Discovering the Family


Bailey didn’t consider herself sexy. She had just turned 18, and still wasn’t comfitable with her body. But how can she when she had two older siblings hinting to her that she wasn’t attractive… all the time. Her brother, Jim, was now 19, and her sister, Bree, who was just 10 months older then Jim, were never kind to Bailey about her looks. Well to be fair, it was Bree who spoke the most fowl. She told her she was a dork, a nerd, and that no one would fuck anything so weird looking. This really confused Bailey, she had seen Bree naked. It was only once, she had walked in on her sister coming out of the shower. But before her sister had screamed at her to get out, she had got a good look at her sisters body, and by nearly all accounts, they were the same. They both had thier mothers body. Both were about 5’9, long legged, flat tummied, perky breasted, and a butt they she had heard Jim say was “cute on a girl”. They had the same raven hair, with slight waves through it. Perhaps it was Baileys face, which was like her fathers, Mike, who was very handsome. But maybe his features didn’t look attractive on her.

But Bailey also noticed that Bree had shaved between her pussy. So she started doing it too, thinking it would make her “hot”. But to her siblings, who didn’t see her freshly shaved mound, it didn’t change thier veiws.

Baileys father, Mike, wasn’t there most of the time to see the abuse to Bailey. He was either working to earn the high income that kept them comfortable, or working out his body, or on a date with a new girl every month. But whenever he was there, Bree and Jim did nothing. Mike took Bailey out whenever he could, but that wasn’t very often. Her parents had divorced about 6 years earlier. Bailey didn’t miss her mother at all… even Bailey thought she was a bitch.

Bailey was walking home from school alone on a Friday afternoon. Since Jim and Bree were now taking basic classes at a near by community college (to make up for all the classes they ditched in Highschool), they didn’t have to give Bailey a ride home anymore. She entered the house quietly, as she always did, and went straight upstairs to start on her homework. But as she passed by Bree’s bedroom, the door cracked slightly, she heard her quietly speaking to someone else. Bailey guessed she had brought another high school footballer, whose aching to fuck a college chick. Bailey slowly moved in the direction of her room, quietly as not to be heard.

“Did you shave in the shower, sis?”

Bailey stopped dead in her tracks. That was Jim. Jim was in Bree’s bedroom… with Bree, who had apparently just come out of the shower. Although Bailey knew she should just go straight to her bedroom, she couldn’t help turning back and looking through the crack of the open bedroom door. Jim was half lying on Bree’s bed, flipping through one of her cosmos.

“Everywhere.” She heard Bree sigh from her bathroom.

Jim looked up from his magazine at Bree as she apparently walked out of her bathroom.

“Let me see.” He smiled.

“No ‘please’?” Bree asked sweetly.

Jim shifted his legs, and Bailey noticed that he had a growing hard on, pitching a tent in his loose jeans.

“I said… let me see.” He repeated. “Come here.”

He sat up, throwing the Cosmo aside, and moving himself the the edge of the bed. Bree finally came in eyeshot of Bailey, soaking wet, her dark hair sticking to her shoulders and back, a Escort white towel loosely wrapped around her. She stood between Jim’s open legs, so close that she must of felt Jim breath quickened. She looked down,sighing at the sight of his hard cock jutting upward against his jeans. With one move, Jim pulled the towel from her body, revealing all of Bree (Or revealing all her back to Bailey). Jim sighed and smiled deeply.

Bailey knew her siblings were… unkind to her… but this was a whole new level for them. She had never thought they would be fucking each other. But what really surprised her was the unmistakable sparks flying within her as she watched Jim run his hands over Bree’s dripping body. She moaned slightly as he massaged her breasts and ass.

“You’re so smooth.” He moaned, running a hand over her crotch and between her legs.

“Am I better then Jenny?” Bree asked, running her fingers through her brother’s wavy dark brown hair.

“Jenny… mmmm…”

Jim buried his face into Bree’s mound, his hands digging into her ass cheeks. Bree let out a cry of pleasure as Bailey got another shock; a pool flowing between her own legs.

“Does she tatse as good as me?” Bree bearly said.

Jim looked up from his work with his hazel eyes at her.

“Open your legs a little, I want my fingers in you.”

Bree obeyed, and Bailey could see him sliding his fingers between thier sister’s wet lips, teasing her, Bree grinding herself onto his hand.

“How far have you got with Jenny?” She hissed.

“I had to wait until she was drunk… even then, I only got to fuck her in the ass.”

Jim slid a finger into Bree, and Bree pulled herself closer to him, holding his head to her stomach, moaning.

“Did you like her ass?” Bree asked.

“I would like your’s.”


“Whose fucked you there baby?”

“No one.” Bree managed to say.

Jim let go of Bree’s ass, and Bailey heard him unzip his fly, letting his jutting cock out. Bailey could see between Bree’s legs, It was massive, about 8 inches, thick, its tip coated in precum. Suddenly she was jealous of Bree… as usual. After letting out a sigh of realease, he went ahead and shoved two more fingers into Bree. But when Bree started to run her fingers over his throbbing 8 inches, he began thrusting them into her furiously, groaning into her stomach.

“You’re lieing.” Jim said, taking a bite into her hip.

“NO!” Bree hissed.

“Don’t lie to me, Bree!” Jim said almost angryily.

“No!” Bree screamed.

Bailey may have never had an orgasim, but she knew Bree was having one. She cried out the powerful climax, bucking wildly against her brother while he roughly finger fucked her. She eventually slowed down and leaned agianst Jim and still caressing his standing hard on.

“Lets just see then.” Jim breathed into her ear.

Before Bree could stop him, Jim had rolled them over onto the bed in one swift movement. Throwing himself onto his sister’s back.

“Jim! I–“

“If you’re tight… if it hurts… then I’ll know you weren’t lieing.”

Jim raised himself, his hands pressed on Bree’s back and Bailey got another good look at his cock. It was very thick. He began stroking it, his balls swollen, aching for release. Although she knew that huge cock would surely spilt her sister’s asshole apart, she didn’t care if Bree felt pain. She wanted it.

“Jim, Escort Bayan I’m not–“

“Raise your ass a little.”

But Jim had already grabbed her waist with one hand and raised her ass slightly off the bed, still pinning her down.

“This won’t hurt if you relax, sis.” He slyed. “Don’t try to stop me, now.”

He let his other hand off her back, and with both hands, started to massaged her ass.

“I may not of taken you virginity, Bree, But this is just as good… if you were telling the truth.”

Bree said nothing. But when Jim started sliding his fingers along the natural folds of her mound, along her clit, and ocassionally sliding into her pussy, she began to moan.

“Tell me… you want my hard cock in your ass.” Jim ordered softly, sliding his finger between her ass cheeks, lubricating her asshole with her own juices.

“I want you.” Bree said.

“No!” Jim spat, spanking an ass cheek sharply.

“Ah!” Bree hissed.

“You want me in your ass!” Jim ordered.

After a moment to regain herself, Bree looked over her shoulder, and deeply into her brother’s eyes.

“I want you, Jim…” She hissed. “To fuck me in the ass with your huge, hard cock.”

“My pleasure.” Jim smiled at her.

He pulled her ass cheeks apart, leaned in and spat a thick ward onto her asshole. Bailey knew this was going to hurt Bree, but she was actually enjoying this…. Enjoying watching her brother take her sister. Bailey couldn’t believe it, she was getting off on this like they were.

Jim slowly pressed the tip of his cock to Bree’s asshole, pushing an inche in. Bree cried out in agony…. or was it pleasure? Perhaps both.

“You like that?” Jim breathed.

When Bree didn’t answer quick enough, Jim voilently grabbed her wet hair, pulling her head up.

“You like my huge cock in your tight ass you little slut?!” He asked furiously.

“I love it!” Bree cried.

With that, Jim shoved three more inches in, and Bree almost pulled away, but that natural resistance cost her the slow and easy entry. Jim shoved himself all the way in as Bree screamed.

“Oh FUCK! You’ve ripped me, I know it!” She cried.

“Oh fuck your so tight! Oh god! You feel so fucking good!”

Jim began thusting into his sisters ass, ignoring her cries, her pain. But then, after a minute or so of his huge cock pumping in and out of her, her cries began to change, from pain to pure pleasure.

“Oh god, I love your cock in my ass!” She was screaming. “Don’t stop!”

Jim was leaning onto Bree, all his weight on her, both arms wrapped around her chest, her tits pressed in by his strong arms. Then they began turning onto the bed, until they were both on thier side. Bailey was almost imaging herself in Bree’s place. With Jim biting her back, not Bree’s.

“I’m cumming!” Bree moaned.

“Me too!” Jim hissed into her back.

Jim pumped faster and harder into his sister, her cries inspiring him.

“OH JIM!” Bree cried as she came.

Feeling her new juices dripping onto his leg sent Jim into a frenzy, ass fucking her so roughly Bailey couldn’t believe it didn’t spilt Bree in two. With one last, hard thrust, Jim came into Bree’s ass. Groaning loudly with every spurt into her. Bailey watched them just laying there, Jim still inside Bree. For a minute, all that could be heard, was the siblings heavy breathing… all three Bayan Escort of them.

Jim slowly pulled himself from her, then grabbing Bree’s hair, he roughly turned her over, crashing his lips onto her.

“You loved it.” He hissed.

“Yes.” Bree muttered.

“Yes…” Jim repeated, as if expecting more.


“Get down there you slut!” He spat, pushing her head down while lifting his hips up.

“If you can’t tell me what I wanna here, then you can suck my cock clean.”

“Jim! No, you’ve been in my–“

But Jim forced her head onto his deflating cock, carefully pumping himself into her mouth.

“Suck it clean!” He spat.

Eventually Bree’s sound of sucking and licking filled the empty space of sound.

“Good. Lick it all up.” Jim muttered.

Bailey realized that she had one hand between her legs, softly rubbing herself through her jeans, feeling the pool as her thighs rubbed together. She had never been more wet in her life. She needed a release, but had almost no idea how to get it.

All three of them sprang into action when they heard their father come through the front door downstairs.

“Get out!” Bailey heard Bree hiss as she queitly sprinted to her room.

Once inside, she shut the door, hearing Jim bolt pass her room to his own.

“Hey guys, I’m home!” Her father, Mike, called from down stairs.

Bailey heard Bree from next door; “Hey Daddy! How was work?”

Bailey opened her own door, and stepped outside.

“Good. Are Jimmy and Bay here?”

Bree’s hazel eyes shot to stare are Bailey exiting her room. Her expression would of scared Bailey, but she had expected it. She was dumbfonded, holding the towel around her, leaning on the door since her legs were weak.

“Uhh…” Bree let out, glaring at Bailey. “Yeah…”

Her stare was almost daring Bailey to say something, anything.

“Jim and Bay are here, Daddy.”

For what seemed a long time, Bree and Bailey did nothing but continue the stare stand off until;

“I have homework to do!” Bree hissed, stepping back into her room and slamming the door shut.

After a moment, Bailey went out to the top of the stair case.

“Hey Bay, hows my baby?” Her father smiled from below.

He was dressed in one of his dark blue suits, which always made him look extra handsome. He ran a hand through his short, raven colored hair. His jade green eyes smiling more then his mouth was. At that moment, Bailey was glad she looked like him and not her mother. Not like Bree.

“It was good.” Bailey said loudly so that Bree could hear from her room. “Just got in the door.”

“I don’t feel like cooking tonight. How about Chinese?” He sighed.

“Sounds Lovely.” Bailey smiled.

Her father winked a green eye at her and walked on into the kitchen.

Dinner would of been awkward, but Jim had no idea about Bailey being home early that afternoon, she he joked around and made thier father laugh as usual. Bree on the other hand, ate silently, ocassionaly shifting in her seat, as if… as if her butt hurt. Bailey imagined it would for some time after having a 8 inche cock shoved into it.

“You girls are awfully quiet.” Mike stated.

Both Bree and Bailey looked up from thier meals.

“My stomach hurts.” Bree sighed.

“I’m just tired.” Bailey sighed.

Mike smiled at them both, and Jim suddenly remembered something funny that had happened the other night and started to regail them all with the tale. Bailey caught Bree’s eye, and gave it away is those seconds. Bree knew she had seen her and Jim that afternoon. To Bailey’s suprise, Bree almost smiled.

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