Destroying Alicia


“Listen, I want to ask you something,” my girlfriend asked, propping herself up on her elbow, looking me into the eyes. We were just recovering from a fantastic session of lovemaking, and it seemed to me she was about to ask something rather serious, so I looked at her questioningly.

“Whatever you want,” I replied.

“Well, it’s not that easy for me. See, we just had wonderful sex, and I really love it when you do me, and I feel all the love that’s between us, and…”

I could see that it wasn’t easy for her, so I tried to help her a bit.

“But you are not satisfied with me alone, right?” I said. I knew of her past. I knew that this little kitten with her long bleached hair, those ample tits and that wonderful round ass had been rather wild before she met me. It was my junior year in college, and we had met at a party, of course, and although she was only a freshman, she seemed to be on friendly terms with a lot of guys on campus. The way she dressed, short skirts, tight jeans, tops that began just below her tits, made me guess that she wasn’t some kind of brilliant tutor, but rather some kind of brilliant slut. I hadn’t mind. Why should I? Once a beautiful woman was interested in me, and she was about the sex-hungriest little thing I had known in my life. It would have been stupid not to take things further. That’s what I did. But during the four months Alicia and I were together, I knew there’d come that moment when she’d ask for something in the direction she was about to.

“Well, it’s not about satisfaction, really. It’s more about a feeling of not doing everything I can do. See, I’ve been sexually active since I was 13. For me, sex was never anything dirty; it was the most natural thing to do. I soon realized that I had a body and a face men really craved. I mean, I fucked 30-year-olds when I was 15, and well, I liked to do more than one man at a time even then. I’ve told you about a lot of things I have done since I fuck, but you don’t know my most extreme encounters. You wanna hear about them?”

I must admit that I was already quite hard, and although it was against what a serious relationship should be like, I was really eager to hear more about what she needed and what she had done. So I just nodded.

“Well, you know that I have that thing for anal sex. I mean, you’ve fucked me up my ass probably more than you’ve fucked my pussy. And you know that it’s not just a take-thing. I really like to lick your asshole or fuck you with my strap-on. But I also have this craving of being an absolute slut.”

It wasn’t difficult for me to understand that. She was prancing around campus in the sluttiest clothes, although she wasn’t dumb at all. I had always known that was really smart, and obviously her craving for sex had nothing to do with a lack of intelligence. I was just there. And had to be satisfied.

“Ok” she went on, “I really like being a slut. And on my 18th birthday, I took being a slut much further than you can probably imagine. You know, I had had my threesomes or foursomes then, but in my opinion, that was never enough. I wanted to be dominated, I wanted to be abused, bruised, and fucked until I passed out. It was then that I realized I wanted to be a real cumslut, a cumbucket, someone men fuck and then spit on, or even make their own, private toilet.”

“Hold on a second,” I said. “You mean you want to be treated like a whore, like trash? Why the hell would you want that? You are beautiful, you are really intelligent and you are going to be a successful lawyer someday. Why would you want people to assume you are a worthless piece of trash? And come on, being a ‘human toilet’ like you said can’t be fun!”

She smiled, traced my left nipple with her fingertips, and said:

“You just said, I’m going to be a successful lawyer someday. And I know I have the brains and the dominance to be just that. But that wouldn’t be enough for me. I need to explore the other side as well. I want to be vulnerable, I want to be feeble-minded, I want to be thrown around like a piece of trash, I just want to be a body from time to time. A body that can be fucked and abused. Not more, just a body that’s really nothing more than a living sex-doll. And don’t you tell me that doesn’t turn you on,” she laughed, getting a strong grip on my already rock-hard dick.

And of course, laying next to this sexbomb, telling me about her innermost feelings, and those feelings coincidentally being the fantasy of quite a few men, me included, had it’s effect on me. Right then, I didn’t want more than to fuck the daylight out of this blonde goddess, but obviously, she had other plans.

“Listen, Rob, I’m going to be really straightforward now. What I want is to be a cumbucket, a human toilet, an animal for you. And I want you to tell me if you’d be willing to share me with your friends. Because for this fantasy to be acted out, I need to get it from more than just one man. I need to be the centre of attraction for a bunch of guys. A bunch of guys who know that they görükle escort can do everything to me.”

