Diana’s Dark Desires Ch. 06


Everybody in this story is over 18, and you should be, too! It follows on in the sequence of stories about Diana, and is pure (or not so pure) fantasy.


My life took a wholly unexpected turn in early spring that year, one that I could never have foreseen, or wished for. I was summoned in to see my Mistress one gloomy morning, rain beating against the windows, and she informed me, in a matter-of-fact voice, that she had an incurable disease, and had been given three weeks, at the most. She was going to a ‘retreat’ she said, in Sweden, where nobody knew her, to die in peace. She wanted no visitors, and would inform me of her last wishes by letter. Her will was in the hands of the company’s solicitor.

I left her office reeling at the news, unable to take it in. My dear Mistress, whom I loved with all my heart, would be snatched from me so cruelly – I couldn’t believe it. But after sobbing for an hour in my office, the door firmly locked, I went and knocked again at her door. No answer. I tried the door, and it swung open. Helen Barrington was gone, together with her briefcase and her coat. I rang reception, and was told that Donald, the chauffeur, had taken her to the airport.

When I got home, Astrid and Su-li were both shattered by the news as well, and I was in a daze for the next couple of weeks. I invited Astrid into my bed, and we made love, but almost mechanically, our grief at the impending loss of our beloved Mistress so hard to take. It was on a Saturday morning that the fateful message came through – I was asked to go into the office and meet our lawyer, Ms Templeton, at eleven, as Helen had died. I dressed in a sombre business suit and had Donald pick me up in good time. When I got to the office, the middle-aged but well-groomed Ms Templeton, surprisingly clad in a grey Armani suit, peach silk blouse and heels, greeted me with pleasant efficiency, and I ushered her into the conference room.

‘Shouldn’t the directors from City be present?’ I asked, assuming that she was bringing bad news about Helen.

‘No,’ she said, ‘I am carrying out Ms Barrington’s last instructions. First of all, I have to inform you officially that she passed away peacefully last night.’ She let that sink in, before continuing, ‘It is my duty to inform you of the contents of her will.’

‘Me?’ I said, ‘why me? Has she no family?’

Ms Templeton looked at me in a manner which seemed to say, ‘shut up and don’t interrupt again!’ But she was too polite to say anything like that, and merely waited for me to stop, then said, ‘Ms Barrington has, in her last will and testament, bequeathed her entire estate to Diana Carter – yourself, in fact, on one simple condition.’

I was completely and utterly bowled over. I just couldn’t take it in at all, and it was only as an afterthought that I thought to ask what was the one condition.

‘That you do not marry,’ came the answer.

I was still in shock as Ms Templeton handed me a large envelope, then took her leave and left me to read the contents. It was a letter in Helen’s beautiful, flowing hand.

My Darling Diana,

I am so sad to leave you like this, of course, but maybe it is for the best – I could never face growing old, anyway.

I leave you everything I have, as I have no family worth mentioning, and you are so dear to me. I know you will cherish my beloved Astrid, and carry on your good work with Su-li. I think you are perfectly suited to take on my role, both in the business and socially. I hope you will change nothing more than details for at least the first year you are in charge of the household. You must insist on being known as ‘Miss Diana’ at all times, and punish harshly any infractions. You will need to engage another slave as Astrid moves up a place. I suggest your old friend Cindy, who is already on our staff, but she must be made aware of the change in relationship, and I think this can only be done by a certain strictness in the way you treat her. I have almost always managed without recourse to male company, and Donald has been at my command, as he will be at yours, should any need arise.

In respect of my business dealings I have left matters in good order, I think, and you will not be called upon to do more than attend a few meetings, sign letters, and interview staff from time to time. The executives at City will deal with day-to-day matters admirably.

It remains for me to bid you farewell. I have loved you as a slave, and as my best friend

Your loving Mistress


I read through it twice, with tears staining the paper, then folded it and put it back in the envelope, called Donald, and asked him to take me home.

It wanted a bit of taking in. On the next Monday, I went through all the papers with the Company Accountant. I was extremely rich – rich beyond my wildest dreams.

I called Astrid into the office, having avoided telling her anything all weekend, and told her to sit down. I told her everything, and she just sat with her mouth open, listening. When I had finished, I half expected her to storm https://www.ankaraescortevi.com/ankara/sincan-escort/ out, have a fit of temper, or something, but she calmly said, ‘Congratulations, Mistress Diana,’ and walked over to my side, standing beside my chair. I ran my hand around her smooth, slender thighs, and she bent down to kiss me. I let her insert her tongue in my mouth, feeling the tip of it encountering my silver stud, then I pushed her gently away, and told her to send Cindy in to see me.

