Dina Ch. 02


Dina and I remained under our shared blanket in the last row of the plane, watching the movie on my DVD player and talking very little. Dina’s hand remained resting on my leg, not far from my cock that was now soft but threatening to inflate again shortly. I now had my hands to myself as I didn’t want to push it any further, fearing getting caught. When we landed we got off the plane and she grabbed my hand, cramming a rolled up napkin into it and walking off to join her daughter and grandson as they headed for the baggage area. I didn’t check a bag so I headed for a cab and while on my way, I looked at the napkin I had stuffed into my pocket.

“Hotel Sunset room 205 xoxo”

I somehow made it through my workday, my mind lost in the events on the airplane. I had never been with someone so much older than me. Dina seemed pretty forward which had me excited but nervous. I didn’t know anything about this woman other than that she had a set of gorgeous big tits and apparently a strong sex drive. I debated how to play this and I picked up my hotel room phone 2 or three times and put it back down without calling her. I knocked back a few beers in my room while I watched TV and then I decided to call.

Dina answered on the second ring and seemed very happy to hear from me. We chatted briefly about our day and then when there was a silent pause for a few seconds, Dina just came right out with it.

“So when am I going to see you? That is, if you still have any interest in this old body of mine.”

I laughed. “I would like to see that old body of yours, yes.” I joked with her as if we knew each other for years.

She told me her plan for tomorrow was to watch her grandson in the morning and then do her yoga workout and then she’s free. I told her I get out of work around 4pm and I could head over to her hotel. She agreed.

I wasn’t exactly sure how this meeting with Dina would go, I mean I kind of knew of course yet nonetheless I spent the work day anxious and a bit nervous. I hadn’t been with a woman so forward and aggressive and beyond all the normal games. Every time I thought of Dina’s tits and her behavior on the plane, my cock would throb under my desk. This went on basically the whole day when it was finally time to go.

I took a cab to her hotel which was nearby and I entered the lobby in search of the elevator. I rode up the one flight and found her door, taking a few breaths before knocking. I knocked once, no answer. I knocked once more, still nothing. A whole bunch of thoughts passed through my mind, wondering if I had the right room, the right time, did she Karaköy escort reconsider? I knocked once more and as I began to back away from the door, Dina finally opened it. As she did, I took in her older body clad in her yoga outfit. She saw my eyes growing wide and giggled.

“So sorry, Jeff. I thought I timed it better and thought I’d be able to shower before you arrived but the yoga class ran late and I was in the bathroom when I heard the door.”

“Not a problem”, I told her.

We stood in the doorway as I gave her a full body scan with my eyes. She was in gray yoga pants, hugging her big butt and sweat covered in the crotch area. She was barefoot and her toenails were painted pink, which was the same color as the tank top she wore which was clinging to her chest and seemed to be struggling to hold Dina’s tits from spilling out. I could see her nipples poking through her shirt which were also poking through the black bra sticking out from underneath her tank top. Her skin showed clear signs of her age as there were some sags and some wrinkles but overall, the sight before me had my cock pulsing.

Dina ushered me in from the doorway where I likely would have stood all day staring at her, and closed the door behind me. She told me to sit down on her bed which I did and she sat next to me, smelling of her workout as sweat still glistened on her body. She leaned in and kissed me for the first time, and I returned it, sliding my tongue into her mouth until it touched hers. We made out for several seconds as our hands roamed each other’s bodies until Dina stood and announced she needed to go get her shower and I should get comfortable and put on the television if I wanted. As she started toward the bathroom, I watched her fat bottom bounce with her sweaty crack seeping through her pants and I grabbed her wrist before she was out of range and pulled her back to me. I told her I had to have her and that her shower could wait.

She smiled. “Jeff, I am gross, look at me. I’m sweating like a pig and I can smell myself.”

“You are so sexy right now, and besides, we’re only going to sweat more so you can shower later.”

Feeling more brazen than when I arrived, I pulled Dina onto my lap, her weight forcing both of us to fall backward onto her bed. Her chest pressed into mine and she positioned her legs to straddle me as we started to kiss again. I didn’t care how she smelled, she was so incredibly sexy and I had to have her now. My hands slid up under her tank top and felt her bare skin as I worked my way up until I was cupping her bra encased Kayaşehir escort bayan tits. I squeezed them over and over as Dina let out a moan and then I couldn’t resist any longer, sliding my hands under her bra and caressing her massive fleshy tits and working her rock hard nipples. She slid her body up so that her tits were lined up with my face and plopped them down onto me so my face got lost in their massiveness. I yanked her top and bra the rest of the way off and feasted my eyes for the first time on Dina’s huge chest before pulling them to my mouth and sucking on each of her nipples as she continued to moan with each touch.