She looked me straight in the eyes, not blinking once:

“And I mean everything, you hear? I want to be sure that they are going to do everything they want, everything they have ever fantasized about, everything they can think of!”

I gulped. That was almost too much. There was no time for me to envision all the things that soared into my mind, all the “dirty” things I had thought about once in my life. It would have taken ages, and besides, I’d have probably shot my load right then and there, thinking about all those things being done to that angel next to me.

She stared at me, obviously waiting for an answer. I reacted spontaneously, destroying feelings like jealousy and fear in the root.

“Ok, let’s do that. I’m all set, when do you want it to happen?” I said.

“Oh my god, you are the best,” she squealed, embracing me and showering me with kisses.

“If it was just my decision, I’d say let’s do it tonight,” she said after she was done covering my face in saliva.

“How many people do you want?,” I asked.

“The more the merrier. And I don’t care what they look like, they should just be really, really horny, and willing to abuse a girl to the max,” she answered.

“Alright the, I know just about every fraternity here on campus, and I’m sure none of them would really mind having you … again,” I said and smiled.

“Well, you’re right, they quite probably wouldn’t,” she laughed, making me even fonder of her.

I had reached heaven. This was my girl, and I was going to supervise the nastiest orgy that campus had ever seen. And let me assure you, it had seen quite a few.

Alicia and I got up, dressed and after I told her I’d start calling people to arrange the orgy tonight, she left for her dorm-room, getting ready for what she called “the best night of her life.”

And I did call around. It took me about three hours to arrange everything, but with a raging hard-on and the prospect of being part of the ultimate orgy, it went by like a flash.

Fantasy becomes reality

At 7 PM, I called her up. I told her to come over to my apartment, and when she had hung up, I realized that her voice had been trembling with excitement already. Well, there would be a few other things trembling when she’s hear what I had arranged.

After calling up every single fraternity I knew on campus, It had become clear that not only everyone knew Alicia, but everyone was also more than willing to be part of that fuck-fest. James, a senior and head of a fraternity had almost begged me to do it at their fraternity house. He told me about their large basement, where they had set up a room which would suit all our needs. So of course, I said that would be okay. From all the other people I called, I knew that Alicia was going to be the centre of attention of just about half the campus. And I was looking forward to see her face when she’d see al those people eager to do her in every conceivable way.

At 7.30, Alicia knocked at my door. When I opened, I was stunned. Not only was she wearing the shortest skirt I had ever seen in my life, but she had also made sure that here tits were about one third visible under the shortest top I had ever seen. To reduce that top to even more absurdity, it was transparent, leaving just about nothing to the imagination. She had carefully put on a coat, as to not make any passers-by pushing her in a dark corner of campus and fuck her before the whole party had started.

“God, you look like a sex-goddess,” I murmured, hugging her.

“Well, I am you sex-goddess, didn’t you know,” she replied, laughing and while doing that, guiding my hand between her legs, just for me to find nothing to be there except a totally shaved and very wet pussy.

“Oh my god, Alicia, I think it’s time to go…we’ll go to James’ fraternity, he volunteered to hold the party at his place, ” I told her.

“Well, that’s fine with me, after you, James is the hottest guy on campus,” she said, smiling.

So off we went.

Before knocking at the fraternity-house’s door, Alicia said:

“Ok Rob, you know why we are here, and I hope you have told everyone in there. We are here so I can be a sex-doll, a piece of trash being abused by everyone who’s in there. From now on, I don’t want you to hold my hand. As soon as were are in there, I am public domain. Don’t try to hold anyone back, only if I tell you to. And rest assured, Rob, that most probably won’t happen. Are you absolutely all right with that?”

It was time to gulp again. Until now, I had not really though about what exactly would happen after we had come to the house, but now it was time to think about it. Fortunately, my cock was dominating my brain, and I just nodded. She smiled, and knocked.

It was James who opened the door, and like me, his eyes always fell out of his head.

“Hey there, here you are. Now Alicia, you look bursa escort bayan absolutely great, fabulous to say the least,” he said.

“Rob, I don’t want any flattering, I want us all to go to that basement, and start what we are here for, alright?” Alicia said.

Rob gulped, smiled and led the way.

After a few staircases and doors, we were in front of a large wooden door, and although it looked really solid and soundproof, we heard loud laughter and chatter from the room it led into.