‘She isn’t going to replace me, is she, Mistress Diana?’ she said, her eyes wide.

‘No, darling, of course not. You will be my number one slave and Su-li my personal servant – I leave you to tell Su-li, would you? If Cindy is satisfactory, she will be my second slave.’

Astrid tripped out of the office, a smile now on her face, but I called her back at the door.

‘Jealousy doesn’t suit you, Astrid. I shall have to punish you later.’

‘Yes, Mistress Diana,’ she said, and curtsied prettily.

Cindy looked around the door five minutes later.

‘Hi, Di!’ she called, brightly.

I set my face as sternly as I could. I was going to have to get used to this.

‘Sit down, Cindy.’ She sensed a change in our relationship without my having to say anything else.

‘What’s wrong? What’s happened?’

I told her. She listened, her mouth dropping open as I moved on from Helen’s untimely death to the part where she had left me everything, and looked about her with a new understanding at the palatial office we were occupying.

‘Wow!’ she said.

‘You understand, I think, that we cannot be friends again, Cindy, don’t you?’ I said.

She nodded dumbly.

‘It doesn’t mean I think any less of you, and it’s important you know that. It’s just that my role has changed dramatically. Do you understand?’


‘Yes, Mistress!’

‘She looked at me and paused to think before replying, ‘Yes, Mistress.’

‘Mistress Helen suggested that I offer you a position as one of my slaves. Do you want that?’

‘And if I don’t accept?’

‘You go on working here in the office, and no hard feelings, Cindy.’

‘I’ll give it some thought, Mistress.’

She left, and I thought I had detected a touch of irony as she uttered that final ‘Mistress.’

It was no surprise, then, when she called me later, and politely declined my offer, and I was secretly relieved, but wondered whom I should invite to take the position, until Astrid made a suggestion in the car on the way home.

‘What about the girl who did the striptease at Mistress Helen’s last show? You know, Mistress, the one in the long velvet dress. Would she be interested? I think you know her, don’t you?’

God, I thought, Talia, if only! I just daren’t believe she would want to come, but if she did, I’d be so happy. I was surprised that Astrid had suggested her – maybe she had wanted to show me that she wasn’t jealous after all. I leaned over and kissed her as Donald turned into my driveway.

‘I may not need to punish you after all, darling,’ I said.

‘Oh, Mistress, I think I deserve to be punished, really,’ she replied.

Remembering my late Mistress’s customs, I called Su-li as soon as I got in and had her lay out my evening clothes for me. A long, flowing grey silk gown, halter-necked and backless, with a pair of silver stilettos, was the sum-total of my apparel for the evening, and as the little Chinese maid was straightening the dress on my bed, I checked to ensure that she was correctly attired. She wore, as usual, a black silky miniskirt, white peasant blouse and black patent stilettos.

‘Come here, girl,’ I told her, and when she did, I pulled down the elasticated top of her blouse.

‘And where are your clamps?’ I demanded.

‘I…I thought you wouldn’t insist, I mean now that Mistress Helen………’ she didn’t complete the sentence.

‘Su-li. In the evenings, when I am in the house, you will wear nipple clamps at all times. Is that understood?’

‘Yes Mistress!’

‘Then fetch me the crop.’

‘Yes Mistress.’ She walked over to the wardrobe, and took the long leather crop from where it hung, and then bent over the arm of the couch, raising her skirt.

‘No, my dear, stand up, and take off your blouse!’ I told her, and she turned and looked at me with eyes like saucers, but did as I told her.

‘Stand by the bed, and hold on to the post,’ I said, and she did so, her arms now reaching above her head, long mane of black hair trailing down her back to her waist. I caught it up, and threw it over her shoulder, so that the white flesh of her back was presented to me, then I took aim and lashed her hard across the soft tender flesh of her upper back, just below her shoulder blades. She flinched and let out a small cry of ‘oh’ as I saw an angry red welt appear, the serrations of the crop now indented prettily on her young skin. I thrashed her again, enjoying my role more with each stroke, feeling the warm dampness sincan esmer escort between my legs that I knew was even now reflected in what Su-li was feeling, as the agony of the whip mingled with an ecstasy no-one who hasn’t felt it can understand.