This whole time, my cock was harder than it’s ever been and was pressing into Dina’s crotch, almost sliding right into her sweaty pussy if not for the thin yoga material separating them. I knew she had no underwear on because I saw her cameltoe very clearly when I first arrived. My pants were getting soaked with her sweat and very likely something more as I handled her tits. Her body felt incredible in my hands and I couldn’t wait any longer to feel my thick hard meat inside her. I teased her a few seconds longer by thrusting my stiff pole into her crotch and I could tell by her closed eyes and her smiling that she was loving it. She reached down and was using both hands to try and get my zipper down and this time she unzipped me quickly and yanked the top button of my slacks open. I think I saw the button fly off on the floor but I didn’t care at all as I lifted my hips so she can pull my pants down.

Once Dina had my pants slid down below my hard cock, I helped by pushing apart the pee hole of my boxers and letting my cock poke right out and stand up proudly between our bodies. Dina grabbed it and seemed to take in the size and weight of it, rubbing her fingers through the hairy base. I thought I may cum too soon but I didn’t care, I could get hard again soon enough.

Dina began to slide her way down my body, I assume to put my dick in her mouth but I had a different idea. I gripped her big tush and thrust her body back up until her soaking wet yoga pant covered pussy was lined up with my cock and I ripped them open at the waist, exposing for the first time a 60 something year old pussy with a slick matted down bush of mostly black cunt hair with some grays mixed in. Her room that once reeked of her sweaty workout now reeked of her sopping hairy hole that was drooling with excitement. I thrust up with my hips, purposely letting my cock run along the lips of her pussy until she screamed out.

“Fuckkkkk me already Escort Küçükçekmece Jefffff!”

I needed no further invitation and I let my cock head pierce her lips. She felt sticky with her womanly juices and her sweat and she was so much tighter than I would have guessed. I started thinking about whether I would fit all the way as I looked down at my cock looking thicker and fatter than it ever had before. But Dina was so wet that I continued to slide into her as her body impaled herself with my young meat until I couldn’t control the speed at which I penetrated her anymore and I just slid all the way in. We both yelled with ecstasy as I left my cock right where it was without moving it for several seconds, letting us both soak in the pleasure and the feeling.

Dina’s sweaty tits flopped around and slid up and down on my chest as I now started to slide my cock back out of her satiny hole only to slide it right back in, which I repeated over and over, alternating putting my hands on her tits and sucking her nipples, and holding her ass cheeks so I could get a deeper thrust into her.

I must admit her body was not perfect, as she was wrinkled in many places and had areas of flab to go along with that huge ass but I was so turned on by her, and she by me. She kept telling me how big I felt inside her, which is something any guy would love to hear and it of course made me pump her harder and faster, trying to get us both to climax. I pulled my cock out of her and saw it was covered with her sticky white cream which drove me wild and I rammed it back into her with such force she lost her breath for a moment. I then switched to a faster tempo of working her pussy with a jack hammering speed and force until I felt that familiar feeling. She sensed it too and said she wanted me to cum inside her. I knew one or two more thrusts into her would do it and sure enough, my hot cum was making its way to the tip of my cock and I yelled out that I was going to cum. Dina yelled back that she was going to again also and I couldn’t hold it any longer, spraying jet after jet after jet of my hot seed into her horny pussy as she convulsed with a powerful orgasm of her own.

It was the most bliss I’ve ever felt making this older woman explode around my cock as I filled her up. When I was done cumming, my cock remained as hard as it had been for a good minute, before slowly shrinking and slipping out of her pussy, along with a pool of my spunk. She collapsed onto me, her oversized tits mashing into my chest and her sweat and cum stained pants still stuck to her ass.

We lay there quietly until she asked what my plans were for the rest of the evening.

“I’m not sure, I hadn’t thought that far ahead. Why, what were you thinking?”

“Well we’ve only fucked in one position and there’s so many more I want to try with you.”

I smiled and felt my thick tool begin to fill up with blood again.

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