“Ok, Alicia, you little slut, here’s your party,” James said, and opened up the door.

Alicia’s smile vanished when she saw the number of people in there. In this large room which had nothing more than lots of mattresses fitted into the floor and a large table with shackles to it, stood about 100 young and horny college-guys.

When the first guys saw Alicia, a murmur went through the crowd. There she stood, the game for tonight. A little sex-goddess, dressed in a few pieces of transparent material. Alicia gulped and then cleared her throat:

“Guys,” she said in a loud but obviously trembling voice, “you know why you are here today. This,” and she let her hands slide over her body, “is yours today. I know that most of you don’t have that much respect for women anyways, but the one’s who do, I urge you to forget it for tonight. If you have ever dreamt about having rough, brutal and degrading sex with a girl, now’s your chance. Abuse me!”

With that, she threw off her coat, took off her top and skirt and smiled.

At first, nobody moved. Then, one guy, a tall, handsome guy with blonde hair, began to unbuckle his pants. In a flash, everyone did the same. As soon as the blonde one had his semi-hard dick out, Alicia jumped up to him, kneeled down, and the dick disappeared in her mouth. Suddenly, people started to cheer. The sound of the cheering and sight of my lovely little girlfriend kneeling with a cock in her mouth was intoxicating. I just did what all the others had done, and took off my pants.

By then, a circle had been formed around Alicia, and about twenty pairs of hands were groping her small but curvy body. As Alicia was deepthroating the blonde guy, making loud slurping noises and obviously enjoying herself, two others were squeezing her tits, and another was already sitting behind her, pushing a finger into her wet slit.

“Come on, slut, suck it, suck it harder,” the blonde one said, staring at his cock which was going in and out of Alicia’s mouth. Alicia looked up to him, took his dick out of her mouth and said: “Do it for me, don’t let me suck your cock, fuck my mouth!”

It didn’t take half a second for the blonde one to react. In a flash, his large, thick cock was inside Alicia’s mouth again, but now he was holding her head, and without even trying to see if she could take it, he plunged it all down her throat. Alicia looked as if she was going to pass out, but when the guy let his dick slide out of her throat again, she gasped: “More, do it harder, make me choke!”

And that he did. He plunged it so hard down her throat, that her eyes seemed to come out of her head. Her hands were already held by two other guys, and all she could do was to make sure her throat was open.

“Take this, slut, choke on my dick, come on, choke,” the blonde one said.

He fucked Alicia’s face for about a minute, then suddenly took it out. Alicia gagged, and a thick line of saliva drooled down the corners of her mouth.

“Yeah, that’s it, do that again, harder,” she gasped between rapid intakes of breath. When the blonde guy started to do it again, another guy came up and said:

“Well, this slut needs more than one cock, let’s give her two.” With that said, he grabbed Alicia’s head and pushed his dick inside her mouth. The blonde laughed and forcefully he pushed his dick next to the other one in Alicia’s mouth. Alicia was unable to say a word, but her face showed signs of pain, but also of unbelievable sexual hunger. Instead of fighting off the two cocks, Alicia pushed her head forwards, trying to get in as much dick as possible. The two guys helped her by pulling her face towards them. It was plainly to see that her throat was expanding, and there was obviously no room for air in her windpipe. The guys facefucking her were laughing, and then I realized, that another guy was already kneeling behind her, pushing his large dick inside her pussy. So within a few minutes, Alicia was already getting facefucked by two guys and fucked by another from behind. Meanwhile, others were trying to get at least a piece of hip or tit within their reach, and quite quickly, the first bruises appeared on Alicia’s body.

“Hey, let me underneath that slut,” one guy called. The guy fucking gave way for him, and within a second, both dicks were inside Alicia’s pussy. Alicia’s muffled screams could be heard when they were both plunging into her wetness, stretching her pussy so far I feared it could rip. But I remembered what she had told me bursa escort at the entrance, and just let them go on. Soon, the two guys in her mouth came, and sprayed her face with cum. It didn’t take a second to replace those guys with two other dicks, who were soon plunging in and out of Alicia’s slut-mouth.

