told him I might not be here when he wakes up. That means there’s no point in me staying here all night, is there?” When Jules failed to respond, Luke nodded. He turned on his heel and walked purposefully to the door.


“Wait! You can’t just leave like this.”

“Oh yeah? I don’t see anybody stopping me. Must mean I’m free to do whatever the hell I want to do.” He grabbed the door handle and twisted. A firm hand on his wrist prevented him from yanking the door open. “Let go of me, Jules,” he said through clenched teeth.

“No. You said nobody was stopping bursa escort you? Well, you lied. I’m stopping you.”

A snort of laughter escaped Luke. “What are you going to do? Tie me up and hold me hostage? You’d have to gag me then, too, because I’ll scream, which would wake Eoin u–“

Jules spun Luke around and slammed his back against the door. He grabbed Luke’s wrists and shoved them above his head, pinning them to the door with one hand. Jules stared down at him, his face set. Luke’s eyes went wide. The hell had gotten into Jules?

“Uh, Ju-?”

Jules cut him off, pressing his lips hard against Luke’s own lips. His breath caught. Holy shit, is he-? Jules closed his eyes and ran his tongue along the seam of Luke’s lips, and Luke gasped. Jules took advantage of the gasp and stuck his tongue in Luke’s mouth. Yeah, he is most definitely kissing me, Luke thought. He closed his eyes and moaned as he kissed Jules back, their tongues dancing together perfectly, both giving and taking. A shiver of pleasure snaked down his spine, and heat swirled low in his stomach and moved south. He felt Jules shove his thigh between Luke’s legs and rub against his hardening cock. Luke snapped back to his senses and he struggled, turning his head away from the kiss.

“Jules, stop.” His voice came out as no more than a croak. He cleared his breath and tried again. “Jules, stop. Wh-what are you doing?”

“Isn’t it obvious what I’m doing?” he mumured in Luke’s ear, sending another jolt of pleasure down his spine.

“Ob-obviously not, or I wouldn’t be asking you.”

“Then I’ll just have to make it even more obvious, won’t I?”

“More ob-“

Once again, Luke’s words were cut off. Jules had licked the shell of Luke’s ear and was now nibbling on it. His cock was throbbing now, and he began involuntarily thrusting his cock against Jules’ thigh. Jules licked and nibbled his way down Luke’s neck, and Luke rewarded him with another moan. Luke felt Jules shiver. Jules’ hand slid under the waistband of Luke’s pants and went farther down.

“Jules, no-Oh Gooood.” Jules now had his hand wrapped firmly around Luke’s cock, his thumb rubbing Luke’s precum all around the head. Luke shuddered and Jules began rubbing his tight fist up and görükle escort down the length of Luke’s cock. Luke squeezed his eyes shut, a couple tears falling from his closed lids. He wanted Jules to be touching him more than anything, but not like this. Not after an argument like this. “Jules, please stop…”

He must have heard something in his voice because Jules looked up. And then promptly wrenched himself away from him. Luke slid down the door and hugged his knees to his chest. He rested his left cheek against his knees, eyes still closed. A few more tears escaped, but he ignored them. Jules was just standing there, as if frozen. Then he knelt down and placed his hand on Luke’s head. Luke tensed, not because he was afraid of Jules, but because he was afraid of what Jules was going to say. When Jules didn’t say anything, Luke lifted his head to look at him. Jules only wiped Luke’s tears away with his thumbs.

“I get it now,” Jules said quietly.

Luke tensed again, but stayed quiet.

“All these years, you’ve been in love with me, and you didn’t say anything.”

Luke nodded.


“Because I didn’t want things to change between us. I know you loved me, too, but as a friend, and that was enough. I didn’t want to push my feelings off onto you and make you feel obligated in any way to return those feelings, because, quite frankly, you either love somebody like that or you don’t. And you don’t.”


“Please don’t.”

“Luke, I think I actually do love you, too.”

“Jules, if this is your idea of a joke, please just shut the fuck up now.”

The corner of his mouth quirked up in a half-grin. “I touched your dick, Luke. I wouldn’t do that for anybody, no matter how good a friend they are. And if I did, it certainly wouldn’t turn me on.”

Luke’s eyes dropped to Jules’ lap and yeah, there was definitely a bulge there. And it was growing. He quickly looked back up. Licking suddenly dry lips, he said, “You don’t get those for guys..”

“Actually, I’ve gotten one from you before. I just told myself it wasn’t from you. It was one time when you spent the night at our house because your parents were fighting again. You were sleeping and I’d just woken up. I just watched you for bursa escort bayan a few minutes, and then I felt myself getting hard…”

“Why did you have to say that earlier?”

“I think I was afraid.”

“Afraid? Of what?”

“I was afraid of what you’d think of me, I guess. Maybe I was afraid that you wouldn’t want me..”

Luke smiled, leaned in, and gently kissed Jules on the lips. “Do you have any idea how many fantasies you’ve starred in? How many wet dreams? I’ve wanted you since I first realized I was gay.”

Jules stood up, grabbed Luke’s hand and pulled him up. Jules locked the door, then pulled Luke to his room. Once inside the darkened room, he closed and locked the door. Luke pulled his shirt off and sat down on the bed. Jules grinned and pounced on Luke. Luke let out a girlish shriek, but before it could wake anybody, Jules pressed his mouth to Luke’s in a deep and passionate kiss. Luke’s eyes closed and he felt himself being lowered down onto his back. Jules pulled back from the kiss so he could pull Luke’s pants off. Luke felt a moment of panic -what I’m not big enough, What if I’m not pretty enough, What if- before Jules’ hand closed around Luke’s rock-hard cock. Luke shuddered, his hips jerking up. Before he could get used to the feel of his hand, though, Jules sucked the head of Luke’s cock into his mouth, his tongue swirling around the tip. Luke’s head shot back and his spine bowed, his breath coming in pants. His hands scrambled for something to hold onto as Jules took more of him into his mouth, but all he could find was the sheet. He fisted the sheet as he felt Jules’ teeth graze him.

“Oh, God, Jules… Stop, or I’m going to… I’m gonna…” Jules didn’t stop. In fact, they both found out that Jules has no gag reflex to speak of as he swallowed the entire length of Luke’s cock into his mouth and sucking hard and fast. Luke couldn’t help it; he started thrusting his hips up and down and that, along with Jules’ own head bobs, made Jules deep-throat Luke with each thrust. He felt his balls tighten. “Jules, stop! I’m gonna cum!” Jules still didn’t stop. Instead, he sucked faster and harder, growling. The vibrations from the growl resonated through Luke’s cock and up his spine. He moaned loudly, spine bowing again as his cum spurted down Jules’ throat. And to Luke’s shock, Jules didn’t pull away. He kept sucking, which made Luke cum again. Finally, when Luke had had enough, he pulled Jules up his body and kissed him. “Now it’s my turn to pleasure you…”


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