Dick, John and Me Make Three


The most scary thing that has happened t me is when I was cornered by two guys after the snooker club night. And there was In thinking they just wanted to be friendly, inviting me to their place for drink. I’d just said goodnight to Richard who was a little bit rattled because I’d beaten him three games to one.

I had hoped he’d maybe come to my place because. For a long time, I’d had these wild imaginings that he and I could make it together, but he never gave me any hint that he was that way inclined, although he didn’t have a girl friend and said he had never been with a girl so I thought maybe there was hope there, but to date I was just left with my wet dreams imagining what it would be like with Richard.

Anyway to cut a long story short sit wasn’t long before I realised what Dick and John had in mind, when we arrived at their shared flat, saying things like: “We both think you are very compulsive to our needs” in a very posh voice. I think they were company directors or something – out for a good night with me as their bait.

John didn’t even ask me if I was game, it was like he assumed I was when, already he was feeling me up the backside and Dick was feeling himself through his trousers muttering something like; “you are really gonna like this, man – gonna prove to you black is best” and I knew then what I was about to receive.

Dick was a coloured guy by the way which you’ve probably guessed and going through my mind was; I’d been with three of four white guys but never a coloured one so everything was happening when I least expected it, when all I had in mind for the night was Richard and maybe coaxing him to fuck me up the ass – something that, since Danny dumped me ( for a coloured guy I would add) -I’d been without.

Sadly I had to relent to self fucking with anal vibrators and the like which was good, even with the latest Japanese model; which looked and felt just like the real thing but come the oral part, there was no taste to it, not the same, there is just no substitute for bursa escort real live man cock and now I had a feeling I was going to get taste of two.

“You been with two guys before mate?” John asked still touching up my balls and ass, his hands feeling strong and searching. The shock was over and now I was well into the scene.

“Only one ever and my name’s Pete okay?”

John introduced them both and said they had both been attracted to me for some time.

Dick was removing his jeans and there it was, very large and very stiff, he lifting it in his hand and jerking it in front of my face as John by now was having a real good rummage of my crotch that I felt like a lamb waiting for slaughter.

“So you got that pleasure to come, man!” added John starting to unzip me. “You have a good ass not to be missed, those curves just nice and tight and very faceable, man!”

Soon John had me stripped down to my briefs, he was kneeling behind and I felt him doing something there with his mouth.

“He stinks a bit” said John to Dick after sniffing me.

“That’s what I like” replied the coloured guy, a real earthy ass to get me going, filled with cock he will be well stunk up by the time we have done huh!”

“Too right” returned John, this ass is made for stuffing, just look at this!”

He bent me over at the same time stretching my ass cheeks so wide apart it hurt, then he was showing his pal how he was rimming me with two fingers he had just spat on. I felt a certain hunger there. Like it was Danny all over again, remembering how he loved to do that before he sucked me up and fucked me, I think they guys were surprised I didn’t put up any resistance and I guess I was too, It all seemed very scary at first but the guys were nice and did not seem to matter, in fact all the lusty feelings I remembered with Danny had returned and I was looking at it that this was going to be a double whammy – and the thought of being with two guys was very thrilling – a new experience to behold and görükle escort it wasn’t very long before we were all stark naked and there was Dick presenting himself for my oral attention whilst behind, positioning me on all fours with my ass perched upwards, the feel of John sucking me deep was a pleasure.

I’d almost forgotten but was very pleased to receive, the stretching my ass cheeks wide apart as he really got to work and the slapping, the sound of that rebounding against my ass cheeks combined with the sound of his sucking, the way he sniffed me up, balled and frigged me was a pleasure to behold, and then the added bonus of tasting a real juicy earthy cock again made it all very perfect and wonderfully thrilling. And Dick’s cock was so very big I really had to stretch to take in even his knob, it felt so good too squeezing that magnificent black girth as I started to suck and taste his pungent salty and already hard throbbing cock.

John was really going to have to work on my ass more if I was going to take this inside me. And yet I remember being worried about when Danny first had me, he was big too, not quite so but it was a challenge. But Danny prompted me to take all with the help of some lovely preparation when he gave me the joy of being well prepared with of coconut cream as a lubricant. And yet as I sucked Dick’s cock. I was finding ways of licking and probing his p-hole which made him gasp with ecstasy and I just felt I could readily take this one up my ass. I felt the need so much as John was finger fucking me with something very smooth – he said it was baby oil and the way it squelched gave me good stead that I would soon be ready for Dick’s fuck.

It was all so very wonderful really, like this session was meant to be, I had been fantasising for far too long on the ‘maybe’ I would eventually have Richard but now there I was at the pleasure of two lovely guys sharing me.

“You first” Dick beckoned his mate. “You are smaller, you can get him well holed for the big one!” bursa escort bayan he laughed.

“You are always boasting” John returned and then, looking around I got the sight of his very gorgeous length with a very enticing bend in the middle and a simply very lovely and suckable knob , his foreskin tight back and it seemed he was just too worked up to wait for my suck as he guided it to me, finding the spot between my ass cheeks and then I felt the heat of his knob begin to prize me open and start to slide up into me.

It was sheer bliss as he fitted perfectly into me and already I was enjoying the feel of rampant throbbing cock inside once more and realised just how much I had missed that essential fucking – I enjoyed so much as Dick urged me not to stop sucking his cock. So to have the pleasure of two cocks inside me, because by then Dick’s was well lodged into my throat I was panting for air, he took it out for just a minute to let me breath in and soon it was in there again, I just closed my eyes and relished that moment when I was well and truly fucked two ways by two very beautiful guys.

And then, just about to cum, the feel of John’s spurt into my face, then to be quickly taken by Dick up the ass, this time he having me perched across his torso, urging me to move my body up and down until he was deep inside and I began to realise just what he meant about black being the best.

I can’t truly explain just how good it was. At first I felt I was going to split apart but then with John standing facing me, I was tasting the remnants of his fuck of me, he guiding that half size cock into my mouth as I soon felt it grow and with that and the sound fucking I was getting from Dick I was in my own heaven on earth, and by the way the guys enjoyed me I think they were too, In fact ion a while, a good while because they had me several times and ways. We were all stretched out on the thick pile red carpet very happy and gratified

And this was not going to be a one and only, the guys seemed keen to see me again when I left, that friendly pat on the backside and the squeeze of their cocks through their jeans told me that. I made for home feeling well complete, the feel of them inside me still. It was wonderful indeed and now again I felt complete and needed.

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