Die Fun Ch. 1

Big Tits

Read Ch. 0 before you read this.

It was Sunday night, two days after Trish had been killed, and neither the suspect or motive had been discovered. Her murder had spread fast, hundreds of kids from school posting pictures of her, declaring they wanted revenge on whoever had killed Trish.

After they had declared her house a crime scene, detectives had asked the three of us many questions.

What were you doing before the murder?

What prompted you to go upstairs?

What exactly did you see once there?

And what time was this at?

Describe the suspect you saw.

And… Can you think of anyone who might have wanted Trish dead?

But no one came to mind. Not one single person. I’m not saying that Trish kept to herself, because she didn’t, but she wasn’t on anyone’s bad side. Well, that I knew of.

I laid on my bed and threw my arm over my eyes. I wasn’t prepared to go to school just yet.

• • •
Next Day: Monday Morning

“Breathe, Zylen.” My mom said as she pulled up to my school.

I did just that, but it didn’t help calm my nerves. I kissed her goodbye and got out of the truck. I walked into school, but felt uneasy as there was no one in the halls. Just as I was about to look around, someone spoke up from behind me.

“Auditorium, loser.”

I finally turned around and saw my friend, Ryan.

I smiled. “Hey.”

He smiled back, but grabbed my shoulders and pushed me along. “They’re having an assembly. It actually started about twenty minutes ago, why didn’t you come earlier?”

Oh yeah. I had forgotten. As we were walking to the auditorium, the halls began filling with students.

“We missed it.” I stated.

Ryan released my shoulders and huffed. “Not that it matters. Everyone’ll be talking about it anyways.” We continued walking around aimlessly, waiting for the bell to ring. Then Ryan asked, “Are you okay?”


“You know why I’m asking.” He said. “Are you okay?” He repeated.

I nodded my head. “Yes.” It was a lie, but I didn’t want to discuss anything within the close proximity of so many people.

“Hey you guys!” Camille yelled as she caught up to us. “I was looking for you two in the auditorium. Where were y’all?”

“We had just gotten here.” Ryan answered.

“Oh, together?” Camille purred as she nudged me with her elbow. I shoved her away and Ryan laughed while rolling his eyes. “Damn, excuse me for insinuating.” She grumbled as she fell in step with us again.

Fucking Camille.

• • •

I sat at a table, placing my tray down in front of me. Looking at the school’s food made my appetite instantly dissipate. Well, the food was what made me feel worse. I was already tense since no one seemed to talk about anything other than Trish. Even my friends who were now sitting around me chimed in.

“They already brought me in to the principal’s office to question me.” Luke announced.

Since Escort Jennifer was sitting in front of me, I was able to notice her roll her eyes. “It’s nothing to boast about, Luke. You’re so dense.”

The two of them began to argue, Katie in between them, who, being as quiet as she is, let it happen. I was tuning them out when Ryan sat down next to me.

“What’s with them?” He asked, nodding toward the bickering individuals.

I only shrugged, not inclined to explain the situation. He did the same and began eating his food.

“Did you guys hear what the police found on Trish’s phone?” Desiree asked as she took the other seat next to me. Everyone muttered that they hadn’t, so she added, “Text messages.”

“Well, jeez, we all expected that much.” Camille muttered.

“Nah, I thought she was gonna say nudes or something.” Luke said.

“Shut the hell up, Luke.” Desiree growled, rolling her eyes before continuing. “Anyways, Trish had been getting threatening texts since about two weeks ago, but they escalated greatly until… You know.”

“How the hell do you even know this?” Luke asked, while Katie gasped.

“Oh, gosh. Did they track the number?” Katie then asked.

“Laura Oliver told me.” Desiree answered, then nodded to Katie’s question. “Yeah, but it turned out to be a burner phone, so no luck. And, when they continued reading the past texts, Trish had apparently been consensually talking to him. Initially, that is.”

My stomach flipped. Trish had trusted this person, but it unfortunately took a deadly turn. The thought of someone who she may have considered a friend, killing her… Horrified me.

The murderer crept into my head, images of their mask flashing repeatedly. Their ghostly white mask with red lines, which appeared to be veins, around the eye holes. Bloodshot eyes.

I clenched my own eyes shut, hoping to drone out the rest of their conversations.

• • •
End of School

I had just exited the school when Ryan grabbed hold of my arm.

“I told you to wait for me, dude.”

“Damn it. You found me.” I laughed.

“I said we could walk home together.” He said, as if I needed a reminder. “Unless you wanna walk alone?”

I looked both ways before crossing the street in front of the school. “I don’t. You know I like your company.”

“I know you do.” Ryan stated as he wrapped his arms around my waist.

I stiffened as I tried to pry his arms off. “Ryan, stop it! We’re still around people!” I cried.

He let go of me slowly and laughed. “Hey, I’m the one who’s supposed to be concerned. I’m not out like you.”

I sighed. “Well, I know it’s not something you’re going to be doing anytime soon.”

“I am though.” Was all he said.

I turned around quickly, scoffing as I did so. “Oh, really?”

He closed the space between us, holding my face with his hands. “Really.” He affirmed, kissing my lips.