When I judged she had had enough, I told her to get dressed, and go and find Astrid, whilst I changed.

Astrid’s arrival was heralded by the clanking of her chains. She hadn’t forgotten to shackle her ankles in the approved manner, and I saw that she had put on the regulation transparent gown that slaves were required to wear whenever the Mistress was at home.

‘I love you, Astrid, you are a very good slave,’ I told her, ‘and I know you will serve me as you served Mistress Helen. I shall not punish you tonight.’

She looked almost crestfallen at that news – there was, I knew, nothing she looked forward to more than the ritual of a whipping – but I had just punished Su-li, and was tired after an exhausting day, so I rang for Su-li to serve us dinner, then invited Astrid into my bed for the night.

The next day, I left instructions for Su-li to move all my things into the Mistress’s suite, and resolved to try and solve the problem of another slave.

I called Louis, at our City office, once my boss, but now, bizarrely, my junior, thanks to Helen’s testament. He promised to have a word with Talia for me that morning, and seemed to think it was only a question of money.

Sure enough, my phone rang an hour later. It was Talia.

‘Can I come and see you?’

‘When can you make it?’

‘I’m free – whenever you like.’

‘I’ll see you at three then, if that’s OK, Talia.’

By three o’clock I was installed in what had been Helen Barrington’s enormous office, and felt conspicuous, sat behind the vast teak desk, when Astrid, who acted as my secretary during the day, brought in Talia, dressed in a grey pleated skirt and matching jacket, over a black silk blouse. I took in her black seamed stockings and ultra-high heels, but it was her eyes, with their feline sensuality, that always did it for me with Talia – the eyes, and her natural, lithe, graceful body, which no clothes could ever disguise. I couldn’t see her, not for a moment, without wanting her, wanting to penetrate her hot, demanding cunt with my tongue, to feel her forcing her way into my anus, to have those sharp, pointed, firm breasts in my grasp, to………..

But my imagination was running wild, and Talia was patiently waiting while I pretended to be taking down a telephone message, all the time studying her over my

unnecessary half-moon glasses.

‘Hello, Talia,’ I said, ‘thank you for coming in.’

‘That’s OK. I believe you want to talk to me about a job?’

‘Talia,’ I said, ‘it’s more than a job, and when I’ve told you what it entails, you may not want to come.’

‘Louis has told me what has happened,’ she said, helpfully.

‘So I’ve no need to tell you the background, then,’ I said.


‘This might sound pompous, Talia, but my new position here, and the terms of my late Mistress’s will and testament, require me to take on an additional slave. I know absolutely nobody I would rather have than you.’ I paused to let that sink in, and Talia shuffled about on her chair.

‘I will detail the requirements of the position, then you can either decide to go immediately, or, if you are interested, you can ask me any questions you wish.’

‘You are certainly a very different Diana from the one I knew a few months ago,’ smiled Talia.

‘Not in every way,’ I replied, ‘but I’ve had to change a little, yes.’

I became businesslike, and started to read from a list I had prepared:-

‘If you accept the position, you will be one of two slaves, living with me at my home, and coming to work with me as and when I so wish.

You will dress according to my wishes at all times, but never wear underclothes.

When I am at home, your ankles must be shackled, and you will wear a long, transparent gown from a selection which will be provided.

You will have few domestic duties, as a servant is provided for that purpose. You may occasionally be required to discipline her, and participate in her training.

You will be provided with luxurious accommodation, an excellent wardrobe, and a negotiable salary.

You will be expected to sleep with your Mistress when so required, otherwise, you may sleep alone, or with your fellow slave.

We do not normally have male company, but should you feel the need, my chauffeur Donald will be only too pleased to comply.

You will submit to punishment as decreed by your Mistress, or by anyone designated by her, or to whom she sees fit to loan you.

You will refer to your Mistress in private always as “Mistress Diana.” ‘

I looked up and saw that Talia was looking at me, her cat’s eyes slightly narrowed, lips slightly apart, not really giving much away.

‘Well?’ I said.

‘I will come to you, Mistress Diana,’ she said, slowly, ‘you sincan anal yapan escort may do with me as you please.’

I looked at her and smiled.

‘You have nothing to fear from me, Talia. Please go now, with Astrid, who will show you to your office.’

I rang for Astrid, and, when she came, told her that Talia was joining us. She seemed quite pleased. I saw neither of them until I got home that evening, as Donald took them home at the usual time, while I stayed on to sign letters and attend to more paperwork.

