Did something I couldn’t believe I did

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Did something I couldn’t believe I didHello I’m kinda nervous to write this and tell you guys about what happen. My name is Keri I’m 22 years old I’m 5’7″ 110 pounds 34b-24-34 lid ritzy blond hair pass my shoulders.It was a Saturday afternoon and I was seating around my apartment. When my friend called me to see what I was up to I told him I was doing anything and he asked me if he could come over I was like ok. So after about 30 min he was over to my place I got up and let him in I was wearing a t shirt and black yoga pants, we were just seating talking and watching tv. Then he asked me if I wanted to go get something to eat I was like ok so we got up and left to get something to eat. As we were eating we started joking around we were pretty good friends he was single and so I’m I. He asked me if I ever heard of glory hole I told him I have. Then he asked me if I ever thought about doing it,I said I never ever thought about it. He is kinda of a pervert but he is a cool guy. I didn’t think anymore of it after we were done with are lunch we were driving back to my apartment but he drove by the adult book store and I was like what are you doing he had a big smile on his face and said should we go inside. I said you for real he said hell yea so he parked and got out and said you coming with a big smile on his face. He started walking to the door I was still seating there and he looked back at me I was like what the hell so I got out of the car and started walking toward him he had a big smile on his face. We went inside and was looking around and he said you sure you don’t want to try there is a few booths in the back . I was like I don’t know, amasya rus escort there were a few other guys in the store but no other girls, a few of the guys I think heard us talking about it. I was giving it a little bit of a thought but I told him that I think we should go. So we left we went back to my apartment and after a little bit he left. I was there watching tv by myself again and started thinking about the adult book store. After a little bit said to myself why not go back and look around so I drove back to the adult book store and went inside there were 7guys looking around the store they all look up at me when I walked I. I looked around and didn’t see any other women in there. I started looking around the store I keep looking around and I seen the door to the booth in the back of the store I see a sign above it saying go to the clerk to get tokens. I looked around a little bit more and the guys were still looking around there were 4 black guys and 3 white guys there. I was pretty nevise but I walked up to the clerk to get a few tickets I handed him five dollars and he handed me five dollars with of tokens and said to go to booth 4. I walked around a little more and then went throu the door in the back to both 4 like the clerk said. It was a small booth with a dim light but mostly dark but could see. I put a few tokens into the slot and the tv came on there was a chair there but the tv made it a lot lighter I looked around and seen a hole on the right and left side of the room I could not believe what I seen.I started watching the tv and out of the corner of my eye I seen the light in the amasya rus escort bayan booth to the right of me light up throw the hole. So I knew there was somebody in there. I heard the tv and was kinda looking that way and then I seen the hole started to get dark I keep looking that way then I seen a black cock slide throw the hole I was like holy shit. I seat there looking at it for a little bit kinda hop pen he would pull it back but he keep it there. So I was like ok I bent over and started playing with it then I got off the chair and got on my knees and took it into my mouth I could not believe I was doing this but on the other side it was cool too he could not see me and I could not see him, I sucked him harder and faster and after a little bit I felt his cock in my mouth starting to twitch I knew he was about to cum then I heard him moan and felt a blast hit the back of my throat I swallowed every drop. He pulled his cock back and I seat back on the chair and could not believe I just sucked a guy throw a hole in the wall.I was seating the the tv was still on and I was thinking about what I just did then I seen another cock coming throw the holes it was another black cock I could tell it was a different one. I couldn’t believe it but at the same time was like what the hell. So I got to my knees again and started sucking this one. I could her the guy starting to moan a little but I keep sucking him faster and harder then I heard a voice behind me say don’t forget about this cock bitch. I too his cock out of my mouth turned around a seen another black cock in the other hole. I moved over rus escort amasya to his cock and took his cock in my mouth and started sucking him the other guy was grabbing my ass throw his hole. Then I heard him say remove thous pants bitch and the one I was sucking said he’ll yea take them off bitch. So I removed my yoga pants and took my thong down to my knees. Then I heard them both say they down bitch. I took his cock out of my mouth and said yes. Then the first guy said put the ass against the wall bitch. I couldn’t believe what I was about to do but I stood up and bent over with my ass facing the first guy, then he said closer bitch put that cunt right by the hole bitch he said, so I did with my hands against the other wall with the other black cock still in the hole I felt him slide his cock into me, I heard the guy with his cock throw the hole say you fucking that cunt b*o and the other guy said fuck yea is the bitch sucking you b*o. Then the one with his cock throw the hole said suck it bitch so lean down and started sucking him as the other guy was fucking me harder and faster they had me change places so they each could fuck me as Suck the other went back and forth a few times they each ended up cumming in my mouth and I swallowed every drop. They took there cocks out and walk out I left my booth about five min after they left and walked out I seen a few other guys that looked like they were waiting there turn but I was done I looked around the store to see if I could see the two black guys and couldn’t see them I then left the store.I got outside and the two black guys that where in the booth was outside they knew it was me because I was e only women thereThey both were standing by a car and said you like that didn’t you bitch. I wAs so nervous I was like yea and they both said why don’t we take to someplace else with out the hole in the wall. I couldn’t believe I was even thinking about it but I was like sure we left together. But that another story

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