> >

If I said Escort Bayan neither of us walked to my house quicker than we had planned, I’d be lying.

I fumbled with the keys to unlock the door to my house, Ryan pressed against my back, breathing down my neck. When I was finally able to open the door, he practically shoved me inside. Holding my hand, he dragged me upstairs to my room.

Once there, he spun me around and pushed me against my door, closing it in the process. He kissed my neck, but I pushed him until he fell onto my bed.

“Feisty.” He smirked.

I unbuttoned his shorts, pulling them down as I got on my knees. With his shorts off, I reached a hand into the loose leg hole of his boxers. I grabbed his dick, which was growing rapidly.

“Do it.. Please.” Ryan mumbled, his thinking process clearly getting fogged already.

I pulled off his boxers, causing his dick to spring up. I eyed it, solely enjoying what was in front of me. I wasted no time, enveloping it with my mouth.

“Shiii-” He moaned.

I continued, sliding my tongue on his dick as I bobbed up and down. He grabbed my head and began thrusting into my mouth, which is not something he’s ever done. In response, I began gagging, but he continued. I was only able to take so much before I had to push myself away.

I gasped for air once he had released me. “The fuck, Ryan?”

He laughed before pulling me up to lay down on him. “Sorry, babe.” He slid his hands under my jeans, grabbing my ass. “Take them off.”

I stood up, taking my shoes off and pulling my jeans off too. He began taking his shirt off, beckoning me to do the same. Once I finished, I climbed onto his lap as he sat at the edge of my bed, his dick rubbing against my ass.

“I want you.” I said.

He smirked, throwing me back on my bed. He reached into my nightstand and pulled out the lube we used frequently. He hastily poured some on his fingers and inserted them inside me. I moaned as he began darting them back and forth, stretching them apart as well. He pulled them out and poured lube on his dick, coating it with the liquid.

“Ready?” He asked as he leaned down to kiss me, one hand holding his dick. I mumbled my approval against his lips. And he pushed inside me. “Fuck, Zy.”

“Go.” I moaned, pulling at his body to feel it closer to mine.

He obliged. Quickening his pace, his skin began to slap against mine. I hooked my arms under his, quickly reaching the verge as his thrusts continued. His taut stomach was practically stroking my dick, his body so closely pressed to mine.

Three more thrusts and I shot, crying out his name in the process. He began pushing into me harder, trying to reach climax.

I turned his face, his ear in front of my mouth. “Fuck me, Ryan.” I moaned, my words coming out choppy with each stroke he made. “Ryan.” I turned his head again, bringing him to look at me. “I’m yours.” I whispered against his lips.

His Bayan Escort eyes closed tightly and his dick pulsated inside me as he came. His thrusts died, instead pumping in time with his streams.

Once he finished, he collapsed against me and sighed. “I love you, Zy.”

A smile spread across my lips. “I love you, Ryan.”

• • •

Third Person

Laura Oliver sat on her bed, flipping through the tv channels. Groaning because she couldn’t find anything to watch, she tossed the remote on the other end of her bed. She opted to text someone, so she reached for her phone. But it vibrated before she even touched it. She looked at the phone number from which she had received a text message, but she didn’t recognize it. She opened it and read it.

Home alone?

She chose not to reply, but her phone vibrated in her hand again. She read the new message.

Nothing to watch?

Upset with whoever this was, she typed a reply.

Who the fuck is this?!

She waited for a response, but received none. As she had just begun to relax again, her doorbell rang. She sat motionless in bed, unwilling to move.

Again. The doorbell rang, only now more persistently. Her phone vibrated, and she looked at the message quickly.

Open the door Laura! We can’t hold all the food and unlock the door.

Laura sighed. Her parents had left to get fast food and had just gotten back. She walked out of her room and out to the front door. She opened it, smiling that she was worried for nothing, but… No one was there.

Her phone vibrated.

Silly, Laura. How could your parents hold the food and text you?

She slammed the door shut and locked it, turning around once she had done so. Only, she was met with someone in front of her. The person thrusted a knife into her gut and pulled it out quickly.

Laura screamed, blood seeping out of her wound. She ran to the back door, but knew the person would get her as it was a straight line from the front door to the back door. Instead, she ran to the garage, hoping they hadn’t seen her. She entered the pitch black garage and crouched down. Pulling her phone out, she called her mom, hopeful that they’d be arriving soon.

Ring…. Echo Ring…. Echo

Each time her phone rang, she heard an echo. She turned her phone around, dimly illuminating the garage. She could only cry out as she saw her parent’s truck on the other side of the garage. She stood up and ran over to it, flashing her source of light into the truck.

“No!” She yelled as she saw her parents’ lifeless bodies sitting.

“You shouldn’t turn your back on people, Laura.” The eerily deep voice came from behind her. She was only able to turn around to see her masked assailant briefly before they slashed her throat. “It’s very rude.”

• • • • • • • • • •
I didn’t expect to finish so soon. Lol. OR have sex in this chapter. But it happened. Haha, well, I’m not an expert at sex scenes, as this was my first /: sorry if it sucks.

But, how’s the story coming along to you guys? Interesting, or boring? I’d appreciate comments lol. Thank you! 😀

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