When I got home, Su-li was fussing around, eager to please me, and had already prepared my clothes for the evening.

‘Thank you, Su-li,’ I told her, and I’m sorry if I was harsh with you last night.’

‘Oh no, Mistress Diana,’ she said, in a small voice, ‘I live for the feel of your whip. Please look!’ She quickly unbuttoned the white silk blouse she was wearing, and I saw that she had her silver nipple clamps tightened down hard onto the long nipples which jutted from her tiny breasts.

‘You may kiss my pussy, Su-li,’ I said.

‘Thank you Mistress,’ she replied, and immediately got down on all fours beside the couch I had sat on the shuck off my office shoes. I opened my legs, and pulled her head up between them so that she was instantly devouring my hungry sex. I caressed her silken hair as her tongue found my hardening clit, flicking and lapping alternately, then she plunged it as deep as she could, deep, deep into my soaking cunt, and I pulled her hard into me as she brought me to a surging climax.

Then I pushed her gently away. ‘I want your tongue pierced in the next week, Su-li, and you might as well have your clit-hood done while you’re at it, OK?’

‘But….but, won’t it hurt, Mistress Diana?’

‘It hardly hurts at all, my dear, and, anyway, I thought you liked pain?’

She grinned, and curtsied prettily as she left my room.

While I dressed I thought about what I ought to do to stamp my authority on the household. I had one idea: I would have something done that had been pending for some time. I would have Astrid branded, and, while I was at it, Talia could be marked too.

I put on another elegant long gown, this time a burgundy creation open at the front down to the waist, and went down to inner, which Su-li had told me was almost ready.

My two slaves were already there waiting for me, and we ate in peace, and then retired to the lounge for coffee. There, they sat on the biggest couch, one either side of me, each content to be silent for a while, until Astrid finally spoke.

‘Mistress Diana?’ she said softly.

‘Yes, darling?’

‘You said you would punish me. It’s been a long time since…….’ She let the sentence hang, but I knew she hadn’t been whipped since Mistress Helen fell ill, and that she needed pain, probably more than I did.

‘I’m still better at taking than giving,’ I said, ‘I’m not sure I’ll make a very good Mistress.’

‘Oh, Mistress Diana, you will!’ said Astrid, ‘please let me show you what Mistress Helen used to do to me.’

I wasn’t sure I wanted to follow all Helen’s methods, but Astrid had asked, so I decided to let her show me. Wearing her long translucent blue gown, hr ankles shackled together with a short, heavy chain, she stood, and called for Su-li to fetch a large jug of water. She quivered with anticipation until the little Asian returned, then she took the jug from her, held it up head-high and tipped it down over her body, making sure it drenched her dress thoroughly. Putting the jug down she smoothed her now soaked gown around her slender body, so that her breasts and hip-bones stood out sharply against the completely transparent material.

‘Get me another jug!’ she told Su-li, and the girl scurried off.

Again Astrid tipped the contents over her gown, and now she shuddered as her whole body was moulded by the sopping silk. Running her hand up and down her body in ecstasy, she said, ‘Please pull down the chains, Mistress Diana.’

I reached for the handset and pressed the buzzer to control the chains which would descend from the ceiling. Meanwhile, Astrid had shuffled over to the sideboard, hampered by her shackles, and returned, with a singletail whip between her teeth.

‘Please strip me now Mistress,’ she said, and I slipped the straps from her shoulders, and dragged the soaked gown down over her hips and off. Her naked body glistened wet under the lights, and the whip would sting all the more. She was shivering as I cuffed her to the overhead chains, though whether entirely from cold, or whether from anticipation of the pain and excitement, there was no way of telling.

‘I’m going to hurt you,’ I told her.

‘Yes, Mistress Diana,’ she said, ‘hurt me!’ Her eyes beseeched me.

I stepped back a pace, an allowed the whip to whistle through the air so that he could hear it before she felt it, and heard a sharp intake of breath. I came up to her and kissed her, letting my studded tongue linger in her mouth, then stood back again and whipped her, the long thong snaking around her back, causing a lovely red stripe to appear as it did so. She squirmed under the lash, as I gave her stroke after stroke, making sure she never knew where the next was coming. The singletail would do no lasting damage, but made a pretty pattern of red welts when I laid it on hard across her buttocks, and reddened her belly and breasts when I attacked her more sensitive parts.

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