“Hey, fuck her ass,” someone screamed, and one guy who was fucking her pussy unceremoniously retrieved his dick from her snatch and pushed it into her asshole. Obviously, his dick was slick with her juices, but I could still see that her asshole must have been too dry for that. Alicia let out a muffled scream, but everyone just laughed and cheered the one guy one push harder into her ass. Soon, his whole dick was deep inside her bowels, and it seemed Alicia was getting used to it. She was grinding on both the cocks inside her body, trying to get them in even deeper. Meanwhile, her was hit by another two loads of cum, which began dripping down on her already bruised tits.

“Oh guys, that’s nothing, make it hurt, ABUSE MEEEE!” Alicia screamed between the dicks who had just shot their loads and the next round of willing donators.

“Well, she really wants it, let’s give it to her,” James yelled, and with that he replaced the guy who had just cum into her pussy, but didn’t push his dick into her slit, but pushed it next to the other guy into her asshole. Alicia screamed, as much as she could with two dicks inside her mouth, and her asshole looked as if it was really being destroyed. James and the other guy pushed on though, and soon both their dicks were deep inside Alicia’s ass.

It went on like this. Alicia’s face was sprayed with cum, soon her whole body and hair were covered in that sticky white substance, and guys took turns double fucking her asshole.

After about two hours, everyone in the room had at least once fucked Alicia’s body, and it seemed they all needed a rest. Alicia herself was almost unconscious. When the last one to fuck her asshole pulled out his dick, her asshole wouldn’t close up again. It was possible to see the large amount of cum swimming deep inside her bowels, and her body glistened with cum and sweat.

She was lying there, panting, and mumbling:

“More, I need more, give me all you’ve got guys, hurt me!!”

James grinned at me and told me to help her lift her up on the table. Alicia was lying with her tummy on the table, breathing loudly and saying:

“Come on guys, I want to be destroyed tonight, I don’t care if I can never fuck again, but today I want everything you’ve got!”

Suddenly someone came up with a box. Inside the box were large dildos, bottles and lots of rubber-gloves. I looked at him, he only smiled an said:

“Well, the sorority next to us gave me that, I told them we were going to have extreme action today, so they said that would break any girl.”

When Alicia saw the contents of the box, she smiled and told me to come up to her. I bent down to her ear, and she whispered:

“Rob, I want you to hit me. Hit me in the face or the ribs or everywhere you want, just make me hurt. If you don’t start doing that, nobody will!”

I was really hesitant, but her pleading eyes told me to go ahead with it.

“I love you,” I whispered, and slapped her face hard. Everyone stared. Alicia smiled and said:

“Come on guys, he showed you, I deserve that, I’m a worthless whore!”

So I slapped her face again and again, and soon guys were slapping her. The one guy with box had pulled out very large, thick dildo. He ordered Alicia to kneel on the table, which she did, while people were slapping her. Cum was dripping out of Alicia’s ass, and suddenly the guy with the dildo started pushing it into her pussy. The first part went in quite well, but soon it wouldn’t go any further.

“Let me try,” a big guy said, and pushed with one quick movement the whole 15 inches inside Alicia’s pussy. All breath seemed to be knocked out of her, and after a few seconds, with breath restored, she let out a piercing scream:

“Oh my god, you just ripped my pussy. That fucking hurts!!!!!”

Tears were streaming down her face, but she didn’t ask me to stop it. She just screamed on, and her tears were flowing. The guy behind her didn’t care. He pushed again, and the dildo disappeared inside her pussy. Alicia obviously was numb with pain, and didn’t react anymore. Suddenly, someone appeared with a glove and pulled it over both his hands.

“Well, let’s see what this slut can take,” he said. With one quick motion, he slid one hand inside Alicia’s butt. I had never seen anything like that before, but Alicia seemed to take it fine. She still whimpered, but the tears had stopped flowing.

“Oh my god, that’s what I need. I need to be your plaything, try out the limits of my body or show me new ones, just do whatever you want!”

Encouraged by that statement, the guy started to push his hand even deeper inside Alicia’s ass. Her asshole by now was dilated beyond reasonably belief, and the fact that a 15 inch dildo was lodged fully inside her pussy probably didn’t make it any easier on her. After about two minutes of fisting Alicia’s slut-ass, the guy decided to add his second hand. People were looking incredulously while this guy pushed his second hand into her ass.

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