Hi. My name is Lisa. I am 27. 5’6 105lbs 36c cup size. I have blonde hair blue eyes. I have a skinny waist and a nicely curved ass. Not overly round nor to flat just right. In addition, I am completely shaven. I awoke this one summer afternoon. Slowly I rolled over to see my clock. Smiling to myself knowing that I did not have to be anywhere for anything. I lay there under my covers thinking of what I might do today. As I lay there, I realized how bad I had to go to the bathroom. I tried to concentrate on something other having to pee. Because I was so warm and comfortable. I went back to planning my day thinking about maybe going to the mall. On the other hand, having a coffee with a friend also sounded good. And that is when it happened with out realizing it my bladder let go and I started to pee. I laid there in shock not believing what was happening. As my bladder emptied its self-feeling the warm puddle grow underneath me. As soon as I finished peeing, I blushed to myself feeling like such a child for wetting the bed. Now you would figure I would get up right away instead of laying there in my own pee. But I didn’t I just laid there feeling the warmth of my own pee under me. I wondered, why I didn’t want to get up. I started to notice that I was becoming aroused. Feeling very turned on by what I had just done.

Without really thinking about it, I slid my hand under the waist of my warm and wet pajama bottoms. Feeling the warm moister on my fingers and hand only encouraged me to go further. Finding my clit with my fingertips I started to rub it in slow circles. Low moans escaping my lips. I was engulfed in how good this felt nothing was going to stop me now. As I started to rub my clit with a quicker pace. Feeling my orgasm builds and builds reaching higher then I had ever been to that point. I wanted to cum bad nothing was going to stop me. Moaning loudly feel both my pee and my sweet feminine juices against my skin drove me over the edge. I exploded my sweet juices leaking from my pussy as I came so very hard. Rubbing my clit, as wave after wave of pleasure washed over me. I laid there panting feeling the after glow of a good orgasm. As I was starting to calm I pressed the crotch of my pajama bottoms into my pussy. Which send shivers through my whole body. Feeling both my pee and cum against my skin. When I was totally calm, again I realized what I had done and started to blush again.

Still blushing as I got out of bed I took my pajamas off. Feeling them in my hands the wetness made me blush a deeper red. As my thoughts traveled through every detail of what had just happened. As they started to become cold in my hands, I came out of my thoughts and threw them in the dirty laundry. I walked over to my bed stripped off the bedding and threw it in the dirty laundry as well. Seeing the puddle had gone threw to my mattress, I opened my window hoping it would dry it quickly. Once I was done, I proceeded to my bathroom görükle escort bayan to take a shower. I turned the shower on adjusted the water to a nice warm temperature and got in. The water felt so nice against my skin. Just as I finished washing myself, I heard my phone ring. I quickly gave my self one more rinse and hoped out. Running naked to my phone, I reached it just in time. Hello, I said. It was my best friend Cindy. She wanted to know if I was up to going for coffee, which I told her of course. She said she would pick me up at my place in an hour. We both hung up and I went to my room and opened to get dressed.

I opened my dresser picked out my underwear a black lace thong and matching lace bra. Opening the next drawer under my underwear drawer I picked out a pair of black stretch dress pants. Moving over to my closet I picked out a nice white sleeveless top. Once dressed I sat down at my make-up stand. To put on what little make-up I do wear and brushed my hair. As I got up Cindy knocked on my door and walked in yelling I’m here. I walked to my front door and greeted her asking her if she minded waiting well I went to the bathroom quickly. She said no with a grin teasing me. I rushed off to the bathroom. Cindy yelled after me I’m going to get the top I lend you the other night. I yelled ok totally forgetting the state of my bedroom as I rushed into the bathroom. As I walked out of the bathroom, I wondered if Cindy was at the front door waiting for me. So I walk to the front door and she was nowhere to been seen. So, I figured oh she must not be able to find her top and headed to my bedroom. As I walked into my bedroom, I show her standing in front of my bed grinning.

I was a bit confused at first but in slowly dawned on me. I looked at her then my bed the puddle was almost gone but you could still see the outline. A million thoughts filled my head amongst them oh no what am I going to do. And she caught me. But just as I was about to confess all Cindy walked towards then by me with her top in her hand saying let go. A sigh escaped my lips as I stood there a moment. Then I turned around and walked after her. As I got to the front door she said, come on slowpoke. I smiled at her as we walked out my front door with a yeah yeah. We got into her car and headed to our favorite coffee shop. As we drove, I tried not to think too much about what had just happened in my bedroom pushing it away like it was nothing. Once there we ordered our usual two extra large, coffee’s and found a spot to sit. We did our usual catch up which wasn’t much we see each other almost every day. We have been called a cute couple a few times. Cindy is a beautiful woman. She is 5’7 115lbs 32d cup size. Red hair green eyes. With a nice flowing figure and a small little triangle of pubic hair. Cindy and I have never been involved with each other sexually. We have just remained best friends even though we bursa otele gelen escort are both lesbians. It had never come up I guess.

By the time we left the coffee shop, I had totally forgotten what had happened in my bedroom. We got into her car and started driving all around town in fact. I asked her where are we going many time only to get the response this way from her. The more we drove the more I wished that I had used the bathroom before we had left the coffee shop. After about another half hour of driving aimlessly I finally said Cindy, I have to use the bathroom. She said ok that we were on the way to her place. Which were both good and bad. Good that it meant I didn’t have to use a dirty public bathroom. But bad cause it was another half hour across town. As we finally made it to Cindy, it felt like my bladder was about to explode. We walked to her front door and I waited for her to find the right key. Which she went through all of them before getting the right one. As she opened the door, she dropped her keys. With an opps, she picked them up slowly blocking my way into her place. When we were finally inside, I toke my shoes off. And walked as fast as I could to her bathroom not noticing she was right behind me.

I didn’t even get a chance to close the bathroom door. Cindy pushed me the rest of the way in the bathroom. Right up against her glass shower doors. What are you doing I asked her. She said this and at that, she applied pressure to my bladder. I didn’t even get no out of my mouth. My bladder had responded by releasing and I started to pee. Not lightly either it streamed out of me through my panties and pants. The warmth made all of the mornings memories come flooding back. I could feel my pee soaking my panties and pants. Dribbling down my legs to my feet creating a puddle on the floor. I soon felt all the pressure released. I had not notice that Cindy had undone my pants. As my last little bit of pee was dribbling out of me. Cindy slid her hand down my open pants inside my panties between my legs. That had opened more due to peeing so hard. She slid a finger right between my pee soaked pussy lips and softly started to stroke in between them. Making my pussy juices really start to flow. Low moans escaping my lips. Without a word, she stopped pulling her hand out of my pants and panties. I let out a pout of disappointment but it didn’t last long. As she moved her hand and pull, my pants and panties right down. I stepped out of them and she moved right between my legs.

Cindy placed her mouth right over my pee hole and started to lick and suck it. Making me moan low and deep. She then slid her tongue between my pussy lips tasting my sweet pussy juices mixed with my pee. She let out a moan of satisfaction and started curling her tongue deep with in me. Making me moan louder my knees started to shake as I felt my orgasm build. Cindy braced me as bursa escort bayan I also braced myself against the glass shower doors. She kept it up curling her tongue quicker and quicker. Her nose rapidly hitting my clit drove me over the edge. I moaned very loudly almost screaming as I came. Shaking from head to toe as I came then as I thought this could get any better. Cindy places her mouth right over my pee hole and sucked hard causing me to let out squirts of pee right into her mouth. Which she gulped down happily. Then she moved back to between my pussy lips drinking down my sweet pussy juices. Wave after wave of pleasure washed over me I was euphoric. She slowed her pace to a stop then move from between my legs. She then got up toke me by the hand and led me to her bedroom.

Once in her room she toke her pants and panties right off and hoped on to her bed. Cindy spread her legs welcoming me to join her on her bed. I climbed on and moved right between her legs. I noticed a plastic sound and that there was no blanket on the bed as I did and paid it no attention. I leaned in and inhaled her sweet scent. I then moved my mouth right over her pee hole and started to lick and suck it just as she had done to me. At this point, I realized that she had not gone to the bathroom since we had meet up. And I was about to get more then just a few gulps of pee. And right at that moment, her pee started to stream into my mouth. At first it was an over powering taste salty and bitter. But the more that entered my mouth the more I liked it. I started to drink it down. At least as much of it as I could as it was streaming so fast. As it started to dribble out of her, I sucked the rest out of her. Now moaning with pure delight. My tongue slide down between her pussy lips. She let out a low and deep moan. As I flickered and curled my tongue deep with in her. The more my tongue flicker and curled the louder her moans became. I found her clit with my thumb. And started rubbing it in slow hard circles. Cindy was now pushing into my thumb and tongue hard. Moaning like a wild woman as she peaked and her juices flowed into my mouth. I drank them all down loving every moment of it.

I let her calm and crawled up beside her. I moved closer to her and we started to cuddle and kiss. I broke our kiss, looked deep into her eye, and said why didn’t we do this sooner? She looked back into mine grinned and said I didn’t know you were into this. I blushed not breaking eye contact and said well this morning was my first time it was an accident. But I loved it and was afraid when I found you in my room. Cause I thought you might think I was sick. Cindy smiled at me and cuddled even closer to me. We started kissing again. Not breaking our embrace for rest of the night, I awoke the next morning to find I was in her bed alone. I got up not even paying attention to the fact I was naked still from the waist down. I walked into her kitchen and sat down at the table. Where she served me a coffee with a naughty little grin on her face. Cindy sat down with her own cup. I smiled back at her knowing what was on her mind. And knowing I didn’t bother stopping at the bathroom on my way down just for that reason. We sat there chatting well we both knew our bladders were getting fuller and fuller